Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Violet Wiltingham
    In Character

    Full Name: Violet Elizabeth Wiltingham

    Nicknames: Vi, Wilty

    Birthdate: December 1st, 1792

    Current Age: 94

    Occupation: Professor of Transfiguration (c. 1886)

    Reputation: 5

    Residence(s): A house in both Ballymena, Ireland, and Hogsmeade.

    Hogwarts House: Slytherin.

    Wand: Fir, Phoenix Feather core, 13", stern.

    Blood Status: Pure

    Social Class: Upper

    • Harold Wiltingham (father), b. 1701, d. 1808.
    • Marigold Wiltingham née Craw (mother), b. 1704, d. 1820.

    Appearance: Professor Wiltingham isn't much a woman, but rather, an aged vulture. She carries herself in a proud demeanour, her chin almost always lifted into the air, no matter the strength nor coldness of the wind. As a girl, her hair was a deep red, but in her age, it's changed into a chilly grey, reflecting her rather piercing and inspective eye. 

    Standing at roughly 5'9", Violet is often swathed in robes of mauve, almost always topped with a shawl or scarf. While some might assume her cane is a requirement of old age, she actually is tasked with it due to an unfortunate quidditch match from her youth. Stored inside her cane is her wand, which she uses with her right-hand, while she writes with her left.

    Being that she is an Irish wolfhound animagus, when she was younger she looked a bit odd; an auburn-haired Irish wolfhound, after all, is quite rare. Though, now that she is older, her fur matches her age, and breed.

    • 1792, born. Ireland.
    • 1793, at the young age of only a year, Violet expresses a remarkably early spurt of magic by setting her mother's carpet aflame.
    • 1804, Violet attends Hogwarts School and is sorted into Slytherin House, like her father. Her mother was sorted into Ravenclaw.
    • 1809, Violet is appointed Slytherin Prefect. Harold Wiltingham dies.
    • 1811, Violet is appointed Head Girl. 
    • 1814, after three year of travel, payed for by her father as a gift from his will, Violet returns to Ireland.
    • 1815, upon her return, Wiltingham is appointed as secretary to the Department Head of the Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.
    • 1819, Wiltingham submits her educational book Transfiguration, the Thoroughly Trying Textbook to Obscurus Books in Diagon Alley. She uses the initials H.V. Wiltingham, upon request of the publisher. 
    • 1821, her text receives three educational awards and is put upon several required reading lists from various institutions, Hogwarts School included.
    • 1830, Violet has by this time retired from her job in the ministry and now uses grants and cheques from the Department of Magical Education to fuel her research.
    • 1857, Wiltingham has become a house-hold name in the dwellings of Transfiguration enthusiasts. She has published seventeen texts, four of which carry the Hogwarts stamp of approval and were added to a list of awarded pieces of educational literature.
    • 1879, Violet discovers the past-time of writing and reading frilly romances. She publishes her first fiction novel Bartemus' Quarrel: A Wizard's Passion. Embarrassed by her racy penwork, Violet uses the alias of M.E. Quille.
    • 1886, upon invitation from the Hogwarts Board of Governors, Wiltingham accepts the position of Transfiguration professor.
    • 1886, Violet publishes her latest textbook, Disentangling the Demanding Disquisitions of a Transfigurationist. 
    • 1887, August, Violet purchases a small home in the Wellingstonshire District of Hogsmeade. In addition to this new house, Violet still owns a house in Ireland, as well as her own private living quarters at Hogwarts school.

    • 1887, August, Violet is plagued with an unfortunate illness, effectively forcing her into an immediate retirment.
    • 1888, January, Professor Wiltingham returns to Hogwarts School as the Professor of Transfiguration after being restored to full health following a considerable amount of time spent in London, at St. Mungo's. She publishes her latest textbook: Transfiguration: The Encyclopaedia of Effective and Error-free Incantations.

    Personality: Raised by a pair of rather snobbish parents, Violet was a bookish girl who only found herself being social when in the presence of a librarian or professor. She has always preferred the company of a book or quill. Often times she herself is seen as a bit of a prude or unnaturally detached, but in truth she has a bit more to her than that.

    Despite her strong and rather elitist exterior, Violet is a rather sweet women who is, in short, a childless mother. After spending a great deal of her life as a proud and almost misandristic woman, she regretted her decision not to marry and have a child, or in the least, adopt. But, in a way, she did manage to satisfy that crave for a child's affection, by living a life with various cats and one very, very old bulldog named Cuthbert.

    Sample Roleplay Post: 

    The sound of two golden knitting needles chimed in the corner, their pointed tips twisting inside the wooly organs of a green scarf. As they worked dutifully, Violet sat at her newly acquired desk. She marveled at it for a moment, eyes tracing over the scrapes of dried quills and cauldron-feet. Inquistively she ran her aged, wrinkled hand over the marks of the past, her pursed lips tugging at the edge into a wry smirk. It was amazing the things she paid attention to, perhaps it was the blessing of being an old woman.

    As she worked on her latest blushworthy-manuscript, Dordeaus Grigg, the Goblin's Lover, the heavy trunk in the corner spat up her belongings. Books floated out in stacks, placing themselves upon the oaken bookshelf, a painting struggled to cling to the iron bolt in the stony wall. Professor Wiltingham sighed a cat-like pur, dunking the mouth of her quill into an inkpot to pen another sentence of her rather lusty and expectedly controversial novels. 

    A knock rapped at her door, Violet's eyes bulging and mouth agape. With a surprising reflex, she'd whisked her wand from her lap, the manuscript washing over with a new array of words, at the top of the page, reading in thick, slanting letters: THE HORRIBLE HAZARDS OF HUMAN-TRANSFIGURATION. 

    "Yes?" she rasped, a wrinkle cracking in her brow. 

    Out of Character

    Name: Rune

    Age: 20

    Contact: Preferably PM.

    Other Characters: None.

    How did you hear about us?: Google! Amazing the things "Victorian Harry Potter," will give you. 
    [Image: rIPEOxP.png]
    Professor Wiltingham is a severe old lady with an unfortunate desire to say what  is 
    on her mind, though one must credit that to her age.  She uses a cane to walk, and
     should you require a bit of extra-credit, one must simply persuade her with sweets.
    [Image: DFw5U7K.png]


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