Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Dinner Rush
    Open Thread 
    After another day of work done with, Tom had decided to take dinner at the Leaky Cauldron before heading on home. He had to wonder what Anna had done with her day and how many times their mother had driven her nuts today. Chuckling inwardly at the thought, Tom scanned the Leaky for a place to sit and eventually chose a table by the door.

    After putting in his order, he observed the other occupants of the establishment before taking a book out of his satchel and settling in to read while he was waiting. He had not been reading long when someone unexpectedly sat at his table and caused Tom to look up at the individual inquisitively.
    has heterochromia; one eye is blue, the other is halfbrown,halfblue
    [Image: IgL9KM.png]
    Either the days were getting longer or he was getting older and though Ned knew that the latter was undoubtedly true, he adamantly insisted, with his usual good humour, that the former must also be so. It made his sisters laugh at any rate, though he doubted they realised quite how much his aches and pains slowed him down these days.

    Merlin, he needed something to keep him young. A wife would do the trick. Sadly the only women he knew were his sisters and several perfectly pleasant, but gallingly professional, ladies at the Ministry and they did little for him.

    Luckily he had his work and the pub was a home of sorts. With a pint in hand he scanned the room, looking for conversation and chuckled to himself when he spotted young Mr Grant and crossed to join him, hoping sitting with a student wouldn’t make him seem utterly pathetic.

    “Drinking alone Mr Grant? Never a good idea."
    [Image: 9dmEWk5.png]
    [Image: 2ry6n3l.gif]
    fantastic set by Bex!
    Tom granted a smile in response to the older mans words. "Just having some dinner," he informed Mister Spring. Tom didn't really drink except for the occasional night out with friends but that was hardly information that he felt the desperate need to depart when it was clear that Mister Spring was just being friendly.

    "It won't be drinking alone if you join me, though," he added on with a chuckle. Tom would have preferred to have been left alone but he didn't think he would mind Mister Springs company. The man seemed congenial enough at the moment.
    has heterochromia; one eye is blue, the other is halfbrown,halfblue
    [Image: IgL9KM.png]
    Being in possession of a thick skin Ned took no offence that Mr Grant seemed moderately reluctant but he pushed it to the back of his mind and took the seat opposite him. He doubted he would have wanted to sit with one of his teacher’s from school, but they were both adults and he reasoned it would do Mr Grant good to learn how to be at ease with anyone he might need to be.

    It was a learning experience. That was it.

    “So, how are your studies treating you? I know you’re quite proficient in the theory, but I confess I don’t follow the progress of field strategies quite so vigilantly.”
    [Image: 9dmEWk5.png]
    [Image: 2ry6n3l.gif]
    fantastic set by Bex!
    Tom smiled as the older man took a seat. It would do him good to be on good terms with someone that he was learning from. Not that Mister Spring had given Tom any reason to be anything other than congenial and Tom found him to be a very able instructor.

    "I'm enjoying them immensely, Mister Spring," Tom answered truthfully. "For the longest time, I've wanted to be an auror and I'm happy to say that it is still quite to my liking." From field strategies to the theories to the legalities - Tom ate up every bit that there was for him to learn.
    has heterochromia; one eye is blue, the other is halfbrown,halfblue
    [Image: IgL9KM.png]
    To Ned being an auror had always seemed like a profession for people that were either mad or reckless, second in lunacy only to being a hitwizard, which seemed an even more dangerous use of one’s time at work. But then again he would freely admit to being much more comfortable safely entrenched behind a desk, without having to look over his shoulder as part of his day to day life. Being quite so alert from the wee small hours of the morning was a nightmare as far as he was concerned.

    Perhaps that was his age though?

    “I’m glad to hear it. It’s good to have ambitions and stick to them – I only wish my brothers had your determination!”
    [Image: 9dmEWk5.png]
    [Image: 2ry6n3l.gif]
    fantastic set by Bex!
    Tom chuckled as Mister Spring expressed his wish that his brothers could have Tom's determination. "I'm sure once they find what they like, they will," he said in assurance. He knew that only a few people were so lucky, especially those among the lower class. If the other Mister Springs were anything like the one before him, however, he was sure they would do just fine.

