Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Adoptable Plottable Characters
    Adoptable Plottable Characters

    Members can reply to this thread with characters that they would like to be adopted. These characters must be involved in a specific plot with an existing character(s). If you're interested in adopting a relative or less specific requests, see the Adoptable Family Members thread instead.

    — Please include the following in your request:

    Character's name, age, race, history, and what plot they are needed for. (Other information can also be added.) It is also suggested to include contact information if you would like the player to contact you for permission to register the adoptable character's account. If you'd like guests to contact you, be sure to include an e-mail, AIM, or other means of contact aside from PM.

    Please tag Barnabas Skeeter in replies.
    [Image: visig_zpstvfnsede.jpg]
    [Image: Stamp3_zpsc250b732.png] [Image: HamletBt_zps96feccff.png]
    Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickersLilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers
    Kayte's Plottables

    Hello friends!  Before we get started, I do have a few policies regarding my adoptables:
    • Please reserve your character with me before apping!
    • Obviously, I'd prefer activity from anyone to take these on XD If, after six months, I don't think you're doing much with them (I have very lax standards, don't worry!), I reserve the right to ask you to give them up so someone more active may take them on.
    • I'll give you two weeks after loosing a character in an AC before I put them back up for grabs! If you drop them via Maintenance, they become immediately available again. If you just want to temp drop them, talk to me first! :)
    • Anyone picking up one of my ads must include the family and personality sections. I provide the family in all my applications so just mentioning the names is quite fine by me. Personality can be as minimal as three basic traits, just so I know for sure that our ideas of the character mesh.
    If you have any questions about any of the characters below, fire off a PM to @Odira Potter, catch me on skype, or stalk me in the cbox ;)
    Last updated September 10th, 2017

    Wanteds for...
    Below, you’ll find requests that I need for a specific thing for a specific character. Go figure. They are different from my other wanteds in that they are not blood relations and there is some sort of arc in sight. So that’s exciting.

    I'm looking for...
    #Ethnic Diversity #Criminal #LGBT

    [Image: 0IAgPYJ.jpg?1]
    “Lalita” is a squib who, after years of imposing upon her magical family and general singleness, has recently moved to Irvingly to serve as a governess to the children of her younger sister (ouch!). The more astute of you will have already concluded that she’s a potential partner for @Atticus Sharpe, and so she should have a good head on her shoulders and a wittiness to her. Instead of attending Hogwarts, Lalita was instructed in ~womanly things by her mother at home and in ~worldly things, on occasion, by her father. She has a better relationship with the former than the latter, though neither of them hold muggles in high enough esteem to encourage her to transition into that world. I would like an overly dramatic meet cute, then take things from there xD The pictured PB is Priyanka Chopra, but it’s quite open save for my preference for a POC character!  Obviously if she’s Korean or something, though, she probably shouldn’t be called Lalita xD

    [Image: 202Qi4t.jpg?1]
    B. 1872-1873 | UCAB/MCAB | RAVENCLAW | FOURTH YEAR (’87)
    Topaz Urquart received ample support from many of her peers after being turned into a werewolf. Too much support. Enter the trio of friends who hate her for it, and, by extension, hate her best friend Holliday and her twin, Ruby! The leader of the trio, “Lorelei” moves into Topaz’s bed in the dormitory during the first weekend back at school just to make a point that she’s gone. She will have oodles of conflict with Holliday over the latter’s continued friendship with “the beast”. As a fourth year, this character can apply for prefect next year! Her family structure, feelings on other halfbreeds, etc. is all up to you! Pictured is Talitha Bateman. Played as @Beatrix Borgin

    Ties: @Holliday Fudge, @Citrine Weasley, @Topaz Urquart, @Ruby Urquart

    [Image: Fe6MmK0.jpg]
    B. 1872-1873 | UCAB/MCAB | SLYTHERCLAW | FOURTH YEAR (’87)
    “Gregory” is the boy of the group—why he hangs out with a pair of girls is decidedly up to you. He is in Slytherin or Ravenclaw, and comes from the same magical take on Christianity as @Blythe Fairchild and @Temperance Fairchild. As a fourth year, this character can apply for prefect next year! His family structure is up to you! Pictured is Tye Sheridan.

    Ties: @Holliday Fudge, @Topaz Urquart, @Ruby Urquart
    Potential Ties: @Sage Macnair, @'Archaelaus Abney'

    [Image: FYCgfhe.jpg]
    B. 1872-1873 | UCAB/MCAB | RAVENDOR | FOURTH YEAR (’87)
    “Dolores” isn’t as actively anti-Topaz as her friends, but is very pro-Her Friends and so will back them 98%. She is in Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. As a fourth year, this character can apply for prefect next year! Her family structure, feelings on other halfbreeds, etc. is all up to you! Pictured is Lana Condor.

    Ties: @Holliday Fudge, @Topaz Urquart, @Ruby Urquart
    Potential Ties: @Citrine Weasley, @Vesta Bones

    [Image: NXpP8x3.jpg]
    The year was 1874, and @Nikolai Sleptov, quite foolishly, began sleeping with one of his students. As often is the case, she discovered she was pregnant in 1875, and left school at the conclusion of the 74/75 school year. Her parents said that she was off to her aunt’s to finishing, and she was…after she had the child. Three years later, her family relaunched her upon society, but found she had a difficult time attracting a husband.

    It was fortunate, then, that her mother walked in on Antonov and [unnamed Russian male notable] in flagrante.

    While the latter was, alas, already married, Antonov was a childless widower at the time. He was blackmailed into a marriage with Elizaveta in 1880 and forced to make an Unbreakable Vow about the true origins of his “ward”, brought in a year later to avoid any suspicion.

