Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
    12.31 Enter the Winter Labyrinth if you dare!
    12.23 Professional Quidditch things...
    12.21 New stamp!
    12.20 Concerning immortality
    12.16 A heads up that the Secret Swap deadline is fast approaching!
    12.14 Introducing our new Minister of Magic!
    12.13 On the first day of Charming, Kayte gave to me...
    12.11 Some quick reminders!
    12.08 Another peek at what's to come...
    12.05 It's election day! OOC, at least.
    12.04 We have our PW winners for November!
    12.02 New Skins! In less exciting news, the AC is underway.
    11.27 AC Saturday and election next week!
    11.21 A glimpse at post-move changes.
    11.13 This news is not at all big. Do not bother with it.
    Witch Weekly Issue Directory

    #1 MAIN ARTICLE - The 10 Most Dashing Professors at Hogwarts
    Recipe of the Century: Bubble and Squeak
    What's Your Actual Hogwarts House?
    Madam Dodona’s Horoscopes
    #2 MAIN ARTICLE - Roses in Bloom: the young women of Pendergast’s School for Young Roses
    Autumn Fashions
    Don't Fall for Empty Words!
    Letters From Our Readers
    October Competition!
    #3 MAIN ARTICLE - Interview with Fitzroy Prewett
    The Girl on Fire: How to Avoid Dinnertime Disaster
    15 Facts About Rufina Mulciber
    Dear Mrs Aidsworth...
    #4 MAIN ARTICLE - Daring Nerve and Chivalry: An Interview with Godric Slughorn.
    Three Cakes Sure to Please
    Overheard in Whizzhard Books!
    Notable October Birthdays
    #5 MAIN ARTICLE - When to Leave Your Husband
    Last-Minute Costume Ideas
    What are you looking for in a future husband?
    The Role of the Moon
    #6 MAIN ARTICLE - Violet MacFusty Exposed!
    Who wore it best?
    The Latest Rumors!
    Devious Debutantes?
    November Competition!
    #7 MAIN ARTICLE - Partners in Crime: Meet the Aurors Who Keep Us Safe!
    Snitz and Knep
    15 Facts About Esteban Zavala
    More a Richard, Less a Dick
    #8 MAIN ARTICLE - Mr. Beamish, Bachelor Extraordinaire!
    Winter Wedding Advice
    15 Facts About Mrs. Helena Macmillan
    Letters from Our Readers
    #9 MAIN ARTICLE - The Ministry's Most Eligible Employees!
    Thick Gingerbread
    All the Gossip on Everyone's Lips!
    Madam Dodona Gives Advice!
    #10 MAIN ARTICLE -Meet His Majesty Merlin Huxley!
    No More Dry Hands!
    The Scrivenshaft-O'Neill Wedding
    Planet Transits with Madam Dodona
    December Competition!
    #11 MAIN ARTICLE -Women of Quidditch
    Christmas Decorating
    Find Your Perfect Man!
    Sagittarius: An In-Depth Portrayal
    #12 MAIN ARTICLE -The Quidditch League Holiday Ball!
    Christmas Plum Pudding
    10 Facts About Thomas Pettigrew
    Sun and Moon To Capricorn
    #13 MAIN ARTICLE - The 8 Most Interesting Events of 1884!
    Fashion for 1885
    When should you get married?
    Things You Should Aim For in the new year!

    #14 MAIN ARTICLE - The Eligible Mr. Mathias Beaumont IV
    Which March Sister Are You?
    Who wore it best?
    Letters from our readers!
    #15 MAIN ARTICLE -Edward Mohr: Quidditch Captain Extraordinaire!
    Potion For Sore Feet
    What Type of Mother Are you?
    Harmony Aidsworth does advice!
    #16 MAIN ARTICLE -The Eligible Lysander Ketteridge
    Egg Fritters Recipe
    10 Facts About Collin Cavanaugh
    January’s Book Recommendations
    #17 MAIN ARTICLE - The Fabulous Mrs. Marjolaine St. John
    Emergency Complexion Potion
    Love is Blind: Mr. Julian Fisk Proposes to a Stranger!
