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With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Open Thread 
    Ada didn't have to ask the other females present to know that they were all younger than her. She wasn't too often overly concerned about her age, but it was hard not to be when she was surrounded by a dozen ladies who were all several years younger than her. She definitely felt like the designated spinster of the group and in this instance, being spinsterish felt awful. It didn't help at all that she had spotted James' brother amongst the gathered gentlemen, at least she hadn't seen James himself. A part of her hoped he would suddenly turn up, but at the same time she knew it would make for a torturous weekend of trying not to pine from afar.

    A good dose of optimism and good company was what she needed, perhaps she'd meet her future husband this weekend? Ada didn't think it likely, but she wasn't going to rule it out, just maybe not pin her hopes on romance. Certainly not when she was surrounded by younger debutantes who surely had girlish wiles a plenty. She supposed she'd be content as long as she got through the weekend without anyone pursuing her for her dowry.

    She was pondering her situation and why she had even come in the first place, when she was drawn out of her own head at the sound of someone uttering her last name. Assuming she was being spoken to, she turned towards the sound and responded with a "Yes?" Only to realize that she had simply overheard a nearby murmured exchange that perhaps could have been a little more private. Awkward.
    NOVEMBER 25, 1886 | OUTFIT | @'' | WORDS: 269 | NOTES:

    Ophelia had been at the Pettigrew estate less than one full day, so far, but she'd been busy. She'd already decided, just based on the sheer amount of delightfully single and eligible gentlemen that seemed to be present here (by coincidence or design, she wasn't sure) that perhaps she'd been too hasty in deciding to dedicate herself to spinsterhood. She wasn't quite ready to jump back in to her old habits--there was something rather freeing about not minding whether men liked her or not--but she was giving it some thought, anyway. She'd also managed to find someone to talk to for the weekend, which was good. She'd known essentially no one upon her arrival--except Hannah, of course, and her friends and relatives, all of whom hated her just because Hannah did (which was really unfair!)

    If she was going to hold her own this weekend and even try to have a good time, she needed someone female to talk to--she could hardly confide in Armando! Thankfully, she actually seemed to have clicked pretty well with the first woman she'd struck up a conversation with, and it was this new acquaintance to whom she was speaking now, as Miss Adelia Lovegood did her best to blend in to the wallpaper nearby.

    "Did you hear about Miss Lovegood's dowry?" she asked in a confidential tone. "I heard that her brother has been advertising it all over town--but I wonder if that does her more harm than good?" She honestly wasn't sure. She'd have to see what the other girl thought; maybe if it was a valid strategy, and not likely to cause people to assume there was something undesirable about her, she'd badger Armando into making her dowry a bit more public. The old man would probably agree to that, if it meant being rid of her sooner, though Ophelia wasn't sure he had the right social list to get that information out to the types of people she'd want to marry. Well. It was a nice thought, anyway.

    Unfortunately, Miss Lovegood had turned around and taken notice of her--had she been too loud? Or was Miss Lovegood a little on the paranoid side? In either case, she'd been caught. With a quick but mostly insincere smile, she said, "Oh, we were just wondering how you knew Mr. and Mrs. Pettigrew, Miss Lovegood. Or is the acquaintance through your brother?"

    She thought she'd covered that fairly well. She was a total bamf at being a socialite.

    [[Whooo wants to be Ophelia's conversational partner? @Calliope Riley @Minnie Pendergast @Ligeia Baudelaire @Lillian Vane @Autumn Avery ?]]
    Autumn really truly felt out of her element at the Pettigrew party. She hadn't actually intended to attend it originally, feeling Mr. Pettigrew had really only extended the invitation because of his minor mistake on High Street. The hit to the back of the head with his notepad had been quite a strange happening and he'd apologized profusely right then so she'd hardly expected him to feel the need to "make it up to her" as he'd put that day. Then the letter had come a few weeks later and Summer had gotten her hands on it first. Once her eldest sister had seen the invitation, she'd all but demanded that Autumn attend. She'd already gone to Vernon and made the arrangements for the two of them to go before Autumn had been any wiser to the letter. Essentially, her fate had been sealed for that weekend.

    The first evening had been rough as she had very much felt like the odd woman out among all the upper class ladies and their much finer dresses. She hoped her own dress was acceptable enough but she still couldn't help but to feel like the black sheep surrounded by all the much finer white sheep. Luckily, one woman hadn't seemed to view her as such and had become her main conversational partner when it was just women together.

