Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Adoptable Plottable Characters
    The Revolutionaries

    The Revs are a group of activists, progressives, optimists and do-gooders who have been orbiting @Jude Wright since around 1882. Names and concepts very loosely borrowed from Les Mis. Everyone has a lot of Opinions on the election, and political beliefs all veer leftwards. The gang hangs out in a wizarding London pub named ‘The Augurey Beak Cafe,’ and are mostly lower/middle class. Reps should be mostly 3s/4s.

    To adopt, please contact MJ or Beanie!
    • Names and PBs are up to you; POC encouraged.
    • Should be aged between about 21-31.
    • Reservations last for 2 weeks.
    • In case of willful dropping, ads will go up straightaway. If you lose them in an AC, we’ll wait a week.
    ’The Enjolras’ @Jude Wright | The leader of the Revs, an ardent progressive who will either lead them to doom or victory. Played by MJ.

    ’The Combeferre’ | MCAB. Jude’s best friend, a ridiculously intelligent healer who is in many ways the ‘brains’ of the operation. Former Ravenclaw. Lives with Jude in London. Middle Class. He’s part of the leadership-trio that includes Esteban Zavala, and so should have been yearmates with Esteban and Jude (so born in about 1861.) I like Nathan Stewart-Jarrett for his face.

    The Courfeyrac | @Esteban Zavala The ‘center’ of the group, Esteban is charming and energetic and personable. The third part of the leadership trio. Played by Emma.

    ’The Marius’ | MCAB. Born to the upper class, Marius was disowned by his grandfather for being an ardently progressive nerd and is now in the ~middle class and about a rep 3. He is ridiculously in love with ‘Cosette,’ and often ridiculous in other ways, too. He is ardent and optimistic and frequently naive, and I love him. Suggested PB: Tom Webb Reserved for Bree

    ’The Joly’ | @Finn Rowe Finn is an anxious healer with hypochondriac tendencies, a sometimes-hazardous combination. Generally eccentric. He lives with Bossuet and Musichetta, and is played by Fawkes.

    The Musichetta’ @Winifred Whiteley | LCAB. Musichetta is an amiable woman, quick-witted, and light on her feet. She lives with Finn and Bossuet. There is room for a functional polyship between Finn/Chetta/Bossuet, to be discussed with Fawkes. Suggested PB: Paulina Singer.

    ’The Bossuet’ | LCAB. Bossuet is a cheerful person with legitimately terrible luck all of the time, basically proof of the law that if something can go wrong, it probably will. Despite this, he’s a huge optimist and always laughing and cracking jokes. He and Finn are BFFs. There is room for a functional polyship between Finn/Chetta/Bossuet, to be discussed with Fawkes.

    ’The Bahorel’ | A solid boxer who can and will cheerfully kick your ass. He was definitely a Gryffindor and has the kind of bold personality that can rub people the wrong way, but is also one of the best friends you will ever have once you have him. His favorite human being is Marius and he sometimes boxes with Kieran. He is a member of the middle or lower class and I love him.

    The Feuilly’ @Dhaval Dandekar | A member of the lower class, Feuilly is an orphan (or had a similarly difficult childhood) with a generous heart. Extremely hard-working, he did not get to complete his schooling; still, he champions education for all, and is probably self-taught and multi-talented at a bunch of skills and/or personal interests (and Jude thinks he’s basically the best person ever). A down-to-earth guy, he likely gets along pretty well with people outside the group. Suggested PB: Markel Williams.

    ’The Jehan’ @Eaton Shelby| MCAB. Comfortably middle class, Jehan is sweet, sensitive and very shy. He’s a dreamer and melancholy poet, has the worst fashion sense imaginable, is really into literature and flowers and nature and music and falls in love easily but also Dramatically Contemplates Death and is Ready to Fight. (Think John Keats.)

    ’The Grantaire @Kieran Abernathy | Kieran is a borderline alcoholic asshole secret-werewolf, who originally came to meetings to heckle but now comes to… heckle. And be painfully in love with Jude. It’s a thing.

    ’The Eponine’ @Eileen Buchanan Eileen is a delightful smart-ass and Kieran’s roommate. She’s in unrequited love with Marius, because the Kieleen flat is a painful place, and so Hufflepuff it hurts.

