Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Adoptable Plottable Characters
    [Image: 61oDwEK.jpg]
    "Mr. Lovefield" (name completely changeable; it is encouraged to connect him with a pre-existing family or to fulfill a want ad/canon, or if there's anyone played who would fit, that's acceptable too!) is a MCPB or HB gentleman in his late twenties to early thirties. He and Tensy met during the Season last summer when she had first debuted, and they had kept up a steady acquaintance over the year since, so much so that Tensy had once hoped that something more might come of it (and perhaps he might've given her an inkling of doing so before everything happened). Now, however, since her sister's "foreign marriage" back in September and Tensy's general mistrust of her mother as a consequence, she keeps him at a distance, thinking him far too kind and good to subject him to the dysfunctional chaos that is her family, not wishing to encourage him. But "Mr. Lovefield" is nothing short of persistent, and whether or not this is because he is oblivious to Tensy's attempts to keep him at arm's length or because he is aware that something is amiss and he wants to find out what, it simultaneously frustrates and pains Hortensia to no end, but she's just as stubborn he is, convinced that she's doing right by him even if he doesn't know it. Pictured is Christian Cooke, but pb is completely open as long as he looks age-appropriate!
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       Madeleine Backus, Tristan Michaud
    Please send all alerts to @Imogen MacFusty, thanks!
    [Image: iPxKQiq.jpg]
    signature & avatar created by the talented nolan
    * Faces, for the most part, are open, as long as you keep them age/racially/family appropriate.
    *Details can be changed
    * Holds are not guaranteed

    The Herd
    The forest is uneasy! The wizards exiling of halfbreeds, has caused the forest to get even more crowded with vampires and werewolves seeking shelter there.  The centaurs are not happy about it and will be increasing their patrols of the forest and basically trying to drive out anyone they see as invading their turf.  Aeror can’t do this alone however!

     The General  

    Military leader of the herd, their best fighter.   Older than Aeror, battle hardened
     The Young Turk  

    Ambitious young fighter, keen to make a mark in the herd
     The Archer  

    Sniper like skill with a bow
     The Ingénue  

    Too imature to be technically be one of the herds fighters but has proven to be skilled that there was no blocking their inclusion
     The Aria  

    A VERY young member of the herd who desperately wants to be one of the herds fighters
     The Masochist  

    This centaur enjoys killing things, and is a danger to all life in the forest, half breed, centaur or human
     The Healer  

    The lead medic of the centaur herd, trains the younger centaurs in the healing arts
    The Excentrix

    Believes Centaurs can use wands and plans on making wands to prove it.
     The Seer  

    The most gifted seer in the herd, a little haunted by the visions
     The Bard  

    Romanitc – with capital R.  Known to spend time on the lawn of the school during the day
     The Sage  

    Oldest member of the community, some say ageless, is the mystical and religious head of the herd.
     The Rival  

    The Scar to Aeror’s Mufasa – another male centaur who sees himself as leadership material.
     The Sympathiser  

    Feels sorry for the Vampires and Werewolves and feels the centaurs should live in harmony with them.
     The Diplomat  

    Keen to avoid the conflict with the other races, and wants to broker a deal with them to share the forest.

    Played Herd Members:
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       Nerissa Stone
    [Image: mzYDJY.jpg]
    Thanks to Emma for banner recovery!! She found it in the depths of the interwebs
    Any changes to the characters, you must talk to me first about. Show me your app before posting. (I can tell you if I want something changed.) Try to give them a Play By similar to their family members (though the recommended Play By is deeply preferred). Please tell me if you are gonna be inactive for more than a month, I get that life gets in the way so don't worry, because if I notice that much inactivity for that long without talking to me, I will put them back on this list. I would love it if you included personality, and you must include family, I don't care if it's just the name. I recommend that you read the apps of the family of the character that you are interested so you understand a bit more about their family. Please talk to me on Skype or PM before taking one of my characters. You can contact me on either PM or my skype, which my username is foreveramultishipper.
    Reservations for the character are up to a week until the character is free for others to take again.

    "Why Is He Courting Me?"
    [Image: VDbznIb.png]
    Giannozzo Bencivenni Fiscella is the elder brother of @Giovenco Fiscella and Eufemia, the firstborn of the Fiscella family and the expected heir. Of course, the Morzolla family kind of messed with that idea when they roped Giannozzo and Giovenco into their mess of a secret. Of course, now both brothers have been called to England under the temporary ruse of "expanding the business." It's something less murder-y than the brothers expected, however - Fiorenziano Morzolla the Second has summoned them in an attempt to marry one to his youngest daughter, Socellia Morzolla - whichever she prefers, of course - should her first season not bear results. But there is a snag in that plan...a certain, much younger woman recently removed from Hogwarts by Headmaster Black's decree of the removal of half-breeds! Giovenco, should Socellia's first season fail, is now her failsafe. Preferred Play By, Sean Patrick Flannery.

