Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Dante Does Plotting
    Open Thread 

    Centaur Chief
    Aeror is the head of the Centaur herd, he has been in charge for a number of years, and while his personality if gruff and rather rough around the edges, he is actually a pretty decent guy.  He appears strict and can be with younger members of the herd.  
    Now as leader of the herd he must contend with all of the usual issues of leadership, including his most recent run in with the vampires of the forest. An encounter which did not end politely as he forced the wounded creature to make a run for it under pain of death. In 1886 he attended the Sanditon conference in order to try and make inroads into the prejudice of wizards.

    In the spring of 1887 he was attacked by a werewolf in the forbidden forest and was forced to make his way into town in order to seek aid, lest he bleed out in the streets. He once again met the vampire that he had encountered in the forest, this time the tables were rather turned.
    I would love for him to have a friend at the castle, a few professors who know of him and can have a conversation in passing.  I have a little idea involving him and some incoming firsties if there were was a firstie who wanted a scary big bud, perhaps to handle bullies, or because they don’t have very many friends.  His family are adoptable so I'd love a few of them played, and I have a head canon about a best friend of his, if anyone was interested in playing another centaur.  
    He doesn’t like human seers - he thinks they are charlatans -maybe a rivalry with someone?
    Or if someone has designs on something in the forest you are going to have a problem.  He really isn’t a fan of vampires or werewolves.  
    I wouldn’t mind a female centaur flirt, someone who would challenge him and not take his crap.  But if there was a human girl who wanted to flirt either in earnest or to make someone jealous (after all he is a beef cake) he'd oblige!

    Antonia Greyback
    32 years old
    Devil May Care
    Antonia is the sister of Marcus Lytton, and not known for having great fashion sense, other than when her brother dresses her.  As a result she has a love hate relationship with Witch Weekly, they love writing about her and hate her fashion.  Antonia is known for very publically responding.  

    Antonia’s family of course, were not told of the Greyback family ‘quirk’  -instead they simply believe the family are one of those ‘odd’ highland dwelling insular families, that are very socially awkward.  Antonia is in no way ashamed of her husband, and in-laws werewolf-ism however, she keeps the secret because she loves the family and they are very important to her.  The wedding was duly set and the pair married, quickly producing a number of children.  The family live in ‘Greyback Reach’ an unplottable and expansive estate in the highlands of Scotland.  It is spelled to only be accessible to invited individuals (making the mystery of the flu malfunction all the more perplexing).  During the 3 days of the moon, the non-lycan members of the family spend the days in London, or safely spelled inside the castle, while the feral males hunt deer in the forests around the estate.  If anyone should ask, which is infrequent because the men are not known for being social, people are told that the men are away on a hunting party.  
    Antonia is very public, and as such would have a good circle of society friends, probably a very mixed bag that wouldn’t consider blood to be an issue.  They could either want to hang around with her because they like her attitude, even if they don’t want to emulate it, or they want to be sitting in the room when she does something scandalous.  
    She has a huge family of in-laws and their various wives, all of whom would know the family secret, and socialise together on a regular basis.  I would love some Greyback family members, aside from the facts that Greybacks are cool!
    Also some down and out werewolves might be able to smell the wolf on her from her family and think they have an ally, which in fairness she would be.
    She has a wolf like loyalty, and would take treacherous, double speakers to task.  I would LOVE for her to have a very public, very well-known hater ship with another socialite.  The two would openly, and obviously despise each other.  Also WW writers, she hates those people!
    Noni is besotted by her husband, he is a werewolf on the DL, and she would never dream of cheating on him.  I would love if someone picked him up.    

