Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    01.11 I've got a bit of a reputation...
    01.06 AC underway, and a puzzle to solve!
    01.01 Happy new year! Have some announcements of varying importance.
    12.31 Enter the Winter Labyrinth if you dare!
    12.23 Professional Quidditch things...
    12.21 New stamp!
    12.20 Concerning immortality
    12.16 A heads up that the Secret Swap deadline is fast approaching!
    12.14 Introducing our new Minister of Magic!
    12.13 On the first day of Charming, Kayte gave to me...
    12.11 Some quick reminders!
    12.08 Another peek at what's to come...
    12.05 It's election day! OOC, at least.
    12.04 We have our PW winners for November!
    12.02 New Skins! In less exciting news, the AC is underway.
    11.27 AC Saturday and election next week!
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    11.13 This news is not at all big. Do not bother with it.
    it's time for me to fix my post logs
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

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    AUGUST, 1881
    she's sneaky and smoked out with Miss Melody Drooble
    run away to the foreign legion with Miss Antonia Tucker

    SEPTEMBER, 1881
    Celebration [of Clumsiness] with Mr. Timothy Allwright
    les miserables with Miss Antonia Tucker
    failed attempts to fly with Miss Olive Lovegood
    Mr. Oxford Lovegood with Mr. Oxford Lovegood
    Miss Alice Lovegood with Miss Alice Lovegood

    OCTOBER, 1881
    Future Sister-in-Law with Miss Jian Min Hou
    People running circles with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Caught Among the 'Puffs with Mr. Ben Taylor
    My Own Prison with Miss Lysandra Sutherland and Miss Brynn Malfoy
    remember the name with Miss Alice Lovegood
    Miss Lysandra Sutherland with Miss Lysandra Sutherland
    take me out with Mr. Oliver Detheridge

    NOVEMBER, 1881
    Pick Up Game O' Quidditch with Mr. Harvey Beauregard, Mr. Basil Longbottom, Mr. Ben Taylor, Mr. Elijah-Thomas Burke, Mr. Zachariah Strain, and Miss Elsie Beauregard
    Oh Alice with Miss Alice Lovegood
    Death Threats & Third Degree for Mr. James Riley with Mr. James Riley
    tight grip on reality with Miss Ceridwyn Bordeaux

    DECEMBER, 1881
    picture yourself in a boat on a river with Mr. Harvey Beauregard and Miss Lysandra Sutherland
    Dear Ox, with Mr. Oxford Lovegood

    MARCH, 1882
    We could work it out with Miss Brynn Malfoy
    bone to pick with Miss Alice Lovegood
    ordinary day with Mr. Harvey Beauregard and Mr. Will Pendergast
    D is for Dutiful with Miss Ismene Swift, Mr. Harvey Beauregard, Miss Loretta Browne, Miss Ceridwyn Bordeaux, and Mr. Finley Prewett
    a lost letter with Miss Ceridwyn Bordeaux

    APRIL, 1882
    game of love with Miss Ceridwyn Bordeaux

    JUNE, 1882
    Butterbeer Time with Miss Astrid Eriksson

    AUGUST, 1882
    Double Trouble with Mr. Harvey Beauregard
    where have all the cowboys gone? with Miss Alice Lovegood

    OCTOBER, 1882
    City Of with Miss Brynn Malfoy

    FEBRUARY, 1883
    Love & Hate with Miss Brynn Malfoy

    MARCH, 1883
    A Mouthful of Iron with Mr. Iraj Khorasani
    Duel with Eli Swan and Icarus Prince
    Rumor Has It? with Miss Lysandra Sutherland
    to Andren with Mr. Ozias Lovegood
    From the Ritz to the Rubble with Miss Olive Lovegood

    APRIL, 1883
    Add Drama to an Otherwise Dull Day with Mr. Harvey Beauregard
    Dinner Drama with Mr. Ozias Lovegood and Miss Roma Lovegood

    MAY, 1883
    Death and Dismay with Mr. Ozias Lovegood
    say it ain't so with Miss Olive Lovegood
    It Might Make it Worse with Miss Elsie Beauregard

    JUNE, 1883
    Family Remains with Miss Alice Lovegood

    JULY, 1883
    Into the Fire with Miss Brynn Malfoy
    OWL scores

    AUGUST, 1883
    Duel with Miss Mariah Mohr and Mr. Hamish Darrow
    Duel with Mr. Joseph Simpson and Mr. Icarus Prince
    Duel with Mr. Tristan Carmichael and Mrs. Lila Pearson
    Duel with Mr. Yarrow Macnair and Mrs. Lila Pearson
    Duel with Mr. Kristoffer Lestrange and Mr. Icarus Prince
    Duel with Mr. Cassius Lestrange and Mr. Antonius Browne

    SEPTEMBER, 1883
    Hufflepuff Team Tryouts with Miss Lisbeth Fitzpatrick, Miss Audrey Reed, Mr. His Majesty Merlin Huxley, Miss Pandora Winterdowne, Mr. Silvester Cumberdale, Mr. Finn Koppelmann, and Mr. Jack Kendall
    Hot for Teacher with Mrs. Lila Pearson

    OCTOBER, 1883
    There Once Was A... with Mr. Harvey Beauregard

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    Antici- with Miss Pandora Winterdowne, Miss Davina Higgins, and Miss Rosamund Bones

    DECEMBER, 1883
    The Hunger Games {NEWT DADA}
    HG: Grey Team with Mr. Nikolai Sleptov and Mr. Cassander Goyle
    Duel with Miss Mathilda Princes and Mr. Hamish Darrow

    JANUARY, 1884
    Broship Wars with Mr. Ignatius Wilde, Mr. August Lynch, and Mr. Harvey Beauregard

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    Invincibility! with Miss Alice Lovegood
    Lovegoods & Longbottoms with Mr. Ozias Lovegood

    APRIL, 1884
    Good Times Gonna Come with Miss Alice Lovegood
    Pop Goes the Weasel with Miss Brynn Malfoy

    JULY, 1884
    Looking for a Summer Vibe with Miss Julia Estonia
    Is your house a pile of ashes? with Mr. Gogo Striebel
    Great Balls of Fire with Mr. Harvey Beauregard

    AUGUST, 1884
    Fine By Me with Miss Elisabeth Rookwood

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    There's a Trope Name for This with Miss Brynn Malfoy
    Unafraid of Toil with Miss Gwyneth Cadwallader, Miss Demelza McGonagall, Miss Delight Urquart, Miss Ruby Urquart, Miss Zelda Fisk, Mr. John Humphrey-Mavis, Miss Tamsin Skeeter, Miss Raitchel Kowatch, Mr. Luitpold Striebel, Mr. Percival Plum, Miss Jamesina McIntyre, and Miss Peridot Weasley
    Let's Get It Started with Mr. Roland Oddpick, Miss Ellory Pendergast, Mr. Sparrow Bloodworth, Mr. Luitpold Skeeter, Mr. Walter Pendergast, Mr. Felix Parkinson, and Mr. Lance Everhart
    Hate Mail with Miss Gwyneth Cadwallader
    Hufflepuff Tryouts 1884 with Mr. Alfalfa Tinker, Mr. Walter Pendergast, Mr. Casimir Goyle, Mr. Arthur Harkiss, and Miss Delight Urquart
    Stopping in the Woods on a Sunny Afternoon with Miss Clarissa Cosgrove, Miss Pandora Winterdowne, and Mr. Nigel Yaxley

    OCTOBER, 1884
    What's Life Without Some Rivalry? with Mr. August Lynch

    NOVEMBER, 1884
    IC Quidditch Match [RAVENCLAW V. HUFFLEPUFF] with Mr. Harvey Beauregard, Mr. Oliver Trask, Lord John Humphrey-Mavis, Mr. Sparrow Bloodworth, Mr. Casimir Goyle, Mr. Theodore Gallivan, Mr. Rasmus Mohr, Mr. Felix Parkinson, Mr. Watson Faulkner, Mr. Islwyn Rabnott, Mr. Amos Harkiss, and Mr. Arthur Harkiss
    Headline News with Mr. Luitpold Struibel

    DECEMBER, 1884
    Fanservice with Mr. Harvey Beauregard

    JANUARY, 1885
    Collide with Brynn Malfoy

    FEBRUARY, 1885
    WE KISSED WHEN WE WERE THIRTEEN LOL with Miss Ellory Pendergast

    MARCH, 1885
    Of Ends and Beginnings with Mr. Ozias Lovegood

    MAY, 1885
    One Hit From Home with Mr. Esteban Zavala
    Never Know Where We Belong with Miss Brynn Malfoy

    JUNE, 1885
    Come on in, the water's lovely! with Miss Fallon Abernathy

    NOVEMBER, 1885
    Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe with

    JANUARY, 1886
    The Hangover with Mr. Harvey Beauregard
    With a Key and a Kite with Miss Fallon Abernathy

    FEBRUARY, 1886
    It's Just a Spark with Miss Adelia Lovegood
    The Wingman with Miss Adelia Lovegood and Mr. Oswald Beamish
    [Image: 28835zd.png]


    SEPTEMBER, 1881
    Xanthippe with Mrs. Ursula Black

    NOVEMBER, 1881
    i can tell that we are gonna be friends with Miss Hesper Gamp
    i heard you threw your man around with Miss Fanny Blackwood

    DECEMBER, 1881
    Play Time with Miss Isla Black

    APRIL, 1882
    sphere of activity with Miss Fanny Blackwood

    AUGUST, 1882
    Fit to be Tied with Mrs. Ursula Black

    DECEMBER, 1882
    To Sirius with Miss Fanny Blackwood
    Verily a Vortex of Doom with Miss Hesper Gamp

    JANUARY, 1883
    They're Coming to Take You Away HAHA! with Mrs. Ursula Black
    Turn Left with Mr. Iskander Carpenter and Mrs. Mina Malkin

    FEBRUARY, 1883
    Real Love with Miss Flora Mulciber

    MARCH, 1883
    Fine Feathered Friend with Miss Hesper Gamp

    APRIL, 1883
    Hassle in the Castle with Mr. Orson Flint
    Unbearable with Mrs. Ursula Black

    MAY, 1883
    World's Greatest (Surrogate) Dad with Mr. Thom Pettigrew

    JULY, 1883
    Challenge of the Super Friends with Miss Fanny Blackwood
    The Delightful Children from Down the Lane with Miss Hesper Gamp

    OCTOBER, 1883
    twinkle twinkle little bat with Miss Eva Sleptova
    Wizard Cops with Mr. Barney Simpson, Mr. Casper Darrow, Miss Sophie Gough, Miss Sorcha MacFusty, Mr. Luitpold Struibel, and Mr. Thompson Skeeter

    DECEMBER, 1883
    Kaleidoscope Eyes with Mrs. Ursula Black

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    Home Invasion? with Miss Hesper Gamp

    MARCH, 1884
    Fathering with Mr. Phineas Black

    APRIL, 1884
    Mournful Gazes with Kyriake
    Child in a Storm 

    JUNE, 1884
    Love is Sharing Diseases with Miss Hesper Gamp

    JULY, 1884
    Out of My Mind with Mrs. Ursula Black

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    The Tiny Tyrant with Mrs. Jupiter Weasley
    Foul Play in Funland with Miss Soledad Fontaine

    OCTOBER, 1884
    Moonrise Kingdom with Miss Hesper Gamp
    Between Quidditch Fans with Mr. Thom PettigrewArts & Crafts with Miss Elladora Black
    Future Rich Boys of the UK with Mr. Livius Thicknesse
    All Fun and Games with Mr. Thom Pettigrew, Mr. Aldous Crouch, Miss November Crouch, Mr. Phineas Black, Mrs. Ursula Black, Mr. James Herondale, Mr. August Echelon-Arnost, Mr. Leon Lupin, Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin, and Miss Aurelia Herondale
    The Bee and the Butterfly with Miss Laurentia Thicknesse

    NOVEMBER, 1884
    Lost & Found with Miss Elsa Champagne 

    DECEMBER, 1884
    Dear Sirius with Miss Fanny Blackwood 
    A Dance of Dramatic Irony with Miss Hesper Gamp

    FEBRUARY, 1885
    Hazing with Mr. Phineas Black II
    Neighbor Pains with Miss Edith Verity

    MARCH, 1885
    Sirius Favoritism with Mrs. Ursula Black 

    AUGUST, 1885
    Quidditch Chess with Mr. Thom Pettigrew

    NOVEMBER, 1885
    Dutch Courage with Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew

    JANUARY, 1886
    Sirius was Happier as an Only Child with Miss Madeline Bell
    set by rune!


