Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Private Thread 
    @Helena MacMillan @Constance Sykes
    Xavier's mother had actually quite insisted that the twins and he stayed behind at school for the holidays. She was busy with her auror training, after all, and wouldn't be home for much of their time off as it was. At least if they stayed at the school, they'd be well taken care of the entire time and not really have to fend for themselves. Of course, Xavier would be the one doing most everything so he'd easily obliged even if it left a bitter taste in his mouth. She was going to get herself killed, he was sure of it.

    And if he hadn't been before, the letter he'd just finished reading had only confirmed his thoughts. She'd written, in rather vivid detail, about some of her latest trials. One of which included the confrontation of a crazed witch who had been dealing in cursed objects for too long. Apparently, his mother had spent a night in the hospital after sustaining a blow to the head from an iron. He'd barely managed to read through that bit before crumpling up the letter and hurling it in the direction of the wastebasket only for it to hit something decidedly softer. Like a person.

    He didn't pay any attention to it though as he'd already gone back to reading. The copy of The Raven had been picked back up and his face had disappeared behind its pages once more, hopefully hiding the tear filled eyes he felt stinging sharply enough to blur the words he was attempting to read.
    Magnificent MJ Set![Image: 4PQZzeF.jpg]
    Hogwarts at Christmas never failed to make her feel calm and rejuvenated. On the few occasions she had opted to stay here as a student she had loved the feeling of freedom that it afforded – away from her family, not having to worry about lessons, and a free reign over where she curled up in the Slytherin Common Room – and these days it was even better.

    Drinking too much with the nurse had obviously not been on the cards during her schooling but its inclusion in this festive season had been exceptionally welcome. Luckily Cora had a plethora of potions on hand to help the following day or else Connie was sure she would still be suffering the after effects!

    The library was another balm. Peaceful. Calm. Almost entirely silent under Mrs Aesalon’s beady watch. The only thing it truly lacked was a satisfactory fiction section but today she was after a potions books she was hoping still dwelled on the shelves and hadn’t been the victim of a clearance on the part of one of the many librarians who had been in harness since her schooldays.

    Examining the shelf where it had been years before – had she been taller then? Or was her back just more inclined to ache now? – Connie frowned as she felt something hit her softly. Reaching down she retrieved the paper and unfolded it, only to find an unexpected letter and, glancing up, there was only one possible source.

    “Mr…Abbott isn’t it?” He didn’t look up and she raised her eyebrow sharply. “I take it this is unwanted but I can also see that it is yours so please don’t ignore me.”
    [Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
    this MJ set stole my heart and refused to give it back
    Xavier had hoped that even though his name was being called to by someone they would get the hint when he ignored them. Of course, he hadn't realized he'd hit the woman with his wadded up letter. At least, not until she mentioned something of his being unwanted. That was when he finally peered over the top of his book a bit sheepishly. He saw the crinkled form of the letter in her hand and sighed.

    "Yes, sorry," he said softly, a bit ashamed by it, "I was aiming for the bin. Sorry if I missed."
    Magnificent MJ Set![Image: 4PQZzeF.jpg]
    Furrowing her brow at the young man’s tone Connie tilted her head to catch a better glimpse of his face and noticed immediately that there were the unmistakable signs of tears in his eyes. Looking away in case he caught her gaze Connie felt a pang of sympathy – she didn’t know the cause of course but she had been a governess for long enough to know when boys younger than this one were holding back their tears out of pride. Or shame.

    Avoiding looking at the letter in her hand, knowing that it wouldn’t exactly integrate her with Mr Abbott to be seen to be taking liberties with his personal correspondence – even if he had thrown it away – she purposefully caught his eye this time.

    “You know, throwing away the letter won’t make the contents go away. This,” she folded it neatly in her hands. “Is just paper.” Her eyes flickered to his book and she smiled gently at him. “Only that and nothing more.”
    [Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
    this MJ set stole my heart and refused to give it back
    Xavier couldn't help the faint smile that graced his features as the lady finished her remarks. He gently closed the book then, making sure to mark his spot in it, and laid it down on the table. He looked to her again then back to the folded paper before looking to her once more.

    "There's not much that can be done regardless," he said with a small shrug, "A son can't exactly tell his mother 'no,' can he?" Because that really was what he wanted to do. To tell his mother that she was crazy to be doing what she was doing, especially since she had children at home to think of. Children who were already fatherless.
    Magnificent MJ Set![Image: 4PQZzeF.jpg]
    Ah, mother troubles. Those Connie knew very well through forty years of nagging. Well, twenty was probably more realistic a time frame but Merlin if it didn’t feel like three times that sometimes when her mother began telling her everything she had done wrong with her life. At length. Which was largely why she usually volunteered to remain at Hogwarts so frequently and spent what holidays she did take at Cora’s house.

    “It’s difficult to say anything to one’s mother sometimes,” she said as safely as she could, approaching the table and taking a seat opposite the young man. “Would you like to tell me what she’s doing?” she genuinely hadn’t read the letter though now she wished she had in case Mr Abbott didn’t feel like talking. It was clearly upsetting him whatever it was. “I’m sure it can’t be as bad as you think.”
    [Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
    this MJ set stole my heart and refused to give it back
    Xavier raised his brow in an exasperated look, especially when she mentioned it not being as bad as he thought. He was quite certain he wasn't exaggerating just how bad it could be though it could easily be argued he was simply being pessimistic. Not that he'd even admit to such a thing himself. He was a realist, perhaps, but definitely not a pessimist.

