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Reporters Questioned By Aurors [and more!]
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
October 30th, 1888
Reporters Questioned By Aurors
Witch Weekly Goes Dark

Mrs. Yente Ventus, Editor in Chief of women's magazine Witch Weekly, has been brought in for questioning by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement regarding the illegal fireworks used earlier this month at a celebration in downtown Hogsmeade. Several of the magazine's top reporters have also been implicated, which has caused the magazine's publication to be temporarily halted.

The investigation was taken up by the Department of Magical Law Enforcement after an initial inquiry by the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes concluded that the fireworks, which caused a fire during a staff party at the magazine's headquarters, were indeed purchased illegally. It is unclear at this point who was responsible for the purchase or where they acquired the fireworks, which have been banned in all Muggle-exposed areas since 1877. The fireworks were prohibited in areas of high population density, such as Hogsmeade, during the Wizengamot session following the Hogsmeade fire of 1884. As a result they are now legal only in certain areas of Ireland and rural England, and require a Ministry-approved permit for purchase, which was not acquired in this case.

Mrs. Ventus was not available for comment, but another Witch Weekly employee who preferred to remain anonymous said the magazine expects to resume service as soon as possible.
Frederick Townsend
Written by Lynn

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— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
October 30th, 1888
Honeyduke's to Reopen
Shop Up and Running After Being Trolled

This summer's fog left a wake of disaster following the loss of magic and the plagues settling over town. Little was spared and Honeyduke's Sweet Shop was no exception. The shop was trashed by a fully-grown mountain troll in late June after the fog rolled into the normally-bustling burg.

Despite the response by both relevant ministry personnel and civilians alike, without magic to tame the troll, the shop itself collapsed under the attack. Mr. Quincey Honeyduke was left both homeless and unemployed with the shop's destruction, though was optimistic about a complete renovation.  

After speaking to engineers and architects about the structure of the building, Mr. Honeyduke was given the okay to push ahead with the reconstruction at a steady pace throughout the late summer and early autumn. "It was a fast-paced rebuild, thank Merlin," Mr. Honeyduke said of the project. "Once the structure was sound, we were able to quickly fix up the living quarters upstairs and really focus on the shop itself. New colors, a fresh mural by Miss Zinnia Potts and we're almost ready to go, just need to fill the shelves." Of which he assured us that they would be fully stocked by the time she shop is reopened to the public.

The Sweet Shop will be reopening on Wednesday October 31st, just in time for Halloween festivities with a re-launch party featuring new sweets, refreshments, free samples and all of your old favorites.
Gulliver Doran
Written by Bee

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