    Free set by Elaine.
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       Socellia Morzolla
    Any changes to the characters, you must talk to me first about. Show me your app before posting. (I can tell you if I want something changed.) Please tell me if you are gonna be inactive for more than a month, I get that life gets in the way so don't worry, because if I notice that much inactivity for that long without talking to me, I will put them back on this list. I would love it if you included personality, and you must include family, I don't care if it's just the name. I recommend that you read the apps of the family of the character that you are interested so you understand a bit more about their family. Please talk to me on Skype or PM before taking one of my characters. You can contact me on either PM or my skype, which my username is foreveramultishipper.
    Reservations for the character are up to a week until the character is free for others to take again.

    Veela's Need Love Too

    "Come to me, my love."
    [Image: HajEEnA.jpg]
    Juniper wants her darling fiancé. He is a UCMB wizard, who knows that she is a veela and accepts her (probably with help from her veela charms). He started courting her in early December, much to her delight. On May 18, they become engaged, which thrills Juniper. His age is fairly open, though please between 25-35. Preferred play by is Tom Ellis.

    "Family of two veelas? You have got to be kidding me."

    Papa Middlemiss
    [Image: E7yXlrR.jpg]
    Edmund Middlemiss and his wife, Lenobia, found the two little veela on March 14th, 1863. It is a happy moment for him to take the two darlings in. His wife and daughter... not so much. Ever since then, he loves to pamper the two of them, all the while, paying much too little attention to his actual daughter.
    Though aware of his daughter being a witch, he is oblivious to his veela daughters' true selves, at least not to their knowledge. Whether the player wants him to actually know or not is up to them.
    His little girls are currently being stalked (mainly due to their veela charms), and he is, of course, not OK with this.
    He is a Upper Class Muggle with little knowledge of the magical world (mainly due to the fact that he doesn't really pay attention to his witch daughter anymore, and the fact that he was never really interested in the magical world). He was born on June, 1816. He is open to having siblings and other family. Preferred play by is Mark Sheppard.

    Disapproving Mama Middlemiss
    [Image: VIRnwm5.jpg]
    Lenobia Middlemiss née _____ and her husband found two veela, and she's been bitter about it ever since. Before-hand, she had been in a loving relationship with her husband, and they both doted on their daughter. She blames the veela (rightly) on the strain on her marriage from her husbands decision to take them in.
    She tries to give her daughter the attention that her husband fails to give, but isn't the best at it due to the fact that the wizarding world makes her very uncomfortable, and she tends to avoid the subject. Because of this, she has almost no knowledge about the magical world.
    She does suspect that there is something suspicious going on with the girls who have 'invaded' her home, but doesn't know what. She is very nosy, but has never been given proof that there is something different about these girls besides their beauty. She honestly doesn't care that the veela girls are being stalked. Hey, maybe they'll be taken away. One could hope right?
    She is a Upper Class Muggle. She was born on July, 1824. She is open to having siblings and other family. Preferred play by is Amanda Tapping.

    Bitchy 'Sister'
    [Image: CAEChJp.jpg]
    Begonia _____ née Middlemiss believes that her life went to complete sh*t went down hill from the moment that Papa brought home to little girls from the forest. Little did she know, at the time, that the two were veelas, but she hated them anyway. After that she has barely gotten any attention from her father, and her parent's marriage has never been the same since. This has made her all the more bitter to the two girls.
    By the time the girls had entered her home, Begonia was already attending Hogwarts, and soon started to grow suspicious of what they were. It had been utterly confirmed when Juniper hit puberty and her bird-side was revealed in a fight with her and Begonia (that no one but her and the veelas had been present for). Begonia is actually slightly fearful of the two, and that is the only reason she has not revealed the truth to her parents, along with the fact that neither would possibly believe her.
    In 1878, Begonia had almost been courting with Willow's now fiancé, but that failed due to the fact that Willow and Juniper used the whole visit to  exaggerate her more less attractive traits, as well as making up other troublesome traits, making the poor man reconsider.
    She is married, having married her husband in 1883. He is also magical, though blood status is open. It is preferred that she has at least one child. Ever since then she has been trying to avoid her 'sisters' even more, though her father has times insisting that they spend quality time together, which she is bitter about, but doesn't say no to out of trying to get more attention from her father.
    She would not go to her parents about the 'sister's' true nature without proof, and thus is out to find some, without ruining the reputation of her and her family in the process.
    She is a Upper Class Muggleborn. She was born on January 27, 1848. Prefered play by is Rachel Miner.

    Juniper Has So Many Stalkers
    All stalker names are open.

    Music and Love Go Together
    [Image: Fcambmj.jpg]
    This man has been stalking Juniper ever since he had tutored her and her sister in music. He has shown little interest in Willow in comparison. He is determined to woo her, and have her marry him instead. From letters, to going as far as subtly following her, he seems fully determined to have her as his and his alone.
    Juniper is slightly entertained and sees him as pathetic, and had slightly entertained his little fantasy of having her as his bride while he was teaching her music. Though now it has started to make her uncomfortable, and of course, an uncomfortable veela is a mad veela.
    He is angry at the engagement, and there might be plots to do her fiancé harm (or at least try to ruin the relationship).
    He is a Middle Class (or at least was while being their private tutor) Muggle (or Muggleborn, to which he would most likely know of her being a veela). He is open to having family, but is preferably single due to plot. It might be interesting for her to have currently played family, but not needed. His age is 45-50. Preferred play by is Richard Roxburgh.

