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Gwendolyn Flourish
Full Name: Gwendolyn Eloise Flourish
Nicknames: don’t you dare!
Birthdate: March 13, 1875
Current Age: 13 years
Occupation: 3rd year student
Reputation: 10 because she’s perfect, don’t you dare suggest otherwise!
Residence: London
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: vine, 12 ¾ ”, rigid, dragon heart string
Blood Status: halfblood
Social Class: middle
Grandmother: Mrs. ----- Flourish b. 1830

Father: Mr. ----- Flourish b. 1851

Mother: Mrs. ----- Flourish b. 1856

Brother: Mr. ----- Flourish b. 1877

Brother: Mr. ------ Flourish b. 1879
Appearance: Standing at 4 foot 11 inches tall, Gwendolyn’s hair is long and blonde. She has never once cut it and it’s down to the center of her back. It’s her pride and joy and she keeps in a loose braid that drapes over one shoulder. Her sparkling green eyes glint with fervor that she is better than everyone else and intelligence. If she hadn’t been well Sorted into Slytherin, she’d be a marvelous Ravenclaw. She likes to wear grey outfits edged in green and her boots have the highest heel she possibly can, giving her an added three to four inches of height.

play-by: Olivia Holt
1875: Gwendolyn is born on a stormy night, a great portent for her personality. She came out squalling as loud as the wind rushing through the eaves of the house in London. From a young age, she knew she was important, much more so than the two brothers that came after her. At least until she turned eight.

1883: At the age of eight years old, Gwendolyn shows her magic for the first time. Her brother was getting attention in the form of a birthday party and Gwendolyn hated it. She used magic to blow out the candles right before he could. Everyone got mad at her when she laughed delightedly and stuck her tongue out at him.

1885: As predicted by her family when Gwendolyn started to show signs of a bossy personality, Gwendolyn attends Hogwarts and immediately gets Sorted into Slytherin. She didn’t even have the hat on her head fully when it shouted out the House.

1886: Gwendolyn spends time with her maternal grandmother over a summer. They summer at the Sanditon and while she is there, Gwendolyn hears all about how her mother should have never married a half-blood and that was why she was a middle class family instead of an upper class. Even though this means that Gwendolyn herself should be despised by her grandmother for being a half-blood too, her grandmother takes to Gwendolyn's nature nicely and spends the rest of the summer telling her that she should marry a pureblood so that their children would be closer to magical purity than anything else.

1887-present: Gwendolyn is in her third year now and despite her father insinuating that she could take over the family business (even though it was highly unlikely that she ever would since she was a girl), Gwendolyn overheard her father talking to her eldest brother about how he would be taking over his portion of Flourish and Blotts. After hearing this, Gwendolyn decided that her half-blooded family wasn't good enough for her. They didn't think she could handle the storefront because she was a girl-- and a half-blood. She had to do something to distinguish herself from them. And what better way than to eschew their moralities and become a blood purist like her grandmother? She’s determined to marry up now, and has put forth her full attentions into becoming a debutante and landing the richest pureblooded man she can.

Positive:Dedicated, strong-willed, direct and honest, enjoys creating order

Negative: Inflexible, stubborn, judgmental, Too Focused on Social Status, Difficult to Relax, Difficulty Expressing Emotion
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Other: Gwendolyn thoroughly despises the fact that she’s not a pureblooded witch like her grandmother. She resents her family for being half-bloods and is determined to marry a pureblooded upper class man. She will go to her OWL level courses and then drop out, since NEWTs aren’t required to be a deb.
Sample Roleplay Post: The weather was dark and stormy. Standing in a window of her London home, Gwendolyn watched as lightning cracked against the sky. It suited her mood perfectly. She wanted nothing more than to watch the lightning fill the clouds and leap from the sky to a tree. It wasn’t like she wanted the tree to burn, but she wanted it to show the damage she felt inside. Her father had just informed her the day before that she would NOT be inheriting his portion of Flourish and Blotts and it filled her with outrage. She was the eldest, the smartest. Her two brothers were more suited for menial labor, despite being middle class children. They didn’t even seem inclined to take over for her father. She wanted to do it, she deserved to do it. Another bolt of lightning crashed through the sky and she smiled. It was exactly what she needed to make herself feel better. A storm of epic proportions.
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