    NOVEMBER, 1881
    Regan, my man with Mr. Regan Pendergast
    AOIFE, THE SHE-BRO with Miss Aoife Ward
    [face down] with Miss Madeline Root
    Bentley Beauregard with Mr. Bentley Beauregard
    Adella Beauregard with Miss Adella Beauregard

    DECEMBER, 1881
    i got a love that keeps me waiting with Miss Dianna Crewe
    this is the place i call home with Mr. Shaymon Ross, Mr. Regan Pendergast, Mr. Gareth McPherson, Mr. Bentley Beauregard, Miss Alice Lovegood, and Mr. Luka Dolohov
    To All the Hatchitt Kids with Miss Connie Hatchitt, Mr. Jesse Hatchitt, Miss Victoria Hatchitt, Mr. Josiah Hatchitt, Miss Mercy Hatchitt, and Mr. Lester Hatchitt
    A chara Deartháir dúr de mo with Miss Connie Hatchitt
    sideways with a broomstick with Miss Connie Hatchitt
    The Hatchitt Family Home with Miss Victoria Hatchitt, Miss Constance Hatchitt, Mr. Jesse Hatchitt, and Miss Mercy Hatchitt
    Walk the Dog with Miss Rochelle Holwick

    JANUARY, 1882
    everything looks better with Miss Constance Hatchitt

    FEBRUARY, 1882
    watching from the floor with Mr. Jesse Hatchitt
    brother and sister with Miss Mercy Hatchitt
    People, People, People, Please with Miss Constance Hatchitt

    MARCH, 1882
    a proposal with Mr. Edgar Hamilton
    you're the closest to heaven that i'll ever be with Miss Madeline Root

    APRIL, 1882
    Don't Believe Everything You Hear with Miss Constance Hatchitt
    deepest regrets with Miss Madeline Root
    bestosterone with Mr. Regan Pendergast
    Hold It In with Miss Constance Hatchitt

    MAY, 1882
    GROUP #2 with Mr. Regan Pendergast, Mr. Elias Grimstone, and Miss Tisiphone Carrow

    JUNE, 1882
    i got your picture with Miss Judy Hatchitt, Miss Mina Hatchitt, Miss Madeline Root, and Mr. Jesse Hatchitt

    JULY, 1882
    wedding bells ringing with Mrs. Madeline Hatchitt, Mr. Jesse Hatchitt, Miss Mercy Hatchitt, and Mr. Rupert Hamilton

    AUGUST, 1882
    Cheers! with Mr. Bentley Beauregard
    Giving Up On Love with Miss Jezebella Morgan and Miss Constance Hatchitt

    SEPTEMBER, 1882
    a favour with Miss Victoria Hatchitt
    Forgive Me with Miss Constance Hatchitt

    NOVEMBER, 1882
    Best Mate of Mine with Mr. Bentley Beauregard

    DECEMBER, 1882
    A Necessity with Miss Constance Hatchitt
    Tick Tick Tick with Mr. Charles Bones
    A Horde of Hectic Hatchitts with Miss Constance Hatchitt, Miss Harper Hatchitt, Miss Judy Hatchitt, Mr. Jesse Hatchitt, and Mrs. Madeline Hatchitt

    JANUARY, 1883
    Mr. Hatchitt with Mr. Ephraim Rosetta
    Getting Rid of the Dog with Miss Constance Hatchitt
    there's you with Mrs. Madeline Hatchitt
    Letters, Edition I with Miss Judy Hatchitt, Miss Harper Hatchitt, Miss Mercy Hatchitt, Mr. Josiah Hatchitt, Miss Victoria Hatchitt, and Mr. Lester Hatchitt
    Letters, Edition II with Mrs. Beatrice Hatchitt, Mr. Rufus Hatchitt, Mr. Regan Pendergast, Mrs. Aoife Pendergast, Mr. Rupert Hamilton, Mrs. Iphigenia Browning, Mr. Noah Hatchitt, Mr. Bentley Beauregard, and Miss Adella Beauregard
    Mr. Gabe Hatchitt with Mr. Rehan Pendergast

    FEBRUARY, 1883
    I got married! with Mr. Noah Hatchitt
    a map of reality with Mr. Iraj Khorasani

    MARCH, 1883
    Don't Be Mad with Miss Constance Hatchitt

    APRIL, 1883
    SMELLS SO SWEET with Miss Judy Hatchitt
    someday we'll know... or not with Mrs. Marie Hatchitt
    Adrenaline Junkies with Mr. Faustus Prewett and Miss Merrythought Galatea

    MAY, 1883
    Arise with Mrs. Aoife Pendergast
    Alcohol is Free with Mr. Regan Pendergast and Mr. Chester Beauregard

    JULY, 1883
    In the Zone with Mr. Josiah Hatchitt

    AUGUST, 1883
    Duel with Mr. Niall Donovan and Miss Miriam Webster
    Duel with Mr. Oliver Fitzgerald and Miss Miriam Webster
    Duel with Mr. Thomas Blotts and Mr. Priam Lestrange

    SEPTEMBER, 1883
    The Secrets of the Trade with Mr. Jason Rohlwing

    OCTOBER, 1883
    do not go gentle into that good light with Miss Adella Beauregard
    wuthering heights with Mrs. Marie Hatchitt
    to dash against darkness with Miss Adella Beauregard
    Freaking Out with Mr. Noah Hatchitt
    She's Here! with Mr. Noah Hatchitt

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    Pfsht Idc with Miss Eleanore Bell
    Maybe with Miss Eleanore Bell
    Grabbing Hands and Constant Demands with Mrs. Melody Hatchitt
    Look at Your Life, Look at Your Choices with Miss Constance Hatchitt

    DECEMBER, 1883
    Duel with Mr. Faustus Prewett and Mr. Barnabas Skeeter

    JANUARY, 1884
    I want to play you for a fool with Miss Evil Price

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    Already Home with Mrs. Molly Hatchitt
    TO: The Hatchitt Clan with Mr. Rufus Hatchitt

    MAY, 1884
    A Hero Among Us with Mr. Castor Allaway
    Tackling Trolls with Mr. Benedict Sterling

    JULY, 1884
    Love is Easy with Mrs. Molly Hatchitt

    AUGUST, 1884
    The Body with Miss Victoria Hatchitt

    MARCH, 1885
    You've Set Fire to the Fucking Fire Truck with Mr. Colin Cavanaugh and Mr. Shaymon Ross

    MAY, 1885
    Breaking Dawn with Mrs. Mary Urquart and Mr. Charles Macmillan
    Raise Our Glass to the Ceiling with Mr. Regan Pendergast and Mr. Shaymon Ross

    JUNE, 1885
    Now is Not the Time for Fear with Miss Amelia Evans and Mr. Barnabas Skeeter
    And if You're Ever Feeling Down with Miss Victoria Hatchitt
    ruin does not leave with Mr. Tybalt Lestrange

    SEPTEMBER, 1885
    Say 'Boo!' with Mr. Protego Lochrin

    OCTOBER, 1885
    WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK with Mr. Jesse Hatchitt

    NOVEMBER, 1885
    Duel with Mr. Gilroy MacFusty and Mr. Mortimer Skeeter
    [Image: gabesig_zpserhjd8bg.jpg]


    FEBRUARY, 1882
    the town is colder now with Miss Eliza Trelawney
    on an island in the sun with Miss Rose Storke
    i remember with Miss Felicity Prewett
    responsibility is overrated with Mr. Hamish MacFusty, Miss Hattie Twilfit, and Mr. Jonathan Whitaker
    Standing in silence with Miss Odette de Montfault, Miss Paulette de Montfault, and Mrs. Harriet Prewett
    go on and close the curtains with Miss Roxana Rios

    MARCH, 1882
    Duel with Miss Roxana Rios and Miss Moira Prewett
    Duel with Mrs. Mariana Macnair and Mr. Devon Etter

    MAY, 1882
    we're in trouble with Miss Roxana Rios
    crap shoot with Miss Roxana Rios
    woops with Mr. Hamish MacFusty
    little lion man with Mr. Tavish MacFusty
    To CLAN MacFusty with Mrs. Griselda MacFusty

    JUNE, 1882
    whiskey bottles piling high with Mr. Hamish MacFusty

    JULY, 1882
    Bird Watching Haiku with Miss Sorcha MacFusty

    AUGUST, 1882
    Interlude Party with Miss Roxana Rios
    Welcome to the Madness with Miss Malvina MacFusty, Mr. Torquil MacFusty, Mrs. September Quirke, Miss Sorcha MacFusty, and Mr. Dylan Baines
    Killer Bees with Miss Sorcha MacFusty and Miss Una MacFusty

    NOVEMBER, 1882
    Blaze of Glory with Mr. Ixion Swift

    DECEMBER, 1882
    Maclet with Miss Roxana Rios
    announcement of a maclet with The MacFusty Clan, Mr. Manus Quirke, and Mrs. September Quirke

    JANUARY, 1883
    It's Been A While with Miss Cadence Honeysett
    Birthday Boys! with Mr. Hamish MacFusty
    Gotta Do Something Right with Miss Cadence Honeysett
    About a Girl with Mr. Torquil MacFusty

    FEBRUARY, 1883
    Tea Disasters with Miss Cadence Honeysett

    MARCH, 1883
    On Display with Mr. Torquil MacFusty, Mrs. Cadence MacFusty, Mr. Hamish MacFusty, Miss Violet Ollivander, Mr. Tavish MacFusty, Mr. Kentigern MacFusty, Mrs. Abigail MacFusty, Mrs. Birgit MacFusty, and Mr. Ninian MacFusty
    Duel with Mr. Gervaise Ollivander and Mr. Rupert Hamilton
    To: Mac with Mr. Tavish MacFusty
    Left at Lews Castle with Mr. Tavish MacFusty
    no need for forgiveness with Mrs. Abigail MacFusty
    a true friend stabs you in the front with Mr. Ferdinand Echelon-Arnost
    Damn Spaniards with Mrs. Cadence MacFusty
    i dreamed that love would never die with Miss Imogen van Helsing
    Livin' in a Lonely World with Mr. Hamish MacFusty
    tipping the scales with Mr. Iraj Khorasani

