Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    You again?
    He probably wouldn't have. Ellory had always preferred her Pendergast grandfather to her Lestrange one, but he was still an upper class pureblood. He'd likely not allow his lone daughter to pursue a career in the Ministry.

    "I daresay you might have done a better job than Uncle Reuben," Ellory commented with a conspiratorial smile. She didn't dare compare her to her own Papa. For one, she'd been raised to respect him. Secondly, she'd actually liked her Papa, or at least more than she liked her mother. They weren't close and he was strict but at least he wasn't a monster. He would have never cast the Cruciatus Curse on her. He would have punished her, cut her allowance sort for a couple of months, maybe give her a slap or two, but not torture her.

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    Despite knowing that it was an utterly unseemly thing to do and that she really ought not to encourage Ellory to be disrespectful of her elders, especially as she counted amongst that group, Helena couldn’t help but laugh at the observation. She had loved her brother dearly, certainly more than she had ever really cared for Philip, and though he had been something of a fool on occasion she still mourned his passing a great deal more than she did her eldest sibling’s. Which wasn’t to say she hadn’t loved Philip in her way but it had been the familial sort where she had felt she ought to love him, so she did. Reuben had actually been an agreeable individual in his own right.

    Although it was also quite possible she had preferred evenings spent in Reuben’s home because it meant she was in Attie’s company and even if her affection for her oldest brother had been temperamental she had never wavered in her opinion of Olivia. The old families all intermarried of course but Helena felt herself a Macmillan first and a Pendergast as a fondly remembered second; in her sister-in-law’s case once a Lestrange, always a Lestrange.

    “I doubt that would have been difficult really,” she admitted through her remaining smile. “Though neither of us would have been as successful as your father was I daresay,” she added kindly, even if she didn’t entirely believe it. Her smile turned sad as she thought about Philip. “I imagine you must miss him terribly?”
    [Image: oLVMe79.png][Image: macsexy1.png]
    beautiful set by Bexy!
    Nobody had asked her this question since her father's passing. On the day of the funeral, she'd been asked that by what felt like a dozen of relatives. Similar questions had followed during the month after his passing. Then, nothing. Philip Pendergast had been forgotten. Everyone had went on with their life, Ellory included.

    Now that her aunt was asking her, though, she felt all that buried sadness resurface. She felt like crying all of a sudden and she felt grateful that they were so close to a refreshment table and, thus, at one of the room's edges.

    "Oh, terribly so, Auntie," Ellory replied. She blinked a few tears away. "You know, he used to call me charming, at times. And he'dd tell me that my husband would never be unhappy with me as a wife, that I'd always keep him smiling and make him laugh."

    [Image: 2pt54i1.png]
    Ellory's gorgeous grown-up set was made by Nolan <3
    check out this moodboard by tiff <3

    Helena would have needed to be blind not to see the grief clearly in Ellory’s eyes but she didn’t wish to upset her niece further by offering her comfort. Their relationship was still at an odd stage and though she missed her niece’s easy affection she didn’t want to push it and create a deeper chasm between them; Edward marrying her might be a lost notion but perhaps one day, when the children were older and married and had little ones of their own, they could forget what had driven them apart once and be family again?

    Or, Helena thought, they could be awkward and austere with each other forevermore. Their name was Pendergast after all, so that seemed much more likely.

    “I’m sure you will,” she said neutrally, resisting the urge to make a comment about Edward’s easily pleased nature. A large part of her obviously wanted Edward to make a wonderful marriage but a smaller part, a part she tried to ignore, slightly hoped Ellory married someone that upset Olivia’s sensibilities even more somehow. “Philip wasn’t one to exaggerate one’s virtues so he must have been truthful.”

    Apart from that time he’d told her there were goblins under her bed. Bastard.
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    "I-I think it's time I visited the powder room," Ellory commented. She couldn't control her emotions. Her eyes were stinging dangerously and the only thing that could help would be to let them for a bit. Then, she'd magically make any signs of her having cried disappear and things would be well again.

    [Image: 2pt54i1.png]
    Ellory's gorgeous grown-up set was made by Nolan <3
    check out this moodboard by tiff <3

    Watching her niece scurry away Helena considered going after her before immediately reminding herself that she was probably not the person Ellory wanted right now. Besides which, the evening seemed to have been going on forever so if it continued to drag on she would probably see Ellory again before the clock struck midnight.

    "John dear," she said quietly to her husband, offering him a loving smile as he sidled up besides her with a matching pair of drinks, offering her one. "How did you guess?"
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    beautiful set by Bexy!