Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Contained, Not Tamed
    Open Thread 
    It was that time of year again. His 'anniversary.' There were two very touchy times of year for Lou--a few weeks before Christmas, when he'd proposed to Xena, and the middle of February, when she'd broken his heart. His death-iversary, more or less. Ghosts had parties and celebrated their death-days, but for Lou the occasion was somewhat more solemn. Needless to say, he had no intention of throwing a party.

    What he did want was to find some way to keep his mind off of what time of year it was, which was difficult. He hadn't been out and about at this time of year since it had happened, and he wasn't expecting all of the paraphernalia surrounding Saint Valentine's Day to be as painful as it was. It was even worse in Hogsmeade, since they had more of a central shopping area, but Lou still wasn't keen on hanging around in downtown Irvingly. He was even less keen on going home, however, afraid that Daniel would say something about it, or that he'd have another one of his mother's insufferable letters to read and respond to.

    Which is why he was in the zoo. He hadn't been here since he'd met Miss MacKay a few months ago. He was half worried that he'd run in to her again--she'd been the first person he'd spoken to, and he was afraid that maybe he hadn't fully developed his persona when he'd talked to her. He couldn't remember everything he'd said, so what if he said something now that contradicted their last conversation? It was just risky, even if she had been exceptionally pleasant. He was also a little nervous to see how the various animals in the zoo, magical and non, reacted to him. He had a very loyal dog who loved him even when he was running around on all fours, but he had no idea how something like a clabbert or a puffskein would react to the presence of a werewolf. Would they even be able to tell? Did he really want to find out?

    Lou had drifted towards the more dangerous creatures on display, because the gulf between the viewing area and their enclosures seemed to guarantee a little less suspicion on his part if they did start acting strangely. Though, to be fair, he wasn't sure what constituted 'strangely' for the winged tiger he was currently leaning on the railing to look at. Would he even know if it started acting more aggressively than usual? What on earth did winged tigers typically do? They hadn't covered this in Care of Magical Creatures, he didn't think--but then, maybe they had and he just hadn't been paying attention. He'd only gotten an A on his OWLs, after all.

    Right now, the tiger wasn't doing much of anything that one could call aggressive; it had one wing splayed out over its head to block out the sun and was sleeping on a large, flat rock near the back of the enclosure. Lou glanced down at the leaflet in his hand, which contained a rough map of the zoo, to see what else he might be able to go look at. Just as he glanced down, however, a sudden gust of wind ripped the thing from his hand and sent it floating towards the tiger's enclosure.

    Before he could even think what he was doing, Lou had his wand out and had cast Accio. He wasn't sure whether littering up the tiger's little living area would hurt it any, but he didn't want to be the one to find out. The last thing he needed was to get banned from the zoo for having choked their prize tiger to death on a scrap of paper. The leaflet was immediately tugged his way by the spell, but the wind was still dragging it in another direction--blustery February days be damned--and it was soon in three pieces.

    "Oh, Merlin," he said, leaning as far as he could over the rail to catch the middle chunk of the map, which had returned to him, then casting another summoning charm on the remaining pieces, which were fluttering towards the floor of the tiger's habitat. It was only then that he remembered he was in Irvingly--albeit in the magical side of the zoo--and he wasn't really sure whether he was allowed to be casting spells like this. Surely, Muggles who were opposed to magic wouldn't have found themselves wandering through the winged tiger exhibit? Even so, Lou cast a glance around to see whether anyone had seen him, and realized with a start that there was actually someone very close, indeed. He must have been too caught up in thought to have noticed them earlier.

    "Uh, sorry," Lou said, cheeks flushing. He glanced down at his wand somewhat sheepishly, wondering if he ought to put it away. While he was considering this, one of the summoned pieces of the park map hit him lightly on the cheek. Reaching up to grab it, Lou realized that he really ought to finish his possibly-illegal magic before trying to apologize.
    Who alone suffers, Suffers most in the mind
    Leaving free things and happy shows behind

    Though she certainly had a direct concentration in the wide field of Magizoology and she loved her birds, she truly did, Eva was a curious creature and she would never tire of meandering through the zoo itself seeing both the magical and non-magical creatures alike. She was easily fascinated of course and sometimes it reminded her of that first afternoon she'd spent at the World's Fair menagerie with Mr. Peverell. Of course now those pleasant memories were a little overshadowed by their Halloween debacle, but that was neither here nor there really. She oughtn't be thinking of him at all, but sometimes she caught herself.

    Fortunately she was just as easily distracted as she was fascinated and with a few spare moments on her hands she decided to take Bastien for a walk and to visit his girlfriend. Bastien, of all creatures, was quite smitten by their small female emu on the muggle side of the zoo. It made little to no sense to Eva either, but when she couldn't find him, there he was with Daisy. Perhaps she reminded him of home in Australia, but whatever it was, it thoroughly amused Eavan. They had other diricawls in the zoo, though she kept Lucy at home and with her, Bastien couldn't be bothered with the rest of his kind. The little snob.

