Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Micajah Vablatsky
    In Character
    Full Name: Micajah Edward Vablatsky
    Nicknames: Micah?, Cage???, That Asshole
    Birthdate: January 3rd, 1858
    Current Age: 28
    Occupation: Divination Scholar, Your Friendly Neighborhood Stalker
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Birmingham 
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Lauren, 9.5", dragon heartstring, rigid
    Blood Status: Half
    Social Class: Middle
    Family: Ephraim Vablatsky | Father
    Eunice Vablatsky | Mother
    Ezra Vablasky | Twin, ugh
    Cassandra Vablatsky | Sister
    Apollodora Vablatsky | Sister

    Gideon Vablatsky | Uncle
    --- Vablatsky | Hagly Aunt
    "Fern" Vablatsky | Cousin
    Gabriel Vablatsky | Cousin

    Famous Great-Grandmother by the name of Cassandra Vablatsky, yo. 
    Appearance: Standing at the height of 5'7", Micajah s the mirror image of his identical twin, and has blond hair and gray eyes. He tends to wear wizarding robes and rarely lacks a quill and notebook. Unlike Ezra, he is right-handed. 
    History: EARLY CHILDHOOD: Micajah is born a twin (the elder twin, thank you) and forced to drink copious amounts of tea by his father in hopes that the twins will be excellent seers. Ezra's first prediction is that Micajah will never predict anything, and Cage is still holding a grudge. In case anyone was wondering. There's some weird seer shit going on in the family, but Cage has never been a seer. 
    It's also worth noting that Mrs. Eunice Vablatsky was a practicing Jew, and Micajah at least has kept up her ties in the Jewish community in Birmingham. In 1861 the newest Cassandra was born, and she was followed by Apollodora in 1865. 
    In 1863 his uncle married a hag which, you know, maybe not the smartest decision in the world. Maybe. Fern also joins the family in 1865 and is also a hag. #Awkward. It's also important that you know how much THIS CHILD CRAVES FATHERLY ATTENTION. 
    1869: Ezra and Micajah go to Hogwarts. Micajah is sorted into Ravenclaw. 
    1870: Gabriel is born, is not a hag. #penisperks
    1871: Micajah picks up Arithmancy and Divination as his electives, and continues to be SUPER BITTER about not being a seer. 
    1872: Grandma Cassandra falls down the stairs, croaks, and is found by Dora. 
    1873: Cassandra (the sister, not the dead grandmother) joins Micajah in Ravenclaw.
    1874: Micajah sits his O.W.L.s. Though he isn't gifted in the sight, he is gifted in academia, and he continues with Charms, Transfiguration, Arithmancy, Divination, Potions, and Herbology. And starts in with Alchemy. Micajah has no chill.
    1876: The twins complete their schooling. Micajah achieves seven N.E.W.T.s and goes into academia. He also begins studying how to become an animagus. Since his focus is divination, his father begins to favor him. >:)
    1877: Micajah publishes A Detailed Account of the Confrontation of Mopsus and Calchas. Ezra becomes a full healer.
    1878: Cassandra obliviates herself for failing an exam and is permanently placed in the Spell Damage Ward of St. Mungo's. Micajah is very sympathetic, but privately sometimes thinks that she's kind of a loser. #wow.
    1879: Micajah publishes Reading the Tea Leaves: Tesseomancy Explained.
    1880: CAGE BECOMES AN ANIMAGUS, SUCK IT. His animagus form is a northern saw whet owl with gray eyes. Look at its dumb little face. He uses it to borderline-stalk seers. Isn't it cute? Also his mom dies. He's sadder than this paragraph makes him sound. Tone is everything, kids.
    1881: Micajah publishes a book on his very famous ancestor: The Prophecies of Cassandra Vablatsky.
    1882: The Influence of the Subconscious, on dream-reading, is published. By Micajah. Durr.
    1883: Apollodora finishes school, begins being a ~super fancy seer~ and Micajah is only slightly bitter. Micajah why do you judge all your siblings so much. Bruh. 
    1884: Anyways, Cage's sixth book is Sixteenth Century Prophecies and Their Outcomes. It's about as fun of a read as it sounds.
    1885: Cage vanishes into the woods to stalk centaurs as an owl for a couple months. He comes back at the end of December and still has several very owl-y characteristics.
    1886: Micajah is working on the book that will PROBABLY get his ass kicked.
    Personality: Smug. Prideful. Very clever. Sometimes behaves alarmingly like a bird because spending months as an owl will make you a little weird. Has issues with all of his siblings, somehow. He's actually a good friend, as long as you're ALSO clever. Kind. Has no chill. The kind of academic who prioritizes knowledge over, like, respecting boundaries.
    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: tumblr_m3qjdlSikC1qezvoz.gif]
    Out of Character
    Name: Bean
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Micajah Vablatsky's post:
       Odira Potter

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    Thanks for deciding to join us, we hope you have a blast! :D
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    set by the unparalleled lady

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