    ’The Cosette’ AN ANGEL AMONG US. MCAB, Cosette is a rep 3 for being a known bastard, or at least a suspected one, because she is not her father’s biological daughter. She’s generally lovely but has a hard edge if pushed, and had a terrible childhood that she usually doesn’t talk about. Kieran thinks she’s an actual angel and she often models for his drawings. She is dreadfully in love with ‘Marius.’

    ’The Montparnasse’ @Montgomery Morales LCAB. A London criminal and general asshole, Montparnasse swings by to antagonize the rest of the gang and is sort of the anti-Jude. Generally lacking in morals, Montparnasse is useful if you want to get something done under the radar… But might stab you in the back to do it. We think it would be cool if he was tied to the Ashwinders, but talk to Kayte if you want to go that route! Beanie thinks it’s fun if he has some brief sexual history with Kieran, but it’s up for discussion. Suggested PB is Joseph Gilgun.


    Coding for this compiled by Lady, but taken from various things around the site. Soph coded the quote at the beginning, the headers are integrated into the site's coding, and the coding for the justified paragraph format is taken from a letter coding also by Soph! Kayte  basically scalped this to make a zombified want ad thinger, and then Beanie stole it from her. >.>

    Last updated September 25th

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    [Image: wa6ko0.png]
    soph made my things! <3
    [Image: 2njvb5x.gif]
    The Expedition to Avalon

    The expedition will consist of two ships, one larger and more impressive and the other smaller and faster. There will be about 175 sailors on the larger ship and 70 on the smaller; I'm only putting up blurbs for the interesting ones. Unless otherwise specified the folks below can be on either ship and all details are open. New or existing characters welcome! The ‘Crew’ should be predominantly male (run exceptions by Lynn); the ‘Naturalists’ can be either gender. Ask Soph or Lynn if you have questions.

    The Expedition hasn't been formally announced yet, so depending on when/how these folks are picked up we can thread out their 'recruitment' or you can join in later as already being a member of the crew!
    The Crew

    The Commodore has his own ad because he's special. He is aboard the larger ship.

    The Seaman has sea experience that either rivals or surpasses Alfred's, and the latter is therefore rather intimidated by him. He has a position of authority (either captain of the smaller ship or first mate on the larger ship, with Alfred having the other position) but their relationship is very uneasy. The Commodore frequently pits them against each other. Reserved for Tiff as @Meredith Crowninshield.

    The Aaron Burr was challenged to a duel by Alfred at some point, which they both survived relatively unharmed. They managed to bond while waiting to have their injuries tended to at the hospital and have become fast friends, which is what brought him to the expedition.

    The Sharpshooter is ostensibly part of the crew, but is also skilled with combative magic and joined the expedition for the prospect of being able to kill exotic beasts/maybe a few "savages."

    The Woman approached Paul and Alfred, not vice versa, and there was a large argument about whether to include her in the crew or not. She is rather skilled at magic and proved she could be useful, so Alfred finally (very grudgingly) agreed. Reserved for Bee as @Angie Swan

    The Doc is a healer, but not a particularly accomplished or successful one, hence his deciding to leave the hospital to ship off on the expedition. In charge of the medical ward on the larger ship.

    The Baby Doc is still technically an intern, but lied about his qualifications in order to come on the expedition and is in charge of the medical ward on the smaller of the two ships. (He could absolutely be the intern who got fired for poisoning August E-A)

    The Owler is tasked with taking care of the (rather excessive) number of owls onboard, because Alfred is not planning on getting stranded with no way of getting in touch with England again. May be expected to train exotic birds to deliver mail should the need arise. Reserved for Emma as @Eugene Reese

    The Carpenter will make repairs to the two ships should the need arise, and act as a general crewman in the meantime. The chief tormentor of the Clerk, below.

    The Clerk is rather beset, as he is tasked with paying the crew, managing the financials, and ensuring the ship is properly provisioned. He is frequently the butt of jabs and cruel jokes about the quality of the food.

    The Quartermaster is a skilled astronomer and tasked with fixing the ship's position based on the positions of the stars. He is necessarily in very close confidences with Alfred and the Commodore.

    The Cabin Boy has very large shoes to fill, though he doesn't know why Paul and Alfred keep giving him critical glances and judging him for everything. Should be young and inexperienced.