    "I'm not quite sure," Autumn responded in similar hushed tones, "I suppose it would depend on how well he does at fielding the potential suitors so as not to end up with a dowry hunter. Though, at her age, I imagine any suitor is better than.." She didn't get to finish as the woman in question seemed to have noticed them.

    Autumn was much less smooth as Miss Dippet when it came to covering things up but luckily she didn't have to say anything herself as her new acquaintance handled it. She had still turned a deep shade of crimson though, feeling they'd surely been caught.
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    Ada had that distinct nagging feeling that one gets when one almost catches another talking smack about them behind their back, despite Miss Dippet's cover story. Was it paranoia or was it something else she was sensing but couldn't put her finger on? Maybe she was being unfair. Or not. Ada spotted Miss Avery's blush and decided to trust her gut. Not that it really made a difference, she was hardly going to call them out on it.

    If she was honest, she wasn't quite sure what she had done to merit an invite, though she suspected it had more to do with Andren being her brother. It didn't sound particularly good if she admitted the only reason she was even there was because she had a brother who played quidditch for Mr. Pettigrew's team, even if it seemed as though they had already speculated as much.

    "Unfortunately, I can't confess to knowing either terribly well," she admitted sheepishly. She couldn't exactly lie, especially not when she could think of no believable excuses. "Are you both friends of Mrs. Pettigrew?" They had to be around the same age, she figured, so it was probably a fairly safe guess. Merlin, she felt practically middle-aged today.
    NOVEMBER 25, 1886 | OUTFIT | @Ophelia Dippet @Autumn Avery | WORDS: 204
    Ophelia didn't follow the Quidditch world enough to know who was on which teams--especially not the second string players--so she had no idea that there was a Lovegood who played for Mr. Pettigrew's team. She only knew the really famous Quidditch players, anyway. When Miss Lovegood admitted that she didn't know either Mr. or Mrs. Pettigrew well, then, Ophelia assumed, perhaps unfairly but in her mind not at all unreasonably, that her older brother had somehow leveraged her an invitation. If he was really spreading the word about the size of her dowry, maybe he'd just flat out bought her an invitation.

    She couldn't dwell on this, though, because Miss Lovegood was turning the conversation back to her. Usually, Ophelia liked talking about herself, but her relationship with Hannah wasn't exactly a highlight. If she got too descriptive, someone might remember that episode in the paper from a while back where Hannah had terrorized her with transfiguration, and then the Daily Prophet had referred to her as 'the dog girl,' and Ophelia would rather die than have anyone bring that up.

    "Miss--oh, Mrs. Pettigrew and I were roommates for an entire year at Mrs. Pendergast's School," she said, smiling as though her brief slip of the tongue was due to some emotion like 'oh I can't believe she'd finally married, I keep forgetting!' and not her real feelings, which ran more along the lines of, 'I can't believe she's finally married.' If only she could keep forgetting. Her smile flitting away for a brief second, Ophelia added quietly, with a tone that (she thought, at least) convincingly implied she'd rather not say anything at all, "Well, almost an entire year, anyway. She had to leave before the year was finished due to... that business with her father."

    Ophelia was feeling smug, but trying her best not to show it. She'd managed to avoid admitting that she and Hannah had never gotten along--because this was Hannah's party, and such an admission certainly wouldn't earn her any points with anyone--and thrown a not-so-subtle reminder about Hannah's unsavory past in as well. She was winning this conversation--even though it wasn't really as though there was anyone she was up against, per ce. Unless it was Hannah, who wasn't here to defend herself.
    Autumn listened as Miss Dippet explained her connection to the Pettigrews to answer Miss Lovegood’s question. Her response was over before she really had much of a chance to gather her own bearings and felt her cheeks heat up thinking of how she had come to be invited to the gathering. Pity. That was why, pure pity.

    ”Well, I actually was invited by Mr. Pettigrew,” she said, still blushing somewhat, ”Though I do believe it was because he felt sorry for an incident on High Street. It was the first time I’d ever met him and even then it wasn’t a proper introduction.” She could remember that day rather vividly as it had been one of the most exciting days of her life, being the day she’d gotten a job at Quality Quidditch Supplies.