    18 years old
    Upperclass - PB
    Socially Awkward
    Wandwork wiz
    Ari is one of a pair of twins, the one that wasn’t kidnapped, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a bit of an awkward turtle.  She speaks too freely, and isn’t great with social graces, she knows what she should say but gets tongue tired and distracted in the moment.  Despite this as her exam years began Ari proved that her ambition and talent were not wasted, she got E’s and O’s in all subjects, with her wand work proving to be exceptionally accurate and precise. Ari is excited for her NEWTs she is taking a full course load and even more looking forward to coming out.
    Ari is generally a pretty nice girl, but she’s a follower rather than a leader, need an ear, she’s your girl, need backup, she’s got you!  Any of this years debutantes, or girls of roughly the same age, or blood purity have the potential to be buds with her.  She is a bit socially inept and niave so a more dominant/out there friend would be the best thing ever!
    Potentially quite a few people could hate her, or her sister, after all her sister was raised by muggles so purists could dislike one, or both girls.  She could be mistaken for her sister.  I have no immediate thoughts on a hatership but I’m open to it.
    She cannot flirt for toffee, However, she will be spending the season helping her friend Pip get her man, and it would be interesting if someone was perhaps interested in her but she was so focused on their plot she failed to notice.  She is also a pureblood and could also be in an arranged marriage with someone totally uninterested or unsuitable.

    21 years old
    Middle Class -PB
    Green Thumb
    Benevolence is one of those wide eyed people, everything feels like a revelation and she can see the beauty in almost everything, and everyone.  She trusts flowers more than people, and does have a tough time opening up.  

    Without much social connection, or indeed inclination, Benevolence debuted at the Hogwarts ball and quickly dropped the season going to work with her father in his store, keen to learn the ropes of the trade.  However, tragedy would strike one last time, as her father died of a heart attack less than a week after she joined him in the shop.  She came out of mourning in the Winter of 1885.  
    She's a little reserved and quiet, so a few close friends would be awesome, a little group that perhaps she went to school with, or a close circle of people who are also into plants as much as she is.  She is all kinds of reserved so I would like her to have that one kinda out there friend who brings her out of herself.  
    She’s pretty inoffensive, but a rival breeder could be cool, and if you can think of a reason why you might hate her…go for it!
    A nice middle class man! Someone a bit goofy who can bring her out of herself, maybe stop her from taking herself so seriously! She would marry lower class for someone who can make her smile.
    Alternatively I have a plot whereby she gets her heart broken, and taken advantage of, and has the potential to get hit hardest by my rather bleak ‘Song challenge’ songs.  Basically it would entail her and a gent being amormentia-ed and ending up in bed – Drama ensues from there.  

    13 years old
    Upperclass - PB
    Half Veela on the DL
    Her Veela mother died in child birth and her father moved the family to India, where his own investments were situated.  He doted on the little girl, content to make her the centre of his world.  He surrounded her with opulence, and beautiful things.  She had an endless number of servants and attendants to cater to her every whim, most of whom were natives of the Indian sub-continent.  At a very young age she had almost complete control of a staff of 40, overseen of course by Ram Dass, her father’s principle manservant.  As long as they were safe her orders were carried out.  
    When arriving at Hogwarts she is sorted into Slytherin house, because despite her sweet appearance, and usually kind temperament, she is used to being in command of people and she is ambitious to also command others again.
    Cecily is very friendly but aware of her status, she will be friends with people of any class but it may be very condescending to those of a lower class then herself.  It's not meant badly it just might come off that way.  I would love for her to have a few little upper class pureblood girls who all think of themselves as a bit better than others and want to be future socialites.  
    When arriving at Hogwarts she is sorted into Slytherin house, because despite her sweet appearance, and usually kind temperament, she is used to being in command of people and she is ambitious to also command others again.
    See the friends tab, basically there are a lot of reasons someone could have to dislike Cecily.  She has a veela temper and thinks she’s better than many people.  I would love for her to have a school rival, someone who dislikes her attitude and thinks she’s is too far up herself, or another UC, little girl to be a frenemy.  
    She's only a kid but on paper she is an UCPB and a family might want to arrange a match with a boy still in school, it could lead to some cute/hilarious threads when they are at school to have them hate on each other.

    30 years old
    Upperclass - PB
    Sharp Wit
    Circe is a middle class pureblood, who married up into the Podmore family.  Her mother was very pleased with the match, and so indeed, was Circe.  She strives to be the perfect socialite and upper class wife, and is currently training to be an animagus, for no reason other than amusement.  She is immensely proud of her children.  