    APRIL, 1883
    Things Were Good When We Were Young with Miss Imogen van Helsing

    MAY, 1883
    a strange inquiry with Miss Imogen van Helsing

    JULY, 1883
    Strangers No More with Mrs. Cadence MacFusty
    here's to never growing up with Miss Imogen van Helsing
    Worried Grandmother with Mrs. Abigail MacFusty
    I'm a What? with Miss Tilda MacFusty

    AUGUST, 1883
    For Mac with Mr. Tavish MacFusty
    Let's do something with Mr. Kentigern MacFusty, Mr. Torquil MacFusty, Mr. Tavish MacFusty, Mr. Hamish MacFusty, Mr. Ninian MacFusty, and Mr. Angus MacFusty[/url]
    For the First Time with Miss Imogen van Helsing

    OCTOBER, 1883
    Dancing Shoes with Miss Imogen van Helsing
    Bite Him! with Miss Fanny Blackwood

    DECEMBER, 1883
    Read My Mind with Mr. Ninian MacFusty
    Christmas Eve with Miss Imogen van Helsing

    JANUARY, 1884
    Dear Malcolm MacFusty with Mrs. Margaret Blackwood
    Awkward Correspondence with Miss Imogen Van Helsing

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    Hey... friend... with Mr. Orpheus Parkinson

    MARCH, 1884
    Mac with Mrs. Margaret Blackwood
    WANTED: One Nanny posted to the Hogsmeade Community Bulletin
    H-E-L-P with Mr. Ninian MacFusty

    APRIL, 1884
    Never Run Out on a Girl with Many Massive Brothers with Mr. Dylan Baines, Mr. Angus MacFusty, and Mr. Mungo MacFusty

    MAY, 1884
    The Truth Will Out with Miss Rozenn Lozach, Mr. Torquil MacFusty, and Mrs. Cecily MacFusty
    I Can't Even with Mr. Hamish MacFusty

    JULY, 1884
    Heartbeats with Miss Imogen Van Helsing

    AUGUST, 1884
    HAHA SO with Mrs. Abigail MacFusty
    (Not) a Shotgun Wedding with Mr. Hamish MacFusty
    Hashtag Yolo with Mr. Tavish MacFusty
    Please Don't Murder Me with Mrs. Griselda MacFusty and Mr. Donald MacFusty
    The Best News Ever with Mrs. Cecily MacFusty
    P.S. I'm Married with Mr. Angus MacFusty, Mr. Gilroy MacFusty, Miss Malvina MacFusty, Mr. Mungo MacFusty, Mr. Torquil MacFusty, Mr. Kentigern MacFusty, Mr. Roderick MacFusty, Miss Sorcha MacFusty, and Mr. James MacFusty

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    Deadly Deadly Dragons with Mr. Roland Oddpick

    OCTOBER, 1884
    On the uses of a library with Mr. Hamish MacFusty and Mrs. Violet MacFusty
    All of Me with Mrs. Imogen MacFusty
    Twilight Zone with Miss Malvina MacFusty
    Fire & Blood with Mr. Vernon Avery

    DECEMBER, 1884
    Lover of the Light with Mrs. Imogen MacFusty

    JANUARY, 1885
    Tickling Awake Dragons is Pretty Stupid, Too with Mr. Roland Oddpick, Miss Tilda MacFusty, Mr. Felix Parkinson, Miss Marietta Bobbin, Mr. Tristan Carmichael, Mr. Percival Plum, and Mr. Sparrow Bloodworth

    JUNE, 1885
    In the Sky Stars are Bright with Mrs. Imogen MacFusty
    BTW: IMMACLETS with Mr. Angus MacFusty, Miss Wren Watson, Mr. Tavish MacFusty, Miss Malvina MacFusty, Mrs. Griselda MacFusty, Mr. Hamish MacFusty, Mr. Gilroy MacFusty, Mr. Donald MacFusty, Mr. Torquil MacFusty, Miss Tilda MacFusty, Mr. James MacFusty, Mrs. Cecily MacFusty, Mr. Ninian MacFusty
    Contingencies with Mrs. Cecily MacFusty and Mrs. Imogen MacFusty

    OCTOBER, 1885
    Boo! with Mrs. Imogen MacFusty
    [Image: macsig_zpsf3ce43a0.jpg]
    [Image: INZ05F.png]



    APRIL, 1882
    and even when your hope is gone with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    Spring Cleaning with Mr. Eli Swan and Mr. Chace Bletchley
    Practical (le)Strangers with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange, Miss Valeria Lestrange, Mr. Claudius Lestrange, Mrs. Mariana Macnair, Miss Seneca Lestrange, and Mr. Lucius Lestrange, and Miss Cornelia Lestrange
    skins with Mr. Eli Swan
    you warthog-faced buffoon with Miss Valeria Lestrange
    Promise Not to Tell with Mr. Eli Swan
    can you hear the sound of hysteria? with Mr. Eli Swan
    just when you think you're in control with Miss Valeria Lestrange
    Versions of Ourselves with Mr. Eli Swan
    dirty little SECRET with Mr. Eli Swan
    Under the sun with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    virtually invisible with Mr. Claudius Lestrange and Miss Effie Turnbull
    JSYK with Mr. Lucius Lestrange

    MAY, 1882
    syncing up to the beating of my heart with Mr. Eli Swan
    best friends and troublemakers with Miss Tabitha Peverell
    Heartbeats with Mr. Eli Swan
    few things will console with Miss Valeria Lestrange
    Sibling Rapports with Miss Valeria Lestrange
    Piece of Your Heart with Mr. Eli Swan
    A Mysterious Meeting with Miss Judy Hatchitt, Miss Nora Sheehan, Mr. Tybalt Kirke, and Mr. Declan Wood
    Chaos, Absolute Chaos with Miss Judy Hatchitt, Mr. Phineas Black, Mr. Edwin Wolff, Miss Blanche Chaucer, Mr. Finley Prewett, and Mr. Tybalt Kirke

    JUNE, 1882
    the kids are alright with Mrs. Alexandria Lestrange
    helicarrier with Miss Faline Prewett and Mr. Eli Swan
    Strange Love with Miss Antigone Baudelaire, Mr. Tiberius Lestrange, Miss Seneca Lestrange, and Miss Valeria Lestrange
    ELI ELI HEY ELI with Mr. Eli Swan
    psychosis with Mr. Eli Swan
    clockwork sorrow with Miss Tabitha Peverell

    JULY, 1882
    octoroon rangoon with Miss Judy Hatchitt
    Duel with Miss Audrey Borgin and Miss Julie Harper
    Duel with Miss Antoinette Ashmore and Mrs. Ursula Black
    Duel with Miss Lysandra Sutherland and Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    Duel with Miss Eva Sleptova and Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    OWL Scores

    AUGUST, 1882
    Cash! with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    the missing groom with Mr. Will Pendergast
    The Raven with Mr. Lucius Lestrange, Miss Valeria Lestrange, Mr. Claudius Lestrange, Mrs. Alexandria Lestrange, and Miss Seneca Lestrange

    SEPTEMBER, 1882
    Don't Hold Your Breath with Mr. Eli Swan
    lay it all out with Miss Angie Sinnet
    Water Bending with Miss Violet Ollivander, Miss Etana Mulciber, Mr. Will Pendergast, Miss Adamina Flamel, and Mr. Eli Swan

    OCTOBER, 1882
    Murder in the Foret Morgue with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange, Sheena, Miss Josephine Lovelace, Miss Tabitha Peverell, Mr. Declan Wood, Miss Constance Hatchitt, Mr. Georgi Alexandrov, and Miss Cassandra Trelawney
    [Internal?] Conflict with Mr. Eli Swan and Miss Judy Hatchitt

    NOVEMBER, 1882
    Comfort with Miss Angie Sinnet and Mr. Eli Swan
    Crashing in Confusion with Mr. Eli Swan
    Rude Awakening with Mr. Eli Swan and Mr. Bluford Figg
    triangular with Mr. Ignotus Peverell
    Duel with Mr. Eli Swan and Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    Duel with Mr. Lucian Dudley and Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    Wounded Soldier with Mr. Eli Swan, Miss Angie Sinnet, and Mr. Ignotus Peverell
    If I Can Learn To Do It... with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    Quick, Look Human with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    Blunt Force with Miss Angie Sinnet
    Cashtastrophe with Miss Valeria Lestrange

    DECEMBER, 1882
    Seeker Help with Miss Constance Hatchitt
    I've Been Telling All Your Secrets
    House Rivalries with Mr. Harry Primpernelle
    let's conspire to re-ignite with Countess Eleora Etherium

    JANUARY, 1883
    the world forgetting by the world forgot with Mr. Eli Swan
    the hope only of empty men with Miss Angie Sinnet
    Cash with Miss Tabitha Peverell
    Only in Dreams with Mr. Eli Swan
    Home Away From Home with Mr. Harry Primpernelle, Mr. Chace Bletchley, Mr. Brutus Kettleburn, and Mr. Junius Slughorn
    The Walking Dead with Mr. Nikolai Sleptov, Mr. Lance Everhart, Miss Merrythought Galatea, and Miss Judy Hatchitt
    Family Favors with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    Flying Pigs with Mr. Ozias Lovegood
    The Punishment Light with Miss Angie Sinnet
    Takin' Care of Business with Mr. Lucius Lestrange

    FEBRUARY, 1883
    Like a Virgin with Mr. Lucius Lestrange
    You Know That You're Insane with Miss Cornelia Lestrange
    The Reunion with Mr. Eli Swan
    remember remember with Mr. Eli Swan and Miss Angie Sinnet
    Conceil, disdain - do all things but forget with Mr. Eli Swan
    You Do It To Yourself with Miss Ellory Pendergast

    MARCH, 1883
    Good News with Mr. Eli Swan
    Falling Slowly with Mr. Eli Swan
    Parents are annoying with Miss Noelle Selwyn
    The Hazards of Love with Mr. Eli Swan
    Walking on Moonbeams with Mr. Eli Swan
    never spoken, always heard with Mr. Eli Swan
    High on Life with Miss Judy Hatchitt
    Left on Cash Lestrange's Bed with Mr. Eli Swan
    The Truth Has a Habit of Falling Out of Your Mouth with Mr. Eli Swan
    Dysfunction Between You and Me with Miss Angie Sinnet
    This shark, swallow you whole with Miss Seneca Lestrange
    A Giant Gun, Filled With Drugs with Mr. Ozias Lovegood
    Liquid Courage with Mr. Eli Swan
    The Words You Long to Hear with Mr. Eli Swan
    Under Covers with Mr. Eli Swan
    Duel with Mr. Brutus Kettleburn and Mr. Nikolai Sleptov
    Duel with Mr. Junius Kettleburn and Mr. Nikolai Sleptov

    APRIL, 1883
    Doubt with Mr. Leopold Turnbull
    Take This Sinking Boat and Point it Home with Mr. Eli Swan
    100% Reason to Remember te Name with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Brothers in Arms with Mr. Will Pendergast
    Cat-tastrophe with Mr. Eli Swan
    Losing Grip with Mr. Eli Swan
    Time to Say Goodbye with Miss Angie Sinnet
    It's Time That You Won with Mr. Eli Swan