    Harmony Aidworth's Life-Saving Advice!
    #18 MAIN ARTICLE - Konstantin Fisk - Duelling Tournament Victor!
    Valentine's Advice!
    All the Little Joys and Tragedies of Hogsmeade
    Guest Horoscopes
    #19 MAIN ARTICLE - The Reclusive Mr. Waffling!
    Porterhouse Steak with Bean and Bacon
    Quiz!: Does Your Suitor Really Love You?
    Dear Witch Weekly
    #20 MAIN ARTICLE - Hogsmeade's Healers: What they aren't telling you!
    Delicious Dundee Cake
    In Which Era Do You Belong In?
    My fiance eloped- with a Hag!
    #21 MAIN ARTICLE - Can Mrs. Emma Macmillan kill people with her mind?
    Fertility Charms- Debunked!
    Heard 'Round Hogsmeade
    Letters from Our Readers!
    #22 MAIN ARTICLE - Is the Minister a Vampire Now? And Other Theories!
    Springtime Fashion Plates
    Crime of Passion?
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #23 MAIN ARTICLE - Is Demetria Longbottom Really to Blame?
    Chartreuse of Oranges Recipe
    Tea Party Perfection
    Letters From Our Readers
    #24 MAIN ARTICLE - A Bride for Mr. Beaumont!
    Beauty Tips for the Desperate
    Would You Break an Unbreakable Vow?
    Book Review- ‘How to cure your toilet’s Hiccups’
    #25 MAIN ARTICLE - The Beaumont and Lynch Split: Whose Fault is It?
    Easter bonnets!
    Hogsmeade Hospital's Handsomest Healers!
    Letters from Readers
    #26 MAIN ARTICLE -Our Hearts are With the Ministry
    Apple Charlotte
    How Many Children Should You Have?
    Letters From Our Readers
    #27 MAIN ARTICLE - Meet The Newest Head of the Magical Bugs Department, Mrs. Annabelle Bones
    Dress guide the season!
    Where Will You Meet Your Soulmate?
    Predict Your Child's Hogwarts House!
    #28 MAIN ARTICLE - The Midas Touch
    Sleep Tonic Recipe
    Notable April Birthdays
    Dementor Safety For Ladies
    #29 MAIN ARTICLE - Hogwarts Careers Day
    The House of Lytton
    May at de Montfault Theater
    Harmony Aidsworth Gives Advice!
    #30 MAIN ARTICLE - Meet Our Head Auror: Benedict Sterling
    Heathful Recipes for the Ill
    10 Facts About Nephele Lestrange
    Your Horoscopes for the Month of May!
    #31 MAIN ARTICLE - Meet the new Chief Warlock!
    St. Honore Cake
    Baby Gender Predictor!
    #32 MAIN ARTICLE - Ten Facts about Perenelle Flamel
    Who Wore It Best?
    Last Minute Tips and Tricks for Your Coming Out
    Letters from Our Readers
    #33 MAIN ARTICLE - Bryce didn't only abduct Mrs. Potter - What you don't know but should
    Mushroom Toast
    Defensive Spells for any Young Lady
    Letters From Our Readers!
    #34 MAIN ARTICLE - Hogwarts' Coming Out Ball Cancelled - Now What? (Special Edition)
    Surviving the season!
    Spotlight on Private Coming Out Balls
    Alternatives for Would-Be Debutantes
    Dealing with Depression, Disappointment, and Drama
    Avoiding Spinsterhood
    #35 MAIN ARTICLE - Meet Hector Waters
    Orange Custard Pudding
    Ten Facts about Mrs. Astrid Parkinson
    Letters from Our Readers
    #36 MAIN ARTICLE - Three’s Company: The Coming Out Ball of Misses Fontaine...
    Potato Croquettes
    Ten Facts About Desdemona Collins-Potter
    The Right Dress Colour For Your Hair Colour!
    #37 MAIN ARTICLE - A Midsummer Night's Dream
    July at de Montfault Theater
    Ten Facts About Rosalind Pendergast
    Letters From Our Readers!