    When the Great Laughing plague  hit England her father died of the illness, and her sister Josephina’s decline into spinsterhood begans.  Her brother inherits the estate and Circe wonders if he will ever remove his head from his books long enough to bother finding a wife. A year after her fathers death, Circe and Hudson’s first child, a fine strong son was born, securing her position as the perfect pureblood wife.  As Josephina turns 26, she is dispatched to the nunnery of St. Alistair de Morosus,  Pressure now mounts on the younger Moody girls to marry, or risk the same fate.  Circe has her second child, a girl, who she dresses and pets, and treats like a doll.  
    She would be similar to Maergery Tyrell, trying to be friends with everyone but keenly aware of who her enemies were and determined to keep them close.  I would like for her to have one or two really close friends, people who she trusts.  
    She loves her sisters, even if she does give the younger ones a hard time, and is hard on them generally about their prospect
    FRIENEMIES! She should definitely have some, probably those who consider her a social climber.  Perhaps also people she was friends with before her marriage that she now snubs.
    She is happily married to Hudson Podmore, she would probably engage in a little innocent teasing than her but wouldn’t actually do anything.  If someone wanted to play ol’Hudson that would be awesome.  

    25 years old
    House elf
    Born into a family of house elves in service to a family of high born wizards. Both of his parents served the family well and happily. Dogious and his siblings are treated rather coldly by the family and are given related and rather peculiar names, so wizards could identify which 'breed stock' the young house elves were from.

    At the age of 4 He was 'stolen' from the family...but not exactly. He was won from them in a game of cards, even if the card game might have been a cheat slightly. His new master was Feligor Rooks, a con artist and thief, who had scammed his way into a high stakes game and had cleaned out the young heir of the family who had wagered one of the expensive house elves in lieu of anymore cash.

    When Dodger was 18, Feligor was arrested by Aurors, and was presumed killed in an escape attempt from Azkahban. Technically free, Dodger did not think he wanted a new family and has remained a free elf ever since, stealing everything and anything he needed to survive, working with a myriad of shadey characters, and dodgy groups over the years as suited his purpose.

    The most likely candidates for friendships would be other illegal types, anyone else with a shady past, or would like something stolen for them.  He isn’t really capable of a ‘real’ friendship instead he would be more likely to use anyone who offered him friendship.  Someone could offer to rehabilitate him, and see how that goes.  

    Chances are he has tried to steal from most of the residents of Magical England, and probably the non-magical ones as well.  There are a myriad of reasons you could hate Dodger, not least of which is his general unpleasantness.  

    ehhh…unless someone has a weird fetish, I don’t think so.

    19 years old
    Upperclass - PB
    Scatter brained
    Estella was born on a cold January morning, the 4th child of her mother and 8th child of her fathers.  She was raised as all pureblood rich children were raised, but her father took great joy in spending time in the nursery reading or inspecting the drawings that had been done throughout the day.  When Estella was 2 years old her mother expressed a desire to take up a profession, strange as it was for the time.  With her husband’s blessing, and relying on her excellent grades in Charms and knowledge of curses, she received work examining cursed artefacts for a private museum.  
    After her father moved to England with his new wife, and her new siblings she remained in Bulgaria for another year, moving to England for the summer of 1887, the plan being that she would complete one more year of Finishing school before debuting in England and re-joining her father’s home.  Which she doesn’t really mind, she quiet likes her fathers new wife, she was a nice girl in school according to her older sister.  She doest try to ‘mother’ Estella and as such Estella doesn’t take issue with the age gap, and she is looking forward to coming out in a new society.
    Estella is bright eyed, bushy tailed, and has just debuted in England, having just moved here from Sweden.  I would love for her to become friends with some debutants who are in their first season, ideally others who feel a little out of water.  She is a pureblood, but isn’t a blood purist so anyone is good to go. Rep 4+ for friends though, she is interested in just about everything!

    I’m not sure why you would hate her, but she might say something that offends you, you might hate her because of her race, or maybe you don’t like Bulgarians, I don’t know, but there could be something interesting in having some folks dislike each other.
    She has a romance plot in the works but some innocent fliration never hurt a girl, also she is pretty guileless, she probably won’t notice she is being flirted with.  

