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    A Real Pain In The Ass {TLM}
    Open Thread 
    Ada often found the atmosphere of The Lady Morgana stifling and so it wasn't often that she went there. Today, however, she thought it might make a nice change of scenery and might prove to be an interesting location to sketch. So it was that she was sat down outside overlooking an ongoing game of croquet. In a little basket at her feet she had all the drawing equipment she might need for an afternoon... And a little something extra. She leaned over to get out some paper and her choice of drawing utensil, when she found a ball of spikes nestled on top.

    It was none other than Spikelangelo, her hedgehog. "How did you get in there, silly thing?" she chuckled affectionately, carefully scooping him out of the basket. "You must promise to behave now that you're here." She gave the hedehog a stern look and then placed him on the empty chair next to her while she resumed her mission for drawing materials.

    Roughly a quarter of an hour later and she was thoroughly engrossed in sketching while Spikelangelo napped happily on the chair next to her. This picture of contentment could not last forever, sadly. So focused on her drawing, Ada didn't even notice when another woman approached the "empty" chair. Nor did she notice the woman sit down, not until her outburst of pain upon sitting on Ada's hedgehog.
    AUGUST 14, 1886 | OUTFIT | @'' | WORDS: 235 | NOTES:
    Technically, Prunella had come to the club to serve as company for her mother* - a duty for which she was often required, and nonetheless did not always feel very adept at. Perhaps she was in for a stern talking-to later for practically running off, but her mother had become quite engrossed in conversation with some other ladies, and it was when the amusement of the conversation had drifted into being at Prunella's expense that she had mumbled her excuses, pleading that she just required a little air, and that she would be back soon.

    By the time she had gotten outside she did feel as though the fresh air might clear her head a little. Hardly in the mood to impose upon the croquet-players, she instead spotted an empty chair nearby a blonde woman. As she hurried nearer, it became clear that the blonde was sketching, and did not seem to otherwise be in particular company, which suited Prunella well. Though she did not venture much confidence in approaching strangers or acquaintances, she had also recognised the woman as a Miss Lovegood, about whom Prunella had never heard a bad word spoken. (Besides the gossip that tended to waft around, that she was still unmarried at twenty-five or twenty-six or so - but Prunella feared enough for herself that she could hardly pay that mind. Perhaps, indeed, Miss Lovegood would prove a friendly face.)

    Though she had opened her mouth to announce herself, the blonde looked altogether too involved in her drawing for Prunella to wish to interrupt, and so she had merely dropped herself quietly into the chair - until she gave a shriek, and rocketed back up. Already embarrassed, her next squeak was rather more muffled; what a fool she seemed, for making such an ungainly fuss about sitting on a pinecone, or something - an unusually prickly pinecone, one she had felt right through her skirts...

    When she looked down at the chair and the realisation dawned out of her confusion, she clapped a hand to her mouth in abject horror.
    *hope that's okay xD
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    Perfect set by Nolan!
    Ada first looked at the woman who had shrieked, wide-eyed and confused. Then she remembered Spikelangelo and abruptly looked downward at the chair and found the poor creature looking disturbingly still and squashed. She placed her pencil on the table. "Oh no, Spikelangelo!" she squeaked, torn between mourning her spiked companion and not wanting to make his murderer feel too bad - it had quite clearly been a tragic mistake on her part.

    After some visible deliberation in which her hands had moved towards the creature and recoiled a few times, she finally plucked a handkerchief from her pocket, wrapped him in it and held his motionless little body in her hand. He definitely wasn't breathing.

    Finally, she looked up at Spikelangelo's murderer. A part of her very much wanted to be angry at the culprit - they had carelessly robbed him of his life! - but she looked so horrified... She felt her eyes starting to brim with tears she didn't want to cry in front of the brunette. "It's Miss Vaisey, isn't it?" She'd never really interacted with the younger woman, but she could recognize her by sight well enough to pin a name to her. At least she hoped she had the right name.
    AUGUST 14, 1886 | OUTFIT | @Prunella Vaisey | WORDS: 207 | NOTES:
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       Prunella Vaisey
    Prunella's head was reeling so violently at present that Miss Lovegood's first exclamation sounded little more than gibberish. But as she tried desperately to seek some clarity in this strange, terrible situation, she slowly gathered that the other woman had known the hedgehog had been on the chair, and this was more than Prunella having accidentally sat upon a wild animal who had crept up there of its own accord.

    She tried to get out a word or two but had to press her hand back to her mouth in order to stop herself from retching aloud. She could feel the crimson flush rising up her neck and all the way to her ears as if her blood were suddenly molten lava. But - but -

    There was no choice but to stare down at the creature, trying to ascertain how much damage had been done, until Miss Lovegood approached with the handkerchief and Prunella stepped rapidly out of her way, never a more solemn look upon her face.

