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“Got the morbs” was Victorian slang for a temporary melancholia — Dante
In a panic sort of reaction, she shut the door but neglected to make sure she was on the other side of it.
the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways

Ivory Kamaria
Full Name: Ivory Eleanor Kamaria
Nicknames: Ivy, Vee
Birthdate: June 18th 1871
Current Age: 17
Occupation: Student
Reputation: 10 - The Kamarias were upstanding family before Ivory's parents died and that hasn't changed.
Residence: The family estate in Northumberland
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: 9", Holly, Dragon heartstring
Blood Status: Pureblood
Social Class: Upper Class
Simon Kamaria - father - d. 1887 (anglicized from Seghen)
Lucille Kamaria - mother - d. 1887 (anglicized from Lerato)

Marcus Slate - cousin - b. 1868
August Slate - cousin - b. 1870

Ivy is small (5'1"), slender, and considers herself delicate when it suits her. Her skin is light brown and, when exposed to some sun, has a tendency to glow. Her hair is dark, thick, and very curly - it's easily her most noticeable feature. When not in her school robes, she's fond of feminine, frilly clothing. She is left handed.
1871| After several miscarriages, Lucille and Simon finally have the baby they've been longing for. Ivory is born in mid-June, a week earlier than planned, but healthy. Complications following birth make it unlikely that Lucille will be able to carry another child to term. 

1874| Ivy displays her first signs of magic, much to her parents' delight. 

1882-83| Ivy receives her Hogwarts letter and is sorted into Ravenclaw upon her arrival. Being an only child has made her quite eager for the companionship of those in her own age bracket and she quickly begins inserting herself into any appropriate social situations. She also becomes better acquainted with her older cousins. She does well in all of her courses, especially History of Magic and Magical Theory. 

1883-84| The untimely deaths of her cousins' parents make them her father's wards. It's an uncomfortable adjustment period for everyone involved. 

1884-85| Ivy picks Muggle Studies, Ancient Studies, and Ancient Runes as her OWLS courses.

1885-86| Marcus graduates from Hogwarts and goes on to take up an apprenticeship abroad, leaving Ivy as August's only company. She's put off by how morose he's become, but tolerates it because he's family. After a brief encounter with a suffragette over the summer, Ivy becomes interested in feminism as well as other causes geared towards righting social and political wrongs. She pursues information on these subjects as covertly as possible, aware that her parents would likely disapprove.

1886-87| Ivory is selected to be a fifth year prefect. Huzzah! While at school, her parents arrange a marriage to secure her future. She scores mostly Os on her OWL exams at the end of the year.

1887| Ivory's parents decide to take an extended cruise over the summer, leaving her in the care of a family friend. The ship sinks in turbulent waters and there are few survivors. Mr. and Mrs. Kamaria are not among them. Her world is turned inside out quite suddenly. As per her parents' will, she is placed in the care of one of their friends and their estate is put into a trust for her, with specific provisions made for her care and dowry. Though she doesn't want to, she returns to school in the fall with a dark, heavy cloud hanging over her head. She selects a heavy course load in the hopes that being busy with school work will keep her from dwelling on her sadness. 

1888| More of the same. Ivory uses work to distract herself from her loss until the summer. Then, she spends much of the season in seclusion, barely able to get out of bed. She almost withdraws from school, but her guardian prevents her from doing so. She owes it to herself to finish, he says. Ivory goes back because she thinks she owes it to her parents.

prissy | know it all | self-righteous | budding activist | occasionally patronizing | morally rigid | easily angered | argumentative | outgoing | outspoken | spoiled (though she'll vehemently deny it) | eager to help (especially with school matters)

*Following the deaths of her parents, Ivory is more reserved and irritable. Privately, she wrangles with depression related to her loss and anxiety about the future.

Ancient RunesO-
Ancient StudiesO-
Defence Against the Dark ArtsE-
History of MagicO-
Muggle StudiesE-

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