    Her dodo ran ahead of her as they moved through the magical side of the zoo to move toward the muggle side. She wasn't technically allowed to have Bastien or Lucy with her on the other side, but they most conveniently could turn invisible at will, so she tried her luck more often than not. Besides it was much better for her to accompany the birds lest Bastien get in one of his moods. He got distracted for a quick moment and Eva stopped to love on their resident unicorn. The poor old thing was blind and achy, but still so very sweet that it was hard for her to ever pass him by! Bastien was rifling through some leaves just off the path and Eva was giving the unicorn a treat when she noticed some papers floating on the breeze followed by the unmistakable sound of a summoning charm.

    Looking around, Eva sought to reprimand the caster of the spell, only to find a familiar face as the perpetrator! "Mr. Williams, I do believe I warned you about magic in Irvingly." She said more sternly that she intended - she was only kidding after all!- but it would be worth it to see the look on his face!
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    Oh, of all the people that could have walked up on him while he was casting spells in the zoo--well, Lou wouldn't go so far as to say Miss MacKay was the worst. That honor probably belonged to one of the Muggle police constables that he sometimes saw wandering Irvingly. His parents would also have been much, much worse. Honestly, given the location, he really shouldn't have even been surprised by her sudden appearance there, and it wasn't that it wasn't nice to see her--but he could have wished for a bit of a better re-introduction.

    But then, their first meeting had involved her dropping everything in a puddle and him wandering around town with a bleeding arm and no idea where he was, like some sort of amnesiac attack survivor, so maybe they just weren't destined for very traditional meetings.

    Blushing intensely, Lou slid his wand hand up against the side of his leg, as if half-hiding it behind his trousers would make her forget that he'd just been doing magic that she had, indeed, warned him about. "You did," he admitted, his tone as hopelessly desperate as that of a man acknowledging that he had a terminal disease. "I--uh--my park map ripped up in the wind," he said, gesturing vaguely with the hand that held the two clutched pieces of the map. "And I hardly wanted to go down in Zoo history as the man who accidentally choked the flying tiger to death."
    Who alone suffers, Suffers most in the mind
    Leaving free things and happy shows behind

    Eva used her meager height to put her hands on her hips as if she were about to chastise him further. There wasn't much that could be considered imposing about her, but Eva had already warned him she was scrappy the last time they'd met. Fortunately for Mr. Williams, she was not well and truly angry, so she could only keep the facade up for so long. Slowly she broke into a sly grin and let her hands fall back to her sides.

    "I doubt he'd have even lifted his head." Their winged tiger, like all cats, big or small, was a bit of a lazy beast. "He's also very particular about what he eats, I think you'd be fine." She laughed and checked on Bastien out of the corner of her eye. He was still playing in the leaves, though eyeing Mr. Williams warily, which with Bastien, was rarely a good sign.

    Passing her pet a look that clearly told him to behave, Eva turned her attention back to the unicorn, passing Mr. Williams another easy smile. "Looking for something specific or just taking in the zoo today?" She asked as she ran her hands through the unicorn's mane with a happy sigh.
    [Image: m2t8qO.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]
    Oh, good; it seemed that Miss MacKay wasn't actually angry. Lou had probably known that, in the back of his head at least, just from her demeanor, but he'd been too busy apologizing to really pay as much attention to her false sterness as he ought to have. The emotional swing from feeling like the kid who stole from the cookie jar to someone who had just run in to a friend was enough to make him feel, temporarily, almost giddy. Not that he and Miss MacKay were friends, exactly, since he'd only seen her once before in his life, but Lou's contact list was rather limited--he'd only actually had memorable interactions with a handful of people--so she was probably as close as he was going to get for a while.

    He had a fleeting notion that he might throw the shreds of the map up into the air and let the wind carry them away again, but, despite her assurances that the tiger was in no danger, that seemed a little irresponsible. Instead, Lou shoved them into his pocket with a grin, moving to pocket his wand as well. "That sounds just like my dog," he remarked. "The laziness, anyway. Not being a picky eater." Gabriel would eat just about anything--even things that weren't, strictly speaking, edible. Aside from that, though, he tended to do virtually nothing outside of his one obligatory walk per day. Not that he didn't more than earn his keep during a full moon, of course.