    The Namesake joined the crew because his first name is Commodore Perry (or some other suitably nautical name) and he figured it was probably fate. He has no actual interest in sailing/the sea/the expedition and now regrets this choice. He complains frequently.

    The Naturalists

    The Botanist is skilled in herbology and moonlights in growing/producing narcotics and hallucinogens.

    The Potioneer ostensibly has the same purpose on this voyage as the botanist, but with an eye towards how new discoveries might be used in potion ingredients. S/he doesn’t much care for the botanist, which makes things interesting. Should have a good grasp of how to brew healing potions/other medical things on the fly and be able to improvise when certain ingredients aren’t available. May explode something at some point.

    The Magizoologist would breed dangerous creatures if he could. He hopes to discover new mythical creatures on this trip. He’ll probably end up being killed Steve Irwin style sooner or later. Reserved for Jenny as @Zachary Podmore

    The Historian is a former colleague/professional acquaintance of Paul’s, and should have a suitable interest in English history around the time of King Arthur. Responsible for interpreting lore/mythology to try and get clues. Reserved for Beanie as @His Majesty Merlin Huxley

    The Artist is supposed to be sketching new discoveries, diagrams, dissections, etc, but often gets distracted by drawing things that are pretty and opts for artistic composition over scientific accuracy.

    The Linguist should be skilled at picking up new languages/dialects on the fly and should be very familiar with old English/middle English. He’s an academic sort and life at sea probably won’t agree with him or his stomach very well.

    The Apprentice is working with/for one of the above, and did not sign up for an expedition. S/he is having serious doubts about their chosen career path at the moment.

    Any changes to the characters, you must talk to me first about. Show me your app before posting. (I can tell you if I want something changed.) Please tell me if you are gonna be inactive for more than a month, I get that life gets in the way so don't worry, because if I notice that much inactivity for that long without talking to me, I will put them back on this list. I would love it if you included personality, and you must include family, I don't care if it's just the name. I recommend that you read the apps of the family of the character that you are interested so you understand a bit more about their family. Please talk to me on Skype or PM before taking one of my characters. You can contact me on either PM or my skype, which my username is foreveramultishipper.
    Reservations for the character are up to a week until the character is free for others to take again.

    Sweetie's Friends... Or Not
    Sweetie has not always been the nicest person around, so it wouldn't be very surprising if she had some equally rude frineds that she had hung out with through her years at Hogwarts. Well, now the girls have started to notice the changes in Sweetie, and some of them are not liking what they are seeing.
    These don't have to be new characters, but that could be easier for plot purposes so that their long relationship is already developed.

    The Mean Girls

    The Bratty
    [Image: xku3bhR.jpg]
    This girl, we'll call her 'Regina George' for now, because... mean girls. Regina George was never the nicest person to be around. She is a rich, entitled brat that made Sweetie look like a very kind person. So it makes sense when, after coming back from summer, Regina George is not going to be too pleased by how Sweetie has changed. After being long time friends/people that tolerate each other more than some others, Regina George feels like the sudden change is a betrayal, or at least is an inconvienance. It is up to player if she ever really liked Sweetie in the first place, or was many using her for her cunning, snippy ways. Another reason for cutting off connection was that she had been hoping that the ban would have made Sweetie not want to spend time with Crystal at all, and since that didn't happen, she is tired of the moping. She is a Ravenclaw, in my mind.

    The Rude
    [Image: a6Qu8SN.jpg]
    This girl is mainly here because Sweetie should be really feeling cut off right now in my mind for plot. 'Gretchen', keeping up with the mean girls theme, is the best friend of Regina George. She is willing to cut off ties with Sweetie with loyalty towards Regina George. She did like Sweetie, but it was barely a friendship, and one that was fully over-shadowed with Regina George. Now, she lets Regina George take the lead, and follows the example of being rude to Sweetie now that ties are cut. Like the Bratty, the Rude is also rich.

    The Nice Girl

    The Kind
    [Image: Y0iiQrU.jpg]
    Her and Sweetie had barely spoke, if at all, but this girl also supports Half-Breed rights, and that could possibly be the first bonding moment. Sweetie is going to need a friend after all of the drama with the above girls, and all of the family drama that seems to still build even now. I do want it to be someone that has no involvement with her brother or other family at all looking at you Maddie, as Sweetie needs a neutral person to confide in. This girl could be middle class, or even lower class, given that Sweetie is changing, and it would be good for her development.