    Dmitry ---- Antonov is a pureblood between the ages of 45 and 55. At his wife’s urging, he’s taken the post of Russian Liaison at the British Ministry. While he speaks passable English, he is by no means fluent. If you hadn’t guessed by now, he’s homosexual and would really rather no one find out. At all. Ever.  He was educated at Koldovstoretz and his reputation is 5. The suggested PB is Jason Isaacs.

    Immediate Ties: @Elizaveta Antonova @Varenka Sergeyeva
    Bonus Ties: @Aldous Crouch @Charles Macmillan @Francois Faucher-De Loncrey
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       Topaz Urquart

    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.
    The Van Pattens

    The Van Pattens are a lower class OC family. There is no deep familial bond between the siblings. Their father died in December, 1870 after an argument with Tessa which resulted in him falling down the stairs to his death. Tessa fled despite her innocence and it was believed by the rest of the family that she pushed him. They have seen little of each other since. See here for the family tree

    Family Members Played:
    Tessa Van Patten
    Lorna Van Patten

    Jetta Van Patten

    Faceclaim suggestion: Krysten Ritter
    Jetta Van Patten is a lower class halfblood born 1856. She dropped out of Hogwarts in her second year when her father - the family's main source of income - died. She is more literate than her brother because she made more of an effort, however her wand skills are pretty poor.

    Jetta briefly came to Hogsmeade in 1882 and briefly got back into contact with Tessa for the first time in 12 years. While she stayed in Hogsmeade, she had a brief fling with a man and fell pregnant. She wrote to Tessa for help who offered her an abortion and a job (yes, she literally would sell her own sister). This went down very badly with Jetta who consequently severed connection with Tessa. She left Hogsmeade shortly after.

    Four years later, Jetta is back in Hogsmeade with her four year old daughter, Nora, in tow. She is very attached to the girl and refuses to give her up, but she is struggling to look after her on her own. In order to find work, Jetta tried to keep her daughter a secret but word got out and she was fired and left without references. She has had to pick up and leave several times after employers grew savvy of her situation. Now she's so desperate that she is prepared to beg her sister for money and maybe even a job.

    Jenny's Plottables

    -Contact me first please!
    -Characters can be reserved for one week, after which they go back up for adoption, unless otherwise discussed.
    -Please include the personality and family sections in your apps.
    -Unless stated, ages are fixed for continuity purposes.
    -Should you drop the character through maintenance, I reserve the right to put them back up for adoption unless we discussed it first. The same goes for those who have failed an inactivity check.
    -PBs are only suggested, and appearance/names can be changed if you have an issue, but please check first!

    Friendship groups are all very well, but this is what happens when they grow up. Most of the time they spend pretending not to know each other publically and pretending to be more mature than they actually are when they are around each other. They do actually however get on very well- but only after consuming their body weight in alcohol.
    XXX Fullmore
    Fullmore was one of Orpheus and Javert’s yearmates, and the most ‘experienced’ of the year. He visited a brothel in London some time prior to his seventh year with Richardson and drew a map to it on the back of some compromising drawing of one of their yearmates. Needless to say, geography isn’t one of his strong points. This drawing led to his downfall- a week before taking his NEWTs (his family being respectable LC and having scrimped to keep him in that long) he was caught in flagrante delicto with another student and expelled. Since then, he has tried his hand at most unskilled jobs, has more bastards than even he’s aware of, has several women all under the impression they’re his common law wife, and modern day would be such a regular on Jeremy Kyle he’d attend the bouncer’s birthday party. He mainly exists to make Javert and Orpheus feel a little less useless.
    SUGGESTED PB: Harry Lloyd.
    XXX Richardson

    Closest to Fullmore, Richardson visited the brothel with him prior to their seventh year, though he’s less man-whorish and slightly more practical- slightly being the key word (think the Remus to James and Sirius). His family are respectable LC and he has managed to keep this up, despite the fact he is secretly gay/bi. Probably works in a semi-decent but LC appropriate job, given he did manage to get his NEWTs by getting a sponsor, and earns enough to keep himself and his parents/siblings comfortable, with enough to spare to allow him to drink away his boredom with his life. As a teenager he believed his education would open doors for him- but so far, those mainly seem to be those of a pub.
    SUGGESTED PB: Sam Riley.

    (Name totally open!) Sibila is the only woman in the group and ingratiated herself purely through sheer stubborn will to be part of the ‘old boys club’. Imagine a more militant leslie knope. She is probably unmarried, and hopelessly in love with ‘Original Robert’. She has a criminal record, mainly for actually burning her corset and flashing her bloomers at politicians/authority figures on a number of occassions. She’s very liberal, very outspoken, and should totally be Josephina’s arch-nemesis.
    SUGGESTED PB: Maggie Gyllenhaal.
    Original Robert (Yes, Original is his first name!) is the tragic poet of the group. He intended to drop out after his OWLs, claiming the school environment was stifling his artistic tendencies, but his father heard nothing of it, and so he deliberately flunked all his NEWTs, using his charms written exam as an excuse to compose an epic but bawdy ballad to the rather comely examiner. As such, he is banned from taking any professional exams with the department. His father was a very successful businessman and managed to get his sister(s) to marry up as new money, however Original Robert’s tendency to pay far too much for fortune tellers and seers and hookers means he’s still firmly middle class. He has some sort of job but nobody is sure what, and spends so much time in Tomes and Scrolls he has brought an armchair to sit in there and nobody has been bothered to move it. Orpheus gets drunk with him every time he’s in a mopey mood- Original Robert is quite the wine connoisseur, and knows precisely which brands are the best tasting when you’re throwing up in a chamber pot the next morning. Original Robert is also one of Apollodora’s best customers, and she had slept with him upon occasion.  He is a firm believer in fate, and does little when disaster strikes other than accept it.
    SUGGESTED PB: Hugh Dancy.