    #38 MAIN ARTICLE - House of Lytton's Under the Sea Ball
    Potion for Seasickness
    Letters From Our Readers
    #39 MAIN ARTICLE - The Debut of Miss Farrah Wintemute
    Mr Parkinson replies
    #40 MAIN ARTICLE - Madam Prewett's Garden Ball!
    Secrets of a Lady’s Toilet
    Three Useful Potions For the Summer Months!
    Liberté, égalité, fraternité!
    #41 MAIN ARTICLE - Understanding the Tragedy in Padmore Park
    Bruise-removing potion
    An Interview With A Troll-Survivor: Mrs. Catrin Keaton
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #42 MAIN ARTICLE - Barnabas Skeeter: The Story of a Hero
    Recipe for Talmousses
    10 Facts About Barnabas Skeeter
    #43 MAIN ARTICLE - The 7 Most Handsome Protesters!
    Honouring Wizards and Witches
    10 Facts About Josephina Flint
    Letters From Our Readers
    #44 MAIN ARTICLE - The Marvelous Madam Black
    The Wideye or Awakening Potion
    8 Facts About Barry Wee Willie Winkle
    August Book Reviews
    #45 MAIN ARTICLE - The Benefit for Distressed Witches - A Dazzling Success!
    Blemish Removal Draught
    10 Facts About Mrs. Dorcas Wellbeloved.
    Your Horoscope - September 1885
    #46 MAIN ARTICLE - The Admirable Alumnus of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry
    Preparing Your First Year
    Packing for Hogwarts!
    #47 MAIN ARTICLE - Betrothal Announced!
    Autumn is Coming
    How should I entertain myself?
    #48 MAIN ARTICLE - Exclusive Interview with Alectrona Towie!
    Cure for Boils
    Ten Facts About Miss Darcey Umbridge
    Dangerous Fashions
    #49 MAIN ARTICLE - The Most Impressive Curls
    Bread Cheesecake Recipe
    Ten Facts About Tybalt Kirke
    Too Much Quidditch
    #51 MAIN ARTICLE - Diagon Alley's Autumn Fair!
    Natural Skin Care
    Notable Birthdays of October
    #51 MAIN ARTICLE - Exclusive Interview with Herbert and Winifred Fudge
    Recipe for Cider Cake
    Ten Facts About Eugene Scamander
    Harmony Aidsworth Answers Reader Questions
    #52 MAIN ARTICLE - Happy Birthday! Witch Weekly’s Year in Review
    Recipes of the Past Year
    8 Facts About Witch Weekly
    Anniversary Letters From Our Readers
    #53 MAIN ARTICLE - Costumes to avoid this Halloween!
    Candied Apples Recipe
    4 Unique Costume Ideas!
    Halloween Horoscopes!
    #54 MAIN ARTICLE - Longbottom Hunting Party; What to Emulate for Your Next Event!
    What would your patronus be?
    November Book Reviews
    #55 MAIN ARTICLE - Crime in Hogsmeade and How to Avoid It
    Tips on Staying Healthy
    Ten Facts about Mr. Gabe Hatchitt
    Letters From Our Readers
    #56 MAIN ARTICLE - The Admirable Healers of St. Mungo's!
    5 Notable Scorpios
    When Will He Propose?
    #57 MAIN ARTICLE - Celebrity Quidditch Above the Sea!
    Pumpkin Pie Filling
    Winter Fashions
    Letters from our readers
    #58 MAIN ARTICLE - Potions Pioneers; Miss Jocelyn Pippin
    Cure for Acne
    Letters from Our Readers
    #59 MAIN ARTICLE - Hospital Holiday Fundraiser
    Pepperup Potion
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #60 MAIN ARTICLE - Mr. Edward MacMillan's Healing Touch!
    Simple Christmas Gift Ideas
    Christmas At de Montfault Theatre!
    #61 MAIN ARTICLE - Our Christmas Present; An Interview With Olivia Pendergast
    Christmas Plum Pudding
    The Perfect Gift for That Special Gentleman
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #62 MAIN ARTICLE - The Most Memorable Events of 1885
    New Year's Superstitions
    10 Facts About Violetta Lestrange
    New Year, New You

    #63 MAIN ARTICLE - Ringing in the New Year at Sanditon Resort!