    Free set by me.
    Any changes to the characters, you must talk to me first about. Show me your app before posting. (I can tell you if I want something changed.) Please tell me if you are gonna be inactive for more than a month, I get that life gets in the way so don't worry, because if I notice that much inactivity for that long without talking to me, I will put them back on this list. I would love it if you included personality, and you must include family, I don't care if it's just the name. I recommend that you read the apps of the family of the character that you are interested so you understand a bit more about their family. Please talk to me on Skype or PM before taking one of my characters. You can contact me on either PM or my skype, which my username is foreveramultishipper.
    Reservations for the character are up to a week until the character is free for others to take again.

    Best Friend Of Mine

    For @Sweetie Whitledge & @Acacia Ruskin
    Name is OPEN
    15-17 | UCAB/MCAB | Slytherin | Current Student
    Sweetie needs her best friend once more, which had previously been @John Ellory. He was a bit of a trouble maker, hence the 4 rep, and would constantly run off from his guardian. He also knew Acacia, from an amortentia incident with the both of them (that I don't mind re-threading with whoever takes his place, and this incident is not known to others apart from the guardian that found Acacia afterward and her father).

    Unknown to Sweetie, he would take the blame for some of her more... anger driven actions (nothing serious, but this is probably why she's still a 5, rather than a 4). As well as keeping her calm and reminding her of her goals in life to keep her from doing something extremely stupid.

    He had a big crush on Acacia, and was not affected by the amortentia like she had been (granted, he didn't know that she was affected with anything). He could possibly still have the crush, and would definitely be against the Half-Breed Ban (#SWP7). Acacia is still upset at him and has been avoiding him, but that doesn't mean there wasn't the occasional awkward thread.

    Right now Sweetie needs her best friend, after the verbal attack from her other friends, as well as her trying to get the ban to end. Also, potential for sparks between him and Sweetie are open for discussion.
    This is a plot that will not get off the ground until after the election. Reservations can be made now for planning purposes, but I don't intend to app anyone until December.

    The Plot
    "Rare & Exotic Imports" is what the sign reads; the storefront in London is bland and usually  dark. Many who pass wonder how such an unassuming (and so frequently closed) little shop is able to stay afloat, but it is rather well known in certain circles as the location to obtain exactly what the sign says: the rare and exotic things you would never usually find in London. It is only open three hours each morning, from nine to precisely noon, and the wares rotate constantly, so that each day brings something a little different.

    Unbeknownst to their exclusively Muggle patrons, the store also exists in four other major cities around the globe, all open precisely three hours: in Buenos Aires from nine to noon, Chicago from nine to noon, Beijing from eight to eleven, Mumbai from nine to noon, and Cairo from eight to eleven. Because #timezones, this equates to the wizarding staff as an eighteen hour "open" period and six hours of rest (though typically, the staff--all of whom consider the others family--only take one or two shifts a day, and spend their remaining time out and about).

    Because customs laws (and wizarding laws in general) can be rather a bore, they prefer to deal with Muggles, and have remained reclusive and for the most part entirely unknown to the magical communities in their various hometowns for generations. They are privately tutored and seldom use magic, except for the store itself, whose door must be set to the correct city before "opening" for new business.

    Unless otherwise noted all characters are ethnically ambiguous and all roles are genderfluid. All characters are middle class, magical, privately educated. Exact family structure to be negotiated as these roles are claimed--for example, the P/Matriarch is a parental figure, but could be an actual parent to other members of the group, a grandparent, or an older sibling. At least two and possibly all of the below are not related by blood, but rather have been 'adopted' by the family. Ages are open, within reason. All should be proficient if not fluent in English, Egyptian Arabic, Marathi or Hindi, Mandarin, and Spanish.

    The (P/M)atriarch
    Played by Lauren as @Reva Khatri
    The parental figure of the group, the P/Matriarch maintains order and lays out the rules by which the family live--primarily, secrecy from the rest of the wizarding world. S/he owns a wand encased in a cane (or some similar accessory) and so frequently appears to be conducting wandless magic, but is actually less skilled than most of the other family members where practical magic is concerned. S/he is affectionate, but can also be strict when necessary. The P/Matriarch inherited the shop from a parent and is the legal owner (though 'legal' may be a strong word since they only deal with the Muggle government).