    "Stalker? I say super fan."
    [Image: O3RqEWz.jpg]
    Having previously been a carriage driver for the Middlemiss family, he had left his career when turned into a vampire 3 years ago (though the family doesn't know that and were confused by his leaving). Before that, he had already been interested in Juniper, but she showed no interest at all in return due to the fact that he was Lower Class, and he made her absolutely bored.
    He is an utter dork and a Fail Vampire™. Ever since, he's been lurking in the shadows, mainly in the woods behind the Middlemiss Estate.
    He desperately wants to kill Juniper's fiancé and turn Juniper into a vampire (even though it can't happen).
    He is a Lower Class Vampire, born muggle. Doesn't have any knowledge about magic other than the fact that it exists, and doesn't know much about other types of magical creatures, thus why he has no clue that Juniper is a veela (might not even know what that is). He is open to having family, but is preferably single due to plot. His age is 30-40. Preferred play by is Mark Pellegrino.

    "FYI, I'm Not Really Dead."
    [Image: MIyuE1m.jpg]
    Juniper had been in a courtship with him in 1885, until he mysteriously disappeared. Due to a fact that she is a typical veela, she wasn't extremely fazed by his absence, and has obviously moved on. What she doesn't know is that his family pulled a Jameshill he turned into a werewolf, and his family utterly panicked and sent him away. He has since been very determined to get back to her, and isn't aware that she is engaged.
    He is trying to get back to her, but honestly doesn't know how to. He is (or was) Upper Class. He is either muggle or a wizard. He is open to having family, but definitely is single. His age is 25-30. Preferred play by is Shane West.

    Veela Hunting For The Win

    "Yo Bird-Brain, You're Dead To Me."
    [Image: SfmDDIk.jpg]
    There are vampire hunter's on this site, so how about a veela hunter?
    This woman's mother was killed by a veela (though is officially known to be as from unknown causes), then her father married said veela (again, they don't know she was the murderer). She is not pleased with this new step-mother, and is even more unpleased when said step-mother has two children with her father.
    Her father then dies as well. Now the veela shows just how much she hates her step-daughter, especially due to the fact that said daughter has inherited everything. It seems that the veela had become determined to make the poor girl's life miserable.
    After a few years, she had finally had enough of the physical and mental abuse, and snaps, killing the veela (it's up to the player what happens with the half-siblings).
    Ever since then, she has been secretly hunting veela, viewing them to be pure evil, and she has her eyes set on the Middlemiss sisters (yes, all of them, she even thinks that Begonia is one as well).
    She is a Middle (or Upper) Class Pureblood (and possible purist). Her age is 20-26. Prefered play by is Katie Cassidy.
    Reserved for Ocean.

    Free set by me.
    Juniper is a veela, your men are cray-cray for her.
    [Image: cSvkJJH.png]
    Rune Magic!
    [Image: SCY0jzn.jpg]
    Note: This is a character who can easily be played via the NPC system, so you absolutely do not need to create an entirely new character! I'd say that, for this plot, it would probably span about 2-3 threads. I am also very willing to do plot trades, so if this would be something any of you would be interested in, let me know! :)

    [Image: rruCzdc.jpg]
    Shawn MacArthur (surname negotiable, but first name is fixed) was Immie's second fiancé before she married Mac. A former Hit Wizard (what he does now is completely up to the player), Shawn is a MCMB born in 1855 and raised by muggle parents in America. Upon graduation, he was employed in the MACUSA, where he'd been sent on a work-related mission to Germany in 1880, and had run into Immie, who was keeping a low profile after the birth of her twins. The two had struck up a tentative friendship which had eventually turned into something more. He had accidentally found out the true nature of her "cousins'" birth early in their relationship, but the fact that the woman he loved was a single, unwed mother had not seemed to deter him in the slightest, and winter of 1882 had seen him surprise her with an engagement ring and an impromptu move to Hogsmeade to be nearer to her. In February of 1883, Shawn once again goes abroad for work, but when nothing was heard from him by the wedding date in June, he was officially declared M.I.A in late summer by the family. Now, however, (because Beanie and I thought it would be fun), he's going to make a reappearance in her life again, and Immie has no clue what to make of this.

    Shawn's disappearance can go one of two ways:

    1.) Since he had never actually met the entire Van Helsing family other than Immie, her boys, and @Sophronia Van Helsing, before winter of 1882, he could have gotten cold feet about the marriage, realizing what sort of family he was marrying into. So instead of facing the situation head-on/seeing Immie hurt, he had taken advantage of his trip abroad to leave quietly, and never looked back until now when he suddenly finds himself in Britain for whatever reason, feeling guilty and knowing that he owes her an explanation. Whether he is still unattached or married is completely up to the player.

    2.) #AmnesiaPlot. Shawn was genuinely on a work-related mission, and was genuinely M.I.A, but something disastrous had happened on his mission to leave him both without his memory and his identity, making it difficult for the Ministry to locate him. Four years later, he's gotten most of his memories back, most of it in snippets, and finally pieced enough together to go back to Britain in search of Immie, only to discover that she's fallen in love with and married another.
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    Scarce, but still around! <3
    Please send all alerts to @Imogen MacFusty, thank you!
    [Image: 6ipiXdu.jpg]
    signature and avatar created by the talented ladybug


    These can be short-term or long-term characters depending on how the plot goes! Please note that there is a strong possibility that these characters will be arrested and/or continue to be in prison. ;)

    A little backstory: The Alchemist is a member of a criminal alchemy organization whose main goal is to create the Philosopher’s Stone. They think that brewing people alive will do the trick. Javert & Richardson captured The Alchemist on the 4th in Die Another Day. But his Daughter escaped.