    Lord Wimborne is addressed by all his friends as Baron Billy. He has achieved the distinction of having done absolutely nothing notable with his life, save learning to speak in nothing but innuendoes. It was his parents money that kept him in school past his OWLs (and arguably also the only thing that got him any), and now it is his money. His mother lives largely abroad (secretly with her lesbian lover), and as an only child, Billy inherited everything, including his father’s title. Before inheriting the title, he was officially ‘The Hon. William Monteith’, and it was a constant line of teasing as to how honourable he actually is. Baron Billy is very eligible, and is now having to actually seek out a wife- a clause of his inheritance means the bulk of the fortune is only given to him when he marries, so so far he has only been living off what income the estate can provide. He is also family friends with the Humphrey-Mavises, and he is particularly good friends with Freddie, who intends to awkwardly try and hurl him at @’Petra Sleptova’, despite how little they have in common. As far as the muggle court knows, he was educated with the same private tutors abroad as Freddie and Jack HM.
    SUGGESTED PB: Freddie Fox.

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       Ophelia Dippet
    [Image: LVt7zaV.jpg]
    I owe MJ all my love <3
    Jenny has sold her soul to gods of architecture and is most likely absent to some degree unless otherwise said. If you need me, various people have non-charming ways of throwing stones at me
    For Leon Lupin
    Welp Leon's ex-wife is in portrait jail and while he gets regular tail, I like to complicate things. He's currently based in Aberdeen, but is in Hogsmeade frequently as that's where is "son" is located, living with Leon's friend and the kiddo's uncle, August Echelon-Arnost. This can go down any number of ways! I'd prefer if she were an existing character, but you're welcome to combine a wanted or make a new one, but please don't have her rely solely on me as the way this ends up is open ended!

    I'd be interested in having more than one!

    The Wrench
    20-29 | Open Marital Status
    Open PB - POC Welcome!
    (Jennifer Morrison for lolz)

    01 | The Mistress - She could be married, courting, engaged, but basically spoken for. Leon's a charmer and he knows it, but right now he's really only looking for casual good times. Basically this would cause drama, because obvs she's entangled and he's not sold on settling down again. How it develops is open and entirely flexible.

    02 | The Seductress - Perhaps Miss Wrench has known of Leon for a while- has a thing for him, knows he's divorced and moving in for the kill. She may have a crazy obsession, she may think she can help him/fix him, whatever. But she's going to be the one doing the chasing and seducing. Hell she could just want to hook up and blackmail him with a fake baby, I don't care.

    03 | The Innocent - The REAL wrench to throw Leon's way. This Wrench could catch him entirely off guard and ensnare him in ways he didn't know possible.  I honestly have no idea what would happen if some tried and true, ladylike, absolutely normal girl caught Leon's attention for some reason or another, but THAT is all the fun!

    For Eavan MacKay
    Hurling drama necessitates an overprotective father, right? Since Eavan and @Fletcher Peverell are close to being a tentative thing, wouldn't it be fun for Daddy Dearest to come in and road block it?

    Conall MacKay
    1837 | open house | widower
    Kevin McKidd

    Both Conall and his wife, Nola, were Irish immigrants to the States who met simply by being in the right place at the right time. His reasons for moving are open, though it likely had to do with work [prior to 1862]. He attended Hogwarts in any house, but was unlikely a Slytherin. His history prior to school and moving to the States is largely open, though should reflect a middle class upbringing and obviously an interest in creatures. He has at least one sibling Muirenn Walsh neé MacKay mother to @Una Walsh and her siblings. (Let me and Hawke know how you'd like to handle that!)

    Most of his family history is in Eavan's app linked above (lots of time in Australia before Eva started school). Nola died in 1884 of pneumonia and Conall was devastated, so much so he decided to sell the family sanctuary and move halfway across the world to accept a job in the Amazon. Eavan tried to go with him, but the weather did not agree with her and so against his better judgement, he let her relocate to be with family on his wife's side in Irvingly.

    His contract in the Amazon is almost up and he's off to reconnect with his daughter and BAM DRAMA. Let's take it from there!

    He is designed to be temporary but does not have to stay that way! Suggested PB is Kevin McKidd with alternatives to have light or red hair and be age appropriate! ♥

    As usual, love and graphics!
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       Souri Avninder
    words cannot describe this set by Stef ♥
    [Image: oTMsdz.gif]
    [Image: 2emz8zq.png]
    Freddie is concerned his mother isn’t quite understanding that he’s serious about Eva and with his typical subtlety he’s decided to hire a Russian valet to try and point it out to her. His previous valet left to work in the family business or something.

    ‘Egor Barinov’
    ‘Egor’ (name open as long as it’s Russian!) is aged between 27-30 and is either Russian or half-Russian, and so speaks it fluently- though he is also fluent in English. Probably HB or PB, and his personality is open so long as he gets along with Freddie- probably a bit more sensible. He is unmarried or widowed without children. I’d like it if he was also into fencing and/or duelling because that would win Freddie over. When he’s taken, Freddie will hire him and then try to get him to teach him some Russian. Other duties will include normal valet stuff and also feeding/brushing/walking Cat.