    After having emptied his hands, Lou crossed his arms and glanced back at the tiger enclosure. "Just exploring. I was hoping for something exciting, but--well, between the sleepy tiger and the blind unicorn, I think your diricrawl might have them beat," he commented, gesturing to the unicorn with a nod of his head. He hadn't been able to resist stopping by the unicorn on his way here, and had read on the little plaque about the blindness--otherwise there was absolutely no way he would have known. Lou hadn't hung around too much to watch him, though, since if there were beasts that found werewolves objectionable, unicorns seemed likely to be those beasts, and he didn't want to cause a scene with literally the purest animal in existence.
    Who alone suffers, Suffers most in the mind
    Leaving free things and happy shows behind

    Eavan ran her hands down the unicorn's face one last time, slipping him a little sugar cube at the end. Such a sweet soul, and so gentle. It was such a shame about his eyes. "Yes well, you've met Bastien. He's anything but boring." Unpredictable. Stubborn. Pigheaded. All of the above. She loved that fluffball to death though, as difficult as he could be.

    "We keep the 'more exciting' things toward the back, don't want to give everything up in the first few exhibits! Keep it tame for a bit, though the tiger, on a good day is rather animated, then bring out the good stuff in the back." She was mostly kidding, though the zoo did have a particular layout that was designed to keep people interested all the way through. Of course the aviary was off to the side near the middle, so she wasn't sure what that said for her!

    Before she could stop him, Bastien had bolted their way and Eva moved to block him, but he went right under her skirts and straight to Mr. Williams' shoeslaces! "Speaking of exciting! Bastien stop it!" She bent to snag him, but he moved too much, while still attacking the laces.
    [Image: m2t8qO.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]
    Lou laughed at her joke about Bastien--though he didn't have much time to laugh before the bird was after him. Lou honestly wasn't sure whether it was something he'd done, or the sound of his laughter, or maybe just the audacity of his continuing to exist in the same general area as the diricrawl, but the thing was on a mission, going right through Miss MacKay's skirts and setting in on Lou's shoelaces.

    "Oh--" he exclaimed, reaching down to try to shoo the thing away--but before he could get close to him Bastien pecked painfully at his hand, causing him to pull back his arm quickly. Miss MacKay wasn't having much more luck on her end, and Lou took an instinctive step back--mostly because of the attacking bird, but also because Miss MacKay's attempts to corral the beast had brought them into unexpectedly close proximity. This, too, was destined for failure--the bird had undone one of his laces and was holding it tightly in his jaw as Lou stepped backwards. The diricrawl didn't weigh enough to really stop his feet, but the surprise of having some degree of resistance caused him to stumble as he stepped back. As a result, Lou went down, and the stubborn blue bird, still holding onto his shoelace, went flying in a short arc before finally letting go of Lou's shoe and tumbling off to the right.

    Lou didn't have time to see what had become of Bastien, though--he'd landed on his elbows in a way that his body was telling him, through some very fast developing and persistent pain, that he really shouldn't have. He'd definitely have bruises, but he was hoping that was all it was. Wincing, he sat up and stretched his arms out on either side. Well... they seemed to be working, so that was something, though they still hurt. "Oooof," he complained inarticulately. "Maybe too exciting."
    Who alone suffers, Suffers most in the mind
    Leaving free things and happy shows behind

    Eva growled out a long sigh of frustration as she attempted to get her bird in check, but the cheeky little devil was not giving up! She watched in mixed horror and amusement as Mr. William's tried to step back and ended up falling. It happened in slow motion and she looked up as Bastien went flying, which was entirely new to him, and he finally let got of the shoelaces.

    "Serves you right, you bloody little beast! You're getting a leash!" Bastien landed with a soft thud, shaking his head as he stopped to just stare at the pair of humans, looking between the one on the ground and Eva herself. "I mean it, you unruly scoundrel, go home." By home she meant the aviary and his disappeared with a haughty chirp as she glared at him.

    With her beast dispersed, Eva turned her attention back to Mr. Williams. "I am so, very sorry! He's so hot or cold with people. I haven't had much luck socializing him with gentlemen, he's so stubborn!" Passing Mr. Williams a sheepish smile. "How bad did he get you?" She asked before offering a hand to help him up.
    [Image: m2t8qO.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]
    Lou groaned as he pushed himself up into a sitting position. Miss MacKay was offering him a hand. He reached to take it, but was careful not to put too much weight against her hand--when ladies offered to help you do anything, in his experience, it was mainly for show, and he didn't want to actually pull on her and have her come tumbling down on top of him. Besides, he was still capable of getting to his feet mostly on his own.

    "I think he meant well," Lou joked weakly as he rose. "Last time we talked, I was bleeding. Maybe Bastien thinks that's how humans bond," he said with a slight chuckle. Letting go of her hand, he stretched experimentally, tensing and flexing his arms. There was quite a bit of pain, but as with the last time he'd tried this, everything did seem to be working. He had his full range of motion, which meant he probably hadn't done anything more than bruise himself. "Ooof," he groaned as he dropped his arms back down. "No harm done, I don't think. Unless I'm bleeding somewhere and didn't realize it," he said with a disarming smile and a half-shrug.
    Who alone suffers, Suffers most in the mind
    Leaving free things and happy shows behind

    Once Mr. Williams was righted, Eavan gave him a quick once over. She would hopefully not need to do any more stitches on the poor gentleman! "I think you give him too much credit." That little bugger was going to be locked up if he kept this up.
    "You are not bleeding, so far as I can see and otherwise unhurt?" This was not a good way to keep spending their time together! He looked alright, if maybe a bit jarred from the fall, but thankfully there would be no minor surgery today.