    And then Miss Lovegood looked at her, and Prunella wanted to sink into the ground to get away from that look in her eyes, and also because she would deserve it, she was sure, she ought to be dragged right down into Lucifer's realm for this! And it would be better there than in society were the news to get out that Prunella Vaisey had killed a hedgehog. A pet hedgehog. Miss Lovegood had recalled her name, as well, which made it all a hundred times worse. Perhaps she could lie, assign culpability to some made-up girl - no, too late, she had just nodded resignedly.

    Perhaps he was only injured? It was only in tricking herself into that slim hope that she managed to untwist her tongue well enough to get out a question.

    "Is it - dead?" She whispered, dreading the answer.
    [Image: IHqer8.png]
    Perfect set by Nolan!
    Perhaps it was the question of whether he was dead or just the natural progression of her emotions, but Ada was suddenly choked up and her concern over Miss Vaisey's feelings was rapidly declining.

    She extended a finger tentatively and gave the hedgehog's little body a gentle prod, though the fact that there was no rise and fall to suggest it was breathing told her more than enough. With a sharp, brief little sob noise, Ada nodded. "Yes," she added in little more than a whisper. Poor Spikelangelo.

    "I'm so sorry, Spikelangelo," Ada squeaked, cradling the little body in the same palm, bringing it close to her chest in lieu of an embrace that would obviously have been very prickly. Remembering Miss Vaisey, Ada looked to her again with shimmering eyes. It wasn't her intention to guilt her in anyway, but she found herself staring at her all the same.
    AUGUST 14, 1886 | OUTFIT | @Prunella Vaisey | WORDS: 150 | NOTES:
    "No, I'm sorry!" Prunella blurted out, a little too loud in her desperation. "I didn't see him on the chair, I swear!" She thought she might be beginning to hyperventilate, which was possibly not her place, given Miss Lovegood was currently the grieving party. Still - imagining her future in society, what little distant respect she had slashed away, ostracised for her careless cruelty; Prunella Vaisey, hedgehog killer how she would be remembered in history - it was making her chest tight. Her hands were screwed into fists, trying to ground herself against her light-headedness and Miss Lovegood's tears swimming in her eyes.

    "And he was y-your pet?" She asked timidly, though had a small dash of hope. "Was he... an old hedgehog?" Maybe he'd lived long past his time anyway? There had to be something to make this better, senseless act of violence though it was.
    @Adelia Lovegood @Ursula Black
    [Image: IHqer8.png]
    Perfect set by Nolan!
    "He was, and only a couple of years old," she muttered, a tear finally breaking free and rolling down her cheek. She wanted to let Miss Vaisey know that she shouldn't feel like she was to blame, that it was a tragic accident, but Ada couldn't find the words or will. Perhaps a horrible part of her wanted Miss Vaisey to suffer, that was a troubling thought but she couldn't dismiss it either.

    "He was meant to stay at home but he climbed into my basket without my knowing." Things Miss Vaisey probably didn't need nor want to know, extraneous details... It was difficult though, she didn't want to grieve in public but she also had too much feeling to remain composed at present. In her confusion and upset, she suggested something that she immediately regretted. "Would you like to hold him?" She had almost forgotten that he was dead while also knowing full well that he was dead. There he was in her hand so still and looking like himself, and it was almost as if a small part of her had just expected him to not be dead suddenly. But he was dead and Miss Vaisey surely didn't want to hold his corpse.
    AUGUST 14, 1886 | OUTFIT | @Prunella Vaisey | WORDS: 206 | NOTES:
    Prunella let out a muffled yet mangled sound herself at the news that he had not been particularly old at all. And he was her pet. She had never really had any pets herself to grow close to, but oh, if she had! She could imagine that this was utterly unbearable!

    Oh, and it was even more tragic. It had been a mistaken adventure of the hedgehog's! She could no longer meet Miss Lovegood's eyes. "I'm so sorry, I - should have checked before I sat down, it was stupid and careless of me - oh the poor thing!"

    She was just contemplating whether or not she should be saying sorry to it, the poor thing who would never have known what was coming, there looming above him in his last moments... when Miss Lovegood posed another question. Prunella's eyebrows pulled together more than they were already creased. That was not something she had expected the other woman to suggest - was that a thing that people did with their deceased pets? to be quite honest, she wasn't sure - but Prunella, now being a murderer, responsible for this death and this girl's anguish, was hardly in a position to deny a request. So it was with very little visible discomfort (and only a fraction of the confusion she felt) that she mustered together the response, "- well, yes, of course I will,", cupping her hands in front of her, ready for the hedgehog's body. Oh, Merlin. If it made Miss Lovegood feel a tiny bit better, she would have to do it.  
    [Image: IHqer8.png]
    Perfect set by Nolan!
    Ada lowered the tiny body into the other woman's hands and it was as she let her hands fall away that she realized it was perhaps a bit strange and morbid to be passing around a hedgehog carcass. "It's really not your fault," she tried to assure her. She sniffed and wiped at her eyes. "And, well, a couple years old is practically middle-aged for a hedgehog?"