    If interested, please contact Beanie @Cassius Lestrange or Soph @Ellory Pendergast!

    [Image: tumblr_mtpilieJYb1qedb29o1_r1_500.gif]

    Upper class or recently fallen middle class. He has a creepy looking estate in the middle of England. He’s in his 50s-70s. He has that “looks like an unassuming adorable grandpa but he’s actually a psycho” thing going. He really likes talking about his childhood to his victims. Probably has mother issues or something. His dick is probably broken now and he may try to sue Javert and Richardson for it. He is currently in DMLE custody and his rep should probably be a 1 accordingly. His PB is open, but Michael Caine is pictured.

    [Image: tumblr_olwdlxBil61w3ja3yo2_500.gif]

    Is his daughter. She could plausibly be anywhere from 22-29 and is unmarried because she lived with her dad. While raised in the upper/recently fallen to middle class, she is now on the run without any of her assets because the auror’s office has frozen all of her accounts. Her rep could arguably be anywhere from 1-3 but shouldn’t be higher because of that whole… on the run... thing. She’s kind of badass and a quick-thinker, though she’s by no means a warrior who can defeat Voldemort with her bare hands. She’s more of the stealthy sort. Think Foxface from the Hunger Games. Her PB is open, but should be attractive enough to motivate Javert to think with his dick. (LOL) We’re suggesting Sara Canning because that lady from ASOUE is our aesthetic for her.
    [Image: OZGA10v.png]
    [Image: wAoPVGG.png]
    Rosa Might Have Given Up on Hurling Betsy :/

    Mr Calvin Huntley
    [Image: tumblr_n2k33dhfkC1qjfxfjo6_r1_250.gif]
    Mr Calvin Huntley is a person of unknown blood purity who was born between 1834 and 1844. He is currently upper class but was born middle class. He earned all of his own money by inventing something or other because he's super super intelligent and was a Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. Despite his earning of lots of money he is not that good at business because he's super shy and really socially awkward and generally super adorable. Basically he's Betsy's polar opposite but that's what they like about each other. He has two to four children through his first wife who is dead. His pb suggestion is Eric Bana b/c even I can see that he is a 17/10 but anyone age appropriate would work.

    Soooo basically he and Betsy are going to meet at some point in the very near future, I wouldn't mind him to be played by then but the plot's going to move forward either way because this is me stopping Betsy from dying a virgin xD. Don't worry though, while Betsy and Calvin (name negotiable but I want to discuss) are going to be all happy and married and gross stuff, there's still going to be drama ;)
    Reserved for Hymn!

    Miss "Louisa" Huntley
    [Image: bDXqtrl.gif]
    The oldest Huntley child (first name open!) is also of decidable blood purity and upper class born between September 1869 and August 1870 meaning she will enter into her seventh year this September. She is outgoing, bubbly, and totes ready for her social life as a debutante basically she's seventeen year old Betsy. She also will dislike Betsy because ew stepmum who's six years older than her, gross. Suggested pb is Debby Ryan and alternatives to be age appropriate!

    I'm most excited for this character (despite the fact she and Betsy can't interact for a little bit sadface), and my plan is for Betsy to be engaged by the time Louisa comes out, so I have these images of Betsy being convinced to help her out during her first season and it will be so bitchy/awkward/funny. I WANT ALL THE FUNNY INTERACTION. And you can make her now for funny stuff later because it's not exactly like you can't find anyone for a seventh year UC girl to interact with #hurlableeee
    reserved for Bree :D
    Gertrude speaks with a Mancunian accent
    [Image: 7D8ZuIl.png]
    the glory is of course MJ's
    [Image: jhucnm.jpg][Image: 29wak5e.gif][Image: Baintaine2_zps2cbaf4a1.gif]
    Any changes to the characters, you must talk to me first about. Show me your app before posting. (I can tell you if I want something changed.) Please tell me if you are gonna be inactive for more than a month, I get that life gets in the way so don't worry, because if I notice that much inactivity for that long without talking to me, I will put them back on this list. I would love it if you included personality, and you must include family, I don't care if it's just the name. I recommend that you read the apps of the family of the character that you are interested so you understand a bit more about their family. Please talk to me on Skype or PM before taking one of my characters. You can contact me on either PM or my skype, which my username is foreveramultishipper.
    Reservations for the character are up to a week until the character is free for others to take again.

    The Ghost and The Betrothed

    The Betrothed
    [Image: Lp3lFKD.jpg]
    Margaret doesn't really know her betrothed too well, and isn't very thrilled about being betrothed, especially having not met him. It seemed, though, that that was the plan for her after the boy that was hoping to court her once she left school died. Now that she is engaged, she is quite hesitant, and worries about where her life will take her. It seems like she should meet said betrothed during summer, or for him to send her letters. He has a played family, with a family wanted ad with more information about him. His name is Cathal O'Luain, and has a played sister.

