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The Language of the Flowers was a popular method to express feelings where words might be improper, but did you know other means of doing so? Some ladies used their parasols, as well as their fans, gloves, and hankies to flirt with a gentleman (or alternatively, tell them to shove it!). — Bree

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Ester Montgomery for Thomas Montgomery. The one that got away (with the pornographer...)
This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.

Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa

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A Family of Cowards
August 1, 1888 - Evening - Lécuyer Family Household
It was late. Father had dragged her home. What a ridiculous action. Especially for a man who was too cowardly to stay for the entire expedition. He hadn't even been in the hotel. It was a mockery to their family name. Odette had hid her upset quite well. Keeping quiet was smart, especially when it came to her father. But at least he had gone on the expedition. While she would not have approved of Naeva going, it felt as if her sister hadn't even tried to join. At least her twin had gone and stayed. What a shocking turn of events. Perhaps it was the frustration toward her father that made her think such things of her sister. It seemed like over the years that Naeva was more and more becoming the favorite of their father. Odette used to be the favorite sibling. All until her twin started acting out. It was as if... she wasn't a separate person from her twin anymore. Not in his eyes at least.

Odette went straight to her room. Not too unusual due to the fact that it was so late.

Naeva Lécuyer

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Naeva wished she could have gone on the expedition. But no. She was too young. She doubted anyone would ever have allowed it, but she wished.

Maybe that was why Naeva was glad that Father was bringing Odette home. She could lie, say it was simply joy at her sister being safe and sound and home, or maybe jest with her and talk about how their sister could be far more of a proper lady. In fact, she probably would. She was waiting in Odette's bedroom, settled comfortably at the foot of the bed in her night dress, with her hair braided for sleep and her hands folded on her lap.

She was still not happy with this whole wandless-summer thing, but she was dealing with it. Sure, Father had promised that he would teach her and her sisters how to work magic without a wand, but then Irvingly and Hogsmeade were covered in a magic-sucking fog and all of a sudden he and her sisters were signing up for the expeditions, leaving Naeva all by her lonesome without anyone to talk to but the staff. She wasn't even leaving the house to go shopping or socialize. To say the least, she'd gone stir crazy.

Okay, so she was immensely pleased that it was the sane sister coming back. That didn't change the envy. So as the door to the bedroom opened, Naeva smiled. "Hello, sister. It's good to see you."
It was a shame that her twin had been injured. While Odette had grown to be constantly frustrated with Mireille, at least the rebellious twin had proven that she wasn't a coward. Having actually attended the expedition, and not run off at the first opportunity that she got. That did give Odette some hope for her twin.

Opening her door for her room, she was greeted with her youngest sister. Bitterness had not disappeared the moment she saw Naeva. Rather, it bubbled to the surface. While bitterness was not to be shown to her father, sisters did not always get to escape Odette's judgement. The frown she had been masking for her father was now out in the open. "Yes, though it was not from success. The idiots that I was paired with were too terrible to bear."

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"Yes, I would imagine that might be a most unfortunate scenario," Naeva conceded, inclining her head gently. "To think, I've been home this whole time envious of you and Mireille, getting to go off on an adventure. I would likely have tried to jinx my compatriots were they to think me weak." A quiet laugh bubbled up from within, as she stood.

It wasn't often that Naeva was willing to spend more than ten minutes in the presence of her siblings, but she could see quite easily that Odette was tired, flustered, and above all else, annoyed. So she opted for the path of peacemaking. The simplest path she could take was to aide Odette in her preparations for bed - something they had once done with her, when they were much younger and far more naïve. Before Hogwarts.

"Would you like me to ready your hair for bed?" she asked.
Most unfortunate scenario indeed. "Worst of all, I was plagued with the misfortune of being placed in a group with the likes of Annabelle Scrimgeour. Rotten luck. Especially given the fact that I had almost found a clue when she had done something stupid and ruined our groups chances." She grumbled. Electing to ignore the other part of what her sister had mentioned, she held in a scoff. Naeva was technically old enough. 17, the adult age in the eyes of the Ministry, was the youngest one could be. Naeva was 18. Not that father would have liked her to go anyway. Father didn't seem pleased that any of them went. Especially himself. Which simply made him look foolish. Going on an expedition that he would just leave on the first day. Made him look like a coward.

