Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
    12.31 Enter the Winter Labyrinth if you dare!
    12.23 Professional Quidditch things...
    12.21 New stamp!
    12.20 Concerning immortality
    12.16 A heads up that the Secret Swap deadline is fast approaching!
    12.14 Introducing our new Minister of Magic!
    12.13 On the first day of Charming, Kayte gave to me...
    12.11 Some quick reminders!
    12.08 Another peek at what's to come...
    12.05 It's election day! OOC, at least.
    12.04 We have our PW winners for November!
    12.02 New Skins! In less exciting news, the AC is underway.
    11.27 AC Saturday and election next week!
    11.21 A glimpse at post-move changes.
    11.13 This news is not at all big. Do not bother with it.
    Emily's Short List
    Emily's Post Logs
    Daisypath Happy Birthday tickers

    On Tagging
    →Tag Rasmus Mohr for OOC needs (including plotting/networking) or if I'm NPCing.
    →Tag the specific character when starting a new thread or reviving a dead one.

    Current Pregnancies
    →Audrina & Keefe are due November 30. Ungendered, unnamed.

    Potential for Twins
    →Caradog: is a twin, family history & family future
    →Cassandra: family history (also of triplets)
    →Cupcake: is a twin, family history
    →February: is a twin, family history
    →Harper: family history, but unlikely
    →Keir: is a twin, family history
    →Pruedence: family history
    →Rebecca: is a twin, family history
    →Regina: is a twin, family history
    →Rosalind: family history, she really doesn't want them, and I'm mean
    →Torquil: is a twin, family history

    October Revivals
    @Artemis Mohr ?
    @February Lynch
    @Keir Pottinger
    @Tatiana Carrow

    October To Make
    →Eclipse Ruskin
    →Nora Fairclough
    →Peregrine Redd

    Definite Revivals
    @Bennet Potter
    @Cassander Goyle
    @Miranda Wakefield
    @Sacharissa Tugwood
    @Sindri Thorsen
    @Torquil MacFusty

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    club memberships: potions, dueling, music (band)
    ancient runes, ancient studies, arithmancy, charms,
    etiquette, history of magic, music, potions, transfiguration
    [Image: 8WPy3jW.jpg]
    Rasmus is half-veela, and so is supernaturally attractive to your ladies.
    [Image: 25rgw3k.jpg] [Image: N8V0TFk.gif] [Image: 20go2fp.jpg]
    • in memoriam • BY EMMA: onetwothree •
    Set by MJ
    Miss Pruedence Kidd

    Sugar and Spice with Cecily Gallivan
    The Color Browne with Odira and Calliope Browne
    Happy Number Nine with Sirius Black
    Diamond in the Rough with Gwendolyn Yates and Beatrice Skye
    Zig and Zag with Hannah Loren
    Welcome to Wonderland with Nausicaa Diamantis
    Kidnapped! with Nausicaa Diamantis and Nimrod

    Copper Marigolds with Lillah Falkenrath
    Take Me Away with Bethan Baines and Priya Sparrow
    Browne House Orgy with Odira Browne et al.
    Blossoming in Autumn with November Crouch
    fortunes and luck with Conleth Ward
    Hiss with Fanny Blackwood
    Tea and Brunch with Beatrice Browne et al.
    Ladies Brunch with Beatrice Browne et al.
    it's our little secret with Conleth Ward
    Across the Divide with Charlotte Beauregard

    Next Year with Cora Duncan
    Soon to Be with Mariella Cary
    Funny Face with Reiko Mountbatten
    Snake Charmers with Lamia Gaunt
    Sweet Things with Valkrye Hart
    The Black Cauldron with Odira Browne and Baxter Keene
    Sparks with Augustus Browne and Gaius Ollivander
    The Secret Garden with Loretta Browne
    Serpent's Tongue with Aurelia Browne
    I'm On a Boat with Jason Rohlwing, Gandalf Winderdowne, and Lamia Gaunt
    The Sorting with The Sorting Hat and Incoming First Years
    Gryffin-girls with Eden Webster and Lorna Van Patten
    I've Been Sorted with Augustus and Aurelia Browne
    MacFusty Hunting with Mundungus and Niven MacFusty
    The News: Pruedence Browne with Odira Browne

    Tea Party with First and Second Years
    How are you little Prue? with Augustus Browne
    Potion Brewing: Group B moderated by Nikolai Sleptov
    Women Kings with Cecily Gallivan and Ava Ruggles
    Little Gremlins with First through Third Year Girls
    Snake in the Grass with Cecily Gallivan
    Parks are for Playing, and You All Suck with Gideon Browne
    stfu with Casimir Goyle, Samuel Pendergast, and Evan Miller
    Lorna Van Patten v. Pruedence Browne moderated by Elliot Carmichael