    MAY, 1883
    Come Home and Stop the Pain Tonight with Mr. Eli Swan
    Have Heart with Mr. Eli Swan

    JUNE, 1883
    Red Light Green Light with Mr. Claudius Lestrange
    The Highway Don't Care with Miss Angie Sinnet

    JULY, 1883
    Fire Back on Your Tongue with Miss Cornelia Lestrange
    To Keep the World Spinning with Miss Angie Sinnet

    AUGUST, 1883
    What You Can't Say with Mr. Eli Swan
    We Can't Go On Forever This Way with Mr. Eli Swan
    Duel with Miss Eva Sleptova and Mr. Hamish Darrow
    Duel with Mr. Lance Everhart and Mr. Icarus Prince
    Duel with Mr. Sebastian Beauregard and Mr. Icarus Prince
    Duel with Miss Nora Sheehan and Mr. Icarus Prince
    Duel with Mr. Andren Lovegood and Mr. Antonius Browne
    Master of Conversation with Miss Kayline Prewett

    SEPTEMBER, 1883
    From the Satellite Mind with Mr. Islwyn Rabnott, Miss Seraphina Banges, Miss Cressida Collins-Potter, Mr. Bluford Figg, Miss Mariah Mohr, Miss Alianor Rabnott, Miss Fiona Prewett, Miss Ginny Gardner, and Mr. Watson Faulkner
    Cursed! with Mr. Eli Swan
    Ravenclaw Team Tryouts with Mr. Leonardo Palermo and Mr. Ethan Barrow
    What the? with Miss Judy Hatchitt
    Locked Inside a Glass Case with Miss Angie Sinnet

    OCTOBER, 1883
    loooool Cash with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Skull and Crossbones with Miss Angie Sinnet and Mr. Eli Swan

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    Where We Met Before with Miss Kayline Prewett
    Great balls of fire with Mr. Bluford Figg, Mr. Mundungus MacFusty, Miss Adorabelle MacDougal, Mr. Kenton Gallivan, and Miss Rebecca Grey
    Bathtub Showdown with Mr. Edmund Goyle
    IC Quidditch Match [RAVENCLAW V. SLYTHERIN]

    DECEMBER, 1883
    The Hunger Games {NEWT DADA}[/url]
    HG: Pink Team with Mr. Nikolai Sleptov, Mr. Edmund Goyle, Mr. Xuan Miguel Espina Merlo, and Mr. Mason Skeeter
    Duel with Mr. Islwyn Rabnott and Mrs. Lila Pearson
    Duel with Mr. Sebastian Beauregard and Mr. Hamish Darrow
    Duel with Mr. Edmund Goyle and Mrs. Valkyria Argyle
    Secrets with Miss Angie Sinnet
    Fair Questions with Mr. William Pendergast
    Sibling Talk with  Miss Cornelia Lestrange
    Losing Our Ability to Even with Miss Ellory Pendergast

    JANUARY, 1884
    Our Time Now with Mr. Eli Swan

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    On the Death of Your Mother with Mr. Lucius Lestrange
    Poor Consolation with Mr. Eli Swan
    Boys in Black with Mr. Lucius Lestrange, Mr. Tiberius Lestrange, Mr. Priam Lestrange, and Mr. Orestes Lestrange

    MARCH, 1884
    CAW CAW with Mr. Bluford Figg, Miss Annette Fontaine, Mr. Felix Parkinson, Mr. Islwyn Rabnott, Miss Mariah Mohr, Miss Minerva Wilde, and Mr. William Rutledge
    Embracing Nepotism with Mr. Priam Lestrange
    The Grand Seduction with Mr. Nathaniel Gallivan

    APRIL, 1884
    Awkward is as Awkward Does with Miss Elsie Beauregard
    Cassius Lestrange with Miss Judy Hatchitt
    Woof? with Miss Judy Hatchitt

    MAY, 1884
    IC Quidditch Match [RAVENCLAW V. HUFFLEPUFF]
    The Future is Now with Mr. Lucius Lestrange
    The Future's in Our Hands with Mr. Lucius Lestrange
    We're On Our Way with Miss Marianne Burdon
    They'll Name a City After Us with Miss Angie Sinnet
    This is the Last Song with Miss Marianne Burdon
    Sail Away with Mr. Edmund Goyle and Mr. Cassander Goyle

    JUNE, 1884
    Smells Like Team Spirit with Mr. August Lynch and Mr. Tybalt Kirke
    This is a Trap with Miss Seneca Lestrange and Miss Kayline Prewett
    Tonight You're Perfect with Miss Azalea Barret

    JULY, 1884
    We're On a Boat with Miss Seneca Lestrange
    In Light of Recent Deaths with Miss Seneca Lestrange
    Yooo Cash with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    NEWT Scores

    AUGUST, 1884
    Musings with Miss Tullia Pendergast
    Fireskype with Miss Ellory Pendergast

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    Cashllory Hits London with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    I hope you stay useful longer than I did with Miss Seneca Lestrange

    OCTOBER, 1884
    Ravensnark with Miss Fiona Prewett
    We Will Do What We Please with Miss Eva Sleptova
    Like Rich Kids Do with Mr. Henry Cameron and Miss Galatea Merrythought
    I'm a failure and I won't survive the winter with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Probabilities with Mr. Eli Swan
    The Bad Choices Duet with Mr. Eli Swan
    In the Light of Morning with Mr. Eli Swan and Miss Angie Sinnet

    NOVEMBER, 1884
    People Help the People with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Duel with Mr. Cailean Beckett and Mr. Mortimer Skeeter
    Duel with Mr. Ianto Lloyd and Mr. Mortimer Skeeter
    most of us are bitter over someone with
    holding onto yourself the best you can with
    What Once Was Lost with Mr. Eli Swan
    Waiting Game with Miss Persephone Van Helsing
    The Wind Presents a Change of Course with Miss Judy Hatchitt
    This House is Falling Apart with Mr. William Pendergast

    DECEMBER, 1884
    Fish Out of Water with Mr. Claudius Lestrange
    Baby It's Cold Inside with Mr. Lucius Lestrange, Mr. Sterling Carrow, Miss Artemisia Carrow, Mrs. Tullia Pendergast, Miss Seneca Lestrange, Mr. Claudius Lestrange, and Mr. Isidore Carrow
    A Very Cangie Christmas with Miss Angie Sinnet

    JANUARY, 1885
    Animal Planet with Mr. August Lynch

    FEBRUARY, 1885
    Human with Miss Tullia Pendergast
    Who I Am Hates Who I've Been with Mr. Eli Swan
    But Hey, Who's on Trial? with Mr. Eli Swan

    MARCH, 1885
    Paint it Black with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    Duel with Mr. Edward Bobbin and Mr. Brandon Carmichael
    Time Changes Us All with Mr. Eli Swan

    APRIL, 1885
    You're Gonna Be the Death of Me with Mr. Eli Swan
    Variation Under Nature with Miss Seneca Lestrange as Mr. Lucius Lestrange

    MAY, 1885
    Bop to the Top with Mr. Tybalt Kirke
    Happy Birthdaaay with Miss Ellory Pendergast

    JULY, 1885
    Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes with Mr. Eli Swan
    Duel with Mr. Mortimer Skeeter and Mr. Angus MacFusty
    Me Without You with Mr. Eli Swan

    AUGUST, 1885
    This is How a Heart Breaks with Miss Angie Sinnet

    OCTOBER, 1885
    Failure to Dodge with Miss Violetta Lestrange
    We've Got Nowhere to Run with Mr. Sebastian Beauregard

    NOVEMBER, 1885
    Speaking a Dead Language with Mr. Eli Swan

    DECEMBER, 1886
    Walking Disasters with Miss Ellory Pendergast

    JANUARY, 1886
    From A Black Sheep to Another with Miss Ellory Pendergast
    I just moved to a new country! [Image: mThvFq.png]
    set by MJ!

    [Image: 11shy53.gif][Image: 16204dv.gif]


    SEPTEMBER, 1874
    Nosiness FTW with Miss Georgiana Goyle

    AUGUST, 1882
    dead man's chest with Mr. Cole Agrippa

    SEPTEMBER, 1882
    in short, our pal is doomed with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh

    NOVEMBER, 1882
    feathery bastards with Mr. Samir Patil

    DECEMBER, 1882
    It Feels Like One of Those Nights with Miss Ruth Grimstone

    JANUARY, 1883
    No One of Consequence with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh

    FEBRUARY, 1883
    Your vote of confidence is overwhelming with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    Inconceivable! with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    Unsubtle with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    i know what you did last summer with Miss Adelaide Filch
    Unemployed, in Greenland! with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    Your Pitch Needs Work
    Guilt Trip with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    Losing It with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    Humiliations Galore! with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    The Most Nosy with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    Let it Fly with Miss Ruth Grimstone

    MARCH, 1883
    Up in Smoke with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    No One Cares About You with Mr. Benedict Bates
    For Future Reference with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    one day more with Miss Viola Prince

    APRIL, 1883
    I Got 99 Problems... with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    Checkpoint with Mrs. Eleora Etherium
    Through the Grapevine with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    I Have Something to Tell You with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    A Fall Like This with Miss Ruth Grimstone
    Selfish Needs with Mr. Magnus Lockhart
    9 in the Afternoon with Mr. Magnus Lockhart, Miss Ruth Grimstone, Mr. Noah Hatchitt, and Mr. Prosperus Lockhart

    MAY, 1883
    Here I Come! with Miss Adella Beauregard
    Some Sweet Company with Miss Adella Beauregard
    High Places with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh, Mrs. Birgit MacFusty, Miss Ruth Grimstone, and Mr. Declan Wood

    JUNE, 1883
    Power of Three with Mr. Sebastian Beauregard

    JULY, 1883
    Same Time, Same Place with Mr. Konnor Broadmoor
    we sure are in for a show tonight with Mr. Wesley Beauregard

    AUGUST, 1883
    Girls' Day Out with Miss Leah Beauregard and Miss Adella Beauregard
    The Great Unknown with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    Sugar Cookies & Tea with Miss Phoebe Beauregard
    Never Say Never with Miss Ruth Grimstone

    SEPTEMBER, 1883
    Slytherin! with Miss Leah Beauregard

    OCTOBER, 1883
    (Kissed You) Good Night with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    S.O.S. with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart
    The Princess and the Fairy with Mrs. Ruth Grimstone

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    To Miss Lucinda Beauregardwith Miss Virginia Carmichael

    DECEMBER, 1883
    Surprise! with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart
    Everything We Wanted it To Be with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    Post Script with Miss Hazel Warwick

    APRIL, 1884
    Rewind with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    Observation Tower with Miss Aurelia Herondale

    MAY, 1884
    Save My Sanity with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart

    JUNE, 1884
    Have Your Fun with Mr. Sebastian Beauregard and Miss Phoebe Beauregard

    JULY, 1884
    New Addition! with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart
    Hope and a Prayer with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    So You Want to Be a Princess with Miss Ilysa MacFusty

