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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Apple of My Eye
November 2nd, 1888 — Gryffindor Common Area
Alcyone could not abide by long, theoretical homework readings so had quickly abandoned that. She had snoozed a bit, hidden behind her textbook. She was awake now, though and peeking over the top of her textbook. Her eyes fixed onto one of the apples in a fruit bowl that someone had set out for them all to snack on. They looked so delicious that Alcyone decided to try her luck at the accio spell despite it not having been taught to her year yet.

"Accio apple," she cast, jabbing her wand towards the apples like it was a spear or something. Of course, it did nothing. So she tried again, putting a little more force into her wand jabbing. Imagine the girls surprise when what looked like an eye sprouted from one of the apples. Now, how did that happen?
Quidditch and class work had felt like an overwhelming mixture at first. But it had recently started to become more normal to the young blonde. Having started electives the same year as her first year of quidditch had made the transition all the more harder. Still, it was thrilling. Getting to have a choice in her classes as well as doing something that made her happy.

Homework was hard to concentrate on at the moment. Last practice had still left her drained. Not that this was a terrible thing. Except that her concentration was not the greatest. What made things worse was when an apple seemed to suddenly have an eye on it. Shrieking slightly, she was partially concerned that she had started to hallucinate. Looking over to the brunette next to her, she stated as calmly as she could, "Do you see that as well?" She should certainly have paid more attention to those around her. She certainly would not be nearly as bewildered.

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Oh, heck. Hearing the girl next to her shriek a little, Alcyone thought that she probably knew why. "You mean that apple? How curious," she said since the girl didn't seem to have noticed that she was the culprit. Nor was Alcyone about to own up to it since it wasn't like she had any clue what she had done to cause it.
At least Hestia now knew that she wasn't going crazy. How dreadful that would be. "We should do something about it." Because she personally had no clue what to do. Even if they got rid of the eye, she was certain that she would never want to eat that apple.

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"Like what?" Alcyone asked as she looked at the apple. Ugh, it was terrible. "At the very least, it needs to be tossed. " She would vomit if she were to realize one of their number had eaten it even if the eye was rid of.

"Should we try to undo the spell first? I would have for someone to glance in the trash, only to be greeted by... that." She said as she scrunched her nose and gestured at the eye on the apple.

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Finite was a higher level spell so Alcyone doubted either of them would be able to undo it. "How do you propose we do that? Get a seventh year?" Who would they even get? Alcyone didn't want to get in trouble or anything.
Tilting her head, Hestia realized that the other girl was making a fair point. "That sounds good. Perhaps a fifth year could fix it." If all else failed, the house matron certainly could fix it. How did the apple even get an eye in the first place?

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"We could also just throw it away... I don't think I would want to think of anyone eating this," Alcyone said thoughtfully. She wasn't keen on getting a matron involved. Especially when the problem was easily remedied by a sound trash can.
Miss Slughorn seemed quite insistent on not getting help in the matter. Which earned the second year an odd look. "Fine. But the least we could do is cover it so that no one would have to be shocked by seeing an apple with an eye in the trash." What was so wrong with getting help anyway?

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