Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    "HEEEEEEEELP!" the panic-stricken voice called out from the middle of the Black Lake. He'd always been afraid of water, but he'd felt emboldened by the thick layer of ice on the lake enough that he and a friend had gone out to play on it. He must have gotten carried away for after a little while of sliding and throwing snowballs, the ice beneath his feet had cracked and before he knew it he was in the freezing cold water.

    Spryly grabbed for the nearest edge of the ice but it snapped off in his hand. "HEEELLLP!" he squealed again, flailing desperately in the water. It was so cold it took his breath away, but worst of all he couldn't feel anything beneath his feet and he didn't know for how much longer he could keep his head above water.
    DECEMBER 31, 1886 | @'' | WORDS: 140


    Part of him felt bad for leaving his aunt and late mother alone for Christmas, but most of him was simply thrilled to be away from the emotional drain both women placed upon him. He had insisted it was necessary that he remain at Hogwarts for the holidays, being a prefect and all, but Ben had done it only as an afterthought, a nagging voice telling him it was for the best. Perhaps, the Ravenclaw would think later, he was gifted with the Sight, and it was what had prompted him to stay. More likely he had just taken the easy route out, as he so often did—where real life was concerned, at any rate.

    Whether fate, laziness, or coincidence, Benjamin Turner found himself at the lakeside to read, only to hear a literal cry for help carried to his ears by the light winter breeze. Frowning, the fifth year moved to stand on the rock upon which he had been leaning, squinting his bespectacled eyes as he looked across the lake’s frozen surface.

    There amongst the ice was another student!

    Ben leapt from his rock and into the thin layer of snow, running headlong for the lake before stopping just shy of the ice himself. If the boy had fallen in, what was to stop the prefect from following suit?

    “HOLD ON!” he called out, mind scrambling to think of something, anything useful in this moment.

    This is a Téble

    [Image: 30iugec_zps2daa7898.png]
    [Image: Chess_zpsb5837e76.png]
    set by lola
    "I CAN'T HOLD ON!" a high-pitched squeal yelled back. He splashed his arms around and did all he could to keep his head above water but his clothes felt heavier and heavier and the icy coldness of the water was only becoming more and more apparent to him.

    At least someone knew he was in the water, someone hopefully more useful than his friend who was who knows where now. "I'M GOING TO DIE IT'S-" he was cut off as his mouth was filled with water, "I CAN'T SWIM!" He tried once more to grab at the edge of the ice nearby but like the time before, it just broke off in his hand.
    DECEMBER 31, 1886 | @Benjamin Turner | WORDS: 115


    The young lad’s inability to help himself made it very difficult for Ben to help him. He was not advanced enough a wizard to perform any sort of conjuration, and did not fancy his chances of trying to levitate so…squirmy a target. Still, as the other boy flailed helplessly against the ice, the Ravenclaw realized there would be nothing before it: he would have to go after him.

    As hastily as he could whilst still being prudent, the fifth year took tentative step after step on the ice, stopping every few feet to cast a freezing charm upon the lake’s surface. Anything that could be done to ‘beef up’ the treacherous surface, he reasoned, would be in his benefit. At last, he was only a few steps from the other boy.

    This is a Téble

    [Image: 30iugec_zps2daa7898.png]
    [Image: Chess_zpsb5837e76.png]
    set by lola
    The older boy drew closer but Merlin's bottom crack was he ever taking a long time about getting there. "HURRY UP!" he hollered. He dipped below the surface of water and got a mouth full of water which had him coughing and spluttering. The icy water was so cold it burned his throat. "I'M DROWNING 'ERE!" he yelled mid-coughing fit. The shouting was actually a fine distraction from the paralyzing fear he felt. What if he did drown? He had been afraid of deep water before, this was as good as his worst fear, what if this boy couldn't help him? What if he couldn't swim either?
    DECEMBER 31, 1886 | @Benjamin Turner | WORDS: 107


    The rational part of Ben’s mind knew that if the other boy was actively drowning, he’d be making much less noise, but adrenaline always won out over reason. Dropping to his belly on the ice, he reached out a hand to the maybe-doomed Gryffindor. “Take my hand!”

    This is a Téble

    [Image: 30iugec_zps2daa7898.png]
    [Image: Chess_zpsb5837e76.png]
    set by lola
    Spryly continued to splash and cough in the water as he stared at the proffered hand. Finally, he mustered up the physical strength to throw himself towards the older boy, hand flinging out of the water to try and grasp the Ravenclaw's. In the process, he made an impressive splash for one so small and rapidly fatiguing.

    Except his hand was so cold and numb that he hadn't managed to grab a hold. He tried again. "ARGHH!" The splashing intensified.
    DECEMBER 31, 1886 | @Benjamin Turner | WORDS: 80