    Suggested PB: Someone age appropriate XD
    Freddie is formally introduced as 'Viscount Corcrest', but in conversation and in letters is called 'Lord Corcrest' the first time, and afterwards alternatively 'My Lord'
    [Image: 0bf35d892d23bf6ec60dbf8d377f9bff.jpg]
    [Image: 23t3400.jpg][Image: arsye.jpg]
    L'oreal worthy set courtesy of Soph!
    All these ads are for women who share a small house just off the High Street, on Cauldron Corner. Unless specified, they’re all in their early-mid twenties. Generally they all have a small-medium sized bedroom and share a kitchen, living/dining room and outdoor toilet which is kept in a slightly precarious state of disarray. Feel free to work in with other ads if possible! House plan is available here!

    [Image: YVcHEfm.jpg]
    The landladies are twins, and are in their early thirties with no siblings. Though close as children, they had a falling out over something incredibly minor and now don’t talk at all. Since their father’s death sometime in the mid 70s, they’ve rented out rooms in the house they inherited, and on Christmas Day in 1883 they had another falling out, which has resulted in all the communal spaces (except the toilet, obviously) being divided in two with a painted white line which covers not just the floor, but any rugs and furniture (and even a cat that happened to be asleep) that got in the way whilst they were painting. They rely on their tenants to get messages to each other, resulting in several Hermione-esque ‘I’m not an owl!’ outbursts. They occupy the two attic rooms and time their visits downstairs so as to not meet on the stairs.

    Suggested PB: Famke Janssen but idgaf.

    [Image: PxWjPbq.jpg]
    Goat Lady is LC and married her school sweetheart when she was twenty. Her husband was always very fond of transfiguration and thinking of new spells, and in testing a spell to instantly make someone an animagus it went horribly wrong and he has been stuck ever since as a goat. She now does some sort of work and rents a ground floor room, and her husband/goat chills out on the sofa a lot when he’s not keeping the lawn neat, which is his part of the contract agreement. She lives in the one ground floor bedroom.

    Suggested PB: Lea Seydoux, but idgaf.
    Reserved for Rori!

    [Image: 4mYl6lo.jpg]
    Vodka lady is LC and rents the whole basement and generally doesn’t bother the others. As well as some official work, she runs an illegal distillery making magically enhanced vodka and probably hallucinogens and stuff. Fallon once joked during a drunken card game that she was secretly a spy and running a crime ring, for which Vodka lady didn’t speak to her for a month. She has some sort of accent and is generally a little shady.

    Suggested PB: Raina Hein, but idgaf.

    [Image: d1vBmc7.jpg]
    The Runaway is the only other current resident on the first floor with Fallon. In her early twenties, the Runaway was born to an UC family but now belongs to the LC. After her OWLS, she was pulled from school to marry a man she didn’t want to, for whatever reason, and the night before the wedding she took her jewelry and ran. She sold the jewels and has lived ever since in the boarding house, working to pay her rent. The interest on the sum the jewels earnt pays for her to also keep the small box room, which she uses to help other girls in similar situations. The Runaway also has a long-term lover she thinks she has kept secret from everyone else, however in fact her housemates are the ones that help him down from the guttering when she forces him to flee out the window in the mornings so he isn’t spotted.

    Suggested PB: Jena Goldsack, but idgaf.

    The backroom is empty, the last occupant having died in the plague or something. I’d love for an existing LC female character who needs board to move in, or a new one basically Jenny ran out of housemate ideas and there was a room still free.
    [Image: AW9MOt7.jpg]
    Seeing as the school COB is cancelled, Grandmama Fontaine has has decided to kill three birds with one stone and launch three of her relatives in one go. Unfortunately, all three of them don’t really get on and can’t agree on anything. Most details for the ball have already been decided but there’s still room for IC fun, squabbles, tantrums and bitching.

    [Image: 1587405ac98545174946963e92d7d1a4.jpg]
    Roesia’s main advert can be seen here and whilst she’s grateful she’s getting a proper coming out before she’s 17, she’s the most highly strung and the most likely to tear down some curtains in a rage. Roesia would ideally like the COB to be in France, but that’s not happening, so instead she just wants everything to be ridiculously lavish and very Parisian, which Anne isn’t that keen on because she wants things to be more classical and elegant. The only time her and Anne agree on anything is when shouting down Elaine.

    [Image: vz6Ej7x.jpg]
    Elaine is a bit like a lighter version of Etsy. Her family tree is here and she’s an UCPB (sorry board D:). She’s the oldest of the debs, and didn’t have a proper COB when she left school because she was betrothed, and was due to marry this August, however her betrothed died (probably in the plague/fire/ministry explosion) and now Grandmama Fontaine wants to marry her off too. She’s not too upset at that because she thought her betrothed a dreadful bore, and most of her ideas for the COB so far have been very eccentric (flamingo croquet and a space theme). She’s not quite so out there as Etsy, but keeps several pet fwoopers. Also she’s secretly written to the House of Lytton (who are making their dresses) and had hers made of pearlescent fabric that makes it look like a unicorn has vomitted on her.

    Suggested PB: Basia Szkaluba, alternatives to not be blonde.
    [Image: LVt7zaV.jpg]
    I owe MJ all my love <3
    Jenny has sold her soul to gods of architecture and is most likely absent to some degree unless otherwise said. If you need me, various people have non-charming ways of throwing stones at me

    The Sanditon Resort
    Est. 1883

    A seaside resort in Sussex, the Sanditon is the premier (aka probably only) magic-only vacationing spot in England. I just happen to have a handy stack of information on it right here!  What I don’t have is staff and assorted long-term ‘guests’ for my picturesque holiday retreat. That’s where you come in.