    OCTOBER, 1884
    I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags with Miss Eva Sleptova
    Float Above Such Shining Notes with Miss Aurelia Herondale
    Let's Not with Mr. Declan Wood and Miss Eilis Hooligan

    NOVEMBER, 1884
    Miracle Max with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh

    DECEMBER, 1884
    As You Wish with Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh

    MARCH, 1885
    Take It or Leave It with Mrs. Lavinia Penrose and Mrs. Odira Potter

    MAY, 1885
    So Your Life is Falling Apart with Miss Hannah Echelon
    GUESS WHAT! with Miss Adella Beauregard
    A Belated Visit with Miss Hannah Echelon

    AUGUST, 1885
    On the Bright Side with Miss Elsie Beauregard

    NOVEMBER, 1885
    BABYCAV! with friends and family

    JANUARY, 1886
    Ministerial Wives and Girlfriends Club with Miss Gwenda Carmichael, Mrs. Marlena Ross, Mrs. Hippolyta Scamander, Miss Aurelia Herondale, Mrs. Elvira Slughorn, and Miss Adella Beauregard
    Smells Like New Money with Miss Octavia Lytton and Miss Elaine Carmichael

    FEBRUARY, 1886
    Really Hate People Right Now with Mr. Salazar Slughorn

    MARCH, 1886
    Bright Beautiful Day with Mr. Xavier Smith, Mrs. Hepzibah Smith, and Mr. Wesley Cavanaugh
    [Image: IfsBNG.jpg]


    AUGUST, 1882
    morning revival with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    the postal service with Miss Lyra Potter

    OCTOBER, 1882
    Marry in Haste, Repent at Leisure with Miss Lyra Potter, Mr. Darcy Potter, and Mr. Bennet Potter
    Can You Keep a Secret? with Miss Lyra Potter
    Little Runaway with Miss Lyra Potter
    sisterhood and brotherhood are conditions with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    blood is thicker than water with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    The Guilting of a Brother with Miss Elsbeth Gisella

    NOVEMBER, 1882
    We are who we are with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    Mr. August with Miss Theodora Flamel
    Employment Available posted to the Hogsmeade Community Bulletin
    Hell Hath No Fury with Miss Lyra Potter
    Dearest Brother of Mine with Miss Elsbeth Gisella

    DECEMBER, 1882
    Love & Chocolate with Miss Lyra Potter
    The Hostage Exchange with Miss Lyra Potter and Mr. Bennet Potter
    postscript with Miss Lyra Potter
    Family Matters with Mr. Samuel Echelon-Arnost

    JANUARY, 1883
    All About Me with Miss Leisa Echelon-Arnost
    when you're away when i am missing you
    where the light bends with Mrs. Vertiline Faulkner
    Stranger to Kindness with Miss Lyra Potter
    Drunken Harlots with Miss Thistle Shacklebolt
    Love Drunk with Miss Lyra Potter and Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    On Pain of Death with Miss Lyra Potter
    To a Grump with Miss Sophronia Van Helsing
    King of the Forest with Miss Elsbeth Gisella and Mr. Leon Lupin
    We Will Become Silhouettes with Miss Anne Primpernelle
    hang on little tomato with Mr. Nathaniel Scrivenshaft, Miss Lyra Potter, and Miss Anne Primpernelle
    No One Should with Miss Lyra Potter
    A Death in the Family with Mrs. Idelle Yaxley

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    One Last Kiss with Miss Lyra Potter
    Lyra with Mr. Bennet Potter
    Genuine Concerns with Miss Anne Primpernelle
    Fading Hopes with Miss Lyra Potter

    MARCH, 1884
    FREAK OUT with Mr. Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    Mutual Support with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    Mental Health Break with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    The Default Response by Miss Joanna Vector
    Climate Control with Mr. Thom Pettigrew and Miss Harper Hatchitt
    Mind the Tannins with Mr. Thom Pettigrew and Miss Harper Hatchitt
    your heart won't heal right with Miss Lyra Potter
    Chasing Ghosts with Miss Lyra Potter
    Zero Tolerance with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    Family Secrets with Miss Elsbeth Gisella

    APRIL, 1883
    Woes of the Rich with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    What's That Racket? with Miss Kaye Hadley
    Leon-tervention with Mr. Leon Lupin and Mr. Thom Pettigrew

    MAY, 1883
    Vitamin F(irewhiskey) with Mr. Ninian MacFusty
    the world we still appreciate with Miss Odira Potter

    JULY, 1883
    Awkward with Miss Adamine Flamel and Miss November Crouch

    AUGUST, 1883
    Bread Business with Mr. Leslie Entwhistle
    All It Takes is an Idea with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast
    But the party don't stop with Miss Elsbeth Gisella

    SEPTEMBER, 1883
    Needle in the Dark with Mr. Stellan Vinter
    would you please, would you please with Mr. Tobias Andrews
    We Don't Fight Fair with Mr. Leon Lupin
    The Call with Miss Lyra Potter
    Real Life Fairytale with Miss Lyra Potter
    King of the World with Miss Lyra Potter
    Goodbye, Love with Miss Lyra Potter
    The Wedding with Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin and Mr. Leon Lupin

    OCTOBER, 1883
    The Chain with Miss Lyra Potter

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    The Confession with Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin (and Mr. Leon Lupin)
    Ballad for the Brainkeepers with Miss November Crouch
    Dearest Brother with Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin
    Royals with Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin
    Another One Bites the Dust with Mr. Eugene Scamander

    JANUARY, 1884
    Drowning on Dry Land with Miss Lyra Potter

    MARCH, 1884
    Make Me Feel Again with Miss Lyra Potter
    And So It Begins with Mr. Eugene Scamander and Mrs. Hippolyta Scamander
    Fare You Well, My Dove with Miss Lyra Potter
    Pansies, That's For Thoughts with Miss Lyra Potter
    Hello Darkness, My Old Friend with Miss Lyra Potter and Mr. Bennet Potter
    PostScript with Miss Lyra Potter

    APRIL, 1884
    Change the Tide with Mr. Eugene Scamander

    MAY, 1884
    Though This be Madness, Yet There is Method in it with Miss Lyra Potter and Mr. Bennet Potter

    JULY, 1884
    Insurance with Mr. Leon Lupin
    Resurrection with Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin
    Something to Share? with Mr. Eugene Scamander
    AKA WHAT'S WITH THE BABY ROOM with Miss Hippolyta Scamander

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    Guess Who Doesn't to be Here with Miss Aurelia Herondale

    OCTOBER, 1884
    When Rome's in Ruins with Miss Clementine Yaxley
    All Fun and Games with Mr. Thom Pettigrew, Mr. Aldous Crouch, Mr. Sirius Black, Miss November Crouch, Mr. Phineas Black, Mrs. Ursula Black, Mr. James Herondale, Mr. Leon Lupin, Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin, and Miss Aurelia Herondale

    NOVEMBER, 1884
    Blah Blah Blah with Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin
    Operation Dinner Party with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    August You Suck with Miss Caroline Winthrop
    Jantar do Mago with Mr. Thom Pettigrew, Miss Caroline Winthrop, Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin, and Mr. Leon Lupin
    Hey Dude I Need Your House with Mr. Wilhelm Echelon

    DECEMBER, 1884
    The Christmas Clusterf- with Mr. Heinrich Echelon, Mr. Tomas Echelon, Mr. Wilhelm Echelon, and Mrs. Leisa Rosier

    JANUARY, 1885
    This could take the cake with Mrs. Elsbeth Gisella, Mr. Wilhelm Echelon, Mrs. Ursula Black, Mr. Thom Pettigrew, Miss Clare Romilly, and Mr. Leon Lupin

    MARCH, 1885
    august whyyyy with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    This House is a Circus with Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin
    In Case of Emergency, Break Glass with Miss Hannah Echelon
    That it should come to this! with Miss Lyra Potter
    There's a moment you know: you're fucked with Mr. Sebastian Echelon
    Not One Inch More to Self-Destruct with Mr. Sebastian Echelon
    the fuck bruh with Miss Hannah Echelon
    Concern with Miss Harper Hatchitt
    Intervention with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    Substitute with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    By The Sea, Mr. T with Mr. Thom Pettigrew and Miss Caroline Winthrop
    CRICKET! with Mr. Thom Pettigrew

    APRIL, 1885
    Pity Me with Mr. Wilhelm Echelon
    Confidences with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    The Bitch of Living with Miss Hannah Echelon

    MAY, 1885
    You've Been Tasked with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    HALP PLS with Miss Hannah Echelon
    Mama Who Gave Me with Mrs. Jena Echelon-Arnost
    You Want to Laugh, It's Too Absurd with Miss Hannah Echelon
    What's Mistaken for Closeness is Just a Case for Mitosis with Miss Hannah Echelon and Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    Beloved Sweetheart Bastard with Mrs. Jena Echelon-Arnost and Miss Hannah Echelon
    The Haiku of Aubeth with Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin
    Gambling is in our Blood with Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin and Miss Hannah Echelon

    JUNE, 1885
    It was Miss Scarlet in the Ballroom With the Candlestick with Mrs. Elsbeth Lupin
    We're Throwing Off Sparks with Miss Lyra Potter
    And it All Went Downhill From There with Mr. Thom Pettigrew and Miss Hannah Echelon

    JULY, 1885
    Baloo, My Dear, Lie Still and Sleep with Miss Lyra Potter

    SEPTEMBER, 1885
    I've Heard One On You and I'm Gonna Make Your Head Burn with Miss Hannah Echelon

    DECEMBER, 1885
    Make Me a Match with Miss Hannah Echelon and Miss Clementine Yaxley
    August walks with a cane.
    [Image: 21vhj8.png]

    [Image: 2pt1c10.png]


    JUNE, 1874
    what's in a name? with Miss Imogen van Helsing

    APRIL, 1878
    No Regrets with Mr. Everett Grimm

    SEPTEMBER, 1882
    lost your sense of fear with Mr. Everett Grimm
    there were rapid sentiments with Miss Connie Hatchitt

    OCTOBER, 1882
    Ribbing with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    feel my disappointment with Miss Imogen van Helsing
    Loose Cannon with Mr. Thom Pettigrew

    NOVEMBER, 1882
    bon anniversaire! with Mr. Everett Grimm
    Good Luck Gnome with Mr. Sidney Gallagher
    Tongue in Cheek with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    Same Mistakes with Mr. Everett Grimm
    In Which with Miss Imogen van Helsing

    DECEMBER, 1882
    In Case You Were Wondering with Miss Imogen van Helsing
    off the map with Mr. Everett Grimm

    JANUARY, 1883
    Got Your Voice in My Head with Mr. Everett Grimm

    FEBRUARY, 1883
    here i come with Mr. Everett Grimm
    There's No Turning Around with Mr. Everett Grimm
    i'll see you again with Mr. Kelsey Gallagher
    SWP 3: Keeper Tryouts with Mr. Ixion Swift, Mr. Justice Longbottom, Mr. Regan Pendergast, and Mr. Edward Mohr
    Regarding Hoops with Professional Quidditch Players
    who would've thought with Mr. Kelsey Gallagher
    Snow White and the Seven Bottles with Mr. Everett Grimm

    MARCH, 1883
    Harlequin Girls with Miss Amalia Meliflua
    Let's Boot and Rally with Miss Constance Hatchitt
    Pity with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    Duel with Mrs. Irina Skeeter and Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    You've Got a Friend in Me with Mrs. Annaleigh Donovan