    30 years old
    Upperclass - HB
    Old fashioned
    Francois brother was murdered by a mentally unstable pureblood that he quilted and jilted, and now he has a ward that has been left effectively orphaned.  So as it happens Francois left his Auror training, and went into Foreign Service as had been his father’s wish for his heir.

    Eventually receiving a posting to Britain, which he thinks is for the best, as few here would know his tragic family history, or his niece’s origins and he hopes that she can go to school happily here, out of the shadow of her mother’s madness.
    He is very liberal and accepting, so very little by way of blood or class will put him off from someone. However, he will take longer to warm up to purebloods than others because of what happened with his brother.  I would love him to get to know other French people, and anyone else that’s international.  

    I would love for him to have a valet, or man servant that he treats as a friend, perhaps someone he knew from school.  At the moment his sister is one of his closest friends, and the two are very close with each other.  

    Anyone who hates the French? IDK

    Hurl! He’s a kind sensitive type – unlikely to go for a pureblood but could be organically hurled at one.  He is in active hurl mode and is open for threading!

    21 years old
    Upperclass - PB

    Ginevra Blackwood is born, and named after Eugenia Blackwoods mother, another strong woman after whom it was hoped Ginevra would take.  Ginny completes her OWLs and NEWTs with strong grades, and then debuted in a private coming out ceremony, much more interested in trying out for a professional team than she was in making a splash in society. Ginevra tried out for the Cudley Canons straight out of Hogwarts, Her parents are not entirely pleased with her choice of profession, or that she chose a profession at all. Her mother is a supporter of women's suffrage and believes women are mens equals but wishes her daughter was a little more subtle in her views. She wants grandchildren and doesnt want Ginny’s outspoken nature to spoil her chances. Ginevra lives with her brother in Hogsmeade, but they maintain a house in Chudley to facilitate training, and a home in London where their parents still reside.

    Ginny plays Quidditch and therefore everyone, from every team would likely know her, and she’d be social with them.  I’d love for her to have a bohemian group of friends, who want to be revolutionaries.  She isn’t big into blood purity so would socialise with just about everyone.

    Upperclass purebloods who think she is too liberal, and not concerned enough with her blood purity, and catty girls who think she isn’t feminine enough.  I’m open to ideas.

    This PLOT is currently a thing that is happening, her mother wants to secure her a pureblood match, because she would get a large sum for doing so, so much so that she could afford to marry down if it meant securing a good name.  Her mother is arranging dates, and may go as far as to arrange a marriage if it suits her purposes in order to get Ginny stowed away in an acceptable couple.  So hurls ahoy! Ginny wants to marry for love and could br organically hurled to any UC
    26 years old
    Upperclass - HB

    Lady Gewndolyn Marie Sherington was born to the Earl and Countess of Harringby, Gwen was a spoiled and rather petted child, prone to tantrums and a general pest to her nanny’s and tutors.  However, she was sweetness and light to those she liked, or wished for something from.  She and her husband Lord Adinbury marryied in the spring of her 20th year, when she received the title Viscountess  Aldstone, mirroring her new husband’s honorarium.  Her father in law contracts the laughing plague in 1884, and although struggling with the disease for some months, with boughts and reoccurrences of the illness, he succumbs to the condition on his country estate, just as the plague is being brought under control.  

    Fitzhugh and Gwen move into Tempest Park, and pressure begins to mount on Gwen to produce an heir for her husband.  

    A snooty little circle of socialites who are slightly catty to other women and gossip a great deal.  She is halfblood but she acknowledges the superiority of rank and blood, and considers UC purebloods to be the equivalent of the aristocracy, so if no one has a problem with her, or can see past her blood for her rank then they will get along swell.  She is actually a lovely person if she sees you as a social equal.

    Anyone who feels she is a super bitch, or that she is a snob.  She has a scathing wit and people can be offended by her frankness.  

    She’d probably flirt with someone else, but I would love for someone to play hubby – their relationship is pretty open.  

