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Blossom Spinnakers
Full Name: Blossom Spinnakers
Nicknames: Well... some of her employees just call her 'Boss Lady'. Nicknames aren't really her style.
Birthdate: March 23, 1769
Turn-Date: February 19, 1793
Current Age: 119
Race: Vampire (Former Halfblood)
Occupation: Owner of Spinnakers Funeral Services
Reputation: 5
A known vampire. Might be a 4 due to owning a funeral home, although that might be considered respectable for the likes of a vampire.
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: She really doesn't remember what her wand consisted of. It's more of a keepsake than anything else now.
Social Class: Middle Class
Father: Jacob Spinnakers (1735-1784)
Mother: Mary Spinnakers (1746-1771)
Brother: Oleander Spinnakers (1765-1771)
Sister: Violet Spinnakers (1770-1771)
Eyes: Dark brown

Hair: Red

Height: 5'6"

Clothing: In an attempt to keep up good appearances for business, she dresses as nicely as she can reasonably afford.

Dominant Hand: Right

As a vampire, she has the typical sharp canine teeth and pale skin.
1769: Born the second child and first daughter to Jacob and Mary Spinnaker, she is named Blossom. Her father runs a nice funeral home that has been in the family for generations.

1770: Another sister joins the family, and named Violet.

1771: Tragidy strikes the family as illness claims both her siblings and mother. Father and daughter are the last in the family.

1777: First signs of magic appear. Poor Blossom stumbles upon her father's work for the first time that she's old enough to take real notice. Screaming, she makes the coffin explode. Thankfully the corpse was not inside and no one was harmed.

1780: Her letter from Hogwarts arrives. Afraid to leave her father alone while at school, she actually cries the night after recieving the letter. After talking to her father over the matter, he reassures her that he will be fine and that school will be good for her.

Summer, 1783: Blossom starts learning the more... modest areas of the process behind the funeral home such as corpse dressing.

Summer, 1784: The summer between forth and fifth year is a tragic one. Loosing all the family she has left, she goes to live with a friend and assosiate of her father's, along with his family. It isn't easy, but it helps to have familiar faces.

1785: OWLs are not perfect scores, but are decent in her more stronger subjects. Summer brings more learning of the corpse dressing. It also brings learning of building coffins. Set to inherit the funeral home when she comes of age, it is good to get to know the work she will be getting into. As per her father's wishes.

1787: NEWTs come along, as does graduation and responsibilites. With the help of her guardian, she does her best to grow and slowly take over her father's business.

1790: Starting to notice that she hasn't really begun the husband hunt, she decides to shrug it off for now. Her father's business is far too important to think of what she deems to be 'silly romantic fantasies'.

1793: Upon returning home, Blossom is attacked by a vampire. Being saved by a wizard before being drained completely, it was sadly not in time before enough blood was drained to make her into a vampire.

Even with this new... change, Blossom returns to work the next day. It is her life, most if not all that she knows. In a not surprising turn of events... most of her staff leave. However, those who have been loyal to her and her family decide to make the best of it. Trouble of her new appetite causes most of her work to be done in private, while those that work for her tend to work seperately upon her request.

Along with changes at work, she decides that it is best to move to her childhood home that she had inherited from her father. Most would likely not care if a vampire was living alone. It seemed to be the safest option as Blossom learns to get used to her new state of being. She still regularly keeps in contact with the family who had given her a home since her father's passing.

1794: As one year comes about, the business has changed. Meeting several vampires throughout the year who in need of work, she decides to make her funeral home a more vampire friendly business. After all, her life expectancy is... unclear. Human workers will age and retire, vampire workers have a longer time table anyway.

Keeping both types of workers seperated as best as she can, she teaches what she knows. For topics that she is less familiar on, she sends her older vampiric staff to be taught by her human staff. Well, those who are sure that they can control themselves that is.

1852: One worker catches her particular attention upon introducing a new addition to the business, funeral photography. Miss Kiva Kenny, the vampire in question, has since been brought more under Blossom's wing due to this. Thought she still tries to not play favorites. It is, after all, a place of business.

1852-Present: Blossom continues to make business her life, even if it is a vampiric life. Having witnessed the passings of all of her human workers and their loved ones, the family that she keeps best track of over the years consists of the family who had given her a home.

The business slowly becomes more vampire and less human as each human retires... or pass on before that can happen. Blossom does notice this change, but accepts it. Trying to keep the business as welcoming as she can, she provides low prices for her clients. Advertisements are placed when it can be afforded for the company.
Boggart: Her father, screaming in fear of her (due to her being a vampire, she assumes)

Star Sign: Aries

Hobbies: ...none really. Reading perhaps. Work usually is her priority.
Name: Kelly
Age: 20

Magical Set by MJ, and Vampiric PB Edits by Elaine
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