Odette was a caring and loving sister most of the time. Tonight however was one of those nights to which she couldn't stand the idea of her sisters. Frustration was the main feeling that was on her mind. People only saw her as her twin. It was one thing to get mistaken for her twin. It was completely another thing to have people think she would act the same. While those she normally spoke with her and knew her could see past her twin, it seemed as if others (including her family) only saw her based on thinking of her twin. She wasn't the same person. Every day she made it a point to do her best to show that she was better. More proper, more elegant, more responsible. Why couldn't others see that? Why couldn't her father and sisters see that?

What should she say to her sister? It wasn't as if she was at her best at the moment. "Alright." She stated simply. Might as well get it over with.

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No. No, the Ministry would never put a Rose in a group with the pariah of modern magical society. Annabelle Scrimgeour was the worst of the worst of the worst, and Naeva pitied her twin. At lease Mireille wasn't a strumpet - just a singularly rebellious young lady who needed far more etiquette classes than what the Pendergast School offered. "I must confess, that is a most disturbing thought. I would imagine the Ministry to have better thought of propriety - such a ridiculous creature as her walking about with someone as proper as you." Naeva gave a visible shiver. "I hope it was nothing more despicable than mere oversight."

Carefully, Naeva began to work Odette's hair from her proper style, pulling pins and setting them in a small bowl on her eldest sister's dressing table, working loose knots with a delicate touch. It might've been a while, but Naeva still knew what to do. It didn't take long to unravel the hairstyle, and once her hair was loose, the youngest of the Lécuyer siblings began to weave it into a tight, long plait, to keep it from getting knotted as she slept. It was the exact thing that Naeva did each night, to keep her own hair from getting uncomfortable.

"I missed you, Odette," she said gently. "I was worried. For you."
While the rest of the Scrimgeour family seemed to have their own rumors circling, it was more likely that Miss Annabelle had cast a shadow on most of them. Poor souls, it had likely been a mistake to have taken her back from those muggles at all. "It didn't seem like the Ministry was thinking at all. Not with that silly Minister that was elected. Perhaps a more competent one would have not had to ask civilians to do take part in official Ministry business."

It wasn't too surprising that Naeva knew what to do with her own hair. Though it was more of a servants task, they had done this as children. Even when Odette was becoming more of a lady, she still had made time to play to her sister's wishes. It could be rather calming. "Tell me, have you missed I or our sister more?" She asked in pure curiosity.

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Naeva simply nodded along with Odette's words, agreeing. The Ministry seemed so incompetent most of the time - and it felt as though it had grown worse since Mr. Ross's election. Naeva may not have paid much attention to politics, but she did pay attention to society. Anyone's opinion could be dangerous, especially if they were in an office of importance like Minister of Magic. Honestly, Naeva sometimes wondered how anyone could stand to work in that place. It seemed dreadfully boring.

Weaving a braid was something Naeva had learned when she was still very young, learning from her older sisters. That, perhaps, was the best thing about having older sisters. As the youngest, she was able to lean on their knowledge and experience. More Odette's than Mireille's, though. She loved both of them, but Mireille's technique for social interaction was, thus far, rather lacking of propriety. So her answer was likely obvious. "I missed you both quite a bit, but I did miss you more. You and I are the the good ones." A light laugh escaped her. She never would admit that thought in public. It was something she only expressed to her eldest sister.

She trusted Odette.
Part of Odette had wished that she could be in the Ministry so that she could make a real difference. This was her hope for when she was married, upon her husband's approval. Making a difference that mattered. Not silly decisions made by naïve people. Perhaps she was too opinionated, but she didn't care. But she did have to be careful.

Braiding hair had been taught to Odette and her twin by their mother. Not that Odette remembered much from that. It was more of a muscle memory than a mental one. She did wonder if Mireille still remembered. When had they last braided each other's hair? When had the three of them had a peaceful evening together, no bickering in the mix? It felt like forever ago. Nodding lightly to her sister's answer, it calmed her a bit. "I missed you to. You were possibly the only one in this family that I missed." She mumbled softly. If there was anything she knew, it was that her sister Naeva could keep her mouth shut. Hurting father's pride was unwise unless one was prepared to handle the aftermath.

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