Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Bentley Alden
    In Character
    Full Name: Bentley Christian Alden
    Nicknames: Benny
    Birthdate: February 23, 1857
    Current Age: 29
    Occupation: Owner of Gladrags Wizardwear
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Minister’s Avenue, Wellingtonshire in Hogsmeade
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Hazel, 10.5", Hard, Dragon Heartstring
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper
    Bennett Alden, father, b.1826 d.1884- Always rather close to his father, Bentley was quite obviously shaken at the loss of him. He was angry and lashed out at first before withdrawing into himself for his year of mourning.
    Georgiana Alden neé Irwin, mother, b.Late January-Early February 1838- He was quite close to his mother growing up but the loss of his father put a wedge in their relationship as she was the one to receive the brunt of his anger when he initially began lashing out. He is trying to mend their relationship.
    Grace --- neé Alden, sister, b.1859- The two are not particularly close but Bentley is a fun uncle so they make a point to spend time together from time to time.
    Glory --- neé Alden, sister, b.1860- Much the same as Grace but without any children there is little reason to see each other often.
    Bertram Alden, brother, b.1863- The brothers are actually quite close and there is clearly no animosity on Bertram’s side as he is clearly happy being the second son, especially now that Bentley is the head of the household and is in charge of finding their three youngest sisters spouses.
    Greer Alden, sister, b.1865- Probably Bentley’s favorite sister, she’s quite headstrong and can definitely be a challenge but Bentley likes that in her.
    Blaine Alden, brother, b.1867- Blaine is the most reclusive of the family and took the loss of their father quite hard and even harder when Bentley withdrew into himself. The two are building a better relationship now that Bentley’s getting back to his normal self but he worries most about him and his future.
    Bryson Alden, sister, b.1870- Another spitfire but in more of a subtle way than Greer, Bryson easily is another of Bentley’s favorites. He has the ability of snark down pact and will be a force to be reckoned with upon graduation.
    Appearance: Just a touch above average in height, Bentley stands at five foot nine and carries himself rather well. He isn’t the most muscular of men but he is far from lanky and could surely never be considered portly. His hair is dark in hue but during the more sunny months can sometimes lighten if he spends a good deal of time outside. He keeps it cut shorter on the sides and a little bit longer on top so that it can be styled if needed for special events. He tends to vary on the facial hair front but only goes so far as to have a bit of scruff and never a full fledged beard. His eyes are rather dark in hue and can sometimes appear black if the lighting is right. Despite their dark color, they don’t seem cold or mean and are actually quite warm and caring. His clothing is what one would expect of an upper class man and is always of the finest quality and tailoring. He is right hand dominate.
    Prebirth: Though Bennett and Georgiana’s marriage was an arranged one, the two were able to form a liking for one another over time. The two ended up making quite the pair and worked rather well together. The fondness they would build for one another would only grow as the years went on but they weren’t alone for long.
    1857: Just a short time after Georgiana turned nineteen, she gave birth to her first child. Bennett was rather excited when he saw his son for the first time. Bentley became a bonding opportunity for the pair and it was obvious from the get go their first son would hold a special place in both their hearts.
    1859: Georgiana gives birth to another child, her first daughter. Bentley is still rather young and doesn’t quite register the meaning of Grace's appearance.
    1860: Another sister is born, Glory. Bentley proves to be quite the doting brother even at such a young age and helps out when and where he can, whether it be with Glory or in entertaining Grace.
    1863: Bertram is born and a now six year old Bentley is quite excited to have a little brother even if he isn’t of much use yet. His first signs of magic are shown this year by way of enchanting Grace’s doll to dance around the nursery in hopes of making his sister happy after bumping her knee.
    1865: Greer is born and proves to be the most rambunctious of the Alden children so far. Bentley likes her right off the bat.
    1867: Blaine is born and appears to be the quietest of the bunch.