    Roar, Hiss! with Hieronymus Potgieter
    Bulb-a-soar with Vesta Bones an Mason Skeeter
    Will You Be My Valentine? with "Samuel Pendergast"
    It's Going Down, I'm Yelling Timber with Kenna McKinnon
    Origami with Tristan Michaud
    The Tall and Short of It with Barnabas Skeeter
    Nobody Panic with Esther Abbott and Mundungus MacFusty
    A.M.N.D. Auditions with Ellis Troutsbridge (NPC) et al.
    Some Kind of Resolution with Aurelia Browne
    A.M.N.D: Cast List on the Community Bulletin
    I Hate to be Dramatic with Mundungus MacFusty
    A.M.N.D: Rehersal with Ellis Troutsbridge (NPC) et al.
    A.M.N.D: Performance (Act III, Scene 1) with Kieran Abernathy et al.
    IC Gryffindor Tryouts '85 with Castor Allaway et al.
    DADA Scavenger Hunt! which is Homework
    Orange You A Sight with Mundungus MacFusty
    Of Badgers and Lions with Loretta Browne
    All That Glitters with Third through Fifth Years
    Wrapped Up with You with Mundungus MacFusty

    Go to Bed with Esther Abbott and Jalek Dronul
    Not Quite a Glorious Escape with Felicity Dove
    We Didn't Start the Fire with Barrett Keene et al.
    Flower Crowns and Homework Avoidance with Maxine Wood
    Green Eyed with Mundungus MacFusty
    Sullen with Morgana Gaunt
    IC Gryffindor Tryouts '86 with Castor Allaway et al.
    I Wanna Break You with Waffle Whitledge
    astronomy, art, comc, charms, dada, etiquette, herbology, hom, potions, transfig
    [Image: 1WHOCXo.jpg]
    [Image: sAUJoyG.png]
    set by Jenny
    Mrs. Rosalind Beaumont

    Concussive Reality with Leopold Trelawney and Elladora Black

    Kissy Kissy with Jeanne Delacour

    Gone in an Instant with Antonia Tucker, Alison Pendergast, and Luis Caldeira
    Fallen with Merrythought Galatea
    Like Moths to a Flame with Lysandra Sutherland and Prosper Giles
    Pure as a Unicorn with Third through Fifth Years
    Dear Rosalind with Linaeve Dawson
    An unmarked letter delivered by owl with Leopold Trelawney
    Supporting the Enemy with Ellory Pendergast and Ben Taylor
    Can't Take More Tears with Merrythought Galatea
    About our Sister ... with Regan Pendergast
    In Which Rosalind Seeks Advice from Elladora with Elladora Black
    The Closet Incident with Leopold Trelawney and Merrythought Galatea
    The morning of Christmas with the Pendergast Family

    Cut from the Team with Olivia Pendergast
    Tea Time Gone Awry with Victor Dixon
    Declarations with Olivia Pendergast
    They Say We're to Marry with Felix Prewett
    Secret Rendezvous with Leopold Trelawney
    Ismene Swift, Harlot with Ismene Swift
    This Above All with Leopold Trelawney
    To: The Pendergast Children with Olivia Pendergast
    WHORE with Aoife Pendergast
    Ladies Who Lunch with Olivia Pendergast
    The Ladies Lestrange with Olivia Pendergast et al.

    To the Pendergast Children with Olivia Pendergast
    Questions to be answered with Felix Prewett
    A Bright Red Envelope with Olivia Pendergast
    New Arrivals with Olivia Pendergast
    An Unmarked Letter with Linaeve Dawson
    Making My Own Future with Olivia Pendergast
    Fairest of them All with the Inglorious Knight
    On Patrol with Leopold Trelawney
    Clumsy with Ellory Pendergast
    All Things Change with Leopold Turnbull
    Nerves with Demarcus Argyle
    Bite the Bullet with Olivia Pendergast
    Once Dearest with Leopold Turnbull
    The Hunger Games with Sixth and Seventh Years
    HG: Red Team with Harvey Beauregard et al.
    HG: Purple Team with Angie Sinnet et al.

    to Mr. Argyle with Demarcus Argyle
    Potion Brewing: Group H moderated by Icarus Prince
    Dancing Bears, Painted Wings with Orpheus Parkinson
    Things I Almost Remember with Demarcus Argyle
    Rosalind Pendergast with Leopold Turnbull
    Mother Knows Best with Olivia Pendergast
    And a Song Someone Sings with Charming Doge
    Once Upon a December with Orpheus Parkinson
    Someone Holds Me Safe and Warm with Charming Doge
    Horses Prance Through a Silver Storm with James Herondale
    Figures Dancing Gracefully with Javert de Montfault
    Across My Memory with Charming Doge
    Far Away, Long Ago with Charming Doge
    The Dark Was Full of Other's Voice with Ellory Pendergast
    Glowing Dim as an Ember with Charming Doge
    NEWT Scores
    Too Much Reflection with Ellory Pendergast
    A Rose by Any Other Name with Olivia Pendergast et al.
    Things My Heart Used to Know with Charming Doge
    If She Doesn't Scare You with Charming Doge and Olivia Pendergast