    “Kayte, why should I take on another of your want ads?” you ask. Why, the answers are numerous (and simple!):
    • You get an automatic in with me AND Shanté. Never before has such a thing been possible.
    • As a resort with assorted other amenities, your character will have access to a wide range of others to plot with as they can come and go pretty regularly. Sure, fall and winter aren’t ideal resorting seasons, but do you really think we haven’t thought of that?
    • Chances are they’re good for your ratios.
    • I’ve left them as open as possible to external family ties!
    • It’s sort of like you’re joining a resort RP but with magic and history and without the shame of joining a resort RP.
    • Let’s face it: if Satan goes too long without tribute, bad things happen ;)
    Now that I’ve convinced you, here’s what you have to choose from:

    Mrs. Fisher
    50s. LCAB. Flexible Name.

    The dutiful housekeeper, taken on so that Freddie can enjoy her side projects without the entire resort bursting into flames. Generally, Mrs. Fisher handles the ordering and storage of supplies and manages the staff. Less generally she becomes an ersatz nanny to the younger Fudge children whom she adores, and acts as an assistant to Mrs. Fudge as needed.  Oddly, she never did take to Mr. Fudge, who she (rather rightly) thinks is not wholly trustworthy. Of course, she’d never pass this belief along—at least not without proof.   She was probably never married, but cooks and housekeepers are always Mrs.

    Goblin. Accountant.

    Though he tends to make most people rather uncomfortable, Ragnuk has always been meticulous about his work ensuring the resort’s accounts stay in the black. He claims to be a descendant of Ragnuk the First. Ragnuk generally hates humans, but chooses to stay at the Sanditon because he finds goblins even more insufferable (plus, he won’t admit it, but he loves the sea air). He lives in a small cottage overlooking the water, well away from the normal bustle.

    The Elves
    House Elves. Two male, one female.

    All in possession of sea-based names, both of the boys are infatuated with the female, who has a habit of falling in love with every handsome guest who graces the resort. She once tried to trick Somersby into giving her clothing so she could ‘run away with’ a handsome bachelor. Fortunately, that did not happen.

    Miscellaneous Staff

    All staff live in the attic of the main house except for the cook and housekeeper who have rather nicer rooms downstairs and the zoo attendants who share a one-room cottage by the zoo which proves awkward as they are conflicting genders.

    The Cook: 30s or older. LCAB. Either gender. Reliable.
    The Kitchen Maid: 18-25. LCAB.
    The Maids: Two. 15-26. LCAB. Share a room.
    The Groundskeeper: Male. LCAB. 27+. Reliable.
    The Zoo Attendants: Two. Either gender. 25+. COMC OWL. Reliable. LC likely, maybe lower end of MC. [Octavia Prescott & Melchior Gambol]
    Maintenance Man: the lamest superhero ever. 21+. LCAB. Savvas Emberton
    The Lifeguard: Just one. Male. Strong swimmer. Hired on to make sure no one drowns. LCAB—helps out Maintenance Man during the off-season and they share a room. 21-28.
    The Driver: drives a carriage as needed. Doubles as an errand boy, much to his chagrin. 17+. Male. LCAB.

    Off-season (October through April, save for special events) employees can come and go as they please, provided their day to day tasks are properly taken care of. In season (May through September, as well as extra events), employees get one afternoon off each week, and one weekend off each month  as long as its not shared with someone else of their employment type. The fireplace in the servants' hall may be used for flooing.  

    The Gallery

    Like most wizarding institutions, the Sanditon is home to a variety of portraits, all purchased from auctions or bankruptcy sales around the time the resort opened. They’ve seen a few things in their time—and may yet see them here!  Let us know if you’re interested in creating one ;)

    The Mers

    A quartet of siren-class merfolk brought over from Greece, these three mermaids and lone merman live in the rocks just off the coast of the beech. They’re paid for their part in the “swim with mermaids” experience the resort offers in assorted shiny baubles. One of them has a preference for human males—and it’s not the mermaids. Kayte would probably make one herself if someone else did.

    60s. Witch. Long-term “Guest”.

    [Image: tumblr_m9gv1kzTWk1qmp0v1o1_500.gif]

    This is Maureen. She came to the Sanditon for its inaugural weekend, and has been a guest there ever since. Ever. Since. She’s a MCAB with a habit of telling it like it is, and is either oblivious or pretends to be whenever she causes offence. She’s generally regarded as a little eccentric, but loves society too much to completely ostracize herself. She can choose from one of two shiny identities:
    • A spinster. We all need more of those in our life.
    • A widow who can’t live alone for financial reasons (probably? Or just…health and safety reasons) but whose child(ren) or child(ren)-in-law will not abide her and so she cannot live with them.
    She does leave the resort on occasion, usually in June for the start of the season, but always comes back. Always. I’m not sure if that’s a threat or a promise. The suggested PB is Jessica Walter.
    Payed by Dante

    The Drunken Sailor

    The spirit of a fifteenth-century sailor haunts the shores of the beach after drowning when his ship went down nearish by. Sometimes he spouts nonsense that makes him seem drunk, but as a ghost, that’s obviously not the case. Other times, he is incredibly wise and is happy to play the ghostly therapist to any beachcombers needed. He is perpetually looking for a lost love, which once caused a problem when he became rather fixated on a female guest with similarly-colored hair.
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       Agnes Marrowbone, Winifred Fudge, Xavier Smith
    set by stef <3
    [Image: z88GyXt.png]

    The Sanditon Resort
    Wants You!
    H. E. Fudge: April 1st, 1849 - July 9, 1887
    Catherine is in need of her husband! Catherine met her husband in September of 1884 and the more or less bullet point details of their courship and subsequent marriage can be found in Catherine's app. He is pretty open occupation-wise though it should be something respectable and it is likely something within the Ministry since he was there during the explosion.

