Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Conrí Ailill Power
    In Character

    [Image: tumblr_o10x5sK6JY1r5yr6xo1_500.jpg]Hopefully His Play by: Jack Quaid

    Full Name: Conrí Ailill Power

    Nicknames: Non Con-Con by little sister

    Birthdate: March 28, 1862

    Current Age: 24

    Occupation: Owner of Power Charms and Spells Supplies

    Reputation: 5

    Residence: Wellingtonshire, Hogsmeade

    Hogwarts House: Former Slytherin

    Wand: Yew and willow twisted together, 12", little flexibility, two fairy wings and two dragon teeth mixed together (very experimental wand)

    Blood Status: Pureblood

    Social Class: Upper Class

    Aran Power | Father, 1841-1882 (41)
    Líadan Power neé _______ | Mother, 1843-Alive (43)
    Fiachna Power | Younger Twin Brother, 1862-Alive (24)
    Aisling Power | Younger Sister, 1867-Alive (19)

    Appearance: He has medium brown hair and green-grey eyes. He has a slim build and is 6’2”. He can use both hands. Blue and dark green suits are his favorite suit colors to wear.

    *Pre-Birth: The Power family is from a long line of Pureblood Irish wizards. His parents were born and raised there, met there, and married there.
    *1862: Conrí and his younger twin, Fiachna, are born.
    *1867: His little sister, Aisling, is born. Conrí is pleased to have a sister, sick of his brother and hoping a sister would be better.
    *1868: The first time she makes a close-to-correct attempt to say Conrí’s name, she calls him Con-Con. It sticks, to his annoyance.
    *1869: Conrí shows his first sign of magic by making his mother’s favorite dress disappear on accident. It was found shrunken on the cat. He shows this off to his younger twin, trying to make him jealous.
    [Image: 1b49ff6bbaf0c8bd9c5d70d651cb0dea.jpg]
    *1871: His twin, Fiachna, shows his first sign of magic.
    *1873: Conrí and his twin get their Hogwarts letters and attend, travelling all the way from Ireland. He is sorted into Slytherin. He has gotten used to the nickname, but only let’s Aisling call him it, and only when he’s in a good mood.
    *1874: During the summer, Aisling had shown her first sign of magic.
    *1877-1878: Conrí and Fiachna take their OWLs test. Conrí does really good, trying to compete with his twin.
    Astronomy: A
    Charms: O
    Defence Against the Dark Arts: E
    Herbology: E
    History of Magic: A
    Potions: O
    Transfiguration: O
    Earth Magic: E
    Care of Magical Creatures: O
    Arithmancy: O
    *1878:  Aisling goes to Hogwarts.
    *1879-1880: Conrí and Fianchna have their final year at Hogwarts, and take their NEWTs. Conrí did about as well as his OWLs, which disappointed him, but not as much as it disappointed his father.
    Charms: O
    Defence Against the Dark Arts: E
    Herbology: O
    Potions: O
    Earth Magic: E
    Care of Magical Creatures: O
    Alchemy: O
    *1882: Conrí’s father dies from unknown causes.
    *1883: Conrí moves to Hogsmeade, hoping to make a business, find a bride, and whisk her away to Ireland to have Irish child in an Irish home, with an Irish lifestyle.
    *1886: He has made a store called Power Charms and Spells Supplies since he moved and it’s starting to pick up speed.

    Personality: He is cunning and smart. He can be very kind, but also has a deep darkness to him. He can have a wicked sense of humor sometimes. He is resourceful, ambitious, self-preservative, and has fraternity.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    [Image: tumblr_mu9lvuRvSq1s7mdj8o6_250.gif]

    Out of Character

    Name: Kelly

    Age: 17

    Contact: Try finding me on PM, I also have a Wattpad and Skype, both with the username ForeverAMultiShipper

    Other Characters: Acacia Ruskin, Lisa Fairbairn, Sweetie Whitledge, Guinevere Lukeson and Hestia Fairchild
    How did you hear about us?: A friend, though we're fighting right now so I really don't want to mention her too much if that's OK, it has nothing to do with this.
    Set created by me! Check out more at my graphics shop!
    [Image: mPcC2Q3.jpg]

    — You should be titled in a few moments. Please post with your new character in the Character Master List thread.

    — If you have a playby you would like to claim, you can go here.

    — Don't forget to record your character's past position(s) in our history records.

    — Not sure where to start? You can introduce yourself in a new topic here and fill out the plottage preferences form so people know what you're interested in.

    We also have a buddy system. If you are new to Charming, you will be contacted by your assigned buddy within 48 hours. Once initial contact is made, you can decide whether you'd like to continue to participate in the buddy system or if you'd prefer to figure things out on your own.

    Buddy System Leaders:
    Nolan @Theseus Greengrass
    Rosa @Gertrude Baker

    — Our Networking Forum is here. You can also hop in on a thread in our Lonely thread list or start an open thread of your own.

    — Don't forget to check out our Stamp Station for some extra fun!

    — We also have a member submitted and staff run Daily Prophet that reports on in character happenings. Check it out so you can see how it might effect your future plots.

    Thanks for deciding to join us, we hope you have a blast! :D

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    Barney uses a prosthetic leg and a cane to get around.
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