Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Home for the Holidays
    Private Thread 
    @Emmeline Woodcroft

    Patience had ended up helping her mother bake some pastries for Christmas Day the Muggle way and she normally might have been less keen on the idea, other than the fact that Patience far too often found herself late to bed and early to rise and missed out on spending time with her mother. The former Hufflepuff had tapped into her maternal side and felt at ease whilst baking and it was quite interesting to say the least even for Patience, who presently at rolling dough started to get impatient. 

    "Mum," she said, "why on earth won't you let me use magic to do this while I do something useful?"

    Her mother muttered something and Patience followed it with a roll of her eyes, hoping her mother didn't see. Mother Todd excused herself briefly and Patience looked hastily around as if to insure that her mother had not just got out of sight before Patience took out her wand and muttered a spell to expedite the baking process. Rolling pastry dough out was not for the faint of heart. It was unreasonably annoying. And yet Patience couldn't wait for a magical husband to let her do things her way in the kitchen.

    And that was when the announcement of another presence in the room made her visibly jump. "What?!" she exclaimed. "No, no magic!" She had answered a question that wasn't asked. Something she did have a habit of doing especially whilst impatient.
    [Image: patiencesigwinter_zpsfwncqmnd.png]
    Yearly could hardly believe another year had already gone by. Before they knew it, it would be 1887 and they'd be starting a whole new year. He'd begun tossing around the idea of renting out his own home but a part of him was loathe to not be with his family any longer. He rarely saw them as it was, spending most of his time working. Luckily, the holidays allowed for some more free time to be spent at home. Which was exactly why he had found his way into the kitchen.

    Having just passed his mother on his way in, he could already assume what his sister was doing. He made quite a bit of noise upon his entrance as a means to startle her some, which he seemed to do exactly that. He laughed heartily at her before looking at her with a raised brow.

    "You know mum wouldn't be too keen on you using magic on her pastries," he said as he made his way further into the kitchen, plucking up a fresh berry surely meant to be a garnish on something and popping it into his mouth before smiling at his little sister.
    Nolan Sets are still my crack!
    [Image: MKbJ7bQ.jpg]
    "Yearly!" she exclaimed, putting a hand over her heart. "Merlin's beard you terrified me! And you know how I feel about mum's thoughts on magic and baking. The muggle way is so tedious. It takes hours and using magic it can be done in minutes. She should just concede and let me do it my way. It's all her ingredients and her recipes, just done faster."

    Patience pouted and crossed her arms as he ate one of the berries. "We need those you know. You can eat whatever we don't use and spoil your dinner."

    She stuck her tongue out at him and she, too, grabbed a berry into her mouth. "The Department of Mysteries freeing you for a little while?"
    [Image: patiencesigwinter_zpsfwncqmnd.png]
    Yearly simply stood silent, but smirking, as his sister prattled on about why she didn't like their mother's rule for not using magic unless it were absolutely necessary. "Well she did get on well enough without it all her life," he said with a shrug, ignoring the pout and plucking another berry into his mouth again.

    "And it seems they are," he said, though his voice was a bit vacant, "Not quite sure what to do with myself actually." There was no doubt Yearly was a self proclaimed workaholic though he did like to spend time with his family as much as he could. Unfortunately, the job didn't always allow for too much time outside of the office. "Everyone else expected to attend for the holidays?" he asked, unsure if their elder siblings and their families would be joining or not.
    Nolan Sets are still my crack!
    [Image: MKbJ7bQ.jpg]
    Patience nodded in attempt at understanding and acquiescing. Whether she liked to admit it, her older and much taller brother was correct in this matter. But even though he was right, Patience hardly wanted to give in to that mentality. She frowned as he popped another berry into his mouth. "I believe everyone is to attend," she replied, turning back to her task. "Everyone is out of school and doing their own things. Fairness, I believe, was most unhappy to hear that Innocent did not name her new daughter after her, and almost threatened to not come. Mother sorted that one out."

    She let out a soft laugh. "Though the Hospital wants me back early tomorrow, I would almost say that I will have to go straight to bed after dinner! The sick wait for no one! And surely there will be drunken brawls this evening. New Years I believe will be the worst however. No person should ever consume that much alcohol that causes them to lose their head about their shoulders."
    [Image: patiencesigwinter_zpsfwncqmnd.png]
    Sated with the berries, Yearly pulled up a stool to sit on and leaned on the table Patience was working on. He rolled his eyes, however, at what he deemed frivolity of Fairness's threats. She was acting like a petulant child. She was the youngest though so it made some sense for her to be the one acting in such a way. "It's not like she has much choice in the matter," he started, shaking his head, "She lives here after all."

    "You'll miss all the fun if you go to bed early, though," he said, mock whining to his tone though he was perhaps the one that would understand most what with his own demanding job, "But perhaps working tomorrow can get you off from working New Years. Then you won't have to deal with those idiots that indulge themselves too much thinking the holiday is an excuse for it." It made sense in his mind at least.
    Nolan Sets are still my crack!
    [Image: MKbJ7bQ.jpg]
    "So do I, Yearly," Patience reminded. "So do several of us. That does not mean, however, that we cannot sit in our rooms without dinner, especially if we are angry enough!"

    She folded the dough that was in her hands before she sprinkled berries and sugar into its center and folded it, making it into a berry turnover, her personal favorite. She looked about the kitchen. "Do you see sliced apples anywhere? I can't believe I misplaced them. Apples are mother's favorite..."
    [Image: patiencesigwinter_zpsfwncqmnd.png]
    Yearly rolled his eyes and gave something of a shrug. "Still seems awfully childish," he responded, clearly sticking to his opinion on the matter. Refusing a meal when it was being held in the same house one lived just seemed ludicrous. But he was fairly certain all women were crazy to some extent, it just wasn't something he said out loud. It wouldn't exactly do to insult the fairer sex when he was bound to marry one at some point in his life.

    His attentions were drawn elsewhere, however, when his sister asked about sliced apples. He looked about as well and smirked when he saw them placed up on one of the higher shelves. Pushing away from his chair, he walked to said shelf and pulled the dish down and slid it to Patience. "Well when one is as short as you are," he started with a smirk before grabbing one of the slices and biting into it, "It would have been hard to see them so high up."
    Nolan Sets are still my crack!
    [Image: MKbJ7bQ.jpg]
    "You are not funny, Yearly," Patience over enunciated. She grabbed the apples from him and started placing them in the dough. "I have half a brain to hex you where you stand, you giant." Now she was hissing through her teeth as she laid the apple slices out in even layers. Patience worked quickly now, forming several turnovers in the span of just a few minutes. "You might want to be careful," Patience warned. "If you take anymore of my fillings I will hex you something terrible. You wouldn't want tentacles for arms or a horn sprouting from your forehead."
    [Image: patiencesigwinter_zpsfwncqmnd.png]
    Yearly laughed, a loud and hearty sound. Patience, or any of his siblings for that matter, hardly scared him when it really came down to it. He was well aware his height was a bit out of the norm but it seemed to do him some good when it came down to it even if he stood out like a sore thumb. And though he wasn't frightened, he still refrained from eating any more of the toppings.

    "You're hardly frightening, tiny Patience," he said with a smirk as he re-positioned himself back on his stool and got comfortable, "But if you were to hex me in such a way, you know mom would make you fix it. You are the Spells Damage Healer after all."
    Nolan Sets are still my crack!
    [Image: MKbJ7bQ.jpg]

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