Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    05.10 Darrow Resigns In Disgrace
    05.07 Ravenclaw Defeats Hufflepuff
    05.03 Underage Magic Legalized?
    04.30 Quidditch Season Incoming
    04.29 Spring Fling In Irvingly
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    05.21 Networking spring clean imminent!
    05.15 Important info for all students and professors!
    05.06 Activity Check underway; end of year approaching.
    04.29 It's gonna be May.
    04.29 Submit your summer banners!
    04.29 Submit your summer banners!
    04.17 We seem to be suffering a shortage of older students >.<
    04.09 A foul odour is plaguing Irvingly...
    04.02 Activity Check underway and other updates
    03.17 Students now have full access to their house skins!
    03.09 Changes to Student Clubs records
    03.01 Activity Check, new skins, and more!
    02.28 So you want to be a Wench?
    02.27 24 hours to submit a Spring banner!
    02.26 The staff team would like your SKINput on spring availability~
    May 1887
    05.01 - 05.31 Posting Wizard
    May Writing Challenge
    05.06 Quidditch: Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff
    05.20 House Quidditch Final
    05.30 Annual Hogwarts Coming Out Ball
    And More!
    October '16

    It's the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaar! <3 The calendar has rolled over into October, which means that...

    ACTIVITY CHECK—The activity check is underway! If you would like an account reactivated, you can do so by posting in maintenance starting on October 4th at 10:00am EST. The exception to this is players with no active accounts. If all of your accounts are inactive, you may immediately post to reactivate one. Please keep in mind that it may take us a day or two to get to any new applications, depending on how long the AC takes to complete.

    As always, this only applies to accounts deactivated in the Activity Check. If yours was deactivated earlier for another reason, you are welcome to reactivate your character whenever you like!

    EVENTS — We have a ton of fun October events lined up this month for characters of all classes! (I am most excited about the Hogwarts Halloween Masquerade Ball, so make sure you check that one out. <3)

    CLUEDO 2016 — FRIENDS! After five long years, Cluedo is back! Signups are being accepted until October 4th. Cards will be passed out on October 5th!

    PUMPKIN SMASH — Come smash some pumpkins!

    [-] The following 2 users Like Barnabas Skeeter's post:
       Odira Potter, Theseus Greengrass

    Get featured in Witch Weekly!

    Apologies, but despite my best attempts I am a terrible!fail at networking. 
    Please don't be afraid to hit me up if you want a thread/plot! :)
    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.
    [Image: barneysig_zpsvqxuchfy.png]

    [Image: AWqs15D.gif][Image: kZuCust.jpg]


    Congrats to Té (@Barnabas Skeeter) for winning September's Posting Wizard of the Month with 79 posts!

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       Barnabas Skeeter, Theseus Greengrass
    [Image: 219qvph.png]
    Beautiful set by Bee!

    Congratulations to Alex, Hawke, & Kayte on being the new Hag hires!
    [Image: Ben-Wyatt-Booyah.gif]
    Currently absent for finals, please skype/PM if it's urgent.
    [Image: CashSig.png]

    Sign ups for October Thread Roulette are officially up!
    [Image: 219qvph.png]
    Beautiful set by Bee!

    Hogwarts had some vacancies open up this term—do you have anyone to fill them?

    Hogwarts Librarian. Character would be new to the post this school year. Should be middle class, unmarried, and 25+ regardless of sex. Experience preferred! Reputation of 4 or higher.
    Hogwarts Art Instructor. Character could have arrived as early as after this past Christmas. Must be an experienced artist, and is ideally middle class. 25+, please, with females to be unmarried! Reputation of 4 or higher.

    7th Ravenclaw Male: Appointed for this autumn after heritage woes cost Mohr his badge.
    5th Slytherin Male: Appointed for this autumn.
    7th Slytherin Male: Appointed at the start of his fifth year.
    FYI: @Amos Harkiss, @Kristoffer Lestrange, @John Ellory

    Ravenclaw Keeper: New for this year. Year 2+
    Slytherin Chaser: New for this year. Year 2+
    Slytherin Keeper: New for this year. Year 2+

    Those interested in prefect should see this post for information. Hogwarts quidditch players should post in Maintenance and faculty should reserve in Occupations before posting in maintenance or apping a new character!

    [-] The following 1 user Likes Odira Potter's post:
       Barnabas Skeeter
    Currently on scarcity!
    — Kayte isn't awesome at networking. Get in touch if you'd like a thread! —

    set by the unparalleled lady

    Looking ahead to November, we've got sign ups!

    Posting Wizard sign ups are open for next month....

    ...and so are NaNo; Posting Edition sign ups!

    Lots of things to do! Come play!

    Get Featured in Witch Weekly!
    [Image: tqp6zhG.png]
    Elsie's forever spring set by MJ ♥
    [Image: TybsieBt.png] [Image: 2emz8zq.png]

    Lots of reminders and updates, friends!

    STUDENT QUIDDITCH: Due to OOC player availability, the played matches scheduled for November have been tentatively rescheduled to next term. The matches will still occur OOC, but just will not have threads associated. Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns here!

    And while I’ve got you here, reminder that we’re still looking for a Ravenclaw Keeper and a Slytherin Chaser! If you’re interested and have a student in year 2+, post in Maintenance to claim!

    ARE YOU A BUDDY? If so, please immediately check here! (Also if you’re interested in becoming one, PM @Theseus Greengrass!)

    ACTIVITY CHECK: It’s a-coming on Tuesday! Please make sure your characters are properly listed on the CML, your mini-profile is filled in, and all characters accepted on/before September 30th have been posted at least once this month. Don’t have any active threads? Check out the lonely threads list! Those with student characters can also check out Hogwarts classes and projects to earn a few house points with their posts!

    BOOK CLUB: Discussions are now up for Northanger Abbey and The Bell Jar! November titles will be announced next week :)

    EVENTS: The forum is now live for the Fall Festivities @ Tinker Farm—bring out your LC characters! Forum for the masquerade at Hogwarts will be live on Monday afternoon.

    October is almost over—how are you doing with your goals?

    [-] The following 2 users Like Odira Potter's post:
       Theseus Greengrass, Tristan Michaud
    Currently on scarcity!
    — Kayte isn't awesome at networking. Get in touch if you'd like a thread! —

    set by the unparalleled lady

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