Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    It was that time of year again. His 'anniversary.' There were two very touchy times of year for Lou--a few weeks before Christmas, when he'd proposed to Xena, and the middle of February, when she'd broken his heart. His death-iversary, more or less. Ghosts had parties and celebrated their death-days, but for Lou the occasion was somewhat more solemn. Needless to say, he had no intention of throwing a party.

    What he did want was to find some way to keep his mind off of what time of year it was, which was difficult. He hadn't been out and about at this time of year since it had happened, and he wasn't expecting all of the paraphernalia surrounding Saint Valentine's Day to be as painful as it was. It was even worse in Hogsmeade, since they had more of a central shopping area, but Lou still wasn't keen on hanging around in downtown Irvingly. He was even less keen on going home, however, afraid that Daniel would say something about it, or that he'd have another one of his mother's insufferable letters to read and respond to.

    Which is why he was in the zoo. He hadn't been here since he'd met Miss MacKay a few months ago. He was half worried that he'd run in to her again--she'd been the first person he'd spoken to, and he was afraid that maybe he hadn't fully developed his persona when he'd talked to her. He couldn't remember everything he'd said, so what if he said something now that contradicted their last conversation? It was just risky, even if she had been exceptionally pleasant. He was also a little nervous to see how the various animals in the zoo, magical and non, reacted to him. He had a very loyal dog who loved him even when he was running around on all fours, but he had no idea how something like a clabbert or a puffskein would react to the presence of a werewolf. Would they even be able to tell? Did he really want to find out?

    Lou had drifted towards the more dangerous creatures on display, because the gulf between the viewing area and their enclosures seemed to guarantee a little less suspicion on his part if they did start acting strangely. Though, to be fair, he wasn't sure what constituted 'strangely' for the winged tiger he was currently leaning on the railing to look at. Would he even know if it started acting more aggressively than usual? What on earth did winged tigers typically do? They hadn't covered this in Care of Magical Creatures, he didn't think--but then, maybe they had and he just hadn't been paying attention. He'd only gotten an A on his OWLs, after all.

    Right now, the tiger wasn't doing much of anything that one could call aggressive; it had one wing splayed out over its head to block out the sun and was sleeping on a large, flat rock near the back of the enclosure. Lou glanced down at the leaflet in his hand, which contained a rough map of the zoo, to see what else he might be able to go look at. Just as he glanced down, however, a sudden gust of wind ripped the thing from his hand and sent it floating towards the tiger's enclosure.

    Before he could even think what he was doing, Lou had his wand out and had cast Accio. He wasn't sure whether littering up the tiger's little living area would hurt it any, but he didn't want to be the one to find out. The last thing he needed was to get banned from the zoo for having choked their prize tiger to death on a scrap of paper. The leaflet was immediately tugged his way by the spell, but the wind was still dragging it in another direction--blustery February days be damned--and it was soon in three pieces.

    "Oh, Merlin," he said, leaning as far as he could over the rail to catch the middle chunk of the map, which had returned to him, then casting another summoning charm on the remaining pieces, which were fluttering towards the floor of the tiger's habitat. It was only then that he remembered he was in Irvingly--albeit in the magical side of the zoo--and he wasn't really sure whether he was allowed to be casting spells like this. Surely, Muggles who were opposed to magic wouldn't have found themselves wandering through the winged tiger exhibit? Even so, Lou cast a glance around to see whether anyone had seen him, and realized with a start that there was actually someone very close, indeed. He must have been too caught up in thought to have noticed them earlier.

    "Uh, sorry," Lou said, cheeks flushing. He glanced down at his wand somewhat sheepishly, wondering if he ought to put it away. While he was considering this, one of the summoned pieces of the park map hit him lightly on the cheek. Reaching up to grab it, Lou realized that he really ought to finish his possibly-illegal magic before trying to apologize.
    Though she certainly had a direct concentration in the wide field of Magizoology and she loved her birds, she truly did, Eva was a curious creature and she would never tire of meandering through the zoo itself seeing both the magical and non-magical creatures alike. She was easily fascinated of course and sometimes it reminded her of that first afternoon she'd spent at the World's Fair menagerie with Mr. Peverell. Of course now those pleasant memories were a little overshadowed by their Halloween debacle, but that was neither here nor there really. She oughtn't be thinking of him at all, but sometimes she caught herself.

    Fortunately she was just as easily distracted as she was fascinated and with a few spare moments on her hands she decided to take Bastien for a walk and to visit his girlfriend. Bastien, of all creatures, was quite smitten by their small female emu on the muggle side of the zoo. It made little to no sense to Eva either, but when she couldn't find him, there he was with Daisy. Perhaps she reminded him of home in Australia, but whatever it was, it thoroughly amused Eavan. They had other diricawls in the zoo, though she kept Lucy at home and with her, Bastien couldn't be bothered with the rest of his kind. The little snob.

    Her dodo ran ahead of her as they moved through the magical side of the zoo to move toward the muggle side. She wasn't technically allowed to have Bastien or Lucy with her on the other side, but they most conveniently could turn invisible at will, so she tried her luck more often than not. Besides it was much better for her to accompany the birds lest Bastien get in one of his moods. He got distracted for a quick moment and Eva stopped to love on their resident unicorn. The poor old thing was blind and achy, but still so very sweet that it was hard for her to ever pass him by! Bastien was rifling through some leaves just off the path and Eva was giving the unicorn a treat when she noticed some papers floating on the breeze followed by the unmistakable sound of a summoning charm.

    Looking around, Eva sought to reprimand the caster of the spell, only to find a familiar face as the perpetrator! "Mr. Williams, I do believe I warned you about magic in Irvingly." She said more sternly that she intended - she was only kidding after all!- but it would be worth it to see the look on his face!
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