Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Tybalt Kirke
    In Character
    Full Name: Tybalt James Kirke

    Nicknames: Tyb, Ty

    Birthdate: 9th September 1865

    Current Age: Seventeen

    Occupation: Sixth Year Student

    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

    Wand: Dogwood, 11 1/2", unicorn hair, springy

    Blood Status: Muggleborn

    Social Class: Middle

    John Kirke - father, born 1831, muggle
    Helen Kirke - mother, born 1836, muggle
    Atticus Kirke - brother, born 1856
    Lavinia Kirke - sister, born 1859
    Bianca Kirke - sister, born early 1862
    Cassian Kirke - brother, born late 1863, muggle

    Appearance: Tybalt is still at the age where he is growing slightly, but last year he had his main growth spurt, and he remains at a slightly short but still respectable 5'7. His eyes are what he likes to think of as his best feature, if only because the colour's a little unusual; a mix of brown, hazel, green and gold, and because they always convey his emotions intensely, whether that be infectious amusement or impassioned anger. His hair is so naturally curly it has always been a difficult task to keep it fully slicked back and neat, and unfortunately it seems the rest of the world cares about this more than Tybalt does. He tries a little harder with his clothing; when he's supposed to be looking smart, he'll look smart. However, in day to day wear, he's always up for some rough and tumble no matter the consequences... even if he gets a little dirty. His wand hand, as well as writing hand, is his right.

    History: The Kirkes are an ordinary muggle family, living in London, safely within the middle class and the bounds of respectability. Helen Kirke is a housewife, her husband John a physician and a keen scholar. They had high aspirations for their children, never expecting them to be simply ordinary.

    However, the main surprise was when their children started exhibiting magical tendences, which took both parents utterly aback, as it was something neither had seen in their lifetimes. The faint magical line came from the father's grandfather, and yet it was something completely unfamiliar to all. Their mother and governess certainly banded together to try and stamp it out of them, but John was probably too absorbed in working and taking more mistresses to care much. And when their oldest, Atticus, turned eleven, the family found out about a thing called Hogwarts. And every child that came after him went to Hogwarts too. Tybalt, being the youngest, had the longest to wait and was itching with every fibre of his being to join them all and escape from the constraints of muggle life.

    Every child? Well, not quite. The problem was, not everyone was lucky enough to inherit the right genes. Cassian was born muggle, and though Helen scrutinised him warily all through his childhood years to be alerted of his first signs of magic, they never came. This sent Tybalt into a keel of anxiety, worrying about the fact that as he was younger, he would be just a muggle too, and miss out on exactly the life he dreamed of. But when he was nine, all was revealed and he was over the moon. Cassian, not so much, and now the rest of them are at Hogwarts or have moved permanently to Hogsmeade, Cassian and their parents are nearly estranged from them. Tybalt tries to pretend nothing's changed and writes to his brother on his parents' advice, but Cassian simply returns them, unopened. Tybalt does stay in touch with his parents though, who hold no real grudge towards magic for stealing their children from them, and Tybalt tends to visit at least during the summer.

    So, Tybalt went to Hogwarts. He was sorted immediately into Gryffindor, and while he didn't always excel at every class, he showed the right attitude towards learning for the teachers to like him to start with, until he started getting bored and lazy and a little too disruptive. He made his close friends easily, and nowadays spends his days being a class clown, playing pranks and making trouble, as well as chasing skirts and teasing most everyone in sigh, just because it's fun to get the prim young ladies a bit flustered on occasion. Apart from that, he lives for Quidditch, and is a beater on his house team. He has no real aspirations for what to do after Hogwarts, but Tybalt isn't really one for thinking about the future.

    Personality: Charming, vivacious, a total flirt, a little rude, sometimes overly enthusiastic, mostly friendly but occasionally manipulative, active and energetic, overly dramatic if he wants to be. Likes to be the centre of attention. Holds a grudge forever. Slight case of Peter Pan syndrome; he is rather set in his childish ways and doesn't like the thought of growing up and being boring.

    Sample Roleplay Post: Check out my other chars' posts.

    Out of Character
    Name: MJ
    Age: 17
    Contact: PM really is fine (to Elias Grimstone)
    Other Characters: Elias, Calliope, Rupert, Luís, Timothy and Alastair
    How did you hear about us?: Heck, I've lived here a year!
    [Image: oFllNz.png]
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