    Prayer Beads with Ellory Pendergast
    /pretend this is recent with Evelyn Abercrombie et al.
    Time Can Never Mend with Mathias Beaumont
    Like an Eclipse in the Sky with Hector Waters
    Purple Rose with Mathias Beaumont
    A Thousand Apologies with Charming Doge
    Earth and Heaven with Charming Doge
    FFS. with Olivia Pendergast
    Run with Ellory Pendergast
    Having Sisters Can Be Useful with Charming Doge
    Yes with Regilla Cockburn
    Practical Matters with Olivia Pendergast
    WE'RE TABLE ONE! WE'RE TABLE ONE! with Olivia Pendergast et al.
    We Can Still Be Friends with Mathias Beaumont
    Final Fitting Redux with Mathias Beaumont
    Hide Your Face with Mathias Beaumont
    Purity Loves Company with Elladora Black
    kinda have to be here with Adrien Favreau
    Fun Times with Mathias Beaumont
    Sororal Bonds with Evelyn Abercrombie et al.
    *attempts to be subtle* with Mathias Beaumont
    *sucks at being subtle* with Mathias Beaumont
    *subtle enough to not be inappropriate* with Mathias Beaumont
    *tries to be smoooooth* with Mathias Beaumont
    Put a Ring On It with Mathias Beaumont
    A Guy That Can't Get No Love From Me with Ellory Pendergast
    On the Brink with Mathias Beaumont

    Small Minds Discuss People with Clementine Yaxley
    The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway with Amos Vaisey
    We're Not Broken, Just Bent with Ellory Pendergast
    Ellory Must Be Saying I Told You So
    Kingdom of Isolation with Olivia Pendergast
    In which Evey isn't a terrible sister. with Evelyn Abercrombie
    Waistcoats & Pocket Watches with Amos Vaisey
    The Mock Turtle's Song with Jasper Montague
    Swing the Flamingo with Benjamin Twemlove
    why is it always ME? D: with Mathias Beaumont
    Trials and Tribulations with Mathias Beaumont
    The Heart is a Mystery with Mathias Beaumont
    With Tender Loving Care with Mathias Beaumont
    Engagement Extravaganza with Mathias Beaumont
    Marriage wheeeee with Mathias Beaumont
    You Have a Drumstick and Your Brain Stops Tickin' with Nathalie Jennings
    [Image: oqvqx5.png][Image: 2qwn282.png]
    [Image: 2n8tv2c.jpg][Image: 6z3q8j.png]
    graphics by MJ

    Owl Murder with Sabrina Carrington
    Read Aloud with Threnody Mohr
    Snips and Snails with Titus St. Martin
    Homework should be made in pairs with Muireann Sheehan
    Skipping Stones with Eli Swan
    Carry On with Eli Swan
    Hit Pause with Eli Swan and Threnody Mohr
    Catch The Sunshine with Eli Swan
    No Recourse with Eli Swan
    Owl Treats with Petra Sleptova
    Rosamund Bones v. Rasmus Mohr moderated by Hamish Darrow
    Droopy Eyelids with Petra Sleptova and Beatrice Skye
    Boy & Snow with Florizel Collins-Potter
    Clear My Mind with Monty Lawrence
    Performance Anxiety with Gemma Simpson
    IC Quidditch Match: Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin
    Rasmus Mohr v. Tristain Carmichael moderated by James Reed
    Yarrow Macnair v. Rasmus Mohr moderated by Icarus Prince
    A Hole in the Snow with Muireann Sheehan

    Potion Brewing: Group E moderated by Nikolai Sleptov
    Potion Brewing: Group J moderated by Nikolai Sleptov
    Men Go to Battle, Women Wage War with Eva Sleptova et al.
    Rasmus Mohr v. Nigel Yaxley moderated by Hamish Darrow
    Rasmus Mohr vs. Castor Allaway moderated by Lila Pearson
    Hermes Calathes v. Rasmus Mohr moderated by Hamish Darrow
    Honeypot with Beatrice Skye
    Laugh At Others' Pain with Adasia Mohr
    Swish, swash, brainwash. with Robert MacFusty
    Seduction with Muireann Sheehan
    Oh so quiet with Huon Crabbe
    Practice Makes Perfect with Robert MacFusty
    Talk to Me with Benedict Sterling
    Simmer with Robert MacFusty
    IC Quidditch Match: Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff
    Ancient Studies 3-5 which is Homework
    Charms 3-5 [May 1884] which is Homework
    Today we're...journalists? [DADA 3-5] which is Homework
    Don't Meddle With Her Heart with Tilda MacFusty
    Conceal, Don't Feel with Marissa Greene
    In Perfect Symmetry with Robert MacFusty
    After My Dreaming [M] with Robert MacFusty
    White Owl's Feather with Robert and Griselda MacFusty
    Ready, Aim, Fire! with Tilda MacFusty
    Rawr with Sorcha MacFusty
    To: Mr. Rasmus Mohr with Icarus Prince
    The End of All Things with Griselda and Donald MacFusty
    A Baby Brother! with Edward Mohr et al.
    The Battle's Done and We Kinda Won with Felix Parkinson
    These Endless Days are Finally Ending in a Blaze with Watson Faulkner
    Code Duello with Nikolai Sleptov et al.
    Familiar Faces with Eli Swan
    Aromas and Bubbles with Diantha Montacute et al.
    Castor Allaway vs. Rasmus Mohr moderated by Moira Prewett
    IC Quidditch Match: Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff
    Figure Eights [M] with Tristan Michaud