    Fashions for the new year!
    New Year's Horoscopes
    #64 MAIN ARTICLE - An Interview with Mrs. Winifred Fudge!
    Fish Cakes Recipe
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #65 MAIN ARTICLE - Working Mothers: Louisa Shacklebolt
    Old Fashioned Beef Stew with Dumplings
    Protecting yourself and your family: Hag Edition
    Letters from Our Readers
    #66 MAIN ARTICLE - Unfogging the Future: An interview with Miss Apollodora Vablatsky
    Walking Dresses
    Dignified Duelists of the Fairer Sex
    Letters from Our Readers
    #67 MAIN ARTICLE - Women Dueling: What Do You Think?
    Herbicide Potion Recipe - Tend To The Garden
    Ten Facts about Mr. Edric Slughorn!
    Win an Outing with a Gentleman!
    #68 MAIN ARTICLE - Reworking The Slums: Problem Or Progress?
    Cocoanut Balls Recipe
    The Most Eligible Witches and Wizards!
    Win an Outing with a Gentleman: The Results!
    #69 MAIN ARTICLE - The Pettigrew Wedding!
    Recipe for Clear Gravy Soup
    Ten Facts About Mr. Quincey Honeyduke!
    February’s Book Recommendations
    #70 MAIN ARTICLE - The Meaning of Love: Mr. Lytton's St. Valentine's Charity Ball
    Sleeping Potion
    Ten Facts About Mr. Marcus Lytton!
    Notable Pisceans!
    #71 MAIN ARTICLE - The Woman Behind The Fashion House: Miss Anastasia Pince
    Sausage Eggs with Bread Sticks
    What Job Will Your Future Husband Have?
    This Week's Horoscopes from Miss Astraea Coriolis!
    #72 MAIN ARTICLE - Pancake Day!
    Teething Potion
    What Color Should Your Wedding Gown Be?
    Letters from Our Readers!
    #73 MAIN ARTICLE - Ladies of the Ministry
    St. Honoré Cake Recipe
    10 Facts About Mr. Edgar Crouch
    Play Recommendation: The Whistling Elf
    #74 MAIN ARTICLE - Alice in Wonderland
    Recipe for Chicken with Croquettes of Rice
    News Around Town!
    Letters from Our Readers!
    #75 MAIN ARTICLE - Bonbons Debunked!
    Recipe for Cressy Soup
    10 Facts About Mr. Alaric Travers
    #76 MAIN ARTICLE - A Day at the Races
    Walking Shoes for the Children!
    Which Gemstone Suits You?
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #77 MAIN ARTICLE - A Dueling Refresher
    Preparing for the Season
    What Animal Would You Be?
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #78 MAIN ARTICLE - Ones to Watch: Witch Weekly's Dueling Tournament Picks
    Sandwich Cakes
    8 Facts About Mr. Stephen Flint
    Letters from Our Readers
    #79 MAIN ARTICLE - The Enchanting Endymion Dempsey!
    Top 5 Spring Shades
    What does your perfume say about you?
    April Book Recommendations!
    #80 MAIN ARTICLE - Coming Soon at the Sandition Resort!
    Chester Pudding Recipe
    The Admirable Mrs. Prewett
    Letters From Our Readers
    #81 MAIN ARTICLE - The Bainbridge and Montague Betrothal
    Strawberry Cakes!
    Play Recommendation: Vampire In The Woods
    #82 MAIN ARTICLE - The Debut of Miss Ellory Pendergast!
    Recipe for Ice Pudding
    What Does Your Favorite Pastime Say About You?
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #83 MAIN ARTICLE - Quidditch for Children!
    Notable May Birthdays
    10 Facts about Miss Averill Wellbeloved
    Letters from our Readers
    #84 MAIN ARTICLE - Tips for Surviving the Season!
    Hair Smoothing Serum
    8 Facts About Augustus Avery
    Book Recommendations for New Graduates
    #85 MAIN ARTICLE - “Oh, Evangeline!” Part I – by Eugenia Wenham-Jones
    Make Your Own Perfume!
    Ten Facts about the alluring Mr. Herschel Dawlish!
