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October 3rd, 1888
@'Fortuna Lockhart'

So um... I'm married. I'm sorry I know you said you would witness for me, but well, we fell victim to those ridiculous amortentia letters and that sped things up a little. It wasn't exactly how we planned to do it, but aside from my mother being absolutely pissed about it, everything is good? I think. It's kind of hard to tell right now, everything is a little unsettled, to say the least. The Prophet today is making me nervous and I can't place why. I live in London now though, so feel free to stop by!

I hope all is well with you!

[Image: xnfCC2.png]

October 3rd, 1888


I wondered when I might hear from you after seeing Witch Weekly. It didn't mention an elopement though! I can only imagine how your mother reacted. I'm glad to hear all is well all things considered.

And.. I may take you up on that visit. Turns out the amorentia letters weren't all that discriminatory in regards to those already married. Rufus apparently received one that tied him to Ophelia Devine for those days.. I'm not quite sure what to think or how to feel about it all. He insists he truly doesn't feel that way but it's just hard to get my head wrapped around. Especially if someone is so convinced he should be with her..


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October 4th, 1888

You know you're more than welcome any time, though when Edric is at work may be best. I fear he's still not your biggest fan and he's understandably stressed at the moment, so I'm trying exceptionally hard not to piss him off.

Oh my darling, let me tell you, having been high on that nonsense for three days, had that Merlin-forsaken potion intended for me to be in love with... I don't even know, my own brother for crying out loud, there would have been absolutely nothing that could have been done. Trust him when he says it didn't mean anything, it really didn't. I think whoever planned that nonsense out meant to cause the most chaos they could. I think in my own case it would have been catastrophic, if they were simply going on rumors. It wasn't as if anyone but you knew about the situation.

None of the other "couples" that were paired up made any sense either, and on paper neither do Edric and I. Mr. Bixby only has eyes for you, Tuni, believe me when I say that. Don't give up on him because somebody else thought it would be funny to screw with other people's personal lives. Come on over whenever and I'll prove it.

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