Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    A Change of Pace
    Open Thread 
    Ever since he had resigned from Hogsmeade Hospital as a healer in the aftermath of his elder brothers death, Gaston had felt restless. He was so used to being busy and while the life of a man responsible for an entire estate and the livelihood of the people that called it home was indeed busy - it was just not the same.

    Lately he had considering perhaps investing in something. Maybe he'd become the patron of some talented artist. It was a thought and he did have some ideas in mind in who to back financially. For now though, a visit to the art exhibits of the Museum seemed just the ticket to occupy a couple of his hours.

    Looking over the paintings as he moved through the exhibit, he noticed something on the floor near another patron - or at least, he assumed the person to be a patron. "Excuse me, does this belong to you?" He asked, pointing out the object that looked to be of some value.
    [Image: Yoaqq.png]
    set by rune
    Whatever serenity Penny had once found in education she now sought in the quiet halls of museums and libraries and, as a substitute to the walls of Hogwarts, they were not entirely lacking. This museum in particular was perfectly suited to her purposes – namely being out of the house and away from the tedium of doing nothing all day, whilst being surrounded by family members who seemed to revel in doing just that.

    Perhaps if she had a profession she would not be quite so restless, she mused idly as she passed a display of seventeenth century cauldrons and moved to the paintings. Usually she paid little attention to the gallery but today she was eager to postpone her return home and her chaperone didn’t dare speak to tell her not to do as she pleased.

    A portrait caught her eye; austere Elizabethan garb and a pompous expression that suggested to Penny a Minister of Magic, and she was distracted reading the accompanying descriptive card – she was pleased to be proved right in her guess – when a man’s voice startled her out of her reverie.

    “I beg your pardon?” She raised an eyebrow, following his gesture and caught sight of a bracelet, silver by the look of it, rather delicate and with a clasp that galled her at least once every time she wore it. “Oh,” holding her hat in place she swooped down gracefully to pick it up. “My sister has an eye for beauty but not for good craftsmanship I’m afraid.”
    [Image: Lady_P_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    fabulous fashion house set by Soph
    Gaston absently noted that he recognized the young woman. Not due to ever having actually spoken to her for any length of time but he was a friendly acquaintance of her older sister so he did somewhat know of her and had seen her around a time or two.

    He smiled politely as she went to pick it up, something he would have done for her if it would not have bought him inappropriately close to her or her chaperones backsides. "Perhaps you could take it to Wolfram & Hart. They are particularly good at fixing things on top of creating them," he suggested amiably. He did wonder which sister had gifted her the bracelet before deciding that it probably didn't matter.

    "Are you particularly interested in history?" He could not resist asking. He was a bit bored, after all, and he didn't see why he shouldn't make the acquaintance of someone whose family he already somewhat knew.
    [Image: Yoaqq.png]
    set by rune
    The name sounded vaguely familiar to Penny’s ears but she couldn’t place where she had heard it before – presumably it was a jewellers of some description – and she promptly filed it away in her mind to perhaps revisit at a later date. The bracelet was a terrible nuisance that she mostly wore to prove to Betsy that she was long-suffering enough to wear something she didn’t even especially like just for the sake of being a good sister. Betsy seldom returned the gesture and it gave Penny a certain joy to feel superior in her suffering.

    The face of the gentleman before her was equally as familiar – like a fly that buzzed at the back of her brain reminding her of the fruit she had left out to grow rotten – and she immediately associated her feeling, and her recognition, with his probably being a friend of Freddie’s.

    Amongst other things,” she replied politely, the tartness barely present in her voice. “It seems churlish to give up learning even though one has finished their schooldays. And yourself?”
    [Image: Lady_P_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    fabulous fashion house set by Soph
    Gaston smiled as she replied that she was interested in history amongst other things. He didn't really care what those things were so he saw no reason to press her for more information about them. He did somewhat agree with her words though. Despite the fact that he was traditional in the sense that he thought a wife should be at home, he didn't see why a woman couldn't continue learning new things for so long as she pleased.

    "Yes though today I am more here for the art rather than the history today," he stated, remembering once more that he was mildly on the hunt for a new artist to back financially.
    [Image: Yoaqq.png]
    set by rune
    Art always having been something of an afterthought for Penny she had barely cast her eyes over the galleries she had past beyond taking them in in only the vaguest sense. If asked she might have been able to describe the outline of one or two but she certainly couldn’t do so with much certainty.

    “Is it an interest of yours?” She asked politely, glancing at them a little more now. “I confess I know next to nothing about art.” Her lips twitched. “I suppose my learning isn’t entirely up to snuff in some regards.”
    [Image: Lady_P_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    fabulous fashion house set by Soph
    "Yes though I am no artist myself. I respect those that are able to bring creativity out of their minds and onto something physical," he admitted. That was part of why he liked to be a patron of the arts despite the fact he wasn't exactly what one could call generous minded. He smiled as she admitted to knowing next to nothing about art. "Admiring something only takes sight, at least." Plus it wasn't exactly something that could be learned if one didn't have the natural talent for it.
    [Image: Yoaqq.png]
    set by rune
    Penny certainly agreed with the sentiment of his admiration though she flattered herself that she was at least a passable artist. It was a hobby she enjoyed well-enough even if she never put much thought into it and after so many days spent practicing she could produce more than respectable efforts – a fact that she thoroughly enjoyed rubbing in with Betsy, who lacked the patience, and Olivia, who lacked the confidence of her strokes. On the other hand Peggy was probably better than them all, but she didn’t live at home anymore, so Penny had long since stopped comparing herself to her eldest sister!

    “And taste of course,” she replied with a hint of a smile. For a friend of Freddie’s this gentleman was more than acceptable company for the time being. Perhaps if he came to one of their next balls she would not be bored witless? "I don't believe I've had the pleasure sir?"
    [Image: Lady_P_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    fabulous fashion house set by Soph
    "Of course," Gaston said in agreement when Miss Humphrey-Mavis added that it was also a manner of taste. There were many artworks that had no business being revered out in the world. Usually, it was extreme new money types that plastered these sorts of things all over their walls. Gaston smiled as the young woman inadvertently reminded him that he had not properly introduced himself yet.

    "Gaston Darby, Miss. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance," he said with a slight bow.
    [Image: Yoaqq.png]
    set by rune
    Ah! That was it. She really ought to have remembered and now she had heard the name she recalled the numerous occasions Betsy had mentioned the man and her insistence that he was the sort they really ought to become better acquainted with. Despite her usual instinct being to disagree with her older sister Penny couldn’t help but think, upon initial impressions at least, that Betsy was right.

    “Lady Penelope Humphrey-Mavis,” she said with the practiced ease of somebody with a long name to relate to others. Perhaps one day it may be a little easier? “I believe you are well acquainted with my brother Mr Derby, and if not then you almost certainly will be by the time he is married. I do believe my mother is inviting everybody in the country, regardless of acquaintance.”
    [Image: Lady_P_SIG_by_Soph.png]
    fabulous fashion house set by Soph

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