    For more information on this character and permission to play him, please talk to Elaine, who made the character's family, and so kindly let me use him in this plot.

    The Ghost
    [Image: 0gJY2lV.jpg]
    The poor boy died at age 15-17 during summer right before Margaret became betrothed, and has been haunting poor Margaret ever since. She has not been able to get over her broken heart, and to make things worse, he's still actually trying to court her. She has been left very upset by this, but also worried for him. He seems to also not like the fact that she is betrothed. Suggested play is Will Poulter.
    (With permission from the other players of threads with Margaret in it, he can randomly come into her threads, because this ghost is following her, so....)

    Free set by me.
    Any changes to the characters, you must talk to me first about. Show me your app before posting. (I can tell you if I want something changed.) Please tell me if you are gonna be inactive for more than a month, I get that life gets in the way so don't worry, because if I notice that much inactivity for that long without talking to me, I will put them back on this list. I would love it if you included personality, and you must include family, I don't care if it's just the name. I recommend that you read the apps of the family of the character that you are interested so you understand a bit more about their family. Please talk to me on Skype or PM before taking one of my characters. You can contact me on either PM or my skype, which my username is foreveramultishipper.
    Reservations for the character are up to a week until the character is free for others to take again.

    Irish Siblings Move to Hogsmeade

    Played Characters:
    @Conrí Power
    @Aamiya Power

    The Rival Brother
    [Image: iYrjyGd.jpg]
    The twins have been rival ever since they could remember. It does not help one bit that they look exactly alike, making them both feel that they have to prove that they stand out from each other. While Conrí is somewhat awkward, yet slightly stiff as a person, Fiachna is more easy to socialize with and more carefree. Both brothers started Hogwarts in 1873. While Conrí was placed in Slytherin, Fiachna was placed in Slytherin/Ravenclaw (if placed in Slytherin, that could have been both hilarious and interesting, and possibly drove their house-mates nuts). Fiachna has been bitter ever since Conrí got the family fortune, feeling that their father has always seen him as the favorite. They had always fought for their father's approval, but have also been very close to both parents.
    After the death of their mother and discovery of Conrí being in a coma, he and his sister have decided to move to Hogsmeade to live closer to him when he awoke. He isn't thrilled about the idea, but his sister was rather insistent. He would never admit that he is relieved to see his brother is now awake (as that would hurt his ego and pride). Upon the announcement that Conrí and his fiancée have moved their wedding up a full month, he feels slightly insulted, and hurt, feeling that it is an insult to their mother's memory, no matter what his brother says.
    He turned his sister in law into a child on the day that she and Conrí got married, and as a result he had gotten a fully deserved punch in the face. Now there is even greater tension between the brothers. Now I have hopes that he runs for Minister of Magic against his brother, just out of pure spite (this is optional, but could be a lot of fun).
    He is an UCPB who was born in March 28, 1862. His play by is Jack Quaid.

    The Adored Sister
    [Image: dQeP5oJ.jpg][Image: aAsZW2j.jpg]
    Aisling is the adored little sister who is utterly pampered by her brothers, but she doesn't let that go to her head for the most part. The only time when the brothers actually get along is mainly upon her request. Even after Conrí moved, he has not stopped or hesitated to send letters to her whenever he could. She hates that her brothers fight so much, and constantly yells at them for it, making it sometimes seem that she is the oldest. She calls Conrí 'Con-Con' on a regular basis, much to his annoyance. Surprisingly, she hates when others do it, as it is something that is special between them, as that was the first thing that she had said that even resembled his name. She has a temper, and though controlling it so as not to hurt her reputation, she does speak her mind when appropriate. She is her mother's favorite, though that has never been told to the boys. She started Hogwarts in 1878, sad that she wouldn't get nearly as many school years with her brothers as she would prefer. She ends up in Hufflepuff, which greatly disappoints her brothers, given that neither are in that house. She is currently a debutant, and actually somewhat likes it. The only problem is, lots of men have shown interested in her, making her uncomfortable. Her brothers are over-protective of her, but also want her to find a husband as soon as she can.
    She is utterly worried sick when hearing her brother and mother are missing, and starts to think about how little they see him anymore. It only gets worse upon the discovery of her dead mother and comatose brother. She then comes up with the idea that her and her other brother need to move to Hogsmeade, to be closer to Conrí. Fiachna is not pleased, but willing to listen to his little sister. She is utterly thrilled at the marriage of her brother, and does not mind the date change, understanding her brother's reasoning.
    She was not part of Fiachna's turning Aamiya into a child, and disapproves completely.
    She is an UCPB who was born in Pre-September, 1867. Her suggested play by is Auguste Abeliunaite or Vittoria Ceretti.

    Free set by me.
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       Gleam Whitledge
    Set created by me! Check out more at my graphics shop!
    [Image: AKCDfAR.jpg]
    Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers[Image: tgK8zZA.png]
    Daisypath Anniversary tickers[Image: E8trm6.png]

    10s — UCPB — First Year ('87) — Open House — Laneya Grace
    For @Holly Scrimgeour
    Camille Scrimgeour is the younger sister of Holly Scrimgeour. Camille was born alongside her twin sister Emilia in August of 1876, and that birth resulted in the death of their mother. The Hogsmeade laughing plague during the summer of '84 brought the death of Emilia, along with three other of her other elder siblings.