    Mr. Weasley was previously played as @Caradog Weasley, the identical twin to @Catigern Weasley. He is a canon character so if you go that route, remember to reserve him on the canon list as well and his face would be Domnhall Gleeson because #identicaltwins.
    [-] The following 2 users Like Catherine Weasley's post:
       Cassius Lestrange, Catigern Weasley
    née dalton. half-veela but is passed off as being a pureblood.
    [Image: oTlgDz.png]
    [Image: knrDRQM.gif]
    For Ophelia Dippet:
    The Prodigal Sister
    "Nicky" is Ophelia's older sister and former best friend, born a MCHB witch in 1862. She married a Dutchman in 1881 and traveled to one of these areas of the world, but quickly found the marriage was not to her liking and ran away from her husband in 1882, at which point proper society declared her "dead."

    Unbeknowst to him (and to Ophelia et al), Nicky later gave birth to a baby - the Dutchman's baby? The Local's baby? Someone else's baby? Up to you! - and has been raising said child as best she can while struggling against poverty in a foreign country. Finally fed up of her current life (and feeling very keenly the life she is not able to give her child), Nicky recently ran away again, this time to return to England and get help from her father. Except #whoops, he's dead - so it looks like she'll be needing that help from Ophelia.

    Pictured is Marion Cotillard, but PB is open as long as she looks reasonably like Ophelia!

    The "Local"
    The Local is from any of these places. S/he has been living with Nicky since she was declared dead and helping to raise the baby. How that arrangement started and what their exact feelings are about Nicky is up to you, but s/he has definitely come to think of the child as their own - which means they were very upset when Nicky ran away with said child to head back to England. On a mission to either talk sense into Nicky or else reclaim the kid, they've followed her here.

    Magical/non-magical status, race, age, blood, and gender are all open! Probably lower class but I could also swing lower end of MC. If male, the Local may have been presenting himself as Nicky's husband, but cannot legally have married her since she was never divorced from the Dutchman.

    Pictured are Enrique Iglesias and Halle Berry, but obviously PB is the most open. Just not white.

    The Dutchman
    The Dutchman is a MCAB wizard born before 1851. He has some distant family in England, which lead to his being in the country long enough to meet and court Nicholina Dippet prior to marrying her in 1881. Their marriage didn't last long, as she ran away from him about a year later and he claimed she was dead in order to save face. He has since returned to England, but when and why is up to you. He may have career interests or investments here, or may be looking to acquire another wife since he's presented as a widower. He may or may not be in touch with Ophelia since she's technically rich now and he has quite a bit of reputation-ruining dirt on her family.

    He does not know that Nicky is back in the country, and probably won't be pleased to learn she's alive at all - and most certainly won't be pleased to hear that there is a child he was never aware of.

    Pictured is Ewan McGregor, alternatives to have light coloring.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ophelia Dippet's post:
       Odira Potter

    Tullio Allegri | 1864 | MCPB | Private secretary/composer
    Tullio is Ysabella’s second eldest brother, and the one chosen to move to England with her. He was born not long after the unification of Italy and grew up through the post-war tensions, so is keen to establish himself and his sister in the UK, which he considers far safer. He accompanied her to the country in 1884 for the 84-85 PMG, during which time he boarded in Hogsmeade and then Irvingly when she attended PSYR. The Allegris are comfortably upper-middle class, considered middle class only because they run school of dance in Milan, where they grew up, and he attended Incantima from the age of 10. Tullio can dance well but is less obsessed with it than his siblings, and wishes to become a famous composer. He speaks Italian, mermish, english and french fluently, and like his sister is both artistic and a little volatile but also surprisingly sensible.

    Bisexual, just before Ysabella came out following finishing school, he moved in with MR ----- (below). Ostensibly, Tullio works as his personal secretary/assistant, whilst in reality they are (very secretive) lovers, and Tullio actually does very little work, instead spending a lot of time composing. The siblings live with the ----s in Wellingtonshire. PB should vaguely resemble Ysabella’s.

    “William -----” | 20s | UCAB | Self-proclaimed Patron of the arts
    William (name totally open) is in his 20s and already inherited following the tragic death of his parents when he was 15. He dropped out of school before his OWLS, feeling there was no need for an education when you’re fabulously wealthy and having no relatives close enough to tell him to not be an idiot. He chose to dedicate his life to the the arts- the only issue being he is utterly tone deaf, colourblind, can’t paint or draw, or speak any languages (despite a very expensive pre-Hogwarts education) or even flower-arrange. Instead he has spent his whole time ‘sponsoring’ various artists, though Tullio is the first he has had a relationship and lived with.

    Personality wise, I imagine him to be a bit like Prince George in Blackadder- very well meaning, but too rich and pampered to be anything but useless- his sister was even forced to drop out because he forgot to pay her school fees, so there’s no suspicion over him needing a personal assistant even though he does little but sponsor theatre productions and exhibitions. Despite being a bit useless, he keeps his relationship with Tullio incredibly well hidden- Ysabella only knows because her brother confided in her. It was his idea to sponsor Ysabella through the season as a companion for his sister, of whom he has been the legal guardian since she was little, though he largely forgets about her and just pays for whatever she asks for. They have a great aunt who is very apathetic but assists socially when asked. He also has a passion for breeding giant (lap-dog-sized) hedgehogs.

