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Iola Hitchens for Elladora Black. The Blacks' black sheep.
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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Vampires and Funerals
November 17, 1888 - Spinnakers Funeral Home
"No, no. I need the bow tie to be more even. We are a funeral home, not a ball room. He's not supposed to look tipsy." Blossom groaned. No matter how many new employees she worked with, it was never easy to find enough patience for those learning the trade. However, it was a slow day and thus one for learning. This particular employee seemed to not put much thought in dressing a corpse. "Perhaps this part of the job is not for you." She mumbled thoughtfully.

Looking around, she spotted another experienced. "Miss Kenny? Can I have your assistance for a moment?" She called over. Not much of a request, however she was the boss. Perhaps the other vampire could spot talent where Blossom could not. There was also coffin building, but they were not yet ready for that step in the process, and she wished to get started on this corpse before it... became unpleasant.

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Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine

Kiva had little patience for Miss Spinnakers' newer hires - but she did enjoy watching them flounder before their new employer. As Blossom worked with the potential corpse-dresser, Kiva chose a spot not far from them to clean her paintbrushes. She would be working on a portrait later on, if things went well and this corpse's family opted for a painting rather than a photograph. The camera felt far less...personal, really. A portrait had been labored over for several hours - a photograph was done in just a few.

Maybe that was why she jumped a little as Miss Spinnakers called her over.

"Of course, Miss Spinnakers," she replied, setting aside the half-cleaned brush she'd been working with and stepping over to the dressing table. She'd been working here for nearly seventy years, after all, though her position had never really changed. She assisted here and there with the other elements of the services they provided, but her home, her comfort space, was in commemorating the dead.

As Kiva looked over the body lying before her, she reached on hand in, tugging gingerly at the lapel of the suit to straighten it. She'd never been able to stand uneven clothing. "Besides the coat and the tie, everything else is clean and even," she complimented. "The suit itself looks freshly pressed, the hair is well arranged, and the buttons lie flat - that's always important before the viewing, double-check the buttons. You don't want to upset someone with a glance at a bloated stomach." Kiva smiled gently. "With just a few simple bits of guidance, I can see potential."

Hopefully potential was what Miss Spinnakers was looking for.

Typically Blossom had a lot more patience. But right now she was tired and frustrated. Even if she physically could not tire, her mind was another story. And mentally, she was exhausted. It was a good thing that this new employee was a vampire, as it was mainly up to the human employees to teach human employees.

Listening as Miss Kenny spoke, she considered the positive that the other vampire was pointing out. "You see potential where I don't. I need you to take over training this one." She stated. How often did Miss Kenny teach new employees? Well, it never hurt to get more experience. And Blossom would still be there in case any help is required.

Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine

Teach the new employee? Kiva's momentary shock showed on her face, before fading into a comfortable, pleasant smile. "Yes, Miss Spinnakers," she nodded, stepping up to begin straightening the coat. She wasn't the best at dressing, but, being an artist, she had an eye for such aesthetic things. Her hands moved quickly, tugging at the sleeves to align the seams and plucking at the lapels to straighten them further.

Next came the bow tie. After three attempts to straighten it without untying it, she exhaled on a soft laugh and loosened until it came free. "You've tied it crooked," she commented, fingers moving easily to tie it once again. "Always double-check the knot's placement - it should sit flat against the top button, and the sides should be even." She turned to smile at the new employee again. He was probably either too young or too old to have worn bow ties in life. Kiva, obviously, had never worn them, but she'd worked at the funeral home long enough to learn the technique.

"You'll learn. We all do eventually."

At that, she turned, smiling at Miss Spinnakers, hoping that her technique wasn't too...abrupt. She'd simply shown, rather than telling the new employee what to do. Coming from a domestic service background, however, she was more used to showing. That was how she'd learned just about every single skill she had.

'Yes, Miss Spinnakers'. Now that was what she liked to hear. Not fumbled excuses or whining. If this pupil couldn't learn to dress the corpse, then they could learn to paint the dearly departed. Or take their picture. But Miss Kenny had another idea. To teach in a field that she was unfamiliar with. Interesting idea. But Blossom said nothing as she watched it all unfold. Nodding in approval when she was looked at, she was more impressed by Miss Kenny's skills than the pupil. "I want you to teach our pupil. Think of it as a learning experience. I shall check on the progress when I have the time. Understood?" She stated as she looked between both of them.

Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine

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