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #86 The 1886 Hogwarts Coming Out Ball Edition
    Must-haves for this season!
    Tales from the Coming Out Ball!
    The Most and Least Likely to Get Engaged this Season!
    Ten Debutantes to Watch
    A Personal Touch
    Interviews with the Ladies of the Evening!
    Advice by Harmony Aidsworth

    #87 MAIN ARTICLE - A Witch’s Guide to the Wizarding World Fair!
    Treacle Tart
    A Grand Re-Opening
    Letters from our readers!
    #88 MAIN ARTICLE - 'Tis the Season for Weddings!
    Recipe for Lobster Salad
    10 Facts About Mr. Rainier Favreau
    Notable June Birthdays
    #89 MAIN ARTICLE - The Debut of Miss Virginie Favreau
    Beautification Potion
    8 Facts About Bentley Alden
    Outdoor Play Recommendations
    #90 MAIN ARTICLE - 10 Facts About: Marius Florent Favreau
    Fruit Cordials!
    Where would you find your future spouse?
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #91 MAIN ARTICLE - The Debut of Miss Natsuko Mountbatton
    Swimming Costumes
    Fact or Fiction? You Decide!
    Letters from Our Readers
    #92 MAIN ARTICLE - The International Science Convention
    Notable July Birthdays
    Letters from Our Readers
    #93 MAIN ARTICLE - The Kings and Queens of the Sanditon Sandcastles!
    Time For a Picnic!
    Quiz!: Will your season be a success?
    Are We Really Ever Safe? And Editorial
    #94 MAIN ARTICLE - Petra Sleptova & Castor Allaway
    Recipe for Apple Tartlets
    Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
    Play Recommendation: The Lady's Last Ball
    #95 MAIN ARTICLE - Getting Fresh at the Fairgrounds!
    Who Wore It Best? Ministry Edition!
    8 Facts About Regulus Wainwright
    Ask Harmony
    #96 MAIN ARTICLE - The Eligible Men of Hogwarts
    Three and Three Pudding Recipe
    Gossip and goings on!
    Your Weekly Horoscopes!
    #97 MAIN ARTICLE - Ten Facts About Benedict Sterling!
    Aesthetic Dresses – Fashionable or lazy?
    In Defense of the Aging Debutante
    How to deal with your daughter’s bastard!
    #98 MAIN ARTICLE - The Season of the House Party
    Must Have Furniture - Cabinets!
    Signs you should NOT marry him
    Where Should You Go for Your Honeymoon?
    #99 MAIN ARTICLE - The Definitive Guide to Heartbreak
    Red Hair! Fashion or Folly?
    Do you really know your children?
    Letters from Our Readers
    #100 MAIN ARTICLE - What To Do When Your Season Has Failed
    5 Signs Your Maid Covets Your Husband
    Profile of Mister Justus Westenburg
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth!
    #101 MAIN ARTICLE - Is Your Husband Being Untruthful?
    Top 4 Shades for Autumn Fashion
    Rumour Has It!
    Play Recommendation - Life Is A Comedy
    #102 MAIN ARTICLE - Love Match Minister!
    In The Family Way?
    Comments from our Readers!
    Quiz: Do you need to replace your friend?
    #103 MAIN ARTICLE - Skeletons in Your Closet?
    House Elves or Housemaids?
    Quiz: What Costume Should You Wear?
    Letters from Our Readers!
    #104 MAIN ARTICLE - Celebrating Two Years...
    Birthday Cake Recipe
    Where Are They Now?
    Our Favorite Letters from Readers!
    #105 MAIN ARTICLE - Interview With a Ghost!
    Samhain Pumpkin Pie!
    Seven Facts About Mrs. Hippolyta Scamander
    Letters from our readers!
    #106 MAIN ARTICLE - In Need of a Costume?
    Brandy "Finger" Snaps & Costume To Match!
    Are You Courting a Ghost?
    Spooky Book Recommendations!
    #107 MAIN ARTICLE - The Hogwarts Masquerade Ball
    Easy Tips For Home Decor!