    The Collector
    Reserved for Beanie
    Although the Collector and the P/Matriarch are romantically involved, his/her role within the family closer resembles that of the slightly eccentric aunt or uncle. The Collector works in the shop, but is also tasked with overseeing new acquisitions in their various cities and negotiating sale prices. The Collector also has a rather extensive personal collection (which some would say borders on a hoard) of things that were just too unique to sell. Occasionally, the Collector accidentally acquires a cursed object, at which point s/he is also responsible for damage control so that the local wizarding authorities don't realize there are Muggles walking around with magical things they shouldn't have. The Collector is skilled in memory charms and may occasionally use them to his/her benefit when dealing with someone who just doesn't want to let go of their item/artifact, but is generally pretty well-behaved.

    The Shopkeep
    Played by Lynn as @Rush Khatri
    An amiable and talkative person, the Shopkeep is the face most often seen behind the counter in the store's various locations, and it is generally understood by all that s/he will assume the role of the P/Matriarch when they eventually retire from the business side of things. The Shopkeep is very close to the Politico (below) but frequently frustrated by the latter's attempts to find ways to "work around" the secrecy clause that keeps their business afloat. The Shopkeep is 'adopted,' not related to the Matriarch.

    The Politico
    Reserved for Olive
    Although grateful to the family and the business that has allowed them all to be comfortable, the Politico has always wanted more involvement in the wizarding world. Throughout the years s/he has been drawn to current events in all of their five hometowns, though has remained on the peripheral out of necessity. The recent events in England have gotten him/her very passionate, however, and s/he is skirting the family's rules rather close in other to indulge his/her interest. Following the election s/he has determined to go and get involved (possibly with an established group like the Revs, or possibly by trying to get a job within wizarding England or writing letters to the DP/etc). What the Politico wants to do is very open, as long as it puts the rest of the family in a rather awkward position. This character drives the plot for everyone else; activity preferred!

    The Medium
    Reserved for Alex
    Capitalizing on the Victorian era's obsession with death and mysticism, the Medium holds seances and stages paranormal encounters for Muggle audiences around the world. S/he has a "stage persona" which is very solemn and morbid, but when not performing is actually rather bubbly and charming (though s/he has a penchant for making inappropriate jokes). The Medium fills in at the shop, as his/her performance schedule allows, and is skilled with both advanced charms and sleight of hand.

    The Gofer
    Played by Emma as @Valentino Khatri
    Very laid back and easy-going, the Gofer frequently travels at the behest of the Collector to pick up new items--because the P/Matriarch doesn't like the Collector to be gone so long. The Gofer is charismatic and can talk his/her way into a lot of free food and drinks--and on frequent occasions, into people's beds, as well (of both genders). Unfortunately s/he tends to make a lot of promises s/he can't follow through on in these contexts, and it is not uncommon to find the Gofer hiding out in the shop to avoid a former fling.
    Mr. --- Gillum 
    [Image: tumblr_owkdj8ZFY71rmxa4zo3_500.gif]
    b. 1848 | MCAB | Suggested PB: Pedro Pascal 
    Mister Gillum is Marceline's ex-husband. They were first introduced to each other in 1877 while Marcie was playing for the Harpies. They began exchanging letters after that and he asked permission to court her a few months later. They married in 1878. Marcie continued to play Quidditch after they got married, only retiring after finding out she was pregnant with their first child. 

    They moved to Irvingly in 1880 to accommodate the large family they planned on having. Unfortunately, their child was stillborn and that marked the beginning of the slow decline of their marriage. They continue trying to have children, with each miscarriage putting more and more strain on their relationship. In 1884, after a massive blowout, Mr. Gillum left home to cool off and never came back. Eventually, he sent her a letter confessing to infidelity which, along with his abandonment, Marcie used as grounds for divorce in 1886. As of now, Marcie hasn't seen him for three years. That is about to change.

    Years worth of guilt and regret have eaten away at Mr. Gillum and he's planning to re-enter Marcie's life in the hopes of reconciling with her. He is not a naive man and does not think this will be an easy fix, but he has some information up his sleeve (that I will be keeping secret for now :p) that he thinks can help him ~win her forgiveness. 