    Potions {3 - 5} which is Homework
    I Spy With My Little Eye with Petra Sleptova
    Creative Tralfaz Title Goes Here with Tristan Michaud
    Suite in G with Novella Braunstone
    Stolen Moments with Tristan Michaud
    Horned Slugs with Fred Harrington
    Serenade with Tristan Michaud
    Subtext with Tristan Michaud
    Stuck on Repeat with Tristan Michaud
    Mixed Up Girl with Gemma Simpson
    Unchained Melody with Tristan Michaud
    Free Fallin' with Tristan Michaud and Fred Harrington
    Eight Days a Week with Tristan Michaud
    Lavender & Chamomile with Tristan Michaud
    A Tralfaz Valentine with Tristan Michaud
    A Ballad of Lemons and Valentines with Tristan Michaud and Fred Harrington
    And Bad Poetry, Too with Eli Swan
    Kaleidoscope of Memories with Tristan Michaud
    One Day More with Tristan Michaud
    Will You Be My Valentine? with "Petra Sleptova"
    ardent admiration with Phoebe Braintree
    My Lost Saints [M] with Tristan Michaud
    Underneath Your Skin with Petra Sleptova
    Of Handkerchiefs with Katherine Midford
    Still Looking Up with Elisabeth McKnight
    Faking Falls with Clarissa Cosgrove
    As Our Fingers Dance Across the Keys with Tristan Michaud, Harvey Beauregard, and Peeves
    Razzle Dazzle with Fred Harrington
    Forging Notes with Tristan Michaud
    Broken Glass with Tristan Michaud
    Out of Order with Tristan Michaud
    You Could Cut It With A Knife with Tristan Michaud and Fred Harrington
    The Religion of the Insecure with Fred Harrington
    A Very Veela Birthday with Tristan Michaud
    A Piece of π [M] with Tristan Michaud
    If You Wannabe My Lover with Tristan Michaud and Justin Adams
    Egg-speriment with First through Seventh Years
    Fly With Me And I Will Be Your Wings with Tristan Michaud
    puzzle it out with Fred Harrington and Tristan Michaud
    Ancient Studies {OWL & NEWT} with is Homework
    In A Dark, Dark Corridor with Tristan Michaud, Chastity Bentley, and Robyn Healy
    speak of the devil with Robyn and Riagán Healy
    Breaking Bad News with Edward Mohr
    Mohr Ning, Mohr Schemes with Threnody Mohr et al.
    That Gene Pool, Though with Jacques Michaud
    Daydreams and Cigarettes [M] with Tristan Michaud
    You Can't Handle the Truth! with Tristan Michaud
    What You Really Really Want with Hector Prince et al.
    Check Out My Pad with Tristan Michaud
    Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn with Lochlann Cleary
    Checking Up with Donald MacFusty
    Adventure Awaits! at Careers Day
    Our Hospital is Better Than Your Hospital at Careers Day
    It's Not About the Destination at Careers Day
    Come Work At The Mainstream Hospital at Careers Day
    Meow, Woof, Hiss! with Grace Wyatt
    Dreams Come Slow with Tristan Michaud
    Mix It Up with Tristan Michaud
    WTF Even with Sparrow Bloodworth
    HALP with Mariah Mohr
    Every Time I Try, Every Time I Try, Every Time I Try to Break Free with Tristan Michaud
    Curses with Clayton Ross
    Round and Round the Rugged Rock the Ragged Rascal Ran with Petra Sleptova
    Wit-ches Brew with Third through Fifth Years
    Loched in Here with Lochlann Cleary
    Early Out [M] with Tristan Michaud
    Can't Believe My Eyes [M] with Tristan Michaud
    I Do Want To Set The World On Fire with Adasia, Mariah, and Edward Mohr
    Arthur Harkiss vs. Rasmus Mohr moderated by Pandora Winterdowne
    OWL Scores
    Hector Prince Sucks with Tristan Michaud
    Not QUITE the End of the World [M] with Tristan Michaud
    Water Disaster! with Petra Sleptova
    Ugh, No with Riagán Healy
    We're Privileged Little Shits, Mohr with Valentine Pinkstone
    Tortured Memories with Alianor Rabnott
    Mirror of Broken Memory with Mundungus MacFusty
    And Then They Had Sex with Sixth and Seventh Years
    Because I'm Broken with Tristan Michaud
    Human Transfiguration (Gone Wrong) with Sixth and Seventh Years
    Feeling Squirrelly with Tristan Michaud
    NEWT Transfiguration of Sept 24th 1885 which is Homework
    Let's Talk About Sex with Clayton Ross
    Hey Good Lookin' with Aleksei Nichols
    Orange You Glad to See Me? with Tristan Michaud
    Nothing But Time to Kill with Tristan Michaud and Lucian Renaud
    Happy Feet (Not) with Katherine Midford and Clayton Ross
    Hit the Books with Nytelli Reese
    Passing Ships with John Humphrey-Mavis
    Gray Areas and Expectations with Mundungus MacFusty
    Why You Always Lying? with Aleksei Nichols
    Rasmus Mohr vs. Petra Sleptova moderated by Roland Oddpick
    Hello, Can You Hear Me? with Adasia Mohr
    Poor Little Kittens, Lost Their Mittens with Gemma Simpson
    Winter with Tristan Michaud
    And Never Again I'll Go Sea Gazing with Cecily Gallivan
    Flash Your Fins with Tristan Michaud
    I Can Be the Subject of Your Dreams with Aurelia Vernon
    Insert Fabulously Witty Title Here with Sparrow Bloodworth et al.
    Real Men Read Witch Weekly with Henry Berkwood et al.
    IC Quidditch Match; Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin
    Never Enough Razzle Dazzle with Rupert Bingham
    crushcrushcrush with Riagán Healy
    Silent Night, Holy Rage Batman! with Threnody Mohr et al.
    The Square Root of Sixty-Four [M] with Tristan Michaud