    Camille was overwhelmed with despair and was incapable of functioning like a normal human being for weeks. In a matter of months, she turned from a prim and proper girl to a wild child — and her mourning father did little to stop her antics. He began permitting her to do things he would've never allowed her to do before, such as playing rough quidditch with her male cousins and allowing her to speak freely where she should've known to hold her tongue. As such, she doesn't come across as the ideal young lady.

    Though the family left mourning a long time ago, Camille's father never gained the strength to reign her in. He feels that taking her freedom would cause her to reenter the state of depression she once fell into. He has given her permission to play quidditch for the upcoming school year — if she were to make the team.

    She does hold the family pureblood supremacy values, though at a far lesser degree than her elder sister. She's welcome to attend the sorting ceremony, though she's unlikely to be sorted into Ravenclaw. You should totally friend!hurl her at Meta Lestrange ;)


    10s — UCPB — First Year ('87) — Slytherin — Lauren Orlando
    For @Holly Scrimgeour
    Narcissa Bulstrode is the childhood best friend of Holly Scrimgeour. Born sometime between September of 1875 and August of 1876, Narcissa went off to Hogwarts with Holly in September of 1887 and was sorted into Slytherin.

    Narcissa is not at all mean by nature. She's an easygoing people-pleaser who usually ends up making the wrong decision because of peer pressure. She's a very determined girl with strong leadership qualities, but she usually ends up a follower for fear of having her friend turn against her. However, she holds no resentment towards Holly and believes it's her own choices that get her in trouble.

    Her mother died during the Hogsmeade laughing plague of 1884, and her father was recently killed during the disaster at the Wizarding World Market. An only child, she is set to receive her inheritance when she marries and currently lives with her aunt and uncle. She is currently unattached, but her uncle and aunt wish to betroth her to ensure that she marries the right man.


    10s — ACMB — First Year ('87) — Ravenclaw/Slytherin — Raffey Cassidy
    For @Holly Scrimgeour
    "Petunia" is a first year at Hogwarts and the soon-to-be sworn nemesis of Holly Scrimgeour. Born to muggles, Petunia only discovered magic recently and has since sworn to be the best of the best. She is incredibly talented with her wand work and has of yet showed little weakness in any of her classes.

    She is a generally friendly girl, yet is also incredibly self-preserving. She does not enjoy that she has to share classes (or a dorm, if she's Slytherin!) with upper class pureblood girls who obviously think they're better than her. Like Holly, she's a bit of a know-it-all, but does not consider herself superior to other people.

    She will consistently do just slightly better than Holly in select subjects, leading Holly to want to destroy her in any way possible. Holly will taunt her, start rumors, and pick out any sign of weakness in her to make her life miserable. Bonus points if Petunia is also a bit of a troublemaker and ends up in detention with Holly on more than one occasion due to bickering between them!

    Hudson's main friendship group is Oscar, Jamie, Ian and Gabriel, but he also hangs out with similarly minded people. I don't picture all of those as a strict friendship group and more as people that exist. They're also not necessarily needed for an actual plot (though I'd love for one to come up), I just thought it'd be cool for them to be around.

    LCHB. Any house. He's a liberal and likely has leftist political opinions (power to the workers etc). However, he's also smart about it. Unlike Hudson and some of his friends, he doesn't just yell "THE SYSTEM IS EVIL!", he brings legitimate points about it and he's overall mature and clever about. He's currently either a 6th or a 7th year on a scholarship. He aspires to join the Ministry after his graduation - first as a lawyer and hopefully as a Wizengamot member one day, because then he could help bring change.

    He sees the potential in Hudson and he tries to keep him on the right path. He'd likely be the first to hit Hudson across the head if he found out that he was in a protest or that he was generally being reckless and stupid.

    LCAB. Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. He has a strong sense of justice. Likely to go to a protest. He has a bit of a mob mentality, too. Ironically, he doesn't question what the "revolutionaries" might say in order to join them in the fight for righteousness. He must have a damn good reason to return to Hogwarts after his OWLs. Frankly, it's only thanks to sheer luck that he hasn't been expelled yet.

    MC or maybe UC. Muggleborn. He received a lot of shit for it in his first year. Also because he has an explosive personality and he went all "fight me" to some purebloods. He's super vocal about his anti-purist views. He thinks that there should be a law prohibiting the "big families" from marrying each other. He uses MACUSA as an example of an "evil, blood purist Dystopia Land". Reserved for Alex
    [Image: 353cglw.gif]

    [Image: giphy.gif]
    "Jughead Jones" 
     18-19 | ANY| LCAB
     *shrug emoji* / open

    Recently graduated, "Jughead" made it through school on academic scholarship. Bright, but usually aloof, he is almost the exact opposite of Alannah. He was probably a Ravenclaw in school and whatever career he's taken on requires NEWTs. Pictured is Cole Sprouse with alternatives to have dark hair be run by me!

