Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    05.10 Darrow Resigns In Disgrace
    05.07 Ravenclaw Defeats Hufflepuff
    05.03 Underage Magic Legalized?
    04.30 Quidditch Season Incoming
    04.29 Spring Fling In Irvingly
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    05.28 Students, get to work!
    05.27 A brief activity check reminder!
    05.21 Networking spring clean imminent!
    05.15 Important info for all students and professors!
    05.06 Activity Check underway; end of year approaching.
    04.29 It's gonna be May.
    04.29 Submit your summer banners!
    04.29 Submit your summer banners!
    May 1887
    05.01 - 05.31 Posting Wizard
    May Writing Challenge
    05.06 Quidditch: Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff
    05.20 House Quidditch Final
    05.30 Annual Hogwarts Coming Out Ball
    And More!
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    The purpose of this list is to post the links to your lonely threads in order to bring other player's attention to it. The rules are pretty simple, just post here with a link to the thread. If you'd like a certain type of person to join or have a particular plot in mind for it, feel free to include that. Once your thread has been replied to please edit your post and say so. The staff will then delete your request to keep things nice and neat.

    Please do not discuss threads or plots here. It is merely a resource for those looking to join/reply to open threads. Discussion can take place through PM. ^^

    In order to help the staff keep the list tidy, please refrain from grouping all of your open threads into one post. Post a new post for each group of threads that have been created around the same date.
    Tig and your UC young female were walking and are about to be ambushed. This thread is a friend networking attempt featuring a rogue dementor for shits and giggles.

     Pregnancy Ticker
    Ruby and your OWL students made the potions classroom's flooor pink and now they have to clean it up as a detention!
    [Image: F74dJeT.jpg]
    set by MJ <3

    Gryffindors! Daisy is throwing a birthday party at the common room. Come celebrate/be annoyed/etc!

    I have an Olive set <3

    Daisy is a half-veela, which means that your male characters are attracted to her.

    Greet the queen of the Renaissance ball. Guinevere is hoping to greet her guests that are attending her ball.

    I hope to make this thread as big as I can, I've never done a big thread before, and I thought it would be fun!!
    Set created by the amazing Elaine!!
    [Image: 8wC41wF.jpg]
    [Image: IA6oJ9t.gif][Image: stampedy_zps1bedaa68.png]
    Your character has read the recent Witch Weekly and they probably suspect that the mysterious redhead is Ellory!

    article for reference
    Josephina is actually in a good mood, come party!
    [Image: U0Ffls8.jpg]
    [Image: Morgana.png]
    A full list of Josephina's writings can be found here
    Ysabella hasn't flirted in the longest time
    italian accent. the allegris own a famous dance school in Milan which supplies ballerinas to various ballet academies and also do ballroom dancing lessons- your character may be aware of this
    [Image: pcLhhtV.jpg]
    Jenny is actually remembering to hurl Anne
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Annette Fontaine's post:
       Odira Potter
    [Image: LVt7zaV.jpg]
    I owe MJ all my love <3
    Jenny has sold her soul to gods of architecture and is most likely absent to some degree unless otherwise said. If you need me, various people have non-charming ways of throwing stones at me
    MUGGLE LONDON: Come see John for your legal needs, be they magical or muggle~
    Singing in the Hufflepuff Common Room. Is it your student, or are you listening as well?
    Set created by me! Check out more at my graphics shop!
    [Image: 7Ofd2EF.jpg]
    come see the unveiling of the second new attraction at the Podmore Zoological Gardens May Day Event!
    [Image: caK8Bk0.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]
    Come check out the first exhibit unveiling at the Podmore Zoological Garden's Spring Fling!
    I've lost count of Nolan Sets..
    [Image: G4Ji8S5.jpg]
    Una is a Metamorphmagus and can therefore change her appearance.
    Trinity broke her hand and her wand! uh-oh
    [Image: trinitysummer_zpsvdtzmmkt.png]
    Willy is tutoring your student in the library.
    Avatar by Bree! <3
    Something rotten is stinking up the Slytherin common room.

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