    "When did you decide to be a lawyer?" He asked, now a little curious. Had it been a desired occupation or simply one that Mister Spring had decided would support him well with that being the main thought to it?
    has heterochromia; one eye is blue, the other is halfbrown,halfblue
    [Image: IgL9KM.png]
    Personally Ned thought his brothers were altogether past the point of being able to dwell on their prospects with quite as much carelessness as they did, but that was a different issue and not one to trouble young Mr Grant with. He did stash it to the back of his mind as something to renew his efforts in sorting out though – he hadn’t had the need to support a single member of his family since they had been old enough to do so themselves and he had no intention of starting because they decided to change jobs again and were in a fix.

    “When I realised how steady the income was,” he replied honestly, taking a sip of his drink. “Far be it from me to beat the drum of poverty Mr Grant, but I have always believed that being a steady sort of person sets one up far better for the world than being reckless and what others might deem exciting. There’s nothing noble about starving because you weren’t prepared to put in the hard work.”
    [Image: 9dmEWk5.png]
    [Image: 2ry6n3l.gif]
    fantastic set by Bex!
    And just like that, Mister Spring unknowingly slightly nudged himself into the mold of 'idol' for Tom. He was far from being in poverty and was unlikely ever to be - the shop would technically be his one day and did very well - but he appreciated those that had a reality check about their lives.

    "Too true, Mister Spring," he said in agreement, raising his glass slightly in salute to the older man. "Hard work pays off more than idle wishes, I have always found." Which is why he and Annas plans were all playing out. They had put years of hard work into it and when the time had come to play them out, things had gone smoothly. Tom was absolutely delighted with his life.
    has heterochromia; one eye is blue, the other is halfbrown,halfblue
    [Image: IgL9KM.png]
    Gladdened to hear such sense from one so young Ned took a sip of his drink and pondered whether he was ever likely to teach anyone anything on the training program that would make him feel quite so satisfied with himself as an instructor. The law was all very well – in fact it was very well in Ned’s book – but sense was what he praised above all else, and often that trickily obtained but easily lost concept was absent from the dealings at the Ministry.

    Things had changed lately of course but Ned was hardly a green young employee and he had seen plenty of years of idiocy before they had reached this Minister.

    “Take the Minister for example. Now, there is a man who knows the value of sense and hard-work. One can but hope he’ll be there for many years to come.”
    [Image: 9dmEWk5.png]
    [Image: 2ry6n3l.gif]
    fantastic set by Bex!
    "Were you still a lawyer when Spavin was in charge?" Tom asked in mild curiosity since they were speaking of a mildly related topic. He had to wonder how that had felt. To be on the side of the law and find out that your boss was a criminal. He'd been only fourteen at the time but the muggleborn murders had been part of what had driven Tom's ambitions towards becoming an auror.
    has heterochromia; one eye is blue, the other is halfbrown,halfblue
    [Image: IgL9KM.png]
    Chuckling to himself darkly Ned took a long sip of his drink and wondered idly how young Mr Grant must have been at the time of those atrocities. He had been at the Ministry then, as it happened, and he had known the man long enough to be as surprised as anybody else when the truth had been revealed.

    “I was. I worked with him in the Department before I moved over to training aurors. It was nothing to do with why I moved though,” he said deliberately, not wanting rumours to spread.
    [Image: 9dmEWk5.png]
    [Image: 2ry6n3l.gif]
    fantastic set by Bex!
    Tom took a drink from his own glass as he waited for the older mans answer. "That had to be quite the surprise. People do say the only person one can truly trust is ones self. And even then, I wonder," he said with chuckle, not quite serious though he did think that there was some truth to his words. It likely didn't help that he distrusted his own parents - people one would think that he could trust unconditionally.
    has heterochromia; one eye is blue, the other is halfbrown,halfblue
    [Image: IgL9KM.png]
    It was a distinctly bleak attitude but Ned could certainly appreciate it given their line of work – one hardly went into any aspect of law enforcement expecting to meet the cream of society, but over the years Ned had noticed his own opinions on humanity take a decided downturn. It was a shame Grant’s seemed to be starting earlier but who was he to question the lad on that front? On the other though, he felt himself more than up to the task.

    “You’re quite capable of trusting yourself I would say,” he said encouragingly. Grant was, after all, one of the less frustrating students. “How much longer do you have left to train? A year? Two?”
    [Image: 9dmEWk5.png]
    [Image: 2ry6n3l.gif]
    fantastic set by Bex!

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