Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Peter Troublefield
    In Character
    Full Name: Chauncey Peter Eugene Troublefield
    Nicknames: He is known exclusively as Peter.
    Birthdate: January 29, 1870
    Current Age: Sixteen Years
    Occupation: Hogwarts Student; Male President of the Book Club
    Reputation: ★★★★★ (5)
    While his father did marry a previous slave, this is a little-known fact among the family's friends and the rest of the public, and even if it was widely known, it happened almost twenty years ago!
    Residence: Irvingly, Scotland
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: White Pine, 12¾", Dragon Heartstring, Rigid
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Middle Class
    George Troublefield [1836 | Father | Muggleborn] Born to white slave owners in southern America, George took emotional refuge with the family of slaves that worked in his household after being abused by his father. He fell in love with the slaves' eldest daughter in his youth, and upon his father's passing and the end of the Civil War, moved to England in order to marry her and start a new life.

    Lacey Troublefield née ??? [1840 | Mother | Muggleborn] A former slave in her husband's household, Lacey grew close to George in her youth. Not only did he come to her defense when she was threatened with whippings, but he also taught her how to read and write. The two grew even closer when they discovered their magical abilities, though Lacey was never permitted to attend magical schooling due to her slave status. Following the ownership of her family being passed to George and then the end of the Civil War, her lover offered to bring her and her family to live with him in England to escape the discrimination of America. The two eventually married.

    Charles Troublefield [1871 | Brother] Charles has always been more adventurous and fun-loving than his brother, who instead prefers to be left in quiet with his books and knowledge. He facilitates peaceful protests in favor of the poor and muggleborns during the summers between school years, and isn't the best student overall. One of his greatest beliefs is that house elves should not be used as slaves, as he'd seen how his mother had suffered from being a slave. He does, however, plan to pursue a political career in the future.

    Nancy Troublefield [1872 | Sister] History is already an obsession that can make others give you a weird look, but an obsession with muggle history even stranger. Nancy's favorite classes at Hogwarts are History of Magic, Ancient Studies, and Muggle Studies, and following graduation she hopes to become a magical-muggle relations sociologist to build understanding between the communities.

    Other significant extended family members:

    Thomas "Tom" ??? [1798 | Grandfather | Muggle] A former slave, "Grandpa Tom" was given a small home for him and his wife in a lot and home in the Dovecote District  when they moved to Irvingly.

    Pompey ??? [1815 | Grandmother | Muggle] Another former slave, "Grandma Pompey" delights her family and neighbors with her southern hospitality and traditional southern recipes.

    Luella ____ née ??? [1842 | Maternal Aunt | Muggle] After moving with her parents and sister to England following their freedom from slavery, Luella married a middle class muggle man in England.
    While it's hard to resist the idea that he's taken after his mother—he has inherited her dark skin after all—it's not difficult to see his father's features in his face. He has short black hair that's been cropped short and black eyes that contrast his light brown complexion. He dresses mostly in muggle clothes appropriate for his economic status, though can be seen in robes while at school. He is left-handed.
    1870 | Peter is born to a white land owner and his wife, a previous slave of his father's, on the outskirts of Cambridge, England. While raised by a witch and wizard as parents, he's exposed to much of muggle culture because of his parent's muggleborn heritage.

    1871 | Charles, Peter's younger brother, is born to his parents.

    1872 | Peter's younger sister and the final child in the family, Nancy, is born. While still too young to understand his relation to Nancy, the two-year-old finds her interesting and enjoys playing games with her.

    1874 | Peter shows his first sign of magic by causing the floors in his nursery to freeze when he's frightened by an old wive's tale his nanny tells him. She is promptly disciplined and removed from her position.

    1876 | Peter is truly introduced to the wizarding world when his father purchases him his first toy broom. He is excited by the present, but is without a doubt a little afraid of being off the ground, even if it's only three or four feet high.  During the year he's introduced to his first tutor who teaching him not only how to read fluently, but also history, math, and even how to speak French—a must know in the English upper class society. This is the time of his life where he develops a slight British accent, though his southern drawl is still apparent to those around him.

    1878 | Peter feels the first taste of racial discrimination when an older white woman in the streets of London begins yelling racial slurs towards him. Confused and afraid, he's left in his mother's arms while he cries.

    1881 | Peter receives his acceptance letter to Hogwarts. He begins school in September, and while the sorting hat struggles whether to put him in Ravenclaw or Slytherin, it ultimately chooses Ravenclaw. He excels in his theory-based classes and has to work hard to improve his wandwork. His favorite classes are Defence Against the Dark Arts and Astronomy, while his least favorites are Herbology and Transfiguration.

    1883 | Peter adds Ancient Studies, Ancient Runes, and Arithmacy to his class schedule. Both Ancient Runes and Arithmacy become two of his favorite classes, and he ponders on the idea of becoming a curse-breaker. His father doesn't approve of the dangerous nature, but his mother encourages his ambitions, telling him that he now has a life of opportunity, unlike the one she had in America as a slave.

    1884 | Peter begins preparing for his OWLs.

    1885 | The family moves to Irvingly and his father has a home built for them after their previous on in London in suffered fire damage.

    1886 | After improving his wandwork and perfecting his studying techniques, Peter prepares to take his OWLs in May.
    STUDIOUS | Above everything, Peter values getting good grades and doing his best in school. He's learned a lot from his mother's stories about her lack of opportunity in her youth and has learned to make the best of his opportunity. He can often be found lurking in the library.

    OPPORTUNISTIC | Peter is so obsessed with becoming successful that he often stops to think about the consequences of taking certain opportunities. This leads to guilt in the long-term if he harms someone or a situation, but he usually has good intentions.

    IDEALISTIC REALIST | While a day dreamer who loves to think of the endless opportunities, he knows when to stop and look at a situation realistically. He often hopes for the best, but expects the worst.

    MATERIALISTIC | Stuff is nice, yo. His mother doesn't understand.

    INTERNAL WOMANIZER | While he doesn't usually go out of his way to flirt with the ladies, he often imagines them in inappropriate situations and ponders on what he'd like to say to them. It's not improbable to say that he's visited a brothel between school years.

    COMMITTED | While it seems to contradict the womanizer trait, things change when a woman's captured his heart. He can turn from a man with wandering eyes to a man whose eyes never leave a girl's face in minutes following a realization that he's experiencing a crush.

    OVER-THINKER | Not unrealistic coming from a Ravenclaw.
    Out of Character
    Name: Bree
    Age: Seventeen
    Contact: PM Handsome Whitledge
    Peter speaks with a mixture of a British and Southern American accent.
    ancient runes + ancient studies + arithmacy
    astronomy + charms + dada + transfiguration

    [Image: tumblr_ng8ixnmoBf1qjqxmoo1_500_zpszm73o7tq.gif]

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    Thanks for deciding to join us, we hope you have a blast! :D

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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