Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Andrew Weston
    In Character
    Full Name: Andrew Francis Weston
    Nicknames: N/A
    Birthdate: September 26, 1861
    Current Age: 24 years old
    Occupation: Department of Magical Law Enforcement - Lawyer
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Wellingtonshire
    Hogwarts House: Former Slytherin
    Wand: Vine, 10 3/4", sturdy, crushed Doxy wings
    Blood Status: Pure Blood
    Social Class: Upper Class
    Francis Harold Weston, 54, Pure Blood, father
    Martha Florence Weston, 49, Pure Blood, mother
    Flora Agatha Weston, 22, Pure Blood, sister
    Elizabeth Judy Weston, 21, Pure Blood, sister

    Standing at 5'8", Andrew is slightly taller than the average man.  His body type is best described as athletic; he's got a slim to average build and indeed some muscle definition, but isn't necessarily toting a six-pack of abs.  Contrasting with his dark brown eyes, Andrew's hair is lighter shade - a dirty blonde, usually kept short and clean.  He rarely is seen with facial hair; he's got a bit of a baby face and doesn't quite mind the attention it sometimes garners him from the ladies.  His complexion is best described as fair.  Andrew is right-handed in both writing and wand work.

    When it comes to attire, Andrew prefers business attire over his wizarding robes.  His choice of outfit would usually consist of a double-breasted blazer, pressed black, pinstripe, or plaid pants, and fine shoes, usually some sort of expensive Italian leather.  He dresses for the occasion, really; coming from old money, he doesn't exactly have a shortage of outfits to select from as seen fit.
    Andrew has lived a rather simple life; it has been uneventful, but one of privilege.

    1861:  Andrew Francis Weston was born to parents Francis and Martha Weston.  Not only is he their first child, but a son; Francis is elated.
    1864:  Martha gives birth to the Westons' second child, a daughter, Flora.  Andrew is still too young to understand sharing the attention; however, he remains Francis' favorite.
    1865:  The Westons' third child, another daughter, Elizabeth is born.  Though still young, Andrew is starting to understand the implications of a baby in the household.
    1867:  Andrew comes under the direction of a governess, and begins taking in-home lessons on how to become a proper, well-mannered young man.
    1868:  Private education lessons start for Andrew.  He learns basic reading and English, mathematics, and is taught how to play the piano.
    Spring 1870:  Andrew displays his first signs of magical ability; following a riding lesson, Andrew was bucked off of his horse while dismounting in the stables.  About thirty seconds into screaming out and crying, a hay bale next to him spontaneously combusts.  His riding instructor - a Squib - recognizes this as magic and informs the Westons.
    Fall 1870:  Francis and Martha insist that Andrew begin to learn the basics for magic in preparation for Hogwarts.
    Summer 1873: Andrew receives his letter to Hogwarts.
    Fall 1873-Spring 1874:  Andrew departs for Hogwarts.  He is sorted into Slytherin, just as his father was before him; Francis, naturally, is thrilled at the news.  Andrew begins his first year, making sure to put a near-equal emphasis on his social life as his schooling at his father's suggestion.  He primarily befriends those of like-class and Pure Blood status.
    Fall 1874-Spring 1875:  Andrew's second year comes and goes; he joins Charms Club and begins to express an interest in Quidditch, as well.
    Fall 1875-Spring 1876:  During Andrew's third year, he remains a member of the Charms Club, but also signs up for Club Quidditch to hone his flying skills.  He takes a particular interest in the positions of Chaser and Keeper.
    Fall 1876-Spring 1877:  Andrew takes the dive and tries out for the Slytherin House Quidditch team; he doesn't quite make it, but is encouraged to try again next year.  Like his third year, he's still a member of the Charms Club and Club Quidditch.  His sister, Flora, comes into the school as a first year, and is sorted into Hufflepuff, much to his father's dismay.
    Summer 1877:  Following the discovery of magic by Muggles and the ostracizing that follows, the Westons begrudgingly leave their longtime home in the countryside for the village of Hogsmeade at Martha's urging.  She simply cannot handle being a social outcast, and all but demands that the family go somewhere that she can resume her socialite lifestyle.  
    Fall 1877-Spring 1878:  Most of Andrew's year is spent preparing for his OWL exams; he tries out again for the Slytherin house team and makes it as a Chaser.  Since he made the team, he no longer feels the need to be a part of Club Quidditch.  He drops Charms Club, as well, wanting to free up his free time in order to perform exceptionally well on his OWLs.  His results are as follows:



    Much to his pleasure, and quite frankly, as expected, he passes everything, but makes the decision to not carry on with Arithmancy and Astronomy.
    Fall 1878-Spring 1879:  The Westons' youngest child, Elizabeth makes it to Hogwarts.  Like Andrew, she is sorted into Slytherin.  In between exam years, Andrew takes Elizabeth under his wing and puts an emphasis on not only advancing his social contacts, but hers, as well.  Meanwhile, Flora is a bit of an outcast, being the Hufflepuff child/sibling in a family of mostly Slytherins.
    Fall 1879-Spring 1880:  Andrew's seventh and final year finally comes around.  His primary focus, of course, are his NEWT exams, as he sets his sights on entering the Auror program following school.  He finds a good balance in order to stay on the Slytherin house team as a Chaser, not wanting Quidditch to come to an end so soon.  Come the end of the school year, his NEWT exam scores are as follows:



    Much to Andrew's dismay, he goes down a grade in Potions unexpectedly.  His NEWT results prevent him from entering the Auror training program.  Following the news, Martha asks for her son to just come home and be a dapper young man of society - he doesn't have to work anyway, she reminds him.  Meanwhile, Francis invests in a textile factory, with the intention of Andrew being fashioned to learn how to manage it.  Andrew, however, has other plans.  He seeks out a position at the Ministry of Magic, achieving for a position of power and greatness on his quest to make a name for himself instead of living in the shadow of his father.
    Late Spring 1880:  Andrew secures a menial position as a Clerk at the Ministry of Magic in the Magical Law Enforcement Department.  For one of the first times in his father's life, he is displeased with his son's actions, convinced that his son could do better things with his life.
    Fall 1881:  After nearly a year with the Ministry as a Clerk, Andrew begins to take an interest in Lawyer work.  Conveniently, it's the next level up from his current position.  Using some of his family money as leverage, Andrew pays off one of the more experienced lawyers to teach him the ropes.
    Spring 1883:  Following a little over a year of a year's worth of studying privately, Andrew puts in a request to his department head to move up into a Lawyer position.
    1884:  Andrew gets his first case, representing a middle class family in a minor property dispute with their neighbors in Hogsmeade.  It's a lackluster case, but it not only marks Andrew's first case, but his first win.
    Summer 1884:  On high alert following the announcement of the Laughing Plague, much of Andrew's summer was fairly slow.  Come late summer, Andrew was thankfully one of the first to be vaccinated.

    [I feel like this is probably pretty vague/boring.  Maybe once I get some plots I can come back and spruce this up and elaborate on certain years or events.  8)  alsoooo like I'm brand new at Victorian era stuff so I'm not 100% sure of a good idea for cases that would require a lawyer, but if I think of any I suppose I can add those for history fluff lol]
    For the most part, people gravitate towards Andrew, as he has a sort of personality that people seem to just want to be around.  He's charming and chivalrous, witty and personable.  Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Andrew was fashioned from a young age to become a gentleman; 24 years later, he's still well-versed in politeness and mannerisms.  

    Despite Andrew's life of privilege, he's incredibly ambitious - probably more than what anyone of his social status needs to be.  One of his greatest goals is to make a name for himself and not live the entirety of his life under the blanket of his father's money.  While being permanently ostracized isn't his intentions, Andrew doesn't mind pushing the limits a bit.  He has a tendency to allow his personal goals and dreams to bend his moral compass - and some of the things that his upbringing taught him.  Manipulation isn't beneath him, and he has a brilliant knack for bending the truth in a completely convincing manner.  Debate is a favorite thing of his; he gets his kicks from banter both in and out of the court room, and loves to have the final say.

    Unlike the majority of his family, Andrew prefers to base the company he keeps on personality, not social status or wealth.  He's a bit of an adventurer - occasionally even a daredevil - and enjoys hobbies such as fox hunting, archery, and yachting.  Andrew also enjoys drinking socially, and has been known to get rowdy from time to time.  Thankfully, he's not done anything too stupid…yet.  While not a blatant playboy, for obvious reasons, he's a known charmer, a frequent flirt, and has a wandering eye.  Despite his desire to distance himself from his family's fortune and pave his own path, in a cowardly move, Andrew is quick to play the family card whenever trouble arises.  Relying on his family name in this manner makes his mission a hard one; he's all about trying to convince people that he's someone else, his own person, but his entitlement almost always somehow comes back into play.
    Sample Roleplay Post:
    [This is from another site, I hope that's ok?]

    While the Hogwarts school year had only just recently kicked off, it was nigh time for students in their seventh year to prepare for entering the real world.  Sure, they still had their NEWTs left before graduating from Hogwarts, but by this point in their lives, they should of at least had a faint idea of the direction that they were headed or what sort of career path that they wanted to go down.  For professional Quidditch hopefuls, it was never too early to strut their stuff on the Pitch, showing off not only their moves, but their dedication and teamwork potential, as well.  Recruiters were always watching, after all.

