Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    And More!
    Happiness [NEWT DADA]
    After taking a moment to try and focus his thoughts, Owain cast the spell again. Hopefully he would do better this time around.
    SKILL: 4
    CHARMS: Outstanding
    MEMORY: His parents telling him they could afford for him to finish to seventh year.
    AND… 3
    FORM: Stag
    Well, this was quite exciting! Patronus time was always rather an interesting affair; especially if there were successful casters in the class. Garrett took a moment to collect himself and stood back to watch a little bit.

    One of his first thoughts about what made him 'happiest' turned, very briefly, to Maximillian before he shook that out of his head and cleared his throat. That was hardly appropriate, he felt, so he searched his mind for something more appropriate. Finally, he settled on when he had discovered that he would be able to graduate with NEWTs even without the benefit of any sort of scholarship and cast the spell.
    [Image: 23vfeix.jpg]
    nolan sets are my addiction
    [Image: AHdl8Gp.png]
    Currently you need a 15 to produce a grey wisp, a 20 for a non-corporeal, and a 25 for a corporeal. Each posted attempt boosts your next attempt by one point. Please update Memory/And… if your character switches to something new.

    He rested a light, congratulatory hand on Petra’s shoulder as his daughter became the first—that day, at least—to produce a whisp, and she was quickly joined by Miss Crawford.

    “Five points to each of Miss Sleptova and Miss Crawford,” he announced, “though I expect you all to manage as much by the end of class!”

    Nikolai, in fact, expected no such thing, but was the sort to maintain high standards for all of his pupils.
    SKILL: 3
    CHARMS: O - pres of charms club for the win!
    MEMORY: Perfect a souffle and having everyone rave about how good it was
    AND… 3
    FORM: Fenic Fox

    Maddie, took a deep breath, focused on the scent of souffle in the air, the feel of the flour, the texture of the mixture, the sound of her fathers laugh and mothers delighted praise as the little dish came out of the oven, oozing and delicious. it wouldn't mean much to most others, after all it was just a cake but for Maddie it was a sign that she was capable of achieving anything she wanted in life, regardless of her gender and her station of birth. She would master the patronus, because the souffle told her so, that souffle told her that there was nothing beyond her reach, and the happiness, and joy that that success had imbude in her had carried her through many a dark night.

    She let out the breath in a long slow stream before raising her wand and muttering the words, focusing with all her heart on the sight and feel of that little souffle.
    [Image: maddieban_zpsmsp2msz0.png]
    Squaring his shoulders, Garrett tried the spell once more. The more practice that he had, the more he would improve even if he didn't manage to succeed by the end of this class.
    [Image: 23vfeix.jpg]
    nolan sets are my addiction
    [Image: AHdl8Gp.png]
    Owain tried again and hoped that he would do better this time around.
    Feel free to have non-maiming oopsies happen XD
    Why wasn't this coming to her? It had to be her wands fault. January tried her best to concentrate harder and she flourished her wand with a little more oomph than was probably necessary.
    [Image: NYsUjdg.png]

    Set by Emily
    She'd done it! Or well, as close as 'done it' as she had hoped to expect anyway! Happy to have earned her house some points, Hope didn't have any trouble at all focusing once more on the spell as she attempted it once more.
    [Image: 5ze0yu.jpg]
    Clarissa attempted the spell again.
    [Image: 2m6x24y.jpg]
    [Image: Club-Charms.png][Image: Club-Dueling.png][Image: dramallama.png]
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