    "Well, I still feel terrible. Let me show you around? I can give you the insider's tour?" Though Mr. Williams had already seen her office, which few others outside the staff and Una had seen at this point. "Or you could sit in the butterfly garden and relax? Or the tearoom?" She would hate for him to amble around if he wasn't alright!
    [Image: m2t8qO.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]
    Lou laughed; she was practically falling over herself to make it up to him, or at least that was how it appeared to him. He didn't expect much in the way of compensation for something she'd really had no control over, and which would probably only result in a few bruises besides, but here she was offering him tours, tea, and butterflies. He waved a hand dismissively at her latter offers (though waving his arm in such a careless fashion sent a slight pang through his joints). "I may be older than you, Miss MacKay, but I'm not that old," he joked. He assumed that he was a fair bit older than her, at any rate--he was well into the age at which he might be considered an established gentleman, if he hadn't gone and 'died' in the middle of establishing himself. She, on the other hand, seemed like she could rival the average debutante, at least in terms of years--she didn't seem to have much desire to rival them in any other respect, having given herself over to traveling and working as she had.

    "I won't be so easily defeated by a diricrawl, and forced to retire to a tea-room like an old spinster in a rocking chair," he said, with a haughty tone that was more parody of pride than the actual thing, as he was clearly still kidding. "A tour, though, sounds rather lovely," he admitted with a grin. "Particularly if you're going to show me all the secrets of the zoo."
    Who alone suffers, Suffers most in the mind
    Leaving free things and happy shows behind

    "I can call him back, if you think you can take him again." Eavan laughed when Mr. Williams said he was not so fragile as to let Bastien best him. Her diricawl was inexplicably vexing sometimes and he could be quite stubborn when he wanted to. If he was not a fan of Mr. Williams yet, Eva doubted he would ever be. For some reason, the bird was only some kind of fond of Mr. Kirke, but Merlin knew why.

    At least he would allow her to show him around! And now that they were free of her beast, they could wander anywhere! "Oh do lets then!" She all but clapped in excitement. "Which way would you like to go? The muggle animals are all up front, the rest of the magical creatures through the exhibition hall toward the back! It was an interesting layout for certain, but Eavan understood the necessity for the sections.

    "Were there any animals you wanted to see in particular?" She raised her eyebrows expectantly; Eva was, if nothing else, very enthusiastic about her job!
    [Image: m2t8qO.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]
    Oh, Merlin, the way that she clapped her hands together. It was so youthful that Lou couldn't help but chuckle at her, but her delight was strangely contagious, despite how foreign the gesture itself seemed to him. He probably would have sooner died than clapped his hands like that, but seeing her do it made his chest feel lighter, as if he'd been infected with her buoyancy.

    "Well, magical animals, I should think!" he said with a grin. "Unless you have Muggle ones that are just as impressive." Not that there was anything wrong with Muggle animals, of course (Lou was rather attached to his own mutt back home), but they were by their very nature less exciting to look at. If the magical creatures didn't constantly do cool things, after all, they would have just been left available to the Muggles! As far as pets were concerned, Lou would probably take a normal dog over any kind of magical creature any day (even without his 'condition' making a canine companion a necessity rather than a luxury), but they were at a zoo.

    "I don't know what all you have here, though," he admitted, with a sort of helpless shrug. "I had a list, but... well, you know," he said, glancing at the tiger enclosure, where several of the pieces had swirled away to.
    Who alone suffers, Suffers most in the mind
    Leaving free things and happy shows behind

    "Oh, let's go straight to the back then!" She waved him on eagerly, starting to make her way from their current position. Though they were technically already in the magical portion of the zoo, it was only just and there was so much more to be seen! "Oh that didn't last." Eva chuckled, thinking of his lost list in the tiger pen and so supposed that meant they could take a quick look at anything and everything!  

    "There's so much to see! We have jobberknolls and nifflers and a few more dangerous things safely tucked away in the rear of the zoo! There's the aviary of course, though you've seen a bit of that." By accident of course, after that time she'd sewn him up! "Oh and a massive firecrab!" Not terribly exciting, she supposed, but still very intriguing all the same!

    Realizing she was babbling and walking probably a little too fast, Eavan passed Mr. Williams a sheepish grin and waited to see if she should keep blabbing or stop and let him say something; she was not very good at silence after all!
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