    Heard Around Town
    November Horoscopes
    #108 MAIN ARTICLE - The Pettigrew-Echelon Wedding
    Common Ailments - Explained!
    Quiz: Is your friend betraying you?
    Practical Protection!
    #109 MAIN ARTICLE - 10 Ways to Get Out of the House!
    Who Wore It Best?
    Letters from Our Readers
    #110 MAIN ARTICLE - Meet Mr. Jonathan Webster!
    Coffee Cream Recipe
    News Around Town!
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth

    #111 MAIN ARTICLE - Fashions for the New Year, With Miss Octavia Lytton
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    What Should Your New Year's Resolution Be?
    Advice for a New Year
    #112 MAIN ARTICLE - Fashion Faux Pas This Christmas
    Soothing Syrups - A Godsend for Mothers
    Ways to make the most of the rest of January
    Plays of the Season!
    #113 MAIN ARTICLE - Profile of Mr. Ichabod Malcorvus
    Badger Ham Recipe
    Talk From Around Town
    Advice for Burn’s Night
    #114 MAIN ARTICLE - Get To Know Mr. Darrow, Head of the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad!
    Tried and tested emergency remedies
    Rumour Has It!
    Letters from Our Readers
    #115 MAIN ARTICLE - Stay Warm Without Sacrificing Fashion!
    Live Longer - Avoid Embarrassing Death Scenarios!
    Rumor Has It!
    Ask Harmony : Our Most Shocking Letters Yet
    #116 MAIN ARTICLE - Timeless Valentine's Traditions
    Valentines Love Potion
    How Not to Blend In At the Aphrodite Ball
    Rumour Has It!
    #117 MAIN ARTICLE - Aphrodite's Ball
    Must Have Accessories for 1887!
    The Arrow Meets Its Mark!
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #118 MAIN ARTICLE - Trouble In The Pettigrew Household?
    More About Millinery - How To Choose The Perfect Hat
    March Horoscopes!
    #119 MAIN ARTICLE - Spring into the New Season!
    Miss Portia Lilly's Tell-All Style Potion
    How not to get murdered by an angry Spinster!
    A Must See Production: Furry Excursion!
    #121 MAIN ARTICLE - The Ultimate Sanditon Resort Guide
    Traditional Irish Stew!
    Look Your Best On The Beach!
    Letters from Our Readers
    #122 MAIN ARTICLE - Are You Worthy Of A Career
    Tips For Warmer Days
    The Magical Male Clubs of England
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #123 MAIN ARTICLE - Jewelry: The Definitive Gifting Guide
    Rose Petal Scones
    Ellory Pendergast Missing Once More
    Letters From Our Irate Readers
    #124 MAIN ARTICLE - 250 Years of Armando Dippet
    Dippet Birthday Bash: Best Dress List!
    What Pet Is Right For You?
    Advice From Harmony Aidsworth
    #125 MAIN ARTICLE - A Look Into the Life of a Spinster
    Who Wore It Best?
    Which Magical Creature Should Be Your Companion?
    Monthly Horoscopes
    #126 MAIN ARTICLE - Renaissance Ball Marred By Chaos
    Amaze Everyone With Your Artistic Pastries!
    Ladies' Clubs of England
    Letters From Our Reader
    #127 MAIN ARTICLE - Ladies To Watch This Season
    Miss Portia Lilly Takes Your Beauty Questions
    News Around Town
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #128 MAIN ARTICLE - May Day At the Zoo
    Hair Restoring Tonic
    Fashion Faux Pas at Madam Black's Birthday Ball
    Discover Your May Horoscope
    #129 MAIN ARTICLE - An Unexpected Arrangement: Did Miss Adelia Lovegood Use a Love Potion to Ensnare the Minister of Magic?!
    Love Potion Antidote
    How Likely Are You To Marry?
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #130 MAIN ARTICLE - The Great Debut Approaches!
    Birds of a Feather - A Look So Fowl?
    Marcus Lytton on Choosing the Best Coming Out Gown
    Letters From Our Readers
    #131 MAIN ARTICLE - The Great Debut, Part Deux!
    Van Helsings Make An Attempt At Conventionality
    What Kind of Spinster Will You Be?