    36 years old
    Upperclass - PB

    Ichabod was the first child of his parents’ marriage, born in the US he had a typical pureblood childhood.  He was a fairly spoilt child, doted on as the first son and heir to the Malcorvus name.  His Malcorvus grandparents certainly considered Ichabod to be superior in every way to his half siblings.  
    The English headquarters of the Knights of Walpurgis were built in Wellingtonshire, under the guise of the Malcorvus Institute of Advanced Magic, initially mistaken for a mental hospital, it has opulent quarters for its students, as well as a well-stocked library and a common room for socialising.  The Knights of Walpurgis rooms are beneath the building and only accessible to the order members deemed worthy by Ichabod.  

    Upperclass purebloods mostly, and all purebloods generally –he is actually rather nice if you are pureblood, or a members of the Knights of Walpurgis- as in he would be willing to do some seriously shady shiz for those he considers friends, so he is loyal and trustworthy.  While not very good at showing emotion to those he has just met, he is capable of joviality and can be good company for people he considers friends.  

    No one would know they were his enemy, but it would be cool to have some tension with someone

    He is currently looking for a wife and considering all pureblood women, regardless of class.

    12 years old
    Middleclass -HB

    Having already produced two children by the time Irene came along, the birth of another girl was rather un-momentous, she was a typical, average, everyday birth; duly celebrated as a healthy hearty child in a family of healthy hearty children.  She grew and developed along very much the typical lines, learning to walk and talk all in due course.

    All in all Irene has had a very normal childhood to date - very typical - which she finds a little annoying as she would love to be a little more exceptional in her living arrangements and in her prospects in life.  She has seen many beautiful young ladies come through the hotel and knows that this is what she wants to do, she wants to be one of those lovely ladies in fine satin, being courted by dashing young men.

    Some friends would be nice, in any house really, the girlier the better.  Irene is a wanna-be Debutante and behaves in as lady-like a manner as she can possibly manage

    Another kid she doesn’t like, but I’ve nothing specific, maybe a wannabe queenbee rival.  

    Not a real love – but I would love for an older boy to do something chivalrous and Irene to get the wrong end of that stick and think they are ‘courting’ – her sending him letters that sound like bad Romeo and Juliet want to be stuff, while he is super confused and just tries to be nice.  

    17 years old
    Lower class - HB

    It was into a family, that already contained a son and daughter, that Madeleine Backus was born.  She was a good tempered and amicable baby, who did not cry very much.  Her first exhibition of magic was turning her little brothers toes green when they were playing together as toddlers.   Maddie is thrilled to be at school, she is sorted into Hufflepuff, like her siblings.  She immediately joins the charms club and the duelling club, even if girls are not really properly allowed to take part in the competitions.  She throws herself into classes, so happy that her sister is there to give her support and help her settle in, but Maddie’s own affable personality certainly helped matters.  

    She is dedicated, and like all Hufflepuffs, very hardworking and it has paid off as her natural intelligence and hard work have kept her in school on scholarships.  

    Can Maddie please have some buddies! I love for her to have a little prefect-ly circle of friends – from every house.  She’s genuinely sweet and will be all over helping out and generally being prefect-ly.  She is also a bit of a mother hen, and so has likely spent time fussing over younger students and so if your yournger student would like some comfort (that may or may not come with baked goods) hit her up.  

    Potentially someone who is classist, and doesn’t think the lower classes are fit for much more than service would probably take issue with her.  

    I’d like for her to have a little crush on someone, expect to receive lots of baked goods

    138 years old
    Upperclass - Pb
    Young at Heart

    While working as potions professor at Durmstrang he met the lovely young woman who would be third wife. It was something of a scandal, she had been a final year student when he had started teaching there and her kind eyes and fine manners had enchanted him despite the age different, she was intelligent and reminded him so much of Avella, except this time all of the mistakes of the relationship were put right. He never noticed their age difference when he was with her, or when they played chess. After she left school he met with her a few times, and perhaps a little rashly asked her to marry him, making her his third wife. There was nothing illegal in what had occurred between them, but still he felt it best if he left Durmstrang and returned to England, writing a number of texts on potions and potion making.