    APRIL, 1883
    Girlfriends with Mrs. Annaleigh Donovan and Mrs. Marcella Weasley
    Out of the Loop with Mr. Everett Grimm
    A Party Song (The Walk of Shame) with Mr. Everett Grimm

    MAY, 1883
    good news with Mr. Kelsey Gallagher
    clarity with Miss Imogen van Helsing
    Cherish This with Mr. Everett Grimm

    JUNE, 1883
    Won't Stop with Mr. Fraser Gallagher

    JULY, 1883
    Dirty Little Secret with Miss Imogen van Helsing

    AUGUST, 1883
    Duel with Miss Alicia Denbright and Miss Miriam Webster
    Duel with Mr. Kevin Trailor and Miss Moira Prewett
    Duel with Mr. Gideon Browne and Mr. William Prewett
    Duel with Miss Odessa Diggory and Mr. Julian Stern

    SEPTEMBER, 1883
    State of Grace with Mr. Everett Grimm

    OCTOBER, 1883
    Mother May I? with Miss Mae Callahan
    forgive me with Mr. Kelsey Gallagher

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    The Wrong Direction with Mr. Everett Grimm
    To: Forester, Fraser, Kelsey with Mr. Forester Gallagher, Mr. Fraser Gallagher, and Mr. Kelsey Gallagher
    You're My Best Friend with Miss Imogen van Helsing
    Grace Gallagher with Miss Amalia Meliflua
    Holyhead Harpies & The Man With the Money with the Harpies and Mr. Victor Winthrop

    DECEMBER, 1883
    Day Late with Mr. Everett Grimm

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    and this just in, you're a dead fit with Mr. Byron Filibuster

    APRIL, 1884
    Lost in This Moment With You with Mr. Everett Grimm
    Now, Take This to Heart with Mr. Edmund Grimm
    We Play the Music with Miss Imogen Van Helsing
    Oh such news! with Miss Annora Dobbs

    JUNE, 1884
    The Winning Team with Miss Athena Calathes

    JULY, 1884
    Breaking & Entering with Mr. Everett Grimm and Miss Vivienne Willem

    AUGUST, 1884
    your eyes are the size of the moon with Mr. Everett Grimm

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    On Each Other's Team with Miss Sylvia Hooch
    FINALLY GREVBRAZIEL with Mrs. Abraham Aesalon, Mr Ezekial Aesalon, and Mr. Everett Grimm

    DECEMBER, 1884
    Merry Mother-mas with Mr. Thom Pettigrew
    Date Night with Mr. Everett Grimm
    and the question that comes forward with Mrs. Kayte Pettigrew and Mr. Thom Pettigrew

    MARCH, 1885
    Jeering, Leering with Mr. Thom Pettigrew

    MAY, 1885
    I'm the luckiest human in the whole human race! with Miss Penelope Darrow

    SEPTEMBER, 1885
    "Our Husbands are Morons" Anonymous with Mrs. Abraham Aesalon

    JANUARY, 1886
    The Straw That Breaks the Camel's Back with Mr. Everett Grimm
    [Image: pp66UW.jpg]
    shiny set by Bree!


    DECEMBER, 1877
    Party Like It's 1877 with Mr. Atticus Kirke, Mr. Oswin Ellesborough, and Mr. Everett Grimm

    DECEMBER, 1882
    Yes and No with Mr. Magnus Lockhart, Miss Ruth Grimstone, and Mr. Edward Mohr
    Proposition with Mr. Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    Quite a Predicament with Mr. Reuben Hagrid
    Resolutions with Mr. Ozias Lovegood

    JANUARY, 1883
    The Bachelor Life with Mr. Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    Housewarming with Miss Leisa Echelon-Arnost and Mr. Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    Unidentified Alcohol with Mr. Niall Donovan
    The Night Hell Froze Over, III with Mr. Samuel Echelon-Arnost and Miss Leisa Echelon-Arnost

    FEBRUARY, 1883
    SWP 3: Chaser Tryouts

    MARCH, 1883
    Coffee with Mr. Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    An Invitation! with Mrs. Rufina Mulciber
    A Strange Celebration with Mrs. Rufina Mulciber, Mr. Magnus Lockhart, Mrs. Clarissa Lockhart, Mrs. Marcella Weasley, Mr. Edward Mohr, Mr. Catigern Weasley, Miss Fortuna Lockhart, Miss Amalia Meliflua, Mr. Cailean Beckett, Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew, and Mrs. Threnody Mohr
    Duel with Mr. Devon Etter and Mr. Darcy Potter
    Lost Puppy with Mr. Niall Donovan

    APRIL, 1883
    Jurassic Park with Mr. Everard Nilsen
    hi are you dead with Mr. Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    when the kids in the band were playing with Miss Amalia Meliflua

    MAY, 1883
    The End with Mr. Faustus Prewett
    Kick in the Teeth with Mr. Faustus Prewett
    I Thought You Was a Bur-Ga-Lur with Mr. Samuel Echelon-Arnost
    find your way by sunlight with Mr. Isaac Pinefoy

    JUNE, 1883
    The Odds with Miss Elsbeth Gisella
    QWC: Britain vs. Egypt
    winning isn't everything with Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew
    Sore Losers with Miss Amalia Meliflua
    Awkward with Miss Amalia Meliflua

    JULY, 1883
    Rendez-Vous with Miss Emelie Anansi

    AUGUST, 1883
    Take One Down, Pass it Around with Mr. Niall Donovan
    Morning Surprise with Mr. Priam Lestrange and Mrs. Nephele Lestrange

    SEPTEMBER, 1883
    Dear Sex Fairy with Miss Amalia Meliflua
    Friendly Face with Miss Amalia Meliflua
    Pitch Perfect with Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter

    OCTOBER, 1883
    The Heroes' Quest with Mr. Priam Lestrange and Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    A Little Party Never Killed Nobody with Miss Alice Lovegood
    Arthur Pettigrew with Miss Amalia Meliflua

    DECEMBER, 1883
    Duel with Mr. James Reed and Mr. Priam Lestrange
    Duel with Mr. Angus MacFusty and Mr. William Prewett
    The Boy With the Thorn in His Side with Mr. Octavian Lestrange
    When There's Nothing Left to Burn with Miss Mirella Lestrange
    The Belly of the Beast with Mr. Lucius Lestrange
    they say that we ain't got the style with Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter
    Sports are Sexy with Mrs. Threnody Mohr

    JANUARY, 1884
    The Most Devious Thing Art's Ever Done with Mr. Jesse Hatchitt

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    A Tragedy (Though Hardly a Surprise) with Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew
    Family Interests with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange
    Road to Recovery with Mr. Tiberius Lestrange

    APRIL, 1884
    Talent Pirates with Mr. Jesse Hatchitt
    Such Fragile, Broken Things with Miss Amalia Meliflua

    MAY, 1884
    This is a Party Without the People with Mr. Javert de Montfault

    JUNE, 1884
    But the Haze Has Ascended with Miss Adasia Mohr
    Trial By Fire with Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter

    JULY, 1884
    SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS with Mr. Oswin Ellesborough
    Why We Live This Way with Mr. Noah Hatchitt
    Not Dead Yet with Mrs. Andromeda Pettigrew
    Slightly-Awkward Condolences with Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter
    The View from the Afternoon with Mrs. Cordelia Porter

    AUGUST, 1884
    Broom Jockeys with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett
    Fine, Hearty Men with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett, Mr. Ambrose Bell, Mr. Brutus Kettleburn, Mr. Torquil MacFusty, Mr. Tavish MacFusty, and Mr. Frederick Prewett
    Fated to Die with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett, Mr. Frederick Prewett, Mr. Ambrose Bell, Mr. Torquil MacFusty
    Orange & Red are the New Blacks with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett and Mr. Frederick Prewett
    Oh Captain My Captain with Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter
    My Best Friend: the Idiot with Miss Amalia Meliflua
    Deep Hipster Stuff with Mr. Oswin Ellesborough
    So Over It with Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    lololol you're in prison with Mr. Priam Lestrange

    OCTOBER, 1884
    Erstwhile Captain to Semi-Functioning Team with the Hogsmeade Howlers
    Useless Nephew to Semi-Rich Uncle with Mr. Priam Lestrange
    Not an Awesome Plan with Mr. Oswin Ellesborough
    Be Strong with Miss Adasia Mohr
    Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down with Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew
    Hey, You Pity Me with Mrs. Nephele Lestrange
    smoke and wax and clipped wings with Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew
    Right Night to Make the Wrong Moves with Mr. Gilroy MacFusty and Mr. Thom Pettigrew

    NOVEMBER, 1884
    Duel with Mr. Edward Bobbin and Mrs. Sybella Winterdowne
    some nights with Mr. Edward Mohr

    DECEMBER, 1884
    change the locks, change the scene with Mr. Atticus Kirke
    All I Want for Christmas with Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter

    FEBRUARY, 1885
    Tough Love with Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew

    MARCH, 1885
    At least they're not in azkaban. with Mr. Frederick Prewett and Mr. Fitzroy Prewett
    But When the Question Still Pends with Mr. Florizel Collins-Potter
    It's All About Communicating with Mr. Gregory Creighton
    We've Got Hopes on the Horizon with Mr. Gregory Creighton
    I'm a Loser, Baby with Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter

    APRIL, 1885
    Everything's Eventual with Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew and Mr. Henry Fawley

    MAY, 1885
    Can't Understand What I'm After with Mr. Alfred Vane
    Under terrible influence with Mr. Barnabas Skeeter, Mr. Atticus Kirke, and Mr. Toussaint Favreau

    JUNE, 1885
    I Can't Love You Anymore Than This with Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter

    JULY, 1885
    This Is The Road to Ruin with Miss Hannah Echelon and Mr. Atticus Kirke

    AUGUST, 1885
    Behind Enemy Lines with Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter, Miss Hannah Echelon, and Mr. Thomas Pettigrew

    OCTOBER, 1885
    hi let's party with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett
    I Quit? with Jesse Hatchitt

    NOVEMBER, 1885
    A Little Party Never Killed Nobody with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett, Mr. Gilroy MacFusty, Miss Georgianna Shacklebolt, and Mr. Justus Westenburg
    We're just two beautiful disasters with Mrs. Lucy Pettigrew

    JANUARY, 1886
    The Story of Tonight with Mr. Frederick Prewett, Mr. Elias Grimstone, Mr. Fitzroy Prewett, Mr. Everett Grimm, Mr. Atticus Kirke, and Mr. Edward Mohr

    FEBRUARY, 1886
    To the Groom with Mrs. Andromache Pettigrew
    Oops: Arthur with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett

    APRIL, 1886
    Implausibly Attractive Couple Friends with Mr. Fitzroy Prewett, Mrs. Desdemona Pettigrew, and Mrs. Georgianna Prewett
    [Image: 2rgfha9.png]



    MARCH, 1883
    Qualitative Spacial Reasoning with Mr. Patrick Primpernelle

    APRIL, 1883
    X and Y with Mr. Jack Collins

    MAY, 1883
    Wonderful Wonderful with Miss Eden Webster
    We're All in Love with Miss Minnie Pendergast