    Master Potioneer with Rosamund Bones et al.
    Little Menaces with Jacob Babineaux
    Potion Brewing: Group F moderated by Ari Fisk
    Best Title EVER with Aleksei Nichols
    Paper Faces on Parade with Sixth and Seventh Years
    Anon Hearts with Tristan Michaud
    Friendly Hearts with Clayton Ross and Katherine Midford
    Obnoxious Hearts with Petra Sleptova
    I Never Promised You a Rose Garden with Katherine Midford
    Ghosts with Gilroy MacFusty
    Playing for Keep(er)s with Philander Reid et al.
    Time After Time with Tristan Michaud
    I Hear The Clock Tick And Think Of You with Tristan Michaud
    Cauldron Burn with Aleksei Nichols
    You're Infamous with Clayton Ross
    Ravenclawish Rambling with Peter Troublefield
    Devil in Disguise? with Katherine Midford
    I Kissed a Pirate with Petra Sleptova
    Hashtag Awkward with Eoin Friel
    Talk Nerdy To Me with Owain Edwards
    The Walk Home with Acacia Ruskin
    Paint a Picture on my Skin [M] with Tristan Michaud
    Prick with Tristan Michaud
    Polish Your Broom with Jacob Babineaux
    Home to Roost with Petra Sleptova et al.
    Nudity Alert! with Benjamin Turner and Isaiah Triggs
    All Words To Me with Clarissa Cosgrove
    Flashback with Tristan Michaud
    club memberships: potions, dueling, music (band)
    ancient runes, ancient studies, arithmancy, charms,
    etiquette, history of magic, music, potions, transfiguration
    [Image: 8WPy3jW.jpg]
    Rasmus is half-veela, and so is supernaturally attractive to your ladies.
    [Image: 25rgw3k.jpg] [Image: N8V0TFk.gif] [Image: 20go2fp.jpg]
    • in memoriam • BY EMMA: onetwothree •
    Set by MJ
    Mr. Ozias Lovegood

    Requesting a Leave of Absence with Ezra Fairclough
    Resolutions with Arthur Pettigrew

    Snow-Men [M] with Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    Love Shack with St. John Pillsworth
    Flying Pigs with Cassius Lestrange
    Peace Offering with Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    The Night Hell Froze Over [M] with Samuel Echelon-Arnost and Olive Lovegood
    Ask an Awkward Question with Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    Invisible Owl with Magnus Lockhart
    Relapse with Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    Hypocrisy, Sweet Hypocrisy [M] with Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    A Giant Gun, Filled With Drugs with Cassius Lestrange
    You'll Never See Who I Am with Alice Lovegood
    Hey Sexy with Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    Baby Talk with Louisa Lovegood
    Oz You Idiot! with Louisa Lovegood
    The Things I Said when I was Drunk with Louisa Lovegood
    to Andren with Andren Lovegood
    Owl Feather Remembrance with Niall Donovan
    Dinner Drama with Roma and Andren Lovegood
    SICK!? with Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    Elephant in the Room with Louisa Lovegood
    Death and Dismay with Andren Lovegood
    Seeking Comfort with Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    Hubert Frederick le Puff with Samuel Echelon-Arnost and Louisa Lovegood
    Placing the Blame with Alice Lovegood
    Gambler's Hand with Avery Dante
    Not Quite Normal with Louisa Lovegood
    Strong Winds Blow Me This Way with Levictus Lawrence
    Wand Polish with Gaius Ollivander
    Of Various Woods with Gaius Ollivander
    Have a Gay Day with Threnody Mohr

