Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Suellen Nolan (Hodges)
    In Character
    Full Name: Suellen Lauretta Nolan (Hodges)
    Nicknames: Sue, Susie, or Ellen (She may use her middle name occasionally, however only when dealing with the untrustworthy.)
    Birthdate: April 20, 1846
    Current Age: 40
    Occupation: Freelance Tradeswoman
    Reputation: 3
    Residence: Pennyworth Neighborhood, Hogsmeade
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin Alum (ESTJ)
    Wand: Yew, 12 ¼”, Unyielding, Unicorn tail hair
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Lower
    Grandfather: Sylvester Bulstrode (1798 - 1847)
    Grandmother: Lauretta Bulstrode neé Lindsay (1802 - 1847)
    Mother: Mariella Wakenshaw neé Bulstrode (1825 - Present)
    Father: Thompson Wakenshaw (1822 - Present)
    Uncle/Stepfather: Stanton Wakenshaw (1820 - Present)
    Sister: Paulette ---- neé Wakenshaw (1840 - Present)
    Brother: Paul Wakenshaw (1843 - Present)
    Cousin/Stepsister: Blanche Wakenshaw (1848 - Present)
    ”Husband”: Mckinley “Mickey” Nolan (Hodges) (1842 - Present)
    Son (Adopted): Mickey Jr. Nolan (Hodges) (1876 - Present)
    Suellen’s thin frame is often draped with altered lower-class women’s fashion. She likes to set herself apart from the general population thus will request some of the older women in the slums to address these needs, adding intricate designs around the bottom and sleeves. An animal pelt will often be draped from her shoulders which she obtains from muggle shops or various stalls. The skins disguise an ugly scar on the back of her neck from an unfortunate childhood accident. The ends of her fingers are tattooed in an enchanted ink that, when intertwined with Mickey’s, glow a soft hue of cyan -- this is unnoticeable otherwise.. Her hair, typically remaining short or done up, is a dark shade of brown that appears as black to most, amplifying the unique blue/green tint of her eyes. If it weren’t for Mickey, her intimidation game would be horrendous as she stands at a measly 5’0”. She is right handed.
    1846 | April brings Suellen into the world, met by her mother Mariella and father Thompson. Her grandparents were away on a trip thus missed the birth. Sister Paulette and brother Paul, though primarily Paul, are glad that she turned out to be a girl for whatever reason(s).

    1847 | The passings of both Lauretta and Sylvester are brought to the attention of the Wakenshaw family via owl one month after. They both suffered from arsenic poisoning after consuming large quantities to improve their appearances and lambito. Lauretta and her husband consumed their savings on their lavish vacation thus left nothing to Mariella. Thompson ended their marriage shortly after finding this out and pursued a much younger, wealthier woman. Consequently, Mariella and her children dropped to the lower class and were forced to move into a boarding house with several other familial friends.

    1848 | Stanton Wakenshaw, brother-in-law to Mariella and uncle to her children, heard of the divorce and invited the family into his home as he was recently widowed after his wife died in childbirth. He thought it would be good for the children to have a father figure and for his infant daughter to have a proper mother -- his feelings for Mariella were strong whilst Thompson courted her, so with the opportunity right before him, he intended to test his luck.

    1849 | And so he did. Within the year, Mariella and Stanton wed. She is certainly motivated by his wealth and stable career. The children really have no idea who he truly is beyond a kind man who invited them into his home. Mariella is reluctant to share this information with them to save them the confusion; plus, they now had a new step sister to dote over so they would hopefully be occupied and not ask questions.

    1851 | Paulette attends Hogwarts with the funds coming from her new stepfather. Suellen attempts to venture towards the fireplace to stare at the flames however is pulled back by her mother several times. After the fifth try, she causes the burning wood to fly towards her and Mariella, though the two duck in time to miss the brunt end of the aerial assault. Unfortunately, one stray piece of timber grazes the back of Sue’s neck, leaving a rather large burn in its wake.

    1854 | Paul attends Hogwarts. Sue becomes well versed in gambling games after viewing Stanton and his pals playing a few rounds of cards. She scours the neighborhood for potential victims and scams them of their possessions, garnering quite a haul at the end of the week. Her victory was short lived when Mariella found out, but to stop such a scheming mind was almost impossible.

    1857 | Within the summer, Sue receives her acceptance letter and is later sorted into Slytherin. She isn’t too thrilled about restricting her time to the confines of the castle, especially with the company of her elder siblings, but finds her peers to be somewhat entertaining. They pose as decent test subjects for her pranks and thievery. The one factor she enjoys the most is spreading rumors about her dorm mates to pit them against each other, a much more important task than studying.