    What he was doing for the three years he was gone is also a secret, but I will say that he did not spend it in/near Irvingly. Personality, history, occupation, family, etc. are things I would like to discuss, but I won't dictate them for you. The suggested face is Pedro Pascal. Run alternatives by me before you make any decisions. 

    SO YES. Contact me if you're interested. I promise lots of #plotting and #drama.
    [Image: orcO46.png]
    Marcie divorced her husband for abandonment and adultery in 1886.

    20s | ACAB | Open House, Class of '84-86 | St. Mungo's Healer
    For @Annabelle Scrimgeour
    "Rolland" is a work friend and school acquaintance of Bella. Rolland was a student in his second, third, or fourth year when Bella began school. He was an indecisive child who found various interests throughout his school year and never had any idea of where to focus his studies. He frequently spent time in the library, which inevitably led to him meeting a tiny Bella.

    Bella was new to the magical community and was understandably curious. After noticing her struggling on multiple occasions to find and reach the books she was looking for, he began watching for her in case she needed assistance. This often led to some very odd (and sometimes entertaining) exchanges that made him fond of her as a child. Though she eventually figured out how to navigate the library herself, they shared small exchanges in the library throughout the year and referred to each other informally as "Mr. Rolland" and "Miss Annabelle" on various occasions.

    She unknowingly inspired his desire to pursue healing as a career, but the two stopped talking following his graduation. It was in September that they became reacquainted after she showed up at St. Mungo's following her disownment. He was still fond and protective of her, and has once again began offering to help her with her goals. His personality, history, and situation apart from that is up to whoever takes him.

    The suggested PB is Linus Wordemann, with alternatives to be age-appropriate. I do appreciate gingers because I imagine him as the type to make ginger-related jokes. I am also totally down for past threads that took place while they were at Hogwarts since I've never explored her at that age.

    30s | LCHB | Open House Class of '67 | Hogsmeade Shopkeep
    For @Ernie Nuffer
    Robert Nuffer is the biological father of Ernie Nuffer. After having an affair with a prostitute at a young age, he unknowingly impregnated her and wasn't aware that he had a child until the midwife, a friend of the prostitute's, showed up at his family's doorsteps with the child. Robert vehemently denied his paternity, though his parents suspected that their son was being untruthful and took in the child as their own.

    Since Ernie's birth, Robert has been incredibly distant with the family and officially moved from London when Hogsmeade was founded. He works on High Street and tends to only show up during holidays. However, he also tends to act as if Ernie doesn't even exist, leading to Erie's pent-up frustration and anger towards him.

    The public (including Ernie himself) have known Ernie was taken in as an orphan since his birth, but many were unaware of his true parentage. However, as Ernie grows older and begins to appear more and more like his "brother", rumors have been circulating about a possible bastard rather than an unfortunate orphan from the streets of London.

    Suggested PB is Jamie Dornan, with alternatives to be dark-haired and at least somewhat resemble Ernie's PB (we can pretend he looked like Ernie when he was younger :P).

    [Image: 2eat1sn.jpg]
    The Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures is getting royally fucked on an almost daily basis, partly because they have absolutely failed to contain the werewolf problem but also because their HoD is running for Minister and thus the department is flailing without a clear leader. Of course it doesn't just rain but it pours and their Assistant HoD is a werewolf covering her tracks desperately and intermittently falling over and/or nodding off at her desk looking like she's had a fight with a rose bush the night before.

    Inevitably it falls to somebody to keep the ship running and that person is the department's secretary, Louisa. Efficient and conscientious to a degree that while sometimes others might not know what she's doing all day, they simply know it's important Louisa is fiercely loyal to Morwenna - we can hash out reasons later if you wish - and her opinions upon literally every other member of the department are up to you. She is clever, probably middle class, though I would be fine with lower, as long as she has the appropriate education levels, and has thus far not been inclined to marry. She can be anything between 25 and 35, but I don't really mind as long as she's been there long enough to become friends with Morwenna.
    Reserved for Kayte! <3

    Join the department today - MORE WERE!FAILS AWAIT!

    Suggested PB is Ruth Wilson but I don't care as long as she's age appropriate. If she can be fitted into other want ads and/or existing families all the better!
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    As of May 1887 Morwenna walks with a limp and a cane. Acquaintances and family might have also noticed that gurl is looking unwell af.
    [Image: Morwenna_SIG_by_Bee.png]
    bury me with this Bee set

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