    “Imogen -----” | 16/17 | UCAB | Desperately shy debutante
    Imogen (name totally open) is William’s much younger sister, who she loves but the two aren’t particularly close. She attended Hogwarts until she was 14, when her brother forgot to pay for her school fees and she was forced to drop out- the only thing she has argued with her brother over, given she loved being in education. In a sulk, she refused to go to finishing school, and so spent a few years just moping around the house with only her brother for company before he decided she was old enough to get married. With their Great aunt willing to provide social contacts but not go to the effort of hosting anything (being very elderly), Tullio decided to ‘employ’ Ysabella, who helped her plan and carry off Imogen’s debut in December 1886. Ysabella and Imogen, despite being quite different, get along very well and are good friends. Imogen’s main hindering factor is the fact she is desperately shy- she is outspoken and friendly enough around Ysabella and her brother and her close friends, but can barely manage two words in front of any other man, including Tullio after he composed her a sonata for her birthday. Ysabella therefore is a bit of a social crutch- she manages all invitations, dance cards, and calls that are made to the house, and she is steadily forcing Imogen to talk more and more in company. Imogen was initially horrified at how openly (but properly) coy Ysabella can be, but is now growing in confidence somewhat.

    Imogen is a hopeless romantic and with such a large dowry, Ysabella is probably the only thing that would stop her being persuaded to elope. She has no idea at all of what is actually going on between Tullio and William, and may have a crush on Tullio. She also genuinely believes the reason William is paying for everything she and Ysabella could want is because he intends to marry her friend.
    italian accent. the allegris own a famous dance school in Milan which supplies ballerinas to various ballet academies and also do ballroom dancing lessons- your character may be aware of this
    [Image: pcLhhtV.jpg]
    It was many and many a year ago,
    In a kingdom by the sea,
    That a maiden there lived whom you may know
    By the name of Annabel Lee
    [Image: tumblr_nkj96km4qF1tmqax3o5_250.png]

    Annabel Lee is a lower class halfblood born around 1868 - 1870. She's the daughter of Amos Lee. She probably attended Hogwarts, though she obviously didn't reach her NEWTs.

    She works as a maid for the Macmillan family, at Lunarbridge Castle. She could have started working there any time within the last year, which would mean that Elmer wouldn't know about her until his return from Peru. When he finds out about her, he'll fall in love with the fact that she's called Annabel Lee and assume that she's into the same bizarre shit as him. Whether she is or not is up to you, though she'll definitely not be into Elmer. Will she try to avoid him? Or will she try to get some gain out of it? ;)

    Pictured is Ayisha Hart though I honestly don't care about her PB as long as she doesn't look 60. I'd also suggest you contact Lynn about any family specifics! Speaking of family, who'd have played family members. ;)
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    [Image: ZZHTy9J.png]
    elmer's moody af set was made by bee <3
    Witch Weekly's Solution To No News Days

    [Image: tumblr_static_8btv0esn4hs04sso0cs08cccc.gif]

    "Camilla" ----- nee Lytton (first name open!) is a UCHB born in 1854. She's the sister of Marcus and @Octavia Lytton. She's a very beautiful woman but to make up for that, she never cared much about fashion (much to her siblings' dismay) or being a famous socialite (much to her mother's dismay).

    She married before her siblings rose to fame and she was happy to be a social nobody. I picture her as having some kind of... practical interest - maybe she's a Herbologist or something! With Marcus and Octavia's success, however, "Camilla" could no longer remain away from the spotlight. She began to be targeted about her 'boring' and often 'poor' fashion choices.

    At some point, "Camilla" got so fed up with it that she began to dress herself horribly out of spite, as a middle finger to the haters. She also adopted a DGAF outlook about the social scene in general. She's the sort to begin a Twitter-style feud with other 'celebrities'. I picture her as Witch Weekly's fave because she always does something ~outrageous~ for them to write about. It'd be of the "Omg, Camilla Lytton was seen arguing with X!" sort than "Omg, Camilla Lytton was seen porking the gardener in broad daylight!" Nothing so outrageous that she'd drop to a -1 rep, unless it developed organically through a plot!

    Her rep is likely a 4 and her husband isn't a half-breed or otherwise iffy though he probably prefers to keep from the social scene as well.

    Whoever picks her up should be okay with her being negatively featured in Witch Weekly cause that's kind of the point. xP

    Pictured is Christian Serratos - alternatives should be of Hispanic descent, seeing that the Lytton kids took after their mom!
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       Circe Podmore, Ophelia Dippet
    [Image: 9yjwqzU.png]
    [Image: LEB1B2f.png][Image: sfS97JC.gif]

    Any changes to the characters, you must talk to me first about. Show me your app before posting. (I can tell you if I want something changed.) Please make or get a set in the graphics area for them. Try to give them a Play By similar to their family members. Please tell me if you are gonna be inactive for more than a month, I get that life gets in the way so don't worry, because if I notice that much inactivity for that long without talking to me, I will put them back on this list. I would love it if you included personality, and you must include family, I don't care if it's just the name. I recommend that you read the apps of the family of the character that you are interested so you understand a bit more about their family. Please talk to me on Skype or PM before taking one of my characters. You can contact me on either PM or my skype, which my username is foreveramultishipper.
    Reservations for the character are up to a week until the character is free for others to take again.

    'A Series of Unfortunate Events'
    Based on the Netflix/Book Series.