    However, the sedantary life of a writer did not suit him and he desired to feel properly 'useful' once more. He heard that the newly vacated potions position at Hogwarts was available, and applied, hoping to be put to use. His children from his earlier marriages had completed their schooling and it would be another few years before his next youngest children would be able to attend school.

    Professors, old guys, and pretty much anyone! I would kinda love him to have a small group of MUCH younger men, like 25-35 year old hell raisers he could go for drinks with because the old guys are too boring!

    potion rival? An old school rival?

    loves his wife…would love someone to play her if anyone was interested.  

    character a first last
    19 years old
    Upperclass - HB

    When she was in her 6th year, her aunt passed away, leaving her guardianship to a 'friend' of her aunts, a man who was only 10 years her senior, but who had been her aunts trusted friend. It irks, the sometimes wilful Natsuko to be under the thumb of a man who is not her father. She completed schooling with fully golden robes.  She comes to England in 1886, and enjoys her first season ‘out’ in England, she attends every event she can and her own coming out celebration is well attended, and indeed featured in witch weekly, which pleases Natsuko no end,  

    Natsuko has the misfortune of attending a charity event for magical birds, wearing a fine peacock gown, Miss Sleptova is also there and ALSO wearing a peacock gown. The girls decide they hate each other with a passion, and vow to never be in the others company again. Witch Weekly however, has rather a different opinion and believes the matching dresses were a co-ordinated decision on the part of the girls. It decides that the girls are a society pair, and should be seen at all events together.

    I’d love for Natsuko to have 2-3 close friends, a little circle of debutantes around her age that she can talk to and rely on.  I have a wanted ad for her half sister, who will reveal she is in fact half blood.  
    There is a current plot involving her and Eva Sleptova as frenemies, so a few of Eva’s friends might have more occasion to be in her circle than before, perhaps some new comers to society who want a hand since she knows how it is to be an outsider trying to get in.  

    There is a current plot involving her and Eva Sleptova as frenemies, some people might know whats going on there.

    Rich, single heiress – whats not to love! Hurls!

    character a first last
    30 years old
    Upperclass - PB

    Mister Severino Zabini was born the eldest son of French Algerian transplants to Italy, Mister Ephram Zabini and Mrs Lucretia Zabini Nee Montazella, in Florence Italy. His mother has attempted more than once to encourage her eldest to secure their family line by taking a wife and marrying, reminding him that he has already inherited and so does not need to wait but he has found excuse after excuse to throw off the young ladies his mother has suggested.  However, his fear of rejection prevents him from asking Rachel if she would consider him, and he realises he is running out of time before she, or her family take matters into their own hands.  

    Some close school friends would be great, maybe a few potioneers.  He would disregard rank or blood for a conversation with someone who is intelligent. He would gladly invite in a serving boy for a drink if he had something interesting to say.  He would be the ‘Remus’ of any friend group basically the quiet one.  

    Anyone envious of him, or thinks he is too liberal

    He is smitten with Rachel Hart and has put off marrying, or even looking because he’s carrying a torch BAD for her.  But his mother could try and set him up with someone even just for awkward threads.  

    40 19 years old
    Upperclass - MB

    He was 9 when they set out from their little township as part of a wagon train. The family hoped they could forge a life for themselves out west where the weather was good, and land was plentiful– the epitome of manifest destiny. They reached the Truckee Lake as October rolled around and the entire party became stuck in the mountains with spent cattle, little food and few provisions. Things became progressively worse as the party was stuck there for some time.

    He has been the Hospital Director of St. Mungo's for 2+ years now. After all it is such a big hospital, with so many bodies passing through it’s morgue and so more opportunity to ‘avail himself’ of his favourite delicacy with less chance of detection, and after all no one questions the man in charge.

    Some sophisticated Epicurian types that he can wine and dine, some medical friends of any other UC types who don’t mind that he’s MB and seen some shit! Maybe a friend who know’s what he is into?

