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Full Name: Asa Nathaniel Keene
Nicknames: None
Birthdate: October 31, 1856
Current Age: 32 Years
Occupation: Earth Magic Professor
Reputation: 9
Residence: Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: cedar, 13", supple, unicorn hair
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Middleclass
Albert Keene | [1819-1861] Father
Beatrice Keene née Harding | [1825] Mother

 - Baxter Keene | [1850] | Brother
 - Catherine “Kitty” --- née Keene | [1859] Sister and family
 - Perry Keene | [1861] Brother
Appearance: [Don't forget to mention height, build, wand hand, clothing, etc.]
1856  The second child is born to Albert and Beatrice Keene, another boy this one named Asa Nathaniael. He is quite cheerful and while he rarely cries, he has a set of lungs on him and is always making some sort of noise.

1858 While Asa doesn't remember it, he aquires a set of temporary pokeadots all over him when his brother gets mad and has his first display of magic. It takes the assistance of the Magic Revesal Squad to return him to his unblimished state.

1859 His first and only sister is born, Catherine, though unable to struggle through the name, he takes to calling her "Kitty". Secretly this is because she reminds him of a cat, always demanding attention and is a bit upset when she is born.

1861 Baxter goes off to Hogwarts this year and is sorted into  Hufflepuff. Now that he is left alone with Kitty he starts to not mind her presence quite as much and actually becomes quite fond of her. He gains another brother as the last Keene child is born, Perry. At the end of the year his father passes away and even though the man was distant, the five year old is clearly upset by the change though over the years he proves to remeber little about the man. During the funeral, Asa does not want to wear black and pitches a fit, and turns his suit a bright yellow.

Personality: [Can be as short as 3-4 words!]
Other: [Any other information you want to include.]
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Age: [here]
Contact: [If any: AIM, MSN, PM, E-mail, etc.]
Other Characters: [If any]
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