    Played Characters:
    @Regina Lacey
    @Killian Tabiner

    The Twins
    Occupation: Both are actors, as well as the elder twin being lady's maid to Georgette, and the younger twin being Georgette's housekeeper.
    Marital Status: Elder twin spinster, younger twin either spinster, widowed, or married (to another henchman)
    Age: Anywhere between 35 and 55
    Possible playbys for these identical twins include: Caroline Dhavernas, Charlotte Riley, Dasha Polanco, Isabeli Fontana, Carice Van Houten, Kirsten Vangness, Paula Jai Parker, and Robin Wright. Both players must share the face.
    The Hook
    Occupation: First Footman in Georgette's household
    Marital Status: Widowed, confirmed bachelor, or married (to another henchman)
    Age: 40-60
    Possible playbys for this werewolf include: Gideon Emery, James Frain, Kris Holden Ried, Jerome Flynn, Robert Carlyle, and Sebastian Roche. The character is probably scarred.
    The Mysterious Entity
    Occupation: Primarily, Second Footman - due to abilities, can function as a spare maid or emergency chaperone for Regina.
    Marital Status: Never married.
    Age: 20-35
    Birth gender is up to player.
    Possible primary playbys for this metamorphmagus include: Blanca Suarez, Charlie Winzar, Ivana Baquero, Jack Falahee, Maika Harper, and Miles Teller.
    The Governess
    Marital Status: Widowed (childless)
    Age: 40-50
    Possible playbys for this witch include: Alicia Coppola, Claudia Black, Indira Varma, Poppy Montgomery, Samantha Ferris, and Tereza Maximova.
    Demitrios Vesalis's Valet (The Bald Man)
    Marital Status: Confirmed bachelor, widower, or married.
    Age: 55-65
    Preferred playby for this wizard is Samuel L. Jackson, with alternatives to be bald and preferably POC
    Killian's Very Tall Valet
    Marital Status: Confirmed bachelor, widower, or married.
    Age: 55-65
    Preferred playby for this quarter-giant wizard is Mark Harmon, with alternatives being Peter Capaldi, Jim Beaver, or anyone of suitable grumpiness of appearance.

    Free set from Kelly.

    Any other characters that you think would fit the era that you want to play, please contact me. :)
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       J. Alfred Darrow
    Upton Nott

    [Image: IKBsfb.png]
     B. 1856/57 | SLYTHERIN CLASS of '74| UCPB
    Born late 1856/early 1857, Upton Nott was a Slytherin and holds traditional, purist values. He is friends with @Mathias Beaumont & @Stephen Flint . He met Oceane at a ball in late 1884. They began courting in May 1885. On Christmas Day, 1886, Upton proposed after nearly two years of courtship. Wedding TBD on pick up. Other personal details up to player.

    Previously played, new players should register with extra characters and family details are firm, but not set. Whomever takes Upton will get a set from Tiff! Also! feel free to contact either myself @Valeria Greengrass or Bree @Mathias Beaumont

    Solomon Selwyn

    [Image: It55k8.png]
     B. 1854 | ANY HOUSE CLASS of '71| UCPB
     He's the man that Tevye sings about
    he doesn't need an occupation but could have one
    Born before Sept 1, 1854, Solomon graduated from any house in 1871. He is either the first or only son of the Selwyn family. sensible and charming, Solomon is rather smitten with @Griselda Selwyn much to her chagrin. The pair married in 1881. Their marital bed was rarely shared but their union produced two sons Asher (1882) and Zachary (1886). His suggested playby is Reeve Carney with alternatives to be brunette and age appropriate. If you take him you get unlimited sets from Tiff. :D

    Brat Pack


    [Image: IYOlaN.png]
     B. Late 1870 to Mid 1871 | RAVENCLAW CLASS of '89| MC/UCAB
    Born btwn October 1870 and June 1871, "Red" met @Glimmer Whitledge on the boats to the castle pre-sorting. She is the most intelligent of the Brat Pack and keeps the girls from giving in to "Mercy"'s bad influences. She definitely tutors and definitely channels Hermione. She'll probably pursue a career in Healing or possibly eventually getting to the Research Committee when she's old enough! She's probably not a purist as Glimmer is a halfblood and she can easily be muggleborn! Name is open. Suggested playby is Larsen Thompson with alternatives to be redheaded! If you take her you get unlimited sets from Tiff. :D


    [Image: IYO3g2.png]
     B. Late 1870 to Mid 1871 | HUFFLEPUFF CLASS of '89| MC/UCAB
    Born btwn October 1870 and June 1871, "Cherry" met @Glimmer Whitledge on the boats to the castle pre-sorting. Quiet, funny, and a penchant for baking the Hufflepuff will most likely become a debutante post-graduation, but her future is open as "Cherry" isn't quite sure how her OWLs turned out for career opportunities. She has a wand that is made in part or fully of cherry. Name is open. Suggested playby is So-hyun Kim with alternatives to be Asian and age appropriate! If you take her you get unlimited sets from Tiff. :D


    [Image: IYOFDQ.png]
     B. Late 1870 to Mid 1871 | SLYTHERIN CLASS of '89| LC/MCAB
    Born btwn October 1870 and June 1871, "Mercy" met @Glimmer Whitledge on the boats to the castle pre-sorting. Ambitious, in-control, and somewhat of a trouble-maker, "Mercy" wants to pursue a career as an Auror post-graduation and has the marks to get there. She is the only one of the gang that didn't have an easy upbringing and works hard for scholarships and takes side jobs during the summer to pay for her education. She doesn't ask for forgiveness or expect mercy ever. Name is open. Suggested playby is Diamond White (pictured) or Jaylen Barron (not pictured) with alternatives to be Black and age appropriate! If you take her you get unlimited sets from Tiff. :D

    lol i suck at ads
    Ffs remind me to proofread updated correctly July 5th
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    [Image: oly3cP.png]

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