    "She went and decided she wanted to be an auror," he said, his tone clearly frustrated, "My dad died a few years back so we've got no one else if something happens to her. It would be just me and the twins." He shuddered then, involuntarily, at the thought. He really couldn't raise the twins by himself. He was fairly certain he'd hardly be able to fend for himself alone!
    Magnificent MJ Set![Image: 4PQZzeF.jpg]
    Connie credited herself with having a fair knowledge of the lives of the charges in her own house but she would be the first to admit she had very little idea about the other students. There was, after all, a very good reason why there were four of them.

    But she could hardly, in all good conscience, ignore a student that was in distress.

    “I’m sure your mother thought about you and your siblings before she made her choice,” Connie said with an attempt at being reasonable, although personally she would rather do just about anything other than chasing after dark wizards and wholeheartedly agreed with Mr Abbott’s obvious concern. “Have you told her how worried you are? It’s not the same as saying ‘no’ so it might be easier? And you could always try writing it down, I always find that less challenging."
    [Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
    this MJ set stole my heart and refused to give it back
    Xavier shook his head, more in disbelief than anything. Of course another adult would side with his mother and try to rationalize it. It was absurd really. Seeing as how his mother was hardly being rational in the matter. Being a single parent, one would think she'd have known a less life threatening job would be a much better option. But clearly, his mother wasn't thinking rationally. At least, Xavier didn't think she was.

    "I've tried talking to her," he said with a shrug, unsure why he even felt compelled to continue talking to the lady before him about such things, "She says it has always been her dream and the loss of father taught her to go after dreams cause you never know when it will be your time." Again, all absurd.
    Magnificent MJ Set![Image: 4PQZzeF.jpg]
    That sounded…well, if Connie was being frank then it sounded completely ludicrous and she made a mental note to pass along this conversation to her Hufflepuff counterpart who may know more and might even be able to talk to the woman and get her to see sense. She couldn’t begin to imagine the level of recklessness: her mother would certainly be appalled at the very suggestion, but then she very rarely wasn’t.

    “I suppose that is true,” she tried to reason, her face betraying her own thoughts on the matter as she barely got that statement out without a look of disbelief flickering over her face. “Would she consider something less dramatic perhaps? Something in the office but that doesn’t involve being…well…attacked? Possibly attacked,” she added hastily.
    [Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
    this MJ set stole my heart and refused to give it back
    Xavier was a rather observant young man. He felt he had to be now that his mother had lost her mind and there were the twins to think of. As such, he very much noticed the look of disbelief on the woman's face before him. She was clearly of a like mind on the matter of his mother and her antics even if she wouldn't quite say it out loud.

    Her next comment, however, was met with laughter and a shake of his head. "If only," he said, still shaking his head slightly, "She's got something to prove now it seems and doesn't seem ready to stop in the slightest." He'd tried. He really had for nearly three years to no avail. Quite frankly, he was ready to give up and prepare for the inevitable.
    Magnificent MJ Set![Image: 4PQZzeF.jpg]
    Women who had things to prove were, in Connie’s experiences, remarkably difficult to deal with and not at all the sort of people she liked to associate herself with. She was sure Mrs Abbott was a perfectly pleasant woman of course, but having spent most of her social time of late with either Cora or Millie she had quite forgotten what it was to be a woman who wasn’t entirely assured of her position.

    “And why would that be?” She asked softly, sure there must be a reason behind a woman making such a decision. Whether Mr Abbott believed it or not she was quite sure his mother had probably put a great deal of thought into her choice. One had to when there were children involved – or at least Connie had been led to believe.
    [Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
    this MJ set stole my heart and refused to give it back
    Xavier shrugged in response. "Whatever it is, she has yet to share such information with me," he said, his tone still awfully morose for a boy of only fifteen. In all reality, he acted much older than he was. Since the death of his father, he had felt as though he had to take on a bigger role than was really meant for a child. When his mother had decided to become an auror, well it had only added to the boy's already overloaded workload.

    "It doesn't matter," he said with a shrug, turning his attentions back to his book, "What's done is done, right? I'll just continue hoping she doesn't get herself killed until after I can take my NEWTs."
    Magnificent MJ Set![Image: 4PQZzeF.jpg]
    She wasn’t exactly surprised at Mrs Abbott’s reticence in sharing her every move with her son; even the most open mother in the world would surely have some secrets from her child and if there was something deeply personal behind her motives then it was possible she simply didn’t wish to disclose the truth. Connie was certainly no stranger to keeping secrets from the people you loved most in the world!

    “I expect you’ll worry about it for many years beyond that,” she said sagely though she was struck with the feeling that she was being dismissed, having proved unequal to the task of telling him what he wanted to hear. “If it’s any consolation I understand that the auror training programme is exemplary and I highly doubt anybody would ever be sent into the field unless the Ministry was quite sure they were perfectly capable of looking after themselves.”
    [Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
    this MJ set stole my heart and refused to give it back
    Xavier nodded at the matrons words. It was the most rational of conversations he'd had with an adult in some time but he was quite grateful for that. He just wished he'd could be as optimistic as the lady was. "I can only hope so," he said, though smiled sincerely up at her, "Thanks." And with that, he went back to his book, actually feeling someone decently.
    Magnificent MJ Set![Image: 4PQZzeF.jpg]
    Suitably dismissed Connie left her seat without preamble, pausing to glance back for only a moment to make sure that Mr Xavier was as calm as he seemed. She doubted anything she said would have made a difference really, but if she had helped, even a small amount, then it was a good use of her time.
    [Image: Connie_SIG_by_MJ.png]
    this MJ set stole my heart and refused to give it back