    1858 | The end of her first year brings only frustration. She did poorly in all of her classes and cared little about it. The attention is shifted to Paulette’s debut however, so all was not too terrible for little Sue. Within the summer, she is caught swindling a local sweets vendor for his wares by lying about an illness. Stanton begins to feel uneasy about the family’s reputation if Sue continues this behavior thus restricts her hours to her bedroom practicing her penmanship and preparing for the coming semester. She begins to resent the man.

    1859 | Although her classes aren’t getting easier, Sue discovers the company of an outcast student of her house, Mr. Mckinley “Mickey” Nolan, to be quite enticing. She introduces herself in her second year and discovers he too has done poorly throughout five, almost six, years at the school. He proves to be rather dimwitted but follows Sue around like a little puppy dog. He admits to her that she has been the only one to pay him proper attention since his arrival at the school because of his abnormal height for his age. Through some prodding, Sue finds that he is actually a part-giant, increasing her interest in him ten fold. The two of them embody the perfect pairing of brains and brawn - if someone is to refuse paying after a bet has been made, Mickey can easily intimidate them to comply. Conversely, if someone is to bully or hurt Mickey’s feelings, Sue’s quick wit and backstabbing can bring them down easily.

    1861 | Paul and Mickey graduate -- Sue learns that Mickey’s father is a rather successful businessman but rarely pays any attention to him. She understands the feeling, to an extent, and the pair hangs out more than often during breaks. Stanton and Mariella begin to feel a little nervous around him and suggests to Sue that she shouldn’t get too attached. If her boiling point hadn’t been reached yet, it did at that moment and she lost it. After a barrage of insults and cursing, she stormed out of the house with Mickey and stayed at his father’s house practically unnoticed until the new semester started. This was ultimately easier for her and Mickey.

    1862 | After she receives her horrid OWL scores, Sue noticed that Mickey had placed an unopened letter from her parents on her bed. After reading it over, she found out that her parents would stop funding her education if she did not return to the house. At first, a sense of relief was felt as she figured this meant she could spend her days with her best friend, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to give up refining her magical ability for the sake of extra time. Mickey tried to convince her to return home so she didn’t waste this opportunity but to no avail. Sue made up her mind and turned to the part giant for support and survival, severing all ties with her family in the process.

    1865 | A few years had passed since she received the letter. She still remembers the delicate writing of her mother’s vividly; it burned an imprint within her mind as she aged, forced to view and copy it hour after hour. She supposed this is how her ability of forgery came so naturally, though far from void of inconsistencies. Luckily this skill was seldom used to obtain a steady flow of cash via gambling and trading. Between little odd jobs and card matches, Mickey and Sue were providing enough income for the both of them to live independently of Mickey’s father. With this in mind, they continued to, as otherwise they would have to be wasting this money instead of investing or spending it on necessary amenities.

    1866 | The better part of Sue’s life had been spent with this man - this former housemate who nobody paid attention to due to something he could not control. She cared deeply for him and valued his friendship as something more. It was some type of bond she could not explain. The closest example she could come up with was a platonic soul mate, but such a thing sounded too cliche. Regardless, this led the both of them to get matching tattoos with enchanted ink that would glow if Sue’s right and Mickey’s left hands were to intertwine. She said that there was no other way she could think of that would show her feelings for him than a permanent marking of lasting connection. She knew that had they ever separated, the light that bound them at this moment would never cease to glow.

    1868 | A reputation had been made for the risky duo in their local setting. Some people hated them while others envied them, looking at the pair as this weird combination that couldn’t possibly work but just did. It wasn’t until someone regarded them as a couple that Sue became uncharastically nervous. Of course, people would say such things jokingly, but this seemed much more real for some reason - perhaps it was because she had spent more time with Mickey since these claims were made and that she actually knew these people beyond another victim to their hustling. She addressed these thoughts to Mickey and suggests that they pretend to be husband and wife, creating a situation in which seemed a little more realistic than some gambling woman and her bodyguard taunting streets of people. He, of course, agrees and they seal the deal with a gourmet meal and round of cards. She ends up calling herself “Suellen Nolan” to confirm such a claim.

    1877 | Fast forward a few years, Sue and Mickey continue doing what they do best and become pretty proficient in their respected craft. Sue begins to develop a taste for fashion and, with the addition of a new hairstyle, seeks the pelts of smaller animals to cover the scar on the back of her neck. Her clothing will often match, though remains subtle enough to not imply that she has money. Through word of mouth, they learn of the construction of Hogsmeade and immediately book passage, taking residence in a boarding house within the slums.