    Letters From Our Readers
    #132 MAIN ARTICLE - Celebrating Queen Victoria
    Cucumber Ice Cream Recipe
    Who's Making A Successful Debut?
    Discover Your June Horoscope!
    #133 MAIN ARTICLE - Halfbreeds: Should We Trust Them With Our Children?
    The Department of Magical... Curls?
    The Strange Case of Miss Antonia Greyback
    Letters From Our Readers
    #134 MAIN ARTICLE - Did Artemisia Carrow Murder Her Brother?
    Brilliant Skin Restorative
    Can Refreshing Your Wardrobe Improve Your Prospects?
    Letters From Our Readers
    #135 MAIN ARTICLE - Golden Jubilee Ball Crawl
    Invigoration Draught Recipe
    How Young Is Too Young?
    Talk Around Town
    #136 MAIN ARTICLE - Meet Miss Ginevra Blackwood
    A Potion For Bright Eyes
    8 Facts About Mrs. Morwenna Skeeter
    The Play Recommendation: My Ladies go to London!
    #137 MAIN ARTICLE - Fashion Finds at the World Market
    What Does Your Ice-Cream Flavour Say About You?
    How the Greeks Dressed: Tips for Planning Your Greek Inspired Outfit
    Best places for costumes and accessories!
    #138 MAIN ARTICLE - A Bucket List of the 1887 Season
    Andalusian Salad and Dressing Recipe
    Which Magical Creature Are You?
    Discover Your Horoscope
    #139 MAIN ARTICLE - Minster Abandoned At Alter: Lovegood Opts To Die Alone
    Announcing the Witch Weekly Anniversary Sweepstakes
    Flying Tigers & Terror: Miss Sleptova Speaks Out
    Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    #140 MAIN ARTICLE - The End of an Era: The Late, Great Mrs. Olivia Pendergast
    Savory Summer Pie Recipe
    Exceptional Women #2: Meet Dame Phyllida Spore!
    Play Recommendation: Heavy Hooves
    #141 MAIN ARTICLE - Exceptional Women: Twilfit & Tatting
    Fit For A Queen: Costume Extravaganza
    Lonely Hearts
    Witch Weekly Sweepstakes Entries
    #142 MAIN ARTICLE - Lycanthropy: 7 Fangtastic Facts for the Furociously Fascinated
    Recipe for Werewolf Repellent Serum
    Lonely Hearts
    Letters From Our Readers
    #143 MAIN ARTICLE - In Defense of the Marriage Ban: A Feature by Madam Flint
    Fall Hunt Fashion
    Exceptional Women No. 4: Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff
    Your Star Sign as a Magical Creature
    #144 MAIN ARTICLE - The Fashionable Life of Mr. Marcus Lytton!
    A Robe Resurgence
    Lonely Hearts
    Witch Weekly Sweepstakes Entries
    #145 MAIN ARTICLE - Investigating Minister Urquart's Resignation
    The Sweepstakes Holiday Begins in Beijing
    Top 10 Tips For The Hunt
    Missed Connections
    #146 MAIN ARTICLE - Exclusive Interview with Justin Ross, Candidate for Minister of Magic
    The Sweepstakes Holiday Continues to India
    Lonely Hearts
    Letters From Our Readers
    #147 MAIN ARTICLE - Exclusive Interview with Eugene Scamander
    Sweepstakes Holiday to Visit Arabia
    Seven Facts About Roslyn Ross
    Heard Around Town
    #148 MAIN ARTICLE - One Year Later - Where Are The Little Pettigrews?
    Sweepstakes Holiday Concludes in Venice
    Questions and Answers with Portia Lilly
    Harmony Aidsworth Advises
    #149 MAIN ARTICLE - Anniversary Sweepstakes Winners Announced
    Who Is Roman Crouch?
    Lonely Hearts
    4 Ballroom Horror Stories
    #150 MAIN ARTICLE - What To Expect From a Dippet/Devine Wedding
    Ginevra Blackwood Canned From Cannons?
    Which Ministerial Candidate are you Well Suited for?
    A Future Mrs. Head Auror?
    #151 MAIN ARTICLE - An American For Minister?
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