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December 1888
December 1888

This month, the full moon will be on December 18th. Those who play/plot with werewolves should plan accordingly.

In this thread, you'll find and add events for the month of December.
You can also check this out in calendar view!

Click below for directions on adding your event to this month's list!

— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
What: Hospital Christmas Dinner.
Who: Hosted by @Annabelle Bones for the Hogsmeade Hospital staff, invitees include senior management, heads of departments and assistant heads. No maintenance/support staff. Healers in Magical Bugs are invited. Any other healers would be depending on whether Belle knows them/likes them/would have cause to invite them. Her three oldest children are also invited, sorry baby Beckett.
Where: Bones household in Wellingtonshire.
Why: No one gets drunk like doctors get drunk.
When: 20th December, 1888.

You are cordially invited to a festive dinner at Mrs Bones' Wellingtonshire home. Mrs Bones asks that nobody dance as she has just had her floors polished. Feel free to drink deeply of the spiced wine though.

Contact Player(s): @Elladora Black

Added! - Bree
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[Image: bTp7pQ.jpg]
Lady made me sexy <3
What: PSYR Yuletide Tea
Who: The Pendergast School for Young Roses is pleased to welcome upstanding ladies of society for an afternoon of tea and conversation, hosted by our most advanced pupils. (UC socialites & mothers of pupils, MC mothers of pupils, all Roses)
Where: PSYR
Why: CHRISTMAS. The girls go home a couple days later, so it's the last at-school function of '88!
When: Sunday, December 2nd, 2 o'clock

Contact Player(s): Kayte (@Aldous Crouch)

Added! - Bree
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so you wanna be a rose?

mj is kind of amazing.
What: The Church of Magical Jesus Nativity Pageant
Who: Hosted by the CMJ for all those interested. Come hear the Word, guys.
Where: Church of St. Fergus, Hawthorne Hollow
Why: Magical Jesus is the reason for the season.
When: December 23rd, Evening
The faithful have gathered to put on a nativity for their fellow man, be they magical or muggle, Saved or heathens. Come witness the true story of the birth of our lord, complete with all the wizarding add-ons that the CMJ believes in so ardently! Admission is free, with hot mulled cider available at 1k per cup, and donations accepted for the continued maintenance of the church.

Contact Player(s): Kayte (@Aldous Crouch), Lauren (@Elladora Black)

Added! - Bree
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Are You a Believer?Join the Faithful!

— graphics by rune ❤ —
What: The Destiny Christmas Ball
Who: Hosted by the Destiny Hotel of Aphrodite Soiree fame, for the worthy* of society.
Where: Destiny Hotel, London
Why: Christmas?
When: December 20th, Evening
* Upper class with rep 5+, middle with rep 7+. All 17+ in age, all fully human. Invite only, but invitations have been sent very liberally.

Come experience a winter wonderland as we dance our way into the holidays. Where others might have a dance floor, the hotel has installed a dance pond ringed with snow-capped evergreens, where guests may dance their way through the evening on skates (practice in advance is highly recommended!). Off the floor, each table is topped by its own miniature bonfire, as the climate charms might make the room a bit frosty. Hot beverages will be served throughout the evening.

Décor includes living ice sculptures of forest creatures, a floor enchanted to look like a snowy valley, and occasional bunches of mistletoe floating throughout the room. At midnight, none other than Father Christmas himself will appear to crown the most lovely young lady our Christmas Queen.

Contact Player(s): Kayte (@Aldous Crouch)

Added! - Bree
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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
What: Hogwarts Yule Ball
Who: Hosted by the Board of Governors, open to anyone who pays the 1G ticket price. All professors and matrons are required to attend.
Where: Hogwarts Great Hall
Why: Raise dem funds
When: December 22nd, Evening
Come top up the school’s scholarship fund by attending a rare event at the castle. Working class students who remain for Christmas have been hired on as servers to “generously” top up their own coffers, while other students in years 6+ are permitted to attend if a ticket is purchased. Standard “magic holiday” décor.