    ”I was on my way home with my chaperone when I was nearly knocked over by a notebook. Turns out Mr. Pettigrew had summoned it after realizing he’d left it behind. I just so happened to be in its path,” she finished, no longer blushing as much though she was still a bit embarrassed not to have a true connection to either of their hosts.
    [Image: IM9zen.jpg]
    Amazing Set Thanks to Nolan!
    Ada was quite surprised by the candid nature of the one girl's reply, surely if she were type to talk about someone negatively behind their back she wouldn't admit such a thing to her face? With that in mind, Ada decided that she surely hadn't been the subject of malicious gossip. She didn't particularly like being the subject of any gossip, but obviously the malicious sort was worse.

    "How thoughtful of him!" she remarked at Miss Avery's story, quite genuinely too. What she knew of the host, she knew from things she had read or heard about and he seemed to be a generally decent sort of character, this new tidbit of information only reassured her of this. She was now more certain that her invite was a result of him realizing that a player on his quidditch team had an unmarried sister. Or perhaps he'd just heard the dowry rumors, felt sorry for her, and then realized they had Andren in common. She'd likely never know how she had earned an invitation and it wasn't really worth fussing over.

    "And you must be so pleased for her," she said to Ophelia. Ada couldn't imagine what it would be like to find out one's father was a monster just after he had died and to have it smeared all over the Daily Prophet! Having everyone talking about her dowry was awkward and had so far made her quite uncomfortable, but the former Miss Echelon had had it far worse. If it had been her, it would surely have put the final nail in the coffin of eligibility; at least she was an almost-spinster with no real scandal to her name. Having one broken betrothal and an abruptly ended courtship didn't exactly help but they were surely less harmful than being the daughter of a criminal. Then again, of the two she wasn't the married one. "Isn't it good of them to host an event like this and so soon after the wedding!" The awkwardness returned and she resumed the battle of pretending it wasn't awkward at all. Ada hoped her brother would sense her unease from wherever he was and swoop in to rescue her. Sadly, she didn't think it at all likely.
    NOVEMBER 25, 1886 | OUTFIT | @Ophelia Dippet @Autumn Avery | WORDS: 204
    "Oh, yes," Ophelia agreed with a smile, though she was afraid that even to the untrained eye it would look a little forced. "Thrilled." If her tone was a bit dry, they'd probably chalk it up to the fact that she was still unmarried while Mrs. Pettigrew was not. While Ophelia hardly wanted to be seen as the jealous sort, that was at least marginally preferable to anyone knowing the truth about her relationship with Hannah. Anyone who was here must have been at least passingly friendly with Hannah, she assumed, since the blond was the hostess, and therefore they were likely to take Hannah's side without even learning the facts if they caught whiff of a disagreement between the two of them. If she could ingratiate herself to a fair few number of people, though, then Hannah wouldn't be able to ruin her, even if she denounced her at the dinner table in two days, Ophelia decided.

    "It was certainly so bold of Hannah," she remarked in response to Miss Lovegood's last comment. "After all, I'm sure she's hardly had any time at all to get settled in, and Mrs. Pettigrew--the old Mrs. Pettigrew, you know, that incredibly elegant mother of Mr. Pettigrew's--always threw such wonderful galas here. I'm sure if I were in her shoes, I wouldn't have dared to do something so soon, knowing I'd be compared to my mother-in-law!" she said with a hollow laugh. She didn't think anyone had been comparing Hannah to Mrs. Pettigrew, but they certainly were now.

    @Adelia Lovegood @Autumn Avery
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    Autumn couldn't help but to smile at the older woman and her genuine sincerity. Especially since it had been a bit obvious she had been the topic of Miss Dippet and Autumn's discussion just before. She wasn't entirely sure she'd have been able to be as kind following such a thing. But then she couldn't help but to smirk at Miss Dippet. She certainly had a way about her. It definitely made for interesting conversation.

    "I imagine it would be rather hard to follow in such shoes then," she responded after hearing Miss Dippet's explanation though she didn't have any knowledge of the sort of affairs Mr. Pettigrew's mother had thrown in the years prior. She was, after all, a bit out of her league among her present company. It wasn't often the middle class daughter of an auror and a female Quidditch player are invited to such events.
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    Mrs. Hannah Pettigrew's situation as highlighted by Miss Dippet was one Ada had never had cause to really consider before. While she had been engaged once, she hadn't really known her then mother-in-law to be, so how could she possibly fret over filling the woman's shoes? Now that she thought about it though, it had to be very daunting indeed. Hannah Pettigrew had to be a very brave young lady, especially making such a good marriage after the scandal that had come, even the scandal in itself...