    Lovegoods & Longbottoms with Demetria Longbottom et al.
    Governess Wanted on the Community Bulletin
    To: the Lovegoods with Emily James
    By Two To-Morrow with Emily James
    Pile of Angst with Alice Lovegood
    Move Our Feet to an Introspective Beat with Gaius Ollivander
    Did you forget something? with Alice Lovegood
    Just A Passing Thought with Aleixo Almeida
    Governess Wanted on the Community Bulletin
    To Mr. Ozias Lovegood with Mary Ashton
    Household Business with Mary Ashton
    I'm Only Here for the Booze
    Third Time's the Charm on the Community Bulletin
    Thrice Lucky with Florence Fletcher
    I Am Not A Dragon with Chaucer Evans
    Cliché with Eli Swan
    Nothin' On You with Marcellus Viridian

    Owl Purchase [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Turn the Lights Down [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Voulez-vous [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Her Name is Rose with Lucy Hinton
    Pig Maid on the Community Bulletin
    Dirty Valentine [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Vampire Smile [M] with Jacques Michaud
    HOW DO YOU CAT? with Jacques Michaud
    The Fairy Queen's End
    Of Ends and Beginnings with Marcella Weasley et al.
    Victorian Drunk Texting with Jacques Michaud
    Please Don't Break [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Fix You [M] with Jacques Michaud and Alice Lovegood
    I Am Leaving with Alice Lovegood
    Loose Lips Sink Ships [M] with Jacques Michaud and Daniel Sharp
    A Venture with Jacques Michaud
    Blind Man's Bluff [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Numb [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Furious Scrubbing with Crumpet Keighley
    Full House with Jacques Michaud
    Circling Toms with Tristan Michaud
    Self-Inflected Quarantine with Jacques Michaud
    Exposed Edges [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Happy Birthday, Dear Sister with Alice Lovegood
    Paws in the Paint [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Six Degrees with Owen McKnight
    Colors with Jacques Michaud
    Zoo Day with Jacques Michaud
    What I Need I Cannot Have with Jacques Michaud
    Itch with James Herondale
    Hold Your Breath and Count to Twelve [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Drop by Drop
    Promises, Promises with Jacques Michaud
    Bee Mine with Jacques Michaud
    Where We Stand [M] with Jacques Michaud
    If you play someone related to Demy or Justice Longbottom ... with Demetria Longbottom et al.
    You're Giraffing me Crazy with Jacques Michaud
    Employee of the Month with Owen McKnight
    Primrose Promises with Jacques Michaud
    Always, always, always a bridesmaid. with Alice Lovegood
    Elephant Love Songs with Jacques Michaud
    At The End of The Day with Isaac Ainsworth
    You Kill The Lights, I'll Draw The Blinds [M] with Jacques Michaud
    It's Like Bachelorette with Roberto Devine
    Into the Night [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Talk That Talk with Zian Zhao and Alice Lovegood
    All I Want For Christmas Is You with Jacques Michaud

    Every Day Words Turn Into Love Songs with Jacques Michaud
    Testing the Waters with Adelia Lovegood
    All the Potential with Bentley Alden
    Love of my Life [M] with Jacques Michaud
    Walk the Moon with Maisie McArtain
    Walk the Hog with Kentigern MacFusty
    [Image: LPmBfH3.png]
    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
    [Image: 2vbk3zo.jpg] [Image: nxxLwFr.png]
    Miss Cassandra Trelawney

    How Can I Help You? with Katharina Grey
    Damsel in Mild Distress with James Ellesborough and Alice Lovegood
    What was it about? with Mordecai Greengrass
    So Sorry with Nolan Walsh
    Changes with Nolan Walsh
    Some Other Beginning's End with Nolan Walsh
    Girls and Boys with Abraham Aesalon and Sarah Marlowe
    Attraction with Nolan Walsh
    I Took Your Advice with Abraham Aesalon
    The Power of Female Intuition with Nolan Walsh
    La Petite Mort [M] with Nolan Walsh
    A REALLY Unexpected Arrival with Norah Walsh
    Scarlet Tragedy with Nolan and Norah Walsh
    Pay Me, Oh Pay Me with Esther Twilfit
    Broken Dolls [M]