    What would probably benefit Miss Vaisey more than her reassurances, she realized, would be to relieve her of the corpse. Unless Miss Vaisey had a strange appreciation for handling dead animals. "I can take him back now if you'd rather...?" Why had she even offered in the first place?
    AUGUST 14, 1886 | OUTFIT | @Prunella Vaisey | WORDS: 116 | NOTES:
    Miss Lovegood really hadn’t been joking: but a few moments later, the hedgehog had been tipped into her palms. She wasn’t sure what she ought to have expected of the sensation, but even in death the hedgehog was as round and prickly as it must have been in life. Prunella couldn’t think of a good reason why anyone would have a hedgehog as a pet in the first place, truly; it wasn’t quite cat or dog or rabbit, not naturally made for stroking or petting or cradling in her hands. At least, she didn’t think. Maybe it was an acquired pleasure? Perhaps Miss Lovegood had rescued the poor thing somewhere, adopted it and given it a loving home. No, she hoped not - the idea was only making her feel more queasy.

    “I suppose so,” Prunella agreed, about its age. Frankly she knew nothing of a hedgehog’s lifespan, but if indeed it were a falsehood, it seemed a white lie worth perpetuating, one that might soften the other woman’s mourning process.

    She didn’t know if she were supposed to be doing anything with the hedgehog in her hands to... pay her respect, or something, so she just used a finger or two to pet its back gingerly, not that it would feel it. Quite gratefully - though she tried to disguise it in her face - Prunella exclaimed, “Oh, of course - yes -” she fumbled it back towards the other girl’s hands, adding in an awkward mumble, “ - um, rest in peace - what was its name - Spike...?” She wasn’t sure she had heard it quite right, earlier.
    @Adelia Lovegood
    [Image: IHqer8.png]
    Perfect set by Nolan!
    The small body was dropped back into her hands and she wasn't sure whether the heat she felt was his or whether it was a result of their handling him. Either way he would be cold before long. "Spikelangelo. Like Michelangelo. I call him Angelo for short." Ada sniffed and stared down at the little hedgehog body. "Called rather, I suppose." There would have to be a little funeral that evening. She'd have to make him some sort of coffin and see that he was buried under a nice bush where he'd feel the sun on him.

    It was then that she realized she ought to go home, she wouldn't be able to get anything done now and she could hardly keep a dead hedgehog around. Plus, there were preparations and arrangements to make. Ada stood up and looked to her things,
    but then realized she'd have to put the body down. She didn't want to put it on the table - or heaven forbid, on the chair again - it felt so disrespectful. "I'm ever so sorry to ask it Miss Vaisey, but would you mind holding him while I gather up my belongings? I should take him home now." She held the body out for her to take once more, trying to look apologetic about it.
    AUGUST 14, 1886 | OUTFIT | @Prunella Vaisey
    She gave a small nod in dismayed sympathy as Miss Lovegood explained the name. “How sweet,” she murmured. She wondered how affectionate and intelligent hedgehogs were as pets - she knew, in all honesty, next to nothing about the animals, save their supposed tendency to curl up into a ball when in danger. (She actually thought that was rather clever of them. If only she had some spikes for protection!)

    No sooner than she had handed off the poor creature’s corpse to Miss Lovegood and breathed a small sigh of relief, she was to take him back again! Prunella had no choice that she could see but to accept, so that the other girl might be on her way. “Oh, certainly!” She exclaimed, cringing inside at what had become an awkward hedgehog pass-the-parcel. Her hands fumbled a little as she received her murder victim back, but at least she didn’t drop it. It was difficult not to urge Miss Lovegood on faster with her eyes, but she pursed her lips and tried to disguise her impatience.

    She dearly hoped Miss Lovegood was not the sort to spread rumours around Hogsmeade that Prunella was a pet-killer; that would be the final nail in her own coffin, she was sure. “Um, rest in peace, Spikelangelo,” she said to it, in parting, trying to be respectful.
    @Adelia Lovegood sorry, this was too funny a thread not to wrap properly omg XD
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    Ada tried to collect her belongings as swiftly as she could but her haste made her clumsy and so there was a painful few seconds where she tried and failed to get her sketchbook to fit in her basket as it usually did so easily, but finally it went in. She hooked the basket over her arm and extended a cupped hand to take the dead animal back with. "Ah thank you, Miss Vaisey." It was a good time to leave, she thought, the situation was only getting more awkward.
    AUGUST 14, 1886 | OUTFIT | @Prunella Vaisey

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