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First names were most often used by childhood or school friends. If the friendship was made after school age, first names would only really be used by women. Men were far more likely to refer to their friends by their surnames, a mark of familiarity. — Documentation

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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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A Long Time
October 11, 1888 - The Forbidden Forest

Eleven years for her was a long time to remain in one place, especially after detection. Galina could not remember when the last time was that she had remained in one place for so long. Perhaps that was why she understood that Mari chafed at it, but for Galina, some part of the stability reminded her of a different time, a different life, and it comforted her to know they could remain despite the wide known knowledge by the humans that their type that lived in the forest. Mari disagreed, of course, but Galina could not fault her for it. In all their years of travel they had never debated staying longer than a year, maybe two, always on the move. It had suited them. But Galina longed for things that Mari never had. Everywhere they had stayed Mari had lured children and playful toyed with rules while Galina had tried to make sure they blended in along enough to perhaps find safety. She’d immersed herself in the towns when they could, but it had never lasted long - until now.

As Galina passed through the dark cover of the trees, twilight deepening the colors around her, she considered Mari’s argument to move on. They could always come back. But things were easy here, even if Galina herself found things that chafed her, like that Potter girl. She didn’t have find ways to save up coins to make them new gowns or buy them nice things. They came easily enough (Ishmael did have his purposes it seemed) and food hadn’t been sacre until this summer. But Galina also couldn’t turn this summer from her thoughts. It had proved to her that the established rules and the push to not obey their very natures was fruitless. Perhaps that was the very reason they should indeed stay. But how to make Mari see that? She’d never been one for politics and reason.

Mari?” Galina called into the gloom where she knew Mari tended to stay. Unlike her Mari tended to avoid the caverns the rest of them preferred, feeling a duty to her sister Galina split her time as much as she could between Mari and the coven. Galina’s arms were full of the fine moss green fabric she had sewed Mari’s latest gown out of as she looked around her. Her own blue gown and dark brown cloak swirling in the fallen leaves of the forest as she moved a few steps deeper into the hiding spot. “Are you here?

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Mari was reclining on a bed of leaves and twigs. She wanted a pillow or two but to get a pillow back to her lair-- her only place of solitude and solace-- would be a hassle she didn't want to deal with. She would have to go out to Hogsmeade at night, break into some kind of store, steal a pillow and then lug it all the way back to her home. It was more trouble than it was worth, especially for a vampire as old as she was. She would stick with the rocks and leaves. Besides, if she asked for help, even from Galina, fecking Lyra would find some way to intrude and cause problems for her.

Fecking Lyra. Wanting peace with those who were meant to feed them. Especially the witches and wizards whose magical blood gave her such a thrill it was worth their magic to get it. They could do much to harm her, but so could she. Not many suspected the tiny little blonde child to be a vampire, and that was how she and Galina had fed for so long. She would lure them out and then they would feed. It was a good life.

But now. Now Galina was with those vampires who wanted to be friends with the feeders. It was disgraceful.

Galina's voice broke through her sullen thoughts. She didn't want to talk to her sister now. She wanted to feed. "Go away Galina. I don't have time for you right now. I need to go find someone to eat." Someone to kill. It was the only way she'd feel normal again.
Mari's voice was as familiar to Galina's ears as her own voice, so long had the two girls traveled together. So long had they been a family. Just them. She could understand why Mari hated the situation. But Galina also knew that sullen tone for more. She made her way through the gloom easily, glad for the eyesight she had long since inherited, toward Mari's voice, spotting the pale girl easily in the twigs and leaves. "Mari, you're going to ruin your dress sitting that way." Galina scolded, but there was no true annoyance in her tone as she gracefully settled in the leaves beside Mari. "As will eating someone." Galina mused as if her sister hadn't just attempted to send her away.

Galina smoothed her skirts around her, placing the new dress beside her as if it were just a pile of rags. "I was thinking," Galina started calmly, as if talking about the weather, "I was thinking perhaps we take a trip." Galina could use a real human to actually sink her teeth in. The shortage this summer had been enough to push Galina and Mari on their last trip, short, however it had been. But until she could make Miss Potter see sense in it all and get the coven to understand the sheer impracticality of their ideals, then trips were her truce with Mari.

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"I'll sit this way if I want to, 'Lina. You can't stop me." Was there a pout in her voice? Absolutely. She didn't like being told what to do, even if it was by her sister. She was a 270 year old vampire. She could pout if she damn well wanted to. Still, she uncrossed her legs and let her feet hang down from the ledge she was on. When Galina continued stating that eating someone would ruin her dress, Mari rolled her eyes and shook her head. "I can be careful. I ate the other day without staining my dress, see?" Pointing at the lack of blood stains on her pale green dress, Mari stuck her tongue out at the older girl.

There was a bundle that Galina set beside her and immediately she picked it up and let it fall forward, exposing the dress in front of her. It was made with love, clearly, and it showed in every detail. Mari was so fixated on the dress that she barely noticed Galina suggesting a trip.

But she finally focused enough to question her sister, "Where? Somewhere else? Are we leaving here? For good?" Excited much? Yes, very.
When Galina rolled her eyes at Mari's obstinate response it was more habitual than in reply. But Mari did unfold herself. Galina knew that by the rules in the coven she should discourage Mari's habits, but instead she smiled. "Good." Galina nodded, taking in Mari's gown. It was a good thing she'd just finished this one, Mari was going to run the one she was wearing into the ground - quite literally - with all the dirt stains it had obtained.

Of course Mari's curiosity led her to picking up the new dress. Galina, pretended not to notice, but a small smile tugged at her lips as Mari took it in. It was easy to read the girl to know that she liked the dress.

Galina almost sighed. She should have realized that Mari would hope they were leaving for good. "I was thinking for a good hunt. Perhaps a few days." Galina knew her answer would disappoint Mari, but she couldn't deny she needed a decent feeding too. If Mari hadn't been so out of sorts Galina might even have considered bring February along, the poor darling was being easily converted by the others. It simply wouldn't do to pretend they didn't have teeth and allow the humans to walk all over them. It made Galina think of a story she'd once heard from an Indian man at court, about a snake who didn't bite and was then trampled under foot.

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Mari had gotten her hopes up for nothing. She had been told a trip and then it would be cut short to just a few days? They wouldn't even have time to properly hunt. Galina knew by now that the best way to hunt would be to track your prey for a week or two and then lure them into a false sense of complacency over a dinner at a fire. Then, when they were singing songs and passing the grog around, you launch yourself at them over a short distance and sink your fangs into their neck, drinking deeply enough that they wouldn't be changed. If you completely drained them of their blood, there was no chance that they'd be turned. She knew she had taught Galina that over the century they'd been together.

"I don't know, Galina. You know how long I like to hunt. A few days won't be enough. If you're needing to come back sooner than that, I can stay out longer than you and then return when I'm done." It'd be easier that way. She could spend a few days with her sister, Galina could return to her stupid vampire friends and she could go off on her merry way and hunt to her heart's content. Galina would get her meal, Mari would get away from the stupid coven 'Lina was involved with and then they'd both be in better moods when Mari--eventually-- returned. Win-win.
Sometimes it was so easy to read Mari, the disappointment was clear on her face at Galina’s proposal. The girl’s words rang in her ears, but she supposed it was as close to compromise as they were going to come to. A few weeks in their lives was like hours in the lives of the mortals. “I know.” Galina nodded gently, “But I can afford a few weeks. If you aren’t ready then, we’ll meet back up when you are satisfied.” Perhaps she might even convince Mari when she were in a better mood to not just grump at Lyra but oppose her more thoroughly.

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