Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    31st December, 1886

    At eighteen months Theo was happy and healthy and thoroughly exhausting. Quite how her mother had managed this with so many of them she would never know and it was to her lasting regret that she could never ask her now.

    “Careful of the icy patches Theo,” Cassie instructed in a bright but hushed voice, hand holding firmly to her son's as she carefully walked over the shimmering, crunchy ground of the cemetery. It wouldn’t do not to lead by example after all – although where she had picked up that little pearl of wisdom she couldn’t say!

    "Hello mum," she smiled at the headstone, hardly an elaborate one but more than enough to make her feel sad and fond all at once. She crouched down and wrapped her arms around her son. "Say 'hello granny'."

    Theo garbled something that sounded vaguely similar and Cassie giggled at his gurgling. Hearing a crunch on the ground she turned her head to the path and saw someone coming towards them (and hitting the ground with a thump)-

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    [Image: Jv1yZa5.jpg]
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    Audrinas child was a few weeks old an already the most dear thing that Audrina had in her life. She'd gone back to work two weeks after she had given birth to the girl and it was all she could do not to run home every night. Perhaps she should get something within Irvingly rather than making the commute back and forth. She planned to discuss it with her husband sometime down the line.

    Today though, she had decided to pay a visit to her mother in the cemetery. Her mother didn't even have a tombstone, they'd been much too poor for that! Instead, there was a small plaque bearing the womans name and that was that.

    Wondering privately to herself if Keefe wouldn't mind paying for a little bit of a better one, she looked up at the sound of someone crying out for her to be careful. The next moment, she was slipping and sliding and landing on her rear with a soft thump. "Warning came a bit late, I'm afraid," she chuckled good naturedly as she worked on getting back up.
    [Image: 300e6n8.jpg]
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
    Offering the woman a conciliatory smile Cassie jumped to her feet with the alacrity of somebody in charge of the toddler and quickly made her way over to offer the hand that wasn’t tugging Theo along gently. The blonde looked to be dressed along the same lines as she was – notably prettier, but not much flashier – which probably meant she came from much the same stock, but she seemed cheerful enough so Cassie didn’t bother being too deferential just in case she was a respectable wife of Bartonburg who would look down on her.

    She had learnt well that some ladies of the upper classes were not quite so amiable but in the cemetery people seemed to reach a cordial détente.

    “Let me help you up, it’s my fault really, I should have called out sooner.”

    Theo tugged on her hand, but he seemed to be pulling back towards her mother so she felt a swell of affection for his instinctive direction, yet she held him still. This cemetery was awash with places to hide where even she wouldn’t be able to see him.
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    [Image: Jv1yZa5.jpg]
    Droolworthy set by MJ <3 <3
    Audrinas face adopted one of gratitude as the woman came over to help her up. The ground that was currently beneath her seemed to be especially slippery and she would have had a time of it getting to her feet had she been alone. It was quite a stroke of luck that the brunette had been in the cemetery and seemed a helpful sort.

    "How could it be your fault?" She asked in bemusement that was mixed with some lighthearted amusement. "You didn't ice the ground, after all." Obviously, she was clueless to the identity of the woman before her. "[/b]I'm Mrs Audrina O'Fannon. I work at Honeydukes,"[/b] she said in introduction once she was back on her feet and had moved to less icy terrain.
    [Image: 300e6n8.jpg]
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    “Oh I’m…well…” Always an awkward moment – one never did know which way the reaction to her name would go – the best case scenario was that she wasn’t known at all. In Irvingly it worked marvellously as even if muggles did hear about her talents they largely thought they were nonsense, seeing being a branch of magic that was apparently too far for their imaginations to handle, but in Hogsmeade she was always wary.

    “I’m Cassandra Trelawney.” She admitted with a rueful smile, turning to glance at her son. “And this is Theo…It’s really very nice to meet you,” she added with genuine feeling, though she felt as though she was waiting for the other shoe to drop. Making friends had always proven difficult in the past, but tomorrow was a new year, so maybe that would change?
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    [Image: Jv1yZa5.jpg]
    Droolworthy set by MJ <3 <3
    Cassandra Trelawney - the name was familiar to her. It took a moment then she remembered that the woman was a known seer. Well, it wasn't within Audrina's personality to make any big thing of it despite natural curiosity. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well. Hello, Theo," she said, smiling towards the adorable young child.

    "He's a beautiful boy. I had a girl myself, just a few weeks ago." If it had been the modern era, she would have pulled out a wallet full of photos. As it was, she was very much the picture of a happy, new mother. "We live out in Irvingly but I thought I'd pay my respects to my mother."
    [Image: 300e6n8.jpg]
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    People didn’t exactly recoil from her when they realised who she was but such overt friendliness was not common and Cassie was momentarily stunned into silence. She had gotten so used to looks of either pity or consternation that it took her until the woman mentioned her motivation for being in the cemetery that morning to break out of her reverie and smile in return.

    “I’m here for precisely the same reason I’m sad to say,” she said, stroking her hand through Theo’s hair. “I didn’t have the heart to stay in Hogsmeade after my mother died so Irvingly was a much better place for us.” Her smile grew as she tried to focus on the more pleasant things the woman had said. “It’s a lovely place for children too, don’t you think? Is she your first?”
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    [Image: Jv1yZa5.jpg]
    Droolworthy set by MJ <3 <3
    Audrina observed the moment of stunned silence and she had to wonder just how people usually reacted to warrant it. Her heart went out to the older woman who so obviously used to being treated completely different due to her gift.

    "Oh, I'm sorry for your loss," she said when the brunette revealed that she was in the cemetery that day for much the same reason. "It is and I find we have a bit more space than we might have had if we'd stayed in the slums." There had been enough room for her and Keefe to settle a little gardening plot. Not much but enough to ensure them some herbs and other edibles.

    "Yes, she is. We named her Aislinn Quinn." She had always wanted to be a mother and now, thanks to Keefe, she was. He really was a dear husband.
    [Image: 300e6n8.jpg]
    Lilypie First Birthday tickers
    Cassie thought the name charming and was about to say so when Theo began tugging on her hand at precisely the wrong moment and, with strength belying his tiny frame, nearly made her skid on another icy patch. He giggled at her awkward twisting and Cassie just about had time to right herself and grab hold of him when, inevitably, her footing turned out to be wrong again and she slid to the ground, feeling quite embarrassed.

    At least somewhere there was a chance her mother was amused and that was something she supposed.

    “Ooph!” She took a deep breath, winded and having let go of Theo’s hand so she didn’t drag him down with her and her hand cracked against a sharp bit of ice, sending blood all across the clear patch. Why did her Sight never help her when she actually wanted it to?!

    “Theo, don’t run off!”
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    [Image: Jv1yZa5.jpg]
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