    "She must have a great deal of courage and self-belief," Ada agreed, missing entirely the negative spin Miss Dippet had been aiming for. It simply wasn't in her nature to think poorly of a person unless they had given her very good reason to. Cruel gossip had never been her forte. "I can see the merits in being so hasty about it, better to do it immediately and set a standard before society can speculate all sorts of unpleasant things as it so often does." Like the situation with her dowry, she still couldn't shake the feeling of paranoia.
    NOVEMBER 25, 1886 | OUTFIT | @Ophelia Dippet @Autumn Avery | WORDS: 187
    Ugh. Courage and self belief? Ophelia had to resist the urge to roll her eyes; it wouldn't have suited the conversation well at all. She was trying to at least keep up a passable appearance as Hannah's supposed friend, so she couldn't go disparaging her so-called courage and self belief, but really--was Miss Lovegood daft? Maybe that was the reason she was still unmarried. Ophelia was vaguely aware of the scandal of her first engagement--that her fiance had gotten bored and started courting another woman. If all of her conversations were as absolutely thrilling as this one, Ophelia couldn't say she was surprised. Miss Lovegood wasn't really contributing anything useful to the conversation, in her opinion, and Ophelia would just as soon get back to her gossip with Miss Avery.

    "Yes, such courage," Ophelia affirmed dryly, meanwhile trying to think of the best way to get rid of Miss Lovegood without offending the tiresome woman. Not that she really cared much what she thought--but as Hannah's marriage had proved, even the most unsuitable and repulsive of women sometimes landed influential husbands, so Ophelia couldn't afford to burn all her bridges--at least not until she was married, herself.
    Autumn was having a hard time not laughing. Between Miss Dippet's dry and sarcastic remarks and Miss Lovegood's oblivious nature, she was being quite well entertained. So much so that she didn't feel as if anything she really said would help to further the progression of the conversation. She decided to simply watch and observe instead, a small smirk on her lips all the while.
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    For the first time since dismissing her suspicion that the two younger females were gossiping cruelly about her, she second-guessed her judgement. Miss Dippet's tone of voice had struck her as disingenuous. Had she really been too quick to write the pair off as entirely well-meaning?

    Not one for conflict but also unable to simply pretend she hadn't heard it, she couldn't help but to question what she'd heard. "Do you not agree that Mrs. Pettigrew is courageous?" she asked, trying not to sound too accusatory but also firm enough that she didn't sound timid or unsure of herself. Ada stole a quick glance at the other young woman to gauge her expression and got the impression that she was in some shape or form, amused.
    NOVEMBER 25, 1886 | OUTFIT | @Ophelia Dippet @Autumn Avery | WORDS: 126
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    "I did agree, didn't I?" Opheila's smile was saccharine sweet as she replied. Her tone was light and innocent, as though she were honestly confused by Miss Lovegood's question--though of course she knew exactly what it was. Apparently the older woman wasn't as vapid as she'd assumed. Not that she regretted the assumption; being an idiot was a very good reason to still be unmarried at twenty-six--it was almost as bad for romance as being too intelligent. In fact, it was probably the most generous assumption that Ophelia could have made, because any other reason for her slow march to spinsterhood was far less kind. At least if she was stupid, she wouldn't be able to help it.

    "Maybe you misheard me," she said, with an air of finality; she was done talking about Hannah Pettigrew, and her body language made that clear though her voice was still light and airy as though they'd been talking about the weather on a particularly agreeable day. "Speaking of our hostess, I haven't seen her once so far tonight," she said, deftly changing the subject to ensure that Miss Lovegood couldn't attempt poke any more holes in her story of her and Hannah being friends. Turning to Miss Avery, she continued, "But I did see both of the Pettigrew brothers; the younger ones, I mean. One of them has been abroad for years, I heard, so I imagine he's quite lonely at an event like this. Should we go introduce ourselves, Miss Avery? To save him from being a wallflower the whole weekend?" she asked with a conspiratorial smile.

    Ophelia hoped she didn't need to say that Miss Lovegood wasn't invited; her body language and her tone as she'd addressed Autumn should have done that work for her. It would be so much more unpleasant if she actually had to tell Miss Lovegood to leave, so she rather hoped she could take a hint.
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    Autumn suddenly felt as though her head were reeling. That had been quite the abrupt change, at least in her opinion. Perhaps it had been because she hadn't been an overly active participant in the conversation but she quickly came to the conclusion that Miss Dippet was not exactly one to cross. Or maybe even disagree with. Regardless, she returned the other woman's smile with one of her own and nodded.

    "I think that would be lovely," she said as she motioned for Miss Dippet to lead the way.
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