    [Image: giphy.gif]
    "Archie Andrews" 
     18-19 | ANY| UCAB
     *shrug emoji* / open

    Recently graduated, "Archie" is one of Alannah's best friends. They grew up together in Tutshill and he's a fan of the Tornadoes! "Archie" probably played Quidditch in some capacity and could be a "pro" player. He could also work for DMGAS. Suggested playby is KJ Apa with alternatives to have red or dark hair and be run by me!

    [Image: giphy.gif]
     18/19 | probs Slytherin | UCPB/HB
     Pendergast Rose/Debutante

    Recently graduated, "Cheryl" is the antithesis of all that is Alannah. However, her family has recently suffered a tragedy and as such the group supports her/tries to befriend her to mixed success. Alannah and "Cheryl" don't get along in private so I think it'd be hilarious if they were roommates at PSYR. Suggested playby is Madelaine Petsch with alternatives to have red hair and run by me.

    [Image: giphy.gif]
     18-21 | ANY| UCAB

    Recently graduated, "Veronica" and Alannah only just became friends in a NEWT class. "Veronica" in their younger years might have been antagonistic and friends with "Cheryl" but recently came to her senses and realized gossiping and spreading rumors wasn't ladylike! Her financial situation has turned quite precarious and is now pressured to marry quickly and will do anything to get her way. Suggested playby is Camila Mendes with alternatives to be dark haired and run by me!

    [Image: giphy.gif]
     18/19 | ANY| MCAB

    Recently graduated, "Kevin" is the son of a Wizengamot member or Auror, and usually knows what's going on in the crime sphere. He probably works in the DMLE. "Kevin" is homosexual but keeps this so secret he feigns interest in women. Alannah and "Kevin" are close friends though only met in school. They probably were partnered for Charms/DADA. Suggested playby is Casey Cott with alternatives to be brunette.

    01. Please PM me on this account or Valeria Greengrass to reserve if you don't catch me in the box!
    02. I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
    03. You can combine these characters with other ads or if pre-existing characters may fit, please let me know!
    04. Playbys are firm suggestions, please run any alternatives by me.
    05. Upon acceptance you can get sets/blends/moodboards by me regardless of shop status.
    06. Ages are firm, houses are up to player.
    07. I'm open to suggestions and ideas for my want ads; please PM or Skype me for brainstorming.
    [Image: mVmeGG.png]

    In the interest of not having a million different want ads, I've decided to combine them all into one post.
    • Please contact me before creating the character via PM @Clarissa Cosgrove.
    • Bolded items are non-negotiable for the most part.
    • If you drop the character without discussion, I reserve the right to re-advertise them.
    • Reservations last for two weeks.
    • I reserve the right to refuse adoption.
    • See also: Emma's Family Ads, Munny's Plot, Jack's Plot.
    New Romantic interest for @Tristan Michaud
    [Image: myYi1F.jpg]
    Wild thing, you make my heart sing
    You make everything groovy, wild thing
    Wild thing, I think I love you

    Wild Thing is a male Quidditch player that Tristan has been hanging around with since he left school to join Puddlemere. He can be on any team though a fellow Puddlemere player is the ideal since Tristan has taken to hanging out with this guy a lot. He is probably a little older than Tristan though I am going to cut that off at around 25 because Tris would find hanging around and having possibly romantic feelings with a dude his uncles age a little creepy.

    Personality-wise, this guy is wild and definitely a bad influence on Tristan who has begun drinking a little more than he should. He has probably guessed from context clues and being around both Tristan and @Rasmus Mohr that the two are/were romantically involved. Due to his own growing feelings for Tristan, he has decided to come between the two and is succeeding since Rasmus is blocked from a lot of events due to being a known half-veela.

    Pictured is Stephen Walker (The Model).

    For @January Lynch
    [Image: m0JxS8.png]
    Here's where she meets Prince Charming
    But she won't discover that it's him 'til Chapter Three!

    This plot came into my head whilst making January's newest set and listening to the Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack. This is a slow burn romantic plot that is on the light hearted side of things. I also kind of hope this will end up end game so if that's not for you then this plot isn't for you.

    Charming is middle or upper class and can be of any blood status. He is at least a suitable amount of years older than January at 23+. Any other history is up to you, as well as his job though January likes Quidditch players and artistic souls which might help his game a bit.

    January and Charming met once or will meet and initially January will be a bit underwhelmed by him and not very impressed (maybe he accidentally ruined one of her paintings in the park, who knows). I would love to play out through threads how Charming overcomes the obstacle of January being both shy and a bit oblivious to his interest as well as their general bonding and other sorts of fun ship building things. Even once January discovers that "there's something in him that I simply didn't see" yes, I'm quoting BaTB lyrics, shush, she probably won't know what to do about that which could be a little fun.

    Suggested playby is Robert Sheehan but so long as they don't make me actually hurl, anyone is fine. If you have a current character that fits this, I'm happy to have them. :D

    For @Morgana Gaunt
    [Image: tumblr_static_tumblr_static_dcrpgzktn1cg...0s_640.png]

    Marvolo is betrothed to his cousin, @Morgana Gaunt and she would love to see him in play! Marvolo is a canon so would need to be reserved on the list as well.