    JUNE, 1883
    The Sky is Falling with Miss Gemma Simpson
    You're Not Him with Mrs. Magdelena Collins

    JULY, 1883
    Found it in a Rain Cloud with Mr. Titus Piotrovski

    AUGUST, 1883
    Friendly Interaction with Mrs. Aislinn Beckett
    Maybe You Can Find Me with Miss Carolina Grace
    yeah yeah and it's okay with Miss Kaye Hadley

    SEPTEMBER, 1883
    On My Own with Miss Eden Webster
    Eyes Open with Miss Eliza Fitzgerald

    OCTOBER, 1883
    we are free if we want with Mr. Edmund Grimm
    The Adventures of Robin Hood and Also Robin Hood with Mr. Edmund Grimm

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    Jonathan Webster c/o Apparition Testing Center with Mr. Edmund Grimm
    Sweater Weather with Miss Kaye Hadley

    DECEMBER, 1883
    Duel with Mr. Niall Donovan and Mr. Casper Darrow
    The Worst Part of the Job with Mr. Alexander Hunt
    The Wind in My Hair with Mrs. Threnody Mohr
    It's Been Too Long with Mr. Charlie Gilmore
    A Welcome Intrusion with Miss Elsa Weasley

    JANUARY, 1884
    Qualitative Spatial Reasoning with Open

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    I'm a Failure with Miss Eden Webster

    MARCH, 1884
    Indecent Proposal with Miss Juniper Wickes
    Gambling with Miss Juniper Wickes
    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED with Mr. Edmund Grimm
    This Can't Possibly Go Wrong with Miss Eden Webster and Miss Eliza Fitzgerald
    Go Big or Go Home with Miss Miriam Webster

    APRIL, 1884
    Let Webster Be Webster with Mr. Edmund Grimm
    A Dog Named Bear with Mr. Edmund Grimm
    Jon Webster vs. The World with Miss Rozenn Lozach
    Pooling for Votes with Mr. Benedict Sterling
    The Little Engine That Could with Mr. Wesley Cavanagh
    How to Get Places with Hogwarts Students

    MAY, 1884
    That's Debatable with Miss Agatha Dobbs, Mr. Faustus Prewett, Mr. Frederick Humphrey-Mavis, Mr. Priam Lestrange, Mr. Balthazar Urquart, Mrs. Astrid Parkinson, Mr. Victor Aesalon II, Mr. Catigern Weasley, and Mr. Alexander Wilde
    Let's Consider a Change of Scenery with Miss Blanche Chaucer
    A United Front with Mr. Eugene Scamander
    Manticore Massacre with Miss Aurelia Herondale and Miss Astoria Champagne
    I DEFEATED A MANTICORE with Miss Eden Webster

    JUNE, 1884
    Little Lion Man with Mr. Frederick Humphrey-Mavis

    AUGUST, 1884
    Jaws with Mr. Edmund Grimm

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    Owl You Need with Miss Eden Webster

    OCTOBER, 1884
    Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop with Mr. Benedict Sterling

    NOVEMBER, 1884
    Duel with Mr. Frederick Prewett and Mr. Balthazar Urquart
    Duel with Mr. Vernon Avery and Miss Dyllis Perkins
    Duel with Miss Blanche Chaucer and Lord Frederick Humphrey-Mavis
    Duel with Mr. Salazar Slughorn and Mr. James Herondale
    Duel with Mr. Orpheus Parkinson and Mr. Priam Lestrange
    Duel with Mrs. Frances Crabbe and Lord Frederick Humphrey-Mavis
    Duel with Mr. Konstantin Fisk and Miss Dyllis Perkins
    Duel with Mr. Konstantin Fisk and Mr. James Carmichael

    MARCH, 1885
    Thank God His Curls are Okay with Mr Orpheus Parkinson and Mr. Leonid Fisk

    APRIL, 1885
    It's Not About the Destination with
    Waiting for the Fog to Roll Out with Miss Rosie Van Baarle
    Heels Over Head with Miss Lenora Waffling

    MAY, 1885
    BAHAHA with Mr. Orpheus Parkinson

    JULY, 1885
    We Don't Know When to Quit with Miss Rosie Van Baarle

    NOVEMBER, 1885
    Not in My Backyard with Mr. Atticus Sharpe and Mr. Edmund Grimm

    JANUARY, 1886
    It's About the Journey with
    [Image: IfsFW1.jpg]
    jenny removed the watermarks from these images for me, b/c she is an angel
    [Image: IV9vxP.gif]


    AUGUST, 1883
    Gravity Falls with Miss Lydia Endicott

    SEPTEMBER, 1883
    a place just west of weird with Miss Gemma Simpson and Mr. Lance Everhart
    Mount Vesuvius with Mr. Benjamin Creighton,
    Gryffindor Team Tryouts with Mr. Tybalt Kirke, Mr. Kenton Gallivan, Mr. Jamie Grey, Miss Maxine Wood, Mr. Robert MacFusty, Mr. Mundungus MacFusty, Mr. Niven MacFusty, and Mr. Colten Jameston
    Get Around the Wind with Miss Adasia Mohr

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    Chaser Bonding with Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter
    and always north of normal with Miss Gemma Simpson
    Another Saturday, Another Careless Move with Mr. Mortimer Skeeter
    I Can Tell Just What You Want with Miss Kayline Prewett
    Boys & Snow with Mr. Rasmus Mohr
    Hi Mum! with Mrs. Perpetua Collins-Potter

    DECEMBER, 1883
    Duel with Mr. Yarrow Macnair and Mrs. Lila Pearson
    When Loved Ones Are Near with Mr. Huxley Collins-Potter, Miss Desdemona Collins-Potter, Mrs. Perpetua Collins-Potter, Mr. Charles Porter, Miss Cordelia Collins-Potter, and Mrs. Isabella Quirrell

    JANUARY, 1884
    What You Know with Miss Raitchel Kowatch

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    Potion Brewing: Group C with Mr. Icarus Prince, Miss Glenda Davis, Miss Gemma Simpson, Miss Beatrice Skye, and Mr. Castor Allaway
    Young Lions with Open
    Paper Planes with Miss Kaylee Brooke

    APRIL, 1884
    La Vie Boheme with Open

    JUNE, 1884
    The Night Circus with Miss Jezebella Morgan
    HAHA PENIS with Mr. Huxley Collins-Potter

    JULY, 1884
    Ignorance is Bliss with Miss Cressida Collins-Potter

    AUGUST, 1884
    Down the Rabbit Hole with Mr. Isaac Japes

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    Where Dwell the Brave at Heart with Mr. Lance Everhart, Miss Nyneve Ifan-Carstairs, Miss January Lynch, Miss Vesta Bones, Miss Josephine Fontaine, and Mr. Tristan Michaud

    NOVEMBER, 1884
    IC Quidditch Match [GRYFFINDOR V. SLYTHERIN] with Mr. Harvey Beauregard, Mr. Yarrow Macnair, Mr. Kenton Gallivan, Mr. Nigel Yaxley, Mr. Hector Prince, Mr. Lance Everhart, Miss Penelope Darrow, Mr. Castor Allaway, Mr. Tristan Michaud, Mr. Gandalf Winterdowne, Mr. Tristan Carmichael, Mr. Kristoffer Lestrange, Miss Cillian Notting, and Mr. Samuel Pendergast
    Duel with Mr. Hector Prince and Mr. Matthew McGonagall
    Duel with Mr. Castor Allaway and Miss Moira Prewett
    Duel with Miss Adasia Mohr and Miss Moira Prewett

    JANUARY, 1885
    Victory is Mine! with Miss Penelope Darrow

    FEBRUARY, 1885
    Ew, As If with Miss Adasia Mohr

    MARCH, 1885
    But When the Question Still Pends with Mr. Arthur Pettigrew

    JULY, 1885
    O.W.L. Scores

    AUGUST, 1885
    You've Exceeded the Human Capacity for Fucking Up with Mrs. Perpetua Collins-Potter

    JANUARY, 1886
    Duck? with Miss Shiloh Gibble
    [Image: 2ecmdg0.png]

    JUNE, 1882
    Browne House Orgy with Miss Odira Browne, Miss Cecilia Chaucer, Miss Loretta Browne, Miss Pruedence Browne, Miss Calliope Browne, Mrs. Beatrice Browne, Mr. Gideon Browne, Miss Blanche Chaucer

    JULY, 1882
    Night Shifter with Mr. Sampson Browne

    SEPTEMBER, 1882
    Zananas Rhymes With Bananas with Miss Loretta Browne, Miss Rebecca Riley, and Mr. Augustus Browne

    OCTOBER, 1882
    Generations with Mrs. Chastity Pettigrew

    DECEMBER, 1882
    Home Again with Mr. Augustus Browne
    an apology with Mr. Leander Fortescue
    Tea and Brunch with Mrs. Beatrice Browne
    Ladies' Brunch with Mrs. Beatrice Browne, Miss Pruedence Browne, Mrs. Rosemary Crewe, Miss Odira Browne, and Miss Loretta Browne
    Tragedy Strikes with Mrs. Calliope Riley

    MARCH, 1883
    Palladio with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast

    APRIL, 1883
    an announcement with Mr. Sampson Browne

    MAY, 1883
    Mother May I with Miss Odira Browne
    Easy Does It with Miss Odira Browne

    JUNE, 1883
    Quidditch (sur)Prizes with Mrs. Rufina Mulciber, Mr. Bennet Potter, Mrs. Marcella Weasley, Miss Odira Browne, and Mrs. Louisa Lovegood

    AUGUST, 1883
    Serpent's Tongue with Miss Pruedence Browne

    SEPTEMBER, 1883
    I've Been Sorted with Miss Pruedence Browne

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    Future Starts Slow with Mrs. Chastity Pettigrew

    DECEMBER, 1883
    Very Much A Fish Out of Water with Mr. Gideon Browne

    MARCH, 1885
    Oversight with Mrs. Odira Potter

    JUNE, 1885
    Taken with Mr. Sampson Browne
    Some Kind of Resolution with Miss Pruedence Browne
    oh dear-a it is o-die-ra, after all with Mrs. Calliope Riley

    NOVEMBER, 1885
    Homecoming with Mrs. Odira Potter, Miss Loretta Browne, and Mr. Baxter Keene

    MARCH, 1886
    BTW with Mrs. Odira Potter
    Blindfolded with Mrs. Calliope Riley and Mr. Balthazar Urquart
    [Image: aureliasig_zpseviznyl8.jpg]


    OCTOBER, 1883
    In the Midnight Hour with Mr. Gideon Browne
    Something to Talk About with Mr. Jesse Hatchitt
    These Ties That Bind with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart

    NOVEMBER, 1883
    Resupply with Miss Yvonette Fawcett

    DECEMBER, 1883
    Duel with Mr. Elias Grimstone and Mr. Darcy Potter
    Duel with Mr. Barnabas Skeeter and Mr. Darcy Potter
    Don't Keep Me Waiting with Mrs. Threnody Mohr
    Guess What! with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    Caught in the Middle with Miss Joyce Gilmore

    MARCH, 1884
    Now Our Lives are Changing Fast with Miss Cornelia Boot and Miss Cordelia Collins-Potter
    When Plants Attack with Miss Vivienne Willem
    all in together now with Mr. Elias Grimstone
    Things are Shaping Up to Be Pretty Odd with Mr. Dionysus Calathes