    Open for any reasons

    He’s pretty twisted up inside and he holds back from people because of that but if there was someone just as twisted or who wouldn’t hate him for what he’s into.  I’m trying to decide if he’s going to escalate and a romance would kinda dictate this, depending on how the lady feels about the whole thing!

    21 years old
    Upperclass - PB

    Born in the a small muggle village in the south of England, one of a set of twins, to two magical pureblood parents. Viola arrived first screaming and crying into the world, she was a healthy baby with a strong set of lungs. Having not been expecting twins the midwife did not immediately assist in birthing the second child. It was only a little later that it was clear that there was another child to come. However, the delay had caused Sebastian to have been deprived of oxygen, with the chord wrapped around his throat it was feared that he would die before the evening was out.  
    Viola 'comes out' at the Hogwarts ball, along with the other debutantes, as far as everyone is concerned she is a good middle class girl. However, her parents are pennyless from looking after Sebastians needs, their entire family vault has been emptied and all that remains is a tired estate in Italy which needs total renovation, and many of the buildings are on the verge of collapse. Shortly after her debut her mother absconds from the family home, no longer able to cope with her reduced circumstances and acting as a nurse maid for a son now too grown too be handled alone.

    Unbeknownst to Viola, Sebastian is committed to a hospital in Germany by her father under a false name, meaning that Viola cannot find him. This was done to protect Sebastian from his father’s debt as the hospital cannot throw him out if he has no guardian.
    As far as everyone in Hogsmeade is concerned, Viola Orsino, is a quiet and not very social young lady, who is supported by her brother, who works as a valet

    Some LC friends – probably with very good reputations.  When she was in Hogwarts she was UC, her father was a successful jurist, but they went bankrupt so there would be people who knew her from school as a member of UC society.  

    There would also be others who know Sebastian her ‘brother’ /alternate face.  So some male friends and servants would be nice.  

    Some people might hate her, or take pleasure in the fact she is broke now.  

    Her basic plot is falling in love with someone who knows her as a man, and it either working out or she gets her heart broke  - See ‘Twelth Night’ for the broad strokes.  

    (All the work was Lynns!)
    [Image: ItXbzb.png]
    <3 Nolan sets are crack!
    Daisypath Friendship tickers[Image: haddie_zps26uqdttk.jpg]
    I'm Doing a Challenge! HELP
    [Image: ItXbzb.png]
    <3 Nolan sets are crack!
    Daisypath Friendship tickers[Image: haddie_zps26uqdttk.jpg]
    I'm Doing a Challenge! HELP
    Okay. So I have Darling here and @Glisten Whitledge for all your students, lol.

    Darling specifically for Cecily, as we discussed as being possible besties, and Madeleine, because fellow 'Puffs and Maddie crushing on Darling's bro(?). I don't know if she'd get along with Irene... Oh! And also Professor Valenduris because she loves Potions Class!

    @Arthur Grey I have for Meserimus and his daughter Estella, maybe. I imagine Arthur would be introduced to her. Also maybe for Araminta because I really want Arthur to crush on a girl that he just might not be able to have due to social status and such.

    I think the only person I might have for Aeror is @Andreas Hoch, but he's not technically reactivated yet. >>;

    OWLs: CoMC & Ghoul Studies. Clubs: Potions & Dueling.

    This precious set is by MJ!

    PitaPata Cat tickers

    Yes to everything!
    Aeror has already had a run in with a wounded vampire in the forest, so a full blown fight, or something with a healthy vampire could be rather cool! Or perhaps simply a war of words.

    Valenduri and Arthur fun is full go, and I'll have a post up for you today on that! :D
    I've decided that the plural of Vanelduris is Valenduri

    Darling and Cecily I'm totally up for! Cecily would think Darling is funny with her modern notions, but I could see them being close friends. Cecily is really only a slytherin because she's demanding and ambitious not evil.

    Irene isn't a bad person, she just really wants to be a grown up lady but like RIGHT NOW! (see her gate crashing the debutant ball) but she's also younger
    Ari's twin has been disowned and has run away, you may mistake the two.
    My Name is Nobody
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    Because Nobody's perfect

    MJ is a Graphical Goddess

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