    1880 | The first few years within Hogsmeade proved quite rewarding for Nolan's. They find that their old tricks are almost useless as greater gains are achieved through the black market and private dealings. Belonging to an exclusive magical society does have its perks as well, considering they now can utilize more than quick wit and brute strength to perform menial tasks. Item retrieval missions are also a common occurrence; someone contacts them to obtain something they are either not allowed to get, cannot afford or find, and they pay Sue and Mickey in advance. Typically a certain time frame will be given, depending on the rarity of the item or vitality of the information, which only intrigues the pair even more to pursue this path of business.

    1883 | The collection of items has grown exponentially. They have purchased several chests to hold everything and decorate their humble abode with odd paintings, nic nacs, and memories of both past and present dealings. Unfortunately someone finds this out and robs them during the night, leaving little to no evidence of who the perpetrator may have been. All of the valuables they had collected thus far were stored within a cubby hole in the floor so luckily they were left untouched. Sue pawns off a large quantity of the items to afford a move to another boarding house far away from their previous one. Towards the end of the year, one of their previous customers contacts them with an odd request. They want to pawn off their child, who was born with a birth defect, in order to afford food for the rest of the family. Mickey finds himself livid at the request, takes the child, and throws the man onto the busy street. Sue understands why her consort acted in such a way but questions how they are to afford the upkeep of child when they can barely keep themselves alive. Mickey swears that he will solely care for the boy and work harder to obtain their small fortune back. He later names the boy “Mickey Jr.”.

    1886 | The introduction of the Pennyworth project was pleasantly received by the couple as they felt their efforts wouldn’t be in vain had they lived in a “respectable neighborhood”. Combining their wares, they had just enough to scoot into a small boarding house of the newly renovated block. Sue hoped that this would be the last time their treasures would be disposed of so readily, planning to pocket as much of the excess funds she could to pay herself every once and awhile. The family has since pursued more expensive operations, risking more than they had ever prepared themselves for before. Mickey Jr.’s attendance at the wizarding school will occur the following year and Sue did not wish to subject him to the same treatment that her parents gave her. She wants him to pursue his dreams and not let some pesky kids or money get in the way of them.

    1887 | During a rather interesting interaction whilst playing cards, Suellen's identity is revealed entirely, exposing her to the dangers of potential stalkers and thieves who may attempt to swipe her wares. She demanded Mickey make an example of the few who bore witness to the foolish actions of the man who spoke their name and quickly vanished to their residence. In an effort to conceal themselves once more, they decide to call themselves the "Hodges" after a housemate they knew relatively well.

    Delusional/Arrogant - She believes herself to belong to some “luxurious” fantasy in which people bend to her will and make her rich. In reality, she is far from such a lifestyle and will not readily accept improper treatment towards her, Mickey, or Mickey Jr. This stems from the stories her mother told of her own past; belonging to the middle class was a privilege she benefited from and she continued to act as if no shift happened after her parents subsequent passings.

    Overbearing - In the sense of bullying or blackmailing someone. She likes to be strategic about her actions and refrains from taking on a job that may require extensive efforts on her end or possible failure. As a result, collecting necessary information to get her way is usually her means of attack.

    Honest - Brutally so. She will tell you if your dress makes you look like a pompous pigeon or if your child is ugly. Nonverbal communication of such feelings is an often occurrence.

    Greedy - She will do most anything for a quick sum of cash, including selling out other people and their secrets if the price is right. She will never resort to sexual exploitation for money however as she values herself too much to subject herself to desperate men -- she desires dirty money, but not that dirty.

    Cruel - Her methods of extracting information from someone are in most cases inhumane. She utilizes Mickey to intimidate people which has rarely resulted in a physical altercation. People get flighty after all and a quick blow to the head is the perfect antidote.

    Decisive and Efficient - If one of her plans fails, she will have another one on the back burner and several more to follow. This in turn causes her retrieval missions to be hastily completed in accordance to a given time frame.

    Gossiper - For lack of a better term, Suellen enjoys talking about other people and starting rumors. She has, on more than one occasion, caused conflict between siblings, rivals, co-workers, etc. for her own amusement. A pot stirrer is probably the best term to use.
    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: tumblr_inline_mmehtxoHkZ1qz4rgp.gif]
    Out of Character
    Age: 21
    Contact: Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me
    My eyes will forever be glued to this set BY LADY
    [Image: YQHB5n3_zpsusvzktaw.jpg]

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