    MAY, 1884
    a simple request with Mrs. Rue Lockhart
    A Gaggle of Grimstones with Mr. Elias Grimstone and Mrs. Rue Lockhart
    Chasing Visions of Our Futures with Mr. Balthazar Urquart

    JUNE, 1884
    We are the New Generation with Miss Vivienne Willem

    JULY, 1884
    New Addition! with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart
    Breaking In 101 with Miss Vivienne Willem
    Graveyard Humor with Miss Promise Whitaker and Miss Marianne Burdon
    Ugh Rich People with Miss Primrose Tinker 

    AUGUST, 1884
    Get Us OUT of Here! with Mrs. Emma Macmillan and Mr. Killian Macmillan

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    We Are Free with Miss Gertrude Baker

    OCTOBER, 1884
    Elegant but Exotic with Mrs. Evangeline Rowle

    NOVEMBER, 1884 
    Hellooooooo nurse with Miss Catherine Dalton
    Tell me Tales with  Miss Fiona Little

    DECEMBER, 1884
    How Hard Can it Be? with Mr. Elias Grimstone 

    JANUARY, 1885
    Here's To Us with Mr. Aragorn Darke

    MARCH, 1885
    If Tomorrow Never Comes with Mr. Elmer Macmillan

    JUNE, 1885
    Here's to Future Days with Mr. Gideon Browne

    JULY, 1885
    We Survived // Happy Birthday! with Mrs. Ruth Lockhart, Mrs. Imogen MacFusty, and Mr. Elias Grimstone

    SEPTEMBER, 1885
    Another Open Keaton Thread with Miss Jemima Keaton

    OCTOBER, 1885
    Warm Fuzzy Feelings with Mr. Preston Church

    NOVEMBER, 1885
    Nano, (not open you nonce,) or how Rosa is messing with Gertrude again with Miss Gertrude Baker

    DECEMBER, 1885
    Much Too Much with Mr. Elias Grimstone

    JANUARY, 1886
    Things We Lost in the Fire with Mr. Gideon Browne

    FEBRUARY, 1886
    You Can Write Rhymes, But You Can't Write Mine with Miss Victoria Rochereau, Mr. Upton Nott, Miss Fiona Little, Miss Eva Sleptova, and Miss Marian Fletcher
    Potion Brewing: Group C with Miss Petra Sleptova, Miss January Lynch, Mr. Henry Berkwood, Mr. Yarrow Macnair, and Mr. Castor Allaway
    Cheeseburger Plz with Mr. Lucien Renaud
    [Image: tony1_zpstcdcujiv.png]


    NOVEMBER, 1883
    Lay a Rose Down with Mr. Mason Skeeter

    DECEMBER, 1883
    I Dreamed a Dream with Miss Olive Pond, Miss Isadora Stevens, and Miss Brianna Devlin
    Painted Cards with Miss Briar Ifan-Carstairs, Miss Charlotte Lethaby, Mr. Guiles Montgomery, Miss Ellory Pendergast, and Miss Brynn Malfoy
    Dearest Sister with Miss Virginia Carmichael
    Office Hours with Miss Temerita Reid
    Christmas with the Carmichaels with Miss Gwenda Carmichael, Mr. Ianto Lloyd, Mr. Gawain Carmichael, Miss Iona Carstairs, Miss Virginia Carmichael, Miss Glenda Davies, Mr. Tristan Carmichael, Miss Elaine Carmichael, and Mr. James Carmichael

    JANUARY, 1884
    Follow Up with Miss Temerita Reid
    Swear This One You'll Save with Miss Temerita Reid

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    Old Friends with Miss Alice Lovegood

    MARCH, 1884
    Duel with Mr. Devon Etter and Mr. Barnabas Skeeter
    Sex Education with Miss Lydia Blackwood, Professor Moira Prewett, and Miss February Lynch
    Little Talks with Mr. Gawain Carmichael
    Duel with Mr. Devon Nystrom and Mr. Barnabas Skeeter
    Duel with Mr. Angus MacFusty and Mr. Mortimer Skeeter
    Vampires Won't Stake Themselves with Miss Astrid Van Helsing and Uilleam

    APRIL, 1884
    Welcome Home with Mr. Brandon Carmichael
    And It's Surely to Their Credit with Mr. Ianto Lloyd and Mr. Gawain Carmichael
    The Mother We Share with Miss Virginia Carmichael and Mr. George Carmichael
    Boom Goes the Dynamite with Miss Cillian Notting, Mr. Cassander Goyle, Miss Temerita Reid, and Miss Judy Hatchitt
    I'm Not Calling You a Liar with Miss Temerita Reid

    MAY, 1884
    Between Two Lungs with Miss Temerita Reid

    JULY, 1884
    And My Running Feet Could Fly with Miss Temerita Reid
    Fretting Together is More Fun with Mr. Ianto Lloyd

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    Back to the Future with Miss Ellory Pendergast, Miss September Lynch, Miss Victoria Hatchitt, Miss Diantha Montacute, Miss November Lynch, and Miss Temperance Lestrange
    I Believe the Children are our Future with Miss Adasia Mohr, Mr. Nickleby Young, Miss Siofra Donahue, Mr. Kristoffer Lestrange, Mr. Heinrich Echelon, Miss Agnes Ro, Miss Nyra Nightfall, and Miss Cecily Gallivan
    Professors Can Gossip Too with Mr. Mason Skeeter

    OCTOBER, 1884
    Poop Goes the Vulture with Mrs. Moira Prewett
    Sometimes I Wish for Falling with Miss Temerita Reid

    NOVEMBER, 1884
    Duel with Miss Octavia Richardson and Mr. Andrew Bingham
    Duel with Mr. Alfalfa Tinker and Mr. Nigel Yaxley
    Duel with Mr. Lance Everhart and Miss Antigone Baudelaire
    Duel with Miss Lorna Van Patten and Miss Pruedence Browne
    Duel with Miss Petra Sleptova and Miss Persephone Van Helsing
    Duel with Mr. Yarrow Macnair and Miss Antigone Baudelaire
    Duel with Mr. Casimir Goyle and Miss Jamesine McIntyre
    Duel with Miss Seneca Lestrange and Miss Lorna Van Patten
    Duel with Miss Adasia Mohr and Mr. Samuel Pendergast
    Duel with Mr. Cedric Humphrey-Mavis and Mr. Oliver Trask
    Duel with Miss Antigone Baudelaire and Miss Phoebe Beauregard
    Duel with Mr. Heinrich Echelon and Mr. Oliver Trask
    Duel with Miss Antigone Baudelaire and Miss Adasia Mohr
    I'M GETTING MARRIED :D with Mr. Ianto Lloyd

    JANUARY, 1885
    (Not) a Double Date with Mr. Ianto Lloyd, Miss Etcetera Marriott, and Miss Temerita Reid

    MARCH, 1885
    You want to know the future, love? Then wait: with Miss Temerita Reid
    The cards and stars that tumble as they will with Mr. Heinrich Echelon, Mr. Tom O'Hare, Miss January Lynch, Miss Novella Braunstone, Miss Katrina Winthrop, Miss Chastity Bentley, Miss Klara Echelon, Miss Cecily Gallivan, and Mr. Nickleby Young

    MAY, 1885
    The Wedding of the Century with Mr. Gawain Carmichael, Mrs. Etcetera Lloyd, and Miss Temerita Reid

    SEPTEMBER, 1885
    Oh fuck. with Mr. James Ellesborough and Miss Hadley Sinclair

    OCTOBER, 1885
    Tomorrow Manifests, and Brings the Bill with Mr. George Carmichael
    We Are All Too Young to Die with Mr. Yarrow Macnair and Miss September Lynch
    How to Get Away with Murder with Miss Virginia Carmichael and Mr. George Carmichael

    DECEMBER, 1885
    The Small and Great with Miss Cleo Wood
    The Lady of Situations with Miss Temerita Reid and Mrs. Adaline Reid

    JANUARY, 1886
    Where the Wild Things Are with

    FEBRUARY, 1886
    Guest Star with Miss Apollodora Vablatsky
    Elliot has the Sight. Hit me up.


    JANUARY, 1884
    Things We Said Today with Miss Joyce Gilmore

    FEBRUARY, 1884
    The Wrong Stop with Mrs. Lucille Orpington
    Emma Dear with Mrs. Velia Hildebrand
    Just Depends on How Far They Can Go with Mr. Charles MacMillan

    MARCH, 1884
    We've All Been Painted by Numbers with Miss Minnie Pendergast
    Just the Way You Like It with Mrs. Annette Greer

    APRIL, 1884
    Dear Emma with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast
    The War at Home with Mr. Killian Macmillan

    MAY, 1884
    Hollow Crown with Mr. Killian Macmillan

    JUNE, 1884
    Slipping Through My Fingers with Mrs. Demetria Longbottom
    No Escape with Mr. Balthazar Urquart and Mr. Killian Macmillan

    JULY, 1884
    The Broken Jaw of Our Lost Kingdoms with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    Are You Alive? with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast
    Things We Lost to the Flames with Mr. Killian Macmillan

    AUGUST, 1884
    (Be Cool, Charles. Be Cool.) with Mr. Charles Macmillan
    Get Us OUT of Here! with Mr. Anthony Grimstone and Mr. Killian Macmillan
    Alone Together with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast, Miss Minnie Pendergast, Mr. Walter Pendergast, and Mr. Samuel Pendergast

    SEPTEMBER, 1884
    We'll Be the Same Tomorrow with Mr. Charles Macmillan

    OCTOBER, 1884
    Mad Slattern's Tea Party with Mrs. Ursula Black, Mrs. Scarlett Bulstrode, Mrs. Demetria Longbottom, and Countess Eleora Etherium
    An Antiquated Armory with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    you were already you and I already me with Miss Minnie Pendergast
    and I've got no excuse with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast
    The Future Freaks Me Out with Mr. Killian Macmillan

    Unfogging the Future with Mrs. Jupiter Lufkin
    how do you dog? with Mrs. Demetria Longbottom

    FEBRUARY, 1885
    We Live This Close to Death

    MARCH, 1885
    Hanging Out With Medusa with Miss Demetria Longbottom
    Baby, Seasons Change But People Don't with Mr. Killian Macmillan and Mr. Levi Dagon
    But Don't Pretend You Ever Forget About Me with Mr. Levi Dagon

    MAY, 1885
    we know full well there's just time with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    as long as stars are above you with Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast

    JULY, 1885
    The Parting Glass with Mr. Walter Pendergast, Mr. Killian Macmillan, and Mrs. Atalanta Pendergast

    SEPTEMBER, 1885
    Don't Think Twice It's Alright with Mr. Killian Macmillan

    DECEMBER, 1885
    We Know with Mr. Edward Macmillan

    JANUARY, 1886
    Tessomancy Tactics with Miss Apollodora Vablatsky and Miss Demetria Longbottom
    This is how they made me. with Miss Indietta Titsey and Mr. Killian Macmillan

    MARCH, 1886
    If It's Over Let It Go with Mr. Killian Macmillan
    [Image: IfshZm.jpg]
    [Image: IV2Zgm.jpg][Image: 2emeyw8.gif][Image: nqi.gif]

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