    Veil of Shame [TW] with Esther Twilfit
    Happiness Can be Found Even in the Darkest of Times
    Sweet Child of Mine
    Seems Impossible with Alfred Tatting

    Check Yes or No with Jasper Pippin
    Ray of Hope with Jasper Pippin
    Cats, man idk with Abraham Aesalon
    Feel free to PM me for all things prophecy and plot related on that front.
    [Image: 2in8rm.jpg]
    set by Soph
    Mr. Hector Prince

    Please do not hate me too much with Mathilda Prince
    Too Cool to be Cheery with Yarrow Macnair
    Slytherin Tryouts 1884 with Yarrow Macnair et al.
    To: Mr. Hector Prince with Viola Prince
    Aromas and Bubbles with Diantha Montacute et al.
    Florizel Collins-Potter vs. Hector Prince moderated by Matthew McGonagall
    IC Quidditch Match: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
    Perhaps a Pal with Gunther Winthrop and Aragorn Darke

    Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things with Third through Fifth Years
    Potions {3 - 5} which is Homework
    Morbid with Tristan Michaud
    Will You Be My Valentine? with "January Lynch"
    What You Really Really Want with Tristan Michaud et al.
    I Know What You Are with Tristan Michaud
    Grapevine Blues with Justin Adams and Clarissa Cosgrove
    God Dammit with Tristan Michaud
    Awkward Turtle with Lila Pearson
    Wit-ches Brew with Third through Fifth Years
    Let me Out! with Tristan Michaud
    OH HELL NO with Tristan Michaud
    Hector Prince vs. Tom O'Hare moderated by Barnabas Skeeter
    Blame France with Tristan Michaud
    Tristan Michaud Sucks with Eoin Friel
    Curiosity with Xenon Pyrites
    Smooth Like Cacti with Eoin Friel
    Hope It Gives You Hell with Tristan Michaud
    IC Quidditch Match; Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin
    You Make My Heart Shake with Eoin Friel
    I Can't Turn Away with Eoin Friel

    What Makes You Tick with Eoin Friel
    Sulk with Eoin Friel
    A Mouse in a Cage of Snakes with Willow Ridley et al.
    I Just Can't Help Myself with Tristan Michaud
    club memberships: potions, book
    alchemy, art, charms, dada, etiquette, ghoul studies, herbology, music, potions, transfig
    [Image: 10xszev.jpg]
    [Image: aio0ya9.gif] [Image: 2n8tv2c.jpg] [Image: GBKazzF.png]
    [Image: 3fw8QNu.gif] [Image: opnDDQo.png]
    omfg this set! it's by MJ
    Miss Minerva Primpernelle
    Mousy Minnie

    Duckweed Ducky Duck! with Marjolaine St. John
    Little Stings with Ezra Fairclough

    met by chance with Anna Grant
    Food for Thought with Audrina Forest
    Eureka! with Ezra Fairclough
    Giving All Your Secrets Away with Owen McKnight
    Oh, Duck! with Ben Berenson
    Be My Guinea Pig with Audrina Forest
    Can We Fix It? with Joseph Masters

    Whistle While You Work with Gertrude Shunpike
    Siblings with Evander Primpernelle
    attar of roses with Ezra Fairclough
    I Take Your Hands in Mine with Gertrude Shunpike
    [Image: NZBkXtu.jpg]
    [Image: 14o9e6s.png] [Image: 2vbk3zo.jpg] [Image: 24osrah.png]
    set by Jenny
    Miss Vanessa Fudge

    My Sweet Honey Badger with John Humphrey-Mavis and Peridot Weasley

    Girls Will Be Girls with January Lynch
    Will You Be My Valentine? with "Theodore Gallivan"
    A Heart in Flight with John Humphrey-Mavis
    Trapped! with Peeves and John Humphrey-Mavis
    Sugar Babies with Philip Aymslowe
    wild imagination with Robyn Healy and Arthur Harkiss
    Vanessa Fudge vs. Phoebe Beauregard moderated by Roland Oddpick
    One Way Street with Winifred Fudge et al.

    Sugar and Tea with Philip Aymslowe
    At Last with Philip Aymslowe
    Splish, Splash! with Charlotte Winslow and Tristan Carmichael
    Strange Magic with Philip Aymslowe
    art, comc, divination, etiquette, herbology, music, potions, transfiguration
    [Image: 24fiu5s.jpg]
    AMAZING set by Ladybug!
    Mr. Keefe O'Fannon

    And All The Colours I'm Inside with Albion Tuft
    Doctor Foster with Elsa Tinker
    We Daren't Go A-Hunting with Bastet Qeb
    Don't mind me with Eloise van der Zee
    Dozen Darling Delights with Audrina Forest
    One Hundred Flowers with Audrina Forest
    A.M.N.D. Auditions with Ellis Troutsbridge (NPC) et al.
    A.M.N.D: Cast List on the Community Bulletin
    A.M.N.D: Rehersal with Ellis Troutsbridge (NPC) et al.
    A.M.N.D: PERFORMANCE (ACT I, SCENE 2) with Edward Spring et al.
    A.M.N.D: Performance (Act III, Scene 1) with Kieran Abernathy et al.
    Hag Corner? More Like Murder Corner with Audrina Forest and Souri Avninder
    Over the Threshold with Audrina O'Fannon

