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    You again?
    Open Thread 
    At the Vanished Ball. Outside the ball this takes place on December... 26th-ish? Or something.

    Some balls felt like they'd last forever. That happened for numerous reasons: 1. They were boring. 2. Ellory was stuck with insufferable people which either lead to 1 or to her getting frustrated and having to hide it lest her mother punished her via torture again. 3. Ellory was tired.

    She couldn't quite put her finger on why this ball felt so... lengthy. Had to be with how it was only 11:59PM still and yet she felt like she'd done much more in the time frame since it's beginning. Seriously, it felt like the fifth time she ran into this person.

    "You've found the refreshments' table, I see?" Ellory asked. Couldn't they go in search of it again? Ugh.
    ellory's eyes went from brown to blue in the october of 1885 after she contracted an incredibly convenient magical illness
    [Image: z6PGuwr.jpg]
    set by lady <3

    Why had she agreed to this?

    John, ever-solicitous and considerate, had left the question of where they would go for New Year’s Eve up to her and somehow – despite the other options being Mrs Black’s no-doubt lively affair and being with Attie and her children in Hogsmeade – she had chosen the Ministry. It felt right somehow, to allow John the opportunity to celebrate with his peers, but she was feeling decidedly out of place and without friends.

    And, for the fifth time in what felt like as many hours, she had found herself face to face with Ellory and she felt the familiar ache of sorrow. She had been so looking forward to Ellory being her daughter-in-law and now…now her boys were hopeless without any sign of settling and every time she met her niece she mourned the loss of the easy friendship they almost shared.

    Especially as Ellory didn’t seem particularly thrilled to see her.

    “I often find that this sort of gathering goes swifter with strong drink,” she muttered candidly, lifting a glass of champagne to her lips.

    Though midnight had been elusive thus far…
    [Image: oLVMe79.png][Image: macsexy1.png]
    beautiful set by Bexy!
    Ellory had loved Auntie Helena and she still did. She'd be the most wonderful mother-in-law. She would have protected her from her own heartless mother, too. Sadly, all hopes of this happening were gone. Her broken betrothal to Edward Macmillan meant that she couldn't ever marry someone with that surname without raising eyebrows.

    It pained her to interact with Auntie Helena, knowing what she had lost. She also felt like Auntie Helena secretly hated her for the scandal Ellory might have brought upon her son. It didn't help that she had this badass, no-nonsense of carrying herself. It was easier for an anxious mind to create scenarios of secret hatred.

    "Should have gotten whiskey then, Auntie," Ellory commented with a crooked smile.
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    ellory's eyes went from brown to blue in the october of 1885 after she contracted an incredibly convenient magical illness
    [Image: z6PGuwr.jpg]
    set by lady <3

    Try as she might Helena found it nearly impossible not to be amused by Ellory’s suggestion and her lips twitched even as she glanced around the hall to make sure she wasn’t being observed. It was a terrible thought but people might make assumptions about her conversing with the young lady that had broken off an engagement with her son and for both their sakes Helena didn’t wish to draw too much attention.

    On the other hand Ellory had been her niece for longer than she had thought of her as a potential daughter-in-law and she had always had time for her.

    “I might yet,” she said with a smirk, raising an eyebrow in Ellory’s direction. Perhaps they could be friends still? “I wonder if the Minister has a bottle stashed away somewhere?” She sipped her champagne. “I certainly would if I had to attend every single one of these balls.”
    [Image: oLVMe79.png][Image: macsexy1.png]
    beautiful set by Bexy!
    Her aunt was in a good mood and that put Ellory at some ease. They'd always interacted with such ease - it was a pity that they'd never get to be mother and daughter. Helena Macmillan as a mother-in-law had been the best part about getting to marry Edward.

    "He most certainly has - he'd be a poor Scot if he didn't." The Minister was Scottish, was he not? "Not to imply anything about Scotsmen's drinking habits!" Auntie Helena was a Pendergast by birth (and thus, very much an Englishwoman) but she had married into one of the most well known Scottish families of their community.
    ellory's eyes went from brown to blue in the october of 1885 after she contracted an incredibly convenient magical illness
    [Image: z6PGuwr.jpg]
    set by lady <3

    Her husband’s nationality very rarely occurred to Helena, largely because he was possibly the worst Scot in the world and instead had always leaned towards the English side of his upbringing – rather impressive if one considered he had been schooled at Hogwarts – and so she chuckled quietly at how quickly Ellory sought to cover her comment. Apparently she still cared for her opinion.

    Silently pleased by the thought Helena glanced around the ballroom trying to locate her vanishing husband.

    “Speaking of which…” She spotted John, apparently perfectly fine despite the almost full glass in his hand. He had never been one to overindulge but it felt as though they had been here for hours and she was beginning to wonder how many drinks she had actually consumed. “Have you danced much?” She asked conversationally, part of her wondering when she might have to congratulate Ellory on a new fiancé. “I hope you haven’t been tired out before the new year.”
    [Image: oLVMe79.png][Image: macsexy1.png]
    beautiful set by Bexy!