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The Journey Home
November 24, 1888 - Edges of Hogsmeade near Pennyworth
@Billie Farrow

Dry leaves crunched under Galina’s boots, the dry root of the forest crumbling by her slight pressure, raked behind her by the edges of her cloak in a continuous rustle as she moved. A twig snapped underneath as she continued on her way, warning whatever might come near that something moved in the forest. The noise she made did not bother Galina in the least for after all she was the predator here. If she felt like stealth she was more than capable of moving silently between the trees, but here in the muggle forests just south of Hogsmeade Galina had no need for silence, no prey to stalk only her thoughts to pursue as she continued on her way home.

For the past few weeks she had traveled to London to visit Ishmael, in part for a change of scenery, but mainly to take her mind off her missing sister. It was likely that by the time she returned Mari would have settled back into her forest area (the caverns shunned by the older vampire in favor of a rocky almost clearing) and so Galina’s mind was indeed off of Mari. But what remained was thoughts from her visit. It wasn’t something Ishmael had said, it was something she had heard on the streets of muggle London as she passed through to leave, the hood of her cloak pulled up so her face was buried deep in its folds. A vampire ran an establishment. It was a rumor, but rumors like that were oft true and Galina had found her curiosity piqued. The establishment was a funeral home, fitting given their nature, something that would likely blend into Ishmael’s argument for their feeding habits, but it was an establishment nonetheless. Not only that but it was one that was working a healthy business from what Galina could see.

A tendril of jealousy had wound its way around Galina’s mind as she watched from outside, but more curiosity. She had never known a town well enough to try and settle a permanent business into it - or perhaps that was only what she had told herself. Mari had always wished to leave after a year or two in any civilized city and Galina had kept her skills to limited jobs and no store fronts. But perhaps…. the thought that remained replaced the jealousy with something else. A pragmatic evaluation of the idea at hand. Mari and herself had stayed on the edges of Hogsmeade for over a decade now, she knew it chafed at Mari, but Galina found herself liking it. It had its annoyances of course, but what didn’t. Perhaps Mari could be swayed to see the ingenuity in starting a shopfront for Galina’s creations. Not likely, Galina was aware, but always worth a try. The shopfront of another idea that Galina would need to consider, it didn’t even need to be a shop yet, but she had worked as a seamstress for other towns before she might be able to do so again. The sewing had been to help them blend in, when she had first learned, but now it was out of boredom that Galina sewed the elaborate and fashionable gowns she made for herself and Mari. If they were to stay in Hogsmeade perhaps Ishmael was right in trying to live in a place not just visit, perhaps this was the way to do just that.

With hurried steps Galina continued hardly paying attention to her surroundings. Her mind formulating arguments for Mari - for surely Mari would be back by now. Around her dusk dappled the sky as she skirted the edges of Hogsmeade, absent-mindedly passing by the edges of the trees and watching the town as she moved. It wasn’t until she smelled blood that Galina was brought out of her thoughts.

Ahead of her a young boy with messy brown hair and almost respectable clothing was holding his arm. She couldn’t quite make out the blood just yet as the final strands of yellow and orange sky began to dip below the treeline, but she could smell it. An old concern rippled in Galina as she approached, glad for the child’s distraction of their arm as she pulled the hood of her cloak up to hide her face. She’d eaten recently on the trip back, but she didn’t like to give anyone the chance to notice anything if she didn’t have to.

Are you alright?” Galina called gently to the young boy as she approached him with careful grace, not wanting to hurry and startle the poor thing. Each step closer giving her a greater chance to inspect the young thing and try to make out what had happened.

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Billie sniffed pathetically, her arm cradled against her chest. She didn't like to cry. It always seemed to make one stick out like a sore thumb, and nobody took little babies who weeped seriously. Not to mention, it showed others you were weak, and then they realized they could hurt you even more. Even in ways that weren't physically painful.

However, she was alone, so she allowed herself the moment to permit a few tears to escape from her eyes as she worried over the gash on her arm. What was more concerning was how she was supposed to explain it to Gideon. She didn't want him to have to patch her up all the time. When she'd gotten into scrapes in the past, her mother had been furious. Often, it was easier to just hide it than to admit anything was wrong.

But the blood that seeped into her sleeve was telling, and she was ashamed to think that perhaps she had ruined it. She loved her new clothes. She never felt as though her limbs were about to freeze off. Maybe she could wash it. At least, nothing had been torn since she'd rolled her sleeves up prior to the altercation.

All the while she anxiously debated what to do, she hadn't quite realized she wasn't alone until Galina was nearly upon her. When she spied the woman heading in her direction, she hurriedly swiped an evidence of crying away. Though, it was impossible to conceal the puffiness to her eyes or the pink flush that lingered in her cheeks.

Billie dropped her arms down to her side with a grimace and forced a smile onto her face. "Yeah, I'm okay. Jus' out for a walk is all." She fibbed, not wanting to admit anything had been wrong in the first place. She squinted at Galina, unable to fully see her due to her hood. She assumed she must be cold, though the fact she couldn't view her completely made her a bit uneasy.

