Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Meserimus Valenduris
    In Character
    Full Name: Meserimus Sebastian Valenduris
    Nicknames: [If any]
    Birthdate: 1st July 1748
    Current Age: 138
    Occupation: Potions Professor and Slytherin hoh
    Reputation:4 for Eccentricity
    Residence: Hogsmeade
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Wand: 6 feet, Avodire, ashwinder Ash, unyeilding, staff like.
    Blood Status: Pure
    Social Class: Upper
    WIFE (3rd Wife) ______ Valenduris // 25
    1.SON ____ Valenduris // 54 // from 1st Marraige
    2.SON ____ Valenduris // 46 // from 1st Marraige
    3. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 37 // from 1st Marraige
    4. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 27 // from 2nd Marraige
    5. SON ____ Valenduris // 24 // from 2nd Marraige
    6. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 21 // from 2nd Marraige
    7. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 19 // from 2nd Marraige
    8. SON ____ Valenduris // 8 // from 3rd Marraige
    9. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 6 // from 3rd Marraige
    10. DAUGHTER ____ Valenduris // 3 // from 3rd Marraige

    Lots of inlaws, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren
    Son 1 - Wife, Children between the aged 15-20
    Son 2 - Wife, Children between the ages of 5-16
    Daughter 3 - husband, Children between the ages of 5-17
    Daughter 4 - husband, Children between the ages of 1-7
    Daughter 6 - Possibly - husband Child aged 1-3
    Daughter 7 -Possible husband child aged 0-1

    Appearance: HEIGHT:6,4.
    HAIR(COLOR/STYLE): Long pale white, sweeps past his midrift. He has formidable facial hair of which he is incredibly proud but he does not plait or style it really. Infact he really won't let anyone come anywhere near him with a severing charm.
    EYES: sky blue, with flecks of white.
    BUILD: skeletally thing, almost like someone with marfans, very long fings and very long thin limbs.
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: He has a lot of scars and marks on his arms from dealing with Magical Creatures and from clambering into dark places to get ingredients for his work, when he was a much younger man than he was now.
    History: Meserimus Valenduris was born into a very different time to the one in which he now lives. It was a time of submissive women and post Stuart meritocracy. Born in 1748 to a pureblood family Meserimus Valenduris had a typical wizarding childhood, his family had homes in the US, with a plantation, and the UK. He was a bright and talented boy with interests in the muggle world as well as in the magical one, a few of the children he played with in his youth were muggles that lived close to his family home, for while pureblood his family had not strong bloody purity opinons. Although his family were removed enough from muggle life not to have been affected by the outbreaks of disease and war that affected the Muggle world.

    At 11 Meserimus was shipped off to Hogwarts like the rest of his family had been for generations. He felt at home there, comfortable and confident among other children like himself he had no trouble fitting in. He was an avid and exceptional student who took his studies very seriously – eventually becoming a prefect in his 5th year. He was a headboy in his final year. Meserimus graduated at the top of his class with 4 NEWTS all in O, keen to dedicate his life to potions and alchemic work.

    After school he went to work for the division of experimental offensive charms as a developer where he worked until the outbreak of the American War of Independence. While the wizarding world was not really involved in the muggle conflict he did risk the ire of the government on more than one occasion when he magically interfered with the lives of the muggles living around his old family home by always seeming to have a few little things that they needed like foods or extra fuel to share with his neighbours – all magically procured.

    It was during the war that he met his first wife Avella, well he didn’t exactly meet her, it was a marriage that his parents had arranged for him. It wasn’t love at first sight but the two were well matched and they were good for each other in terms of companionship. They grew to love each a great deal, marriage suited Meserimus, so when she died giving birth to their third child. He declared a need to marry again rather soon after. It was something of a shock to his family.

    He married again in less than 6 months to a lovely young woman by the name of Ella. After the crumbling of the Empire, having sold the family lands, he dedicated himself to his career based in England taking up the role of potions professor at Hogwarts, and the head of slytherin House, and becoming rather well known in certain circles for his work with experiemental potions.  Together he and Ella had 4 children. Ella however, was an unconventional woman and Meserimus an unconventional husband. Ella wanted a job outside the home and Meserimus, wanting nothing more than his wifes happiness allowed it. She applied and was given a job as a curse breaker with a private firm because she had been rather talented with charms. She had been examining an artefact one day when the power contained within took hold of her. It slowly over a period of 4 years drove her mad and caused her mind to turn. Until one night, when he came to meet her after work she attacked him in a paranoid rage and tried to kill him. He tried to subdue her but failed, the aurors who had turned up to pursue his wife got the worst of her jinxs and she was killed by them as they tried to arrest her.

    Meserimus was heartbroken, he felt he was an old man now and declared his intention to retire from public life when he was offered a job in Durmstrang teaching Potions. It seemed perfect at the time as it was a way for him to be around his children who could be enrolled in school there. He had not counted upon one thing –meeting the lovely young woman who would be third wife.

    It was something of a scandal, she had been a final year student when he had started teaching there and her kind eyes and fine manners had enchanted him despite the age different, she was intelligent and reminded him so much of Avella, except this time all of the mistakes of the relationship were put right. He never noticed their age difference when he was with her, or when they played chess. After she left school he met with her a few times, and perhaps a little rashly asked her to marry him, making her his third wife.

    There was nothing illegal in what had occurred between them, but still he felt it best if he left Durmstrang and returned to England, writing a number of texts on potions and potion making.  However, the sedantary life of a writer did not suit him and he desired to feel properly 'useful' once more.  He heard that the newly vacated potions position at Hogwarts was available, and applied, hoping to be put to use. His children from his earlier marriages had completed their schooling and it would be another few years before his next youngest children would be able to attend school. He is very much looking forward to the new school year and his new job.

    Personality: [Optional.]
    Sample Roleplay Post: [At least a paragraph.]
    Out of Character
    Name: [Dante]
    Age: [OLD]
    Contact: [Pm for skype.]
    Other Characters: [Many]
    How did you hear about us?: [Bloop?]

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