    Occasionally, some of the teams in the league worked with the school to hold scouting clinics for students looking to step into the professional Quidditch world post-graduation.  They were like mini field trips, if you would - trips to the teams' home stadium for a little bit of meet and greet action followed by basic drills.  Of course, so as to not interfere with any actual schoolwork, they were only available on the weekends - and rarely, at that.  Securing a spot at an event was an honor in itself.  If the team manager really liked a potential recruit, they'd send them off with one of the current team players for a little bit of one-on-one play action.

    Admittedly, these weekends were usually a little bit more about good publicity as the team owners usually put a "giving back to the community" or "education outreach" spin on the whole situation, but occasionally, something actually came of it, and some students would find themselves securing a spot on the teams that they visited come the end of their seventh years.

    The clinic that fell on this particular day seemed to be going well, thus far.  The team owner was present, which was a rare thing, and the manager seemed to be in a good mood, which was also rare.  Even better, the Wasps' current Captain, Bruce Samuels, seemed to be in an equally chipper mood.  Samuels wasn't exactly known to be a peach.  Not only was the man dangling onto his career for dear life as he approached fifty, but he'd suffered quite an overwhelming amount of drastic injuries.  The tabloids were surprised that he hadn't just ended his career yet; then again, if there was any indication as to how stubborn the man was, it was definitely his persistence to stay in the league for a few years longer.

    The morning consisted of a typical celebrity schmooze-fest.  The students attending the clinic were given shirts emblazoned with the Wimbourne Wasps' logo, a moving poster of the current team's lineup, and were sent down the line for autograph and photo opportunities.  Naturally, Wes hated it.  Unfortunately, it took up the majority of the morning, ending only when the students retired to a catered lunch where they drew numbers to decide which current Wasp that they'd sit with.  Wes rolled his eyes for much of the lunch, having been stuck with some kids that, quite frankly, seemed to lack any potential.

    Most of their conversation revolved around the fame aspect of Quidditch versus the game.  Sigh.  Like the sport needed any more players that were the likes of Aub and Kate.  Maybe Wes was just being extra judgmental since they were Arrows - or maybe it was just a coincidence that two of the biggest party girls in the league just so happened to play on the Arrows - which just so happened to have a deep, longtime rivalry with the Wasps.  Eh, either way, if these kids were more worried about playing around with the paparazzi than what they were learning how to perform double-barrel roll dodge-swoop-dives, the future of Quidditch was bleak.

    Following that dreadful lunch, the players and students were instructed to gear up and return to the field for some basic drills.  While a Captain-ship seemed far off for as long as Stubborn-Ass Samuels was around, Wes fell comfortably into the role of leading these kiddos around.  Someday, he aspired to leading a team, an actual team - but for now, he'd have to make do with a handful of team hopefuls.  Once he and his small group had reached their isolated section of the field, Wes addressed his "team" in a pretty straight-forward manner, unlike some of his counterparts who were talking to the students like they were delicate little flowers.  Wes wasn't the biggest fan of fabricated pleasantries for the sake of not scaring away potential recruits, and, true to himself, didn't play that role for even a second.

    "Alright, here's the deal.  To be a great Quidditch player, sometimes you've got to get out of your comfort zone.  You need to be able to understand roles outside of your own.  It makes it easier to come together and get things done as a team.  You might love some of your team mates, and you might hate some of 'em."  His eyes subconsciously drifted towards the Wasps' Captain.  "But when you're out there, you've got to put all of that aside."  He paced in front of them, hands behind his back, appearing thoughtful in nature.  "I don't know if your schools encourage cross-training, but that's what we do here."

    Grabbing a nearby hat with slips of paper folded up inside, Wes shuffled it a bit and stuck it out in front of the students in his group.  "So, we're going to draw positions to see what you'll play.  If you get your current position, don't worry.  We're going to rotate, so you'll have a chance to try everything.  Now, if you're not good at every role, or even any of them, don't worry.  Except your own, of course.  You should probably know how to do your job," he said rather bluntly.  "Alright, moment of truth."  He shook the hat again, implying that it was time to draw.
    Out of Character
    Name: Corinne
    Age: 25
    Contact: Skype- phyrereii (always signed in and messages are forwarded to my phone ^^ if you add me, please drop me a note that you're from Charming so I don't delete the request thinking you're a bot XD), AIM- goodlikethaat (not usually signed in, catch me in the CBox or PM me to sign on lol)
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