Contact Player(s): Kayte (@Aldous Crouch)

Added! - Bree
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— Aldous walks with a cane and pronounced limp as the result of a splinching accident. —

— graphics by lady ❤ —
What: The Wedding of @Ari Fisk & @"Dionisia Tweedy".
Who: Are you a Fisk? Are you a cousin, second cousin, aunt, uncle of a Fisk? Are you close friends with Ari? Dionisia? Are you some distant relative or overbearing acquaintance who raise hell if you weren't invited? You're probably invited!
Where: Ottery St. Catchpole
Why: Ari and Dionisia are getting married!
When: December 27th, 1888
They're so in love—at least that's what you're supposed (or pretend) to think! The two might have only announced their engagement in late November, but you can't make true love wait. It will be a modest ceremony with plenty of booze, with both bride and groom are on the scene to make sure you don't die of alcohol poisoning.

Contact Player(s): Bree (@Edric Umbridge) & MJ (@Elias Grimstone)

Added! - Bree

lovely set by Lady!
What: Addinbury Boxing Day Hunt
Who: Hosted by Gwen and hubs - UC rep6 + MC rep 8+
Where: Wethertop Castle, Addinbury
Why: Because that's what toffs do on Boxing day
When:26th December

Fox Hunt In the Morning
Steeple Chase around lunch
Festive games before Dinner
Men and Women are permitted to ride in both events, those who don't want to ride will be able to avail of magical viewing methods and some polite betting.
Horses provided or bring your own.

Contact Player(s): Dante on any account

Ported! -Lynn

[Image: nsqshLK.png]
MJ is queen
Gwen is referred to as Countess of Adinbury by others, but as Lady Adinbury when you are speaking to her
Lilypie Maternity tickers
What: Annual Pettigrew Quidditch Christmas Party
Who: Thom Pettigrew to host; friends of Thom/Hannah, Quidditch players/industry professionals (with the exception of Arthur/Desdemona Pettigrew and anyone with a rep below 5) and their +1s, Hogwarts Quidditch players years 5-7 with their chaperones.
Where: Pettigrew Estate, Lancashire.
Why: Ostensibly to celebrate the holidays but also to recruit Puddlemere players and wow the Hogwarts students into hopefully pursuing a life of Quidditch post graduation.
When: 19 December
A grand ball, complete with a giant Christmas tree decorated with golden snitches and Quidditch-themed refreshments. There will also be door prizes raffled off during the course of the night, mostly consisting of Quidditch gear made by Thom's company (Quality Quaffle & Snitch). The large patio attached to the ballroom will also be available, and has been enchanted both to have gently falling snow regardless of the real weather and to remain a brisk but not freezing temperature throughout the night.

Hogwarts players will have group transport arranged from the gates of the school; their chaperones should meet them there. They will be dropped off at the night's conclusion for their last day of classes unless their parents made other arrangements.

Contact Player(s): Lynn (@Ophelia Devine)

Ported! - Lynn
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What: Magical Gingerbread Competition
Who: Kid-friendly, WC-friendly holiday festivities sponsored by Some Ladies' Charity that Ophelia's become involved in.
Where: Padmore Park
Why: Holidays + Charity
When: 14 December, afternoon
Dozens of gingerbread men have been donated by a London bakery, along with various structural pieces required to build gingerbread houses. Families can register for the gingerbread race, which entails letting the children decorate a gingerbread man and then having the adults charm it to run a short obstacle course. The families can eat the gingerbread man after it completes the race, and the top three winners will receive a prize in the form of free baked goods at some future date from the London bakery. Errant gingerbread men who run off may be spotted in Padmore Park for weeks to come.

The gingerbread houses can be constructed either manually or magically, and they will be judged by folks from the charity for height, likenesses to real buildings, best use of magic, and general architectural splendor. Winners will also receive bakery-related prizes in additional to being able to dismantle and eat their houses.

Poor children can also just come decorate gingerbread men to eat if they have no adults to charm them into the race.

Contact Player(s): Lynn (@Ophelia Devine)

Ported - Lynn
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