    KNOCK ME UP PLZ [M] with Audrina O'Fannon
    Boar's Cheek with Keavy O'Fannon
    Good Things Are Coming with Audrina O'Fannon
    Memories with Ezra Fairclough
    [Image: Ad8Ykjw.png]
    Lilypie Maternity tickers
    Miss Grace Otherhaus

    Backstage Blues with Charlotte Perkins
    A.M.N.D. Auditions with Ellis Troutsbridg (NPC) et al.
    A.M.N.D: Cast List on the Community Bulletin
    A.M.N.D: Rehersal with Ellis Troutsbridge (NPC) et al.
    A.M.N.D: Performance (Act III, Scene 1) with Kieran Abernathy et al.
    Adamina Flamel vs. Grace Otherhaus moderated by Mortimer Skeeter
    Lost the Quill with Julia Bennetsen
    A good use of curses with Georgianna Shacklebolt
    Collision Course with Josiah Rohlwing

    Just A Little Crush with Josiah Rohlwing
    Errands with Josiah Rohlwing
    [Image: 1rae04.jpg]
    [Image: 29wak5e.gif] [Image: 2n8tv2c.jpg]
    Mr. Mordred Parkinson

    The Most Uncomfortable of Meals with the Parkinsons
    Best Do It Yourself with Dorcas Wellbeloved
    Mordred Parkinson vs. Samuel Pendergast moderated by Wilkie Swott
    Mordred Parkinson vs. Cecily Gallivan moderated by Rosaline Bennett

    We Both Rich with Rupert Bingham
    Into the Fire with Clarissa Cosgrove
    Jitters with Joseph Scrimgeour
    Rich Boy Things with Rupert Bingham
    Restricted with Joseph Scrimgeour
    ancient studies, art, astronomy, charms, dada, etiquette, herbology,
    history of magic, muggle studies, music, potions, transfiguration
    [Image: mordredsig.png]
    [Image: ORJpvHv.gif] [Image: 2n8tv2c.jpg]
    Amazing set by Alex!
    Mr. Jason Zakarian

    Lion and the Lamb with Aleksei Nichols
    The 1885 Sorting Ceremony with the Sorting Hat and Incoming First Years
    Snake Fangs with Laoise Simpson et al.
    Hogwarts Airport Regrets Delays Due To Inclement Weather with First Years
    Shake It Off with Aleksei Nichols
    Orange You Freaking Out?! with Aleksei Nichols
    Everything is Grey with Tristan Michaud
    Blondes Have More Fun? with Aleksei Nichols
    Be Our Guest with Aleksei Nichols

    Upside Down, Bouncing Off the Ceiling with Laoise Simpson
    Trapped! with Aleksei Nichols
    I Don't See You with Sage Macnair
    Kissing Brings Cooties with First and Second Years
    You're In My Spot with Archelaus Abney
    Pearl and Alexandrite with Aleksei Nichols
    Just Take Me Out with Aleksei Nichols
    Ew Social with Aleksei Nichols
    Whoops, My Bad with Maybelle Marriot
    Kumbaya with Ignatius Quirrell
    Skip to my Lou with Aleksei Nichols and Mason Skeeter
    Leaping Toadstools with First and Second Years
    art, astronomy, charms, dada, etiquette, herbology, hom, music, potions, transfig
    [Image: rFNIGU6.png]
    Jason is pale, gaunt, and has elongated canines. He bruises and sunburns easily.
    [Image: 04wzduL.png] [Image: 25rgw3k.jpg]
    Miss Bessie Hagrid

    Look Out! with Winter Avery
    When Pigs Fly with Joella Wood
    Come Again Another Day with Willow Ridley
    Home to Roost with Petra Sleptova et al.
    September: Potions: Year 1-2 with First and Second Years
    The Sorting with The Sorting Hat and Incoming First Years
    I Got the Eye of the Lion with Cameron Gillenwater
    Miss Silence Beechworth

    Prowling Wonderland with Prudence Silvertree
    Paranoid With Every Paragraph with Prudence Silvertree
    A Moment with Modesty Beechworth
    It Starts From Innocence with Innocent Howell
    A Mixed Mixer with Prudence Silvertree
    Silence is secretly a half-veela and so is supernaturally attractive to men.
    [Image: NtimAJM.png]
    [Image: kci4r7.png][Image: 2vbk3zo.jpg]
    Miss Rebecca Hart

    Whose Ball is it Anyway with Benjamin Twemlove
    #twinning with Rachel Hart

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