"That what ya doin', too?"

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Each cautious step forward brought the smell of blood to Galina. It appeared the young boy was bleeding quite a bit, by the look of his arm she was not far off her mark with the assumption. The boy sniffled and then told her he was okay. Most certainly a lie.

Yes, I am..” Galina easily agreed, she tended to do that around non vampires. Kept things simple to just let them believe their own assumptions.

Finally she was near him, restraining herself from the smell. She was use to such urges as these, but it didn’t mean there was no will power involved to keep them in check. “Did you get that on your walk?” She nodded at the boy’s cradled arm.

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With a deep frown, Billie hugged her arm tighter to her body, as if trying to conceal it even more from the woman. This drew a wince from her, and she immediately regretted the action. There was no use to it, anyways, clearly Galina had already noticed she was hurt.

"Kinda," she answered simply with a lift of her shoulders. "I was walkin', and this fu--uh...this boy pushed me. Off a wall. An' I falled on a whole pile a junk."

It wasn't the whole story, but she had been minding her own business when Jimmy Fletcher showed his ugly face. The sneak had climbed up behind her and given her a good shove in revenge for when she'd tripped him into a pile of horse droppings. He probably meant for her to topple over into the watering trough set out for the horses, but she had missed and fallen onto a collection of tools and other items. Really, it was a wonder she hadn't been impaled or broken anything.

It was clear he had felt bad for he had helped drag her back up and over the shortish stone wall and closer to the streets of Pennyworth. Of course, he had fled rather soon after that. They'd been more afraid of getting in trouble for trespassing. Billie just liked to watch their horses that she wasn't so sure were the usual sort.

"It...it ain't so bad. I'll live." She decided. It wasn't the worst she'd been hurt, and it had mostly been an accident. She'd still seek revenge on that boy either way.

"How come ya is all the way out here?" She asked suddenly. The child hadn't exactly expected to see many people, especially this close to the woods, and alone.

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Galina listened patiently as the boy recounted his tale, watching with supposed understanding. The boy was a survivor, Galina decided when he downplayed the blood flowing from his arm. But she was a vampire, her keen senses were alerted that it was a bit worse than the boy made it out to be. “I’m sure you will be.” Galina assured him, as long as she remained in control of her impulses which she tended to do after over a century with them. “But you should still have it looked at. Would you like me to walk you to the hospital?” Miss Potter had filled in her knowledge that such a place existed in the town, thanks to her endless talk of blood banks instead of feeding.

The boy eyed her with a hint of suspicion and Galina smile calmly. “I prefer to walk where few people are.” She admitted as if admitting to a terrible secret. It was close to the truth though.

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"Ya think so?"

Hospital? Billie wasn't sure her injury warranted a trip to any sort of hospital. She'd, of course, never been to one. Nor did she remember ever seeing a proper doctor. There'd always been a neighbor who was adept enough at home remedies for regular illnesses and patching up most bumps and scrapes. What she didn't realize was that her magic, accidental as it was, had aided in her healing on more than one occasion when she had been harmed more than the neighbor's skills were able to match.

Another issue was hospitals cost money, and she didn't want Gideon to have to pay for her more than he already did. She was sure she didn't have the right sort of pocket change to afford a healer on her own, even with the odd jobs she still ran about doing over town.

"That's okay. I don't think I need to go to the hospital. I just have to wrap it up good an' tight, an' then it'll be good as new." She insisted, though, she wasn't so sure that would help it in the long term. Or the short term, really. While she was generally adept at caring for herself, some things were still out of her league.

"Ya do? Why? 'Cause it's quieter?" That's why she liked to walk where there were less people, but she also enjoyed people watching.
I do.” Galina nodded solemnly.

At least the boy had a sense of how to take care of himself. Galina could respect that. But judging at the scrape she wasn’t entirely sure just a bandage would help. “Why don’t I take you home so your parents can help you wrap it?” She suggested with a reassuring smile. Then if it was as deep as she expected the boy’s parents could make the appropriate decision since she wasn’t about to push the issue of taking the boy to see a healer - at least not without their permission.

Why, don’t I tell you as we walk.” Galina suggested, knowing that in the end she’d tell him exactly what he supposed, but at least she wouldn’t need to worry about him then.

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Billie frowned at the suggestion. While part of her was sure Gideon wouldn't be angry that she'd gotten her arm scraped up, the ever nagging thought in the back of her mind told her not to bother him. Any time she had done so in the past, the adult in question had been furious. It was often easier to help herself.

"I know how to wrap it. 'M an expert," she insisted, but she seemed agreeable to at least walk with Galina. She scurried along next to her, eager to hear what she had to say, but the little girl had a question she wanted answered, first. "What's ya name? 'M Billie."

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An expert, huh? Galina almost chuckled. She doubted that was actually the case, but she refrained as the boy seemed content to follow along with her. She was going to take that as a good sign.

It’s nice to meet you Billie. I’m Galina.” She gave him a small smile, barely enough to open her lips, keeping her fangs hidden. “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll answer a question if you answer a question.

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