Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    04.29 Submit your summer banners!
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    Cassie looked up at the sky contemplatively as she left work that evening, still lamenting the dark nights but pleased that they would soon be receding and giving way to lighter skies. Until then the stars shone tenaciously on, lighting her path home and making her think, inevitably, of her mother. It seemed she was constantly on Cassie's mind lately but thinking about Freya was slowly causing her less pain and instead filling her with fond love.

    Since Theo had been born she thought about her mother most days, but tonight she was determined not to let the sorrow get the better of her. Tonight was crisp and cold, bitter in the way that only Scotland in the midst of winter could be, but Cassie wrapped her cloak around her tightly and let its warmth envelop her.

    As she made her way through the village Cassie nodded good evening to several people as she passed them, trying not to look too hard just in case. But inevitably, without her having the intention of doing so and certainly against her better judgement, her eyes lingered on a young woman who was minding her own business on a bench. Thoughts popped into Cassie's head that she knew she could not ignore, but she did try, walking past the bench and managing half a dozen steps before she stopped, huffed, and turned back, sitting down on the bench next to her casually.

    "I'm so sorry to bother you, but do I know you?" She asked politely, knowing full well she hadn't but finding it odd to just jump straight into what she needed to say. Making some overtures of conversation usually helped. "I feel sure we've met before."

    @Emmeline Woodcroft
    @Una Walsh
    Hope this is alright!
    (if you see this in a post then Cassie's inner eye can see your character doing something)
    [Image: Jv1yZa5.jpg]
    Droolworthy set by MJ <3 <3
    Una had been in a world of her own as she sat on the bench, oblivious to the fact the woman now sitting next to her had actually walked passed her originally before turning back around and sitting next to her. She turned to the woman with a smile though she was slightly confused as she shook her head a touch.

    "No," she said simply, another small shake of her head, "I've only just arrived her a few days prior. Perhaps I just have one of those faces." She laughed lightly then, trying to make the whole encounter as light as possible so that the woman didn't feel embarrassed by approaching a total stranger on a park bench.
    I've lost count of Nolan Sets..
    [Image: G4Ji8S5.jpg]
    Una is a Metamorphmagus and can therefore change her appearance.
    Cassie smiled as charmingly as she could, laughing along with the young lady as she tried to consolidate the vague feelings and glimpses she had seen into advice one could offer without being thought completely barmy. Which wouldn’t be a first for her but apparently she never did learn to mind her own business. Of course it wasn’t really her business, quite the opposite in fact, but she hated to think of calamity falling on others without giving them fair warning.

    “Perhaps,” she agreed pleasantly. “Where have you come from then?” She raised her eyebrow at the cold, bitter frost around them and considered her words, hoping they wouldn’t be utterly ignored but having a feeling that this wasn’t the sort of young woman to be overly perturbed by a conversation she saw no menace in. “I wouldn’t have come here if I were you.”
    (if you see this in a post then Cassie's inner eye can see your character doing something)
    [Image: Jv1yZa5.jpg]
    Droolworthy set by MJ <3 <3
    "Brazil," she said, still smiling, "Though I suppose originally America." Her travels had taken her many places but she doubt she'd ever fully shake that Midwestern type of American accent she had. But there was little chance to give it much thought before the woman said something that seemed rather off the wall.

    Una's smile quickly vanished and her eyes widened some as she stared at this strange woman. Was she about to be mugged and left for dead on a park bench in the middle of the town's square? No, surely the woman wasn't crazed in that manner. Or at least she hoped not.

    She tried forcing something of a smile on her face once again but it was obviously forced as she continued to stare at her bench companion. "I don't quite understand," she managed to say, not daring to look away.
    I've lost count of Nolan Sets..
    [Image: G4Ji8S5.jpg]
    Una is a Metamorphmagus and can therefore change her appearance.
    Well, in for a penny…

    “Here. To Irvingly. To Scotland. You should never have come to this place,” Cassie said, well aware of quite how peculiar she must sound but determined to get the message across one way or another. It was hazy, she couldn’t see everything that was in this woman’s future but she could see enough to know that there was pain and misery awaiting her here, the sort that one would never entirely recover from. The sort she knew all too well and wouldn’t wish on another living soul for all the world and certainly not on a woman who seemed entirely innocent and ignorant of what awaited her.

    “I…” She might as well tell the truth, she decided. She’d already lost any sense of casualness she might have possessed. “Perhaps you should return to Brazil? I don’t see anything awful happening to you there which is much more promising that what I can see happening here.”
    (if you see this in a post then Cassie's inner eye can see your character doing something)
    [Image: Jv1yZa5.jpg]
    Droolworthy set by MJ <3 <3
    Una's eyes only widened more, if that were at all possible, and she didn't bother trying to even force a smile anymore. She was very clearly disturbed and at least a bit frightened by what the woman was saying.

    "I still don't understand," she said, her voice a bit shaky, "What do you mean something awful? Am I to die here? And how do you know? Are you going to kill me right here on this bench!?" Her voice was a bit shrill now and she even scooted some away from the woman on the bench though never once let her gaze leave her. She wasn't about to turn her attentions away from a crazed murderer after all.
    I've lost count of Nolan Sets..
    [Image: G4Ji8S5.jpg]
    Una is a Metamorphmagus and can therefore change her appearance.
    “No!” Cassie exclaimed, caught between wanting to laugh and cry that her life meant this was not the first time, nor in fact the fifteenth as it went, that she had been asked such a question by someone who was backing away from her. Some people simply thought she was mad – and though she had spent a fair part of her adolescence believing that herself Cassie had learnt to simply accept her gift – but others were genuinely afraid and she hated to inspire that.

    “Of course I’m not, look,” she said in as calm a voice as she could, holding up her hands in a display of acquiesce. “I’m Cassandra Trelawney. I’m a Seer. I…Something is going to happen to you in Irvingly, Something involving a man, though I can’t see his face properly so I don’t know who he is,” she said in much more of a rush. “But perhaps you do?”
    (if you see this in a post then Cassie's inner eye can see your character doing something)
    [Image: Jv1yZa5.jpg]
    Droolworthy set by MJ <3 <3
    Una was still staring at the woman wide eyed but felt as though she were speaking the truth. She at least didn't feel overly anxious anymore that the woman was going to kill her right there even if she did sound like a crazy person. It was even more crazy that she would bring up a man. Una was far from a popular woman, having just barely shown up in the area, so she really had no idea what she was talking about.

    Unless.. no. She couldn't be talking about Ben. It had been years since she'd seen him and he'd surely forgotten all about her and his time spent in America at her family's farm. That was a far distant memory. A sad one, but a memory nonetheless. "No.." she said softly, still hesitant on being in the woman's presence, "Like I said, I'm new to the area and know no one. The only constant man in my life that past few years has been my brother." Then her eyes widened more and she gasped slightly. "You don't think something will happen to him, do you?" she questioned quickly, terrified at the thought of losing her brother.
    I've lost count of Nolan Sets..
    [Image: G4Ji8S5.jpg]
    Una is a Metamorphmagus and can therefore change her appearance.