    1868: Bentley is excited but a little guilty about leaving for Hogwarts. He knows going to school is a must but he feels bad leaving his siblings behind. He is sorted into Ravenclaw after quite the deliberation of the Sorting Hat.
    1870: Bryson is born and seems to be rather similar to Greer. Rambunctious but in a more quiet way. Grace joins Bentley at Hogwarts. Bentley decides to take Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Runes as his electives.
    1871: Glory attends Hogwarts.
    1872: Just before Bentley starts his fifth year, he receives a letter stating he has been chosen as Prefect. Bennett and Georgiana are rather proud of the example their oldest is setting for his siblings.
    1873: Bentley sits his OWLs and does rather well.
    Ancient Runes E
    Astronomy E
    Charms O
    COMC O
    DADA O
    Herbology E
    History of Magic E
    Potions O
    Transfiguration O
    He drops Astronomy, Herbology, and History of Magic at the start of his sixth year.
    1874: Bertram attends Hogwarts.
    1875: Bentley sits his NEWTs then graduates.
    Ancient Runes E
    Charms O
    COMC E
    DADA O
    Potions O
    Transfiguration O
    1876: Greer attends Hogwarts.
    1877: With the unrest over magical folk rising, Bennett decides it is perhaps best to move his family to the forming town of Hogsmeade. They make the official move once the remaining children are all back at school. Bentley moves with them and works alongside his father daily, preparing himself for the day when he will take over the head of household duties though hopefully it isn’t any time soon. Grace graduates and debuts rather well. She procures an engagement before the year is out.
    1878: Blaine attends Hogwarts. Grace marries. Glory graduates and debuts. She doesn’t have quite the success Grace did and doesn’t manage to receive a proposal but isn’t without some interested suitors.
    1880: Glory receives a proposal at the beginning of the year and is married before the year is out.
    1881: Bertram graduates and Bryson attends Hogwarts.
    1883: Greer graduates and debuts. She is not lacking for potential suitors but she turns each one down, claiming none could possibly handle her. Georgiana is a little embarrassed but both Bennett and Bentley are rather pleased with it, knowing she will not be a wife to be taken likely. Glory's husband dies at the end of the year. The family sees even less of Glory as she goes into mourning and rarely leaves her home.
    1884: The laughing plague hits and leaves the Alden family quite devastated when it takes Bennett. The moment he shows symptoms of the plague, he locks himself away from his family as they remained shelter in other parts of the home. Bentley takes the death of his father hard, blaming himself and feeling he wouldn’t have contracted the disease if he had done the errands Bennett had been so adamant about doing. His anger builds until he lashes out, only verbally and not physically, the brunt of his anger being directed at his mother. Luckily the anger only lasts a month before he withdraws into himself and shuts his family out.
    1885: There is obvious stress and tension among the Alden family as Bentley has been rather absent from view since the death of Bennett. He has still run the household as would be expected of him but he has very little to do with his family in a social sense. Once the official year of mourning is up, Bentley’s presence becomes more well known as he works to mend the damage and hurt he feels he has caused. He purchases Gladrags Wizardwear with some of his inheritance in hopes it will be a good investment for the future for himself and his family. Blaine graduates.
    1886: With the family out of mourning, Bentley is getting back to his usual self and set on finding a suitor that could “handle” Greer so that he can see her happily married. He also is rather set on revamping Gladrags to build its reputation back up.
    Personality: Intelligent. Determined. Strong. Compassionate. Loyal. Family Orientated. Kind.
    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: anigif_enhanced-11708-1406819383-11.gif]
    Out of Character
    Name: Hawke
    Age: 27
    Contact: Skype- hawke.raine
    Other Characters: Amos Vaisey, Autumn Avery, Connolly Brennan, Emmeline Woodcroft, Perry Keene, Stasia Pince
    How did you hear about us?:
    Marvelous MJ Set
    [Image: QiQwfFF.jpg]
    [Image: Blacks.png]

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