    He is a pureblood, born in 1870 and has a birthday between January to August 31 since he was sorted into Slytherin in 1881. He is a parseltongue. Morgana is quite enamored of him and they are quite close and care about one another. He is also somewhat illiterate and doesn't really like to write letters but probably does so reluctantly since Morgana is still in school.

    In Summer of 1887, he is making it his mission to convince Morgana that is a good thing that she dropped out like he did because while he is exceptionally fond of her, he does not like the idea of her being 'more intelligent' than he is and would prefer that she rely on him for her information. He is displeased that she got a job in the Hogsmeade Hospital tearoom.

    His wiki might be a source of inspiration but there's a lot of wiggle room since he is quite young on Charming. :)

    Suggested playby is Bill Skarsgard with alternatives to have a similar aesthetic.
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    [Image: oicvlM.png]
    For J. Alfred Darrow:
    The Commodore
    The Commodore is an UC/MCAB wizard born before 1849ish. He currently holds the rank of Commander in the late Captain Peppersmith's "consulting Navy" (though the ranks are mostly just a matter of decorum unless we get involved in a magical war) and was friends with Captain Peppersmith, but for personal reasons did not accompany him on the Sycorax expedition in 1882. Since then, he has been involved in some respectable career.

    As the only officer who survived the Sycorax expedition, J. Alfred Darrow sees himself as sort of the spiritual heir of Captain Peppersmith and the obvious choice to oversee the remaining ships in the fleet and pioneer future expeditions. Although he has no particular desire to get involved in the Navy again, the Commodore thinks Alfred's inexperience and youth will lead to him disrespecting Captain Peppersmith's memory and destroying his legacy, and for that reason has decided to head the expedition - although very grudgingly.

    PB is open but pictured is Diego Luna! POC encouraged; existing family ties/plot ties encouraged.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes J. Alfred Darrow's post:
       Cassius Lestrange
    The Rios Houshold

    Playby Pic
    Lower Class Halfblood, Lady's Maid to Cosima
    A recommendation by one of her school friends, Cosima hired "Aryana" three years ago, after her prior lady's maid took to marriage. "Aryana" is a rather young woman, only twenty-three, and from a family known among magical Italian families for producing extremely professional maids and cooks. She attended Incantima, but did not finish her education beyond OWL equivalent. She is also relatively close to Mozelle, though not close enough to seem odd to outsiders. Suggested playby is Miriam Giovanelli, with alternatives to be dark-haired and of Italian ancestry.

    Playby Pic
    Lower Class Halfblood, Valet to Elonso
    "Everardo" was hired shortly preceding the family's move to England, and of the entire staff, he is the least agreeable to the change. At thirty-one, he desires to eventually marry, but for now is content with engaging in occasionally over-the-top flirtations with the household maids, including "Aryana." He attended Beauxbatons for three years. Suggested playby is Wilmer Valderrama, with alternatives to be dark-haired and of Spanish ancestry.
    Mozelle speaks with hints of a Spanish accent
    Elective Courses: Arithmancy, Music

    [Image: KvpXawF.jpg]
    Mozelle needs her parents and their servants

    The Selwyns have been an unlucky family these last few years. Three of Kath's daughters are dead and her son was a failure and was passed over in his father's will for a bastard and he's now exiled in some country so Kath won't have to see him again.

    But oh! A new hope is rising!

    In late September, Katherina's sister-in-law, Drusilla Selwyn, will die, leaving her two children orphaned. Edmund Selwyn left his brother (& wife) as guardians in the event of his and wife's death. Seeing that Edric is also dead, that leaves Kath as the kids' guardian! And she'll be super into it, because she'll see it as her chance to succeed as a 'mother'!

    [Image: tumblr_oc7w13hGyu1rlpdfuo6_r1_250.gif]

    "Marcus" Selwyn (first name super open as long as it sounds posh) is a UCPB born in 1871. He's currently a Hogwarts student in any house.

    Even though he was his father's firstborn, Edmund never treated him with that... severity fathers raise their firstborns. Edmund himself was an unambitious man, seeing that he was always under his brother's shadow. He wasn't important. His branch of the Selwyns wasn't important. He had his brother to continue on the family name.

    Well, that won't be happening. ;)

    Following his uncle's death, Marcus' mother started treating him as if he was the heir of the Iron Throne, which was really suffocating for the boy. Katherina will treat him similarly, seeing that she really wants to make up for the failure that her own son was. "Marcus" probably has some kind of fluffy interest, but he feels pressured to make a career in the Ministry and continue the Selwyn name. Kath may or may not try to betroth him to some age appropriate niece of hers. ;)

    Pictured is Charlie Heaton

    [Image: tumblr_ok1q0ouwBW1qi29uso4_250.gif]
    Augusta Selwyn (first name open) is a UCPB born in 1873. She's current a Hogwarts student in Ravenclaw. She'll be eligible for the upcoming prefect season depending on when her birthday is!

    Augusta was close to her mother, who never liked Katherina. She didn't like how the other Selwyns were the "important" ones and she was secretly pleased when their family was fucked over. Augusta will carry over those opinions, which will make her relationship with Kath interesting. ;)

    She will likely be "You're not my mother, you couldn't even raise your own kids right!" at Kath. That being said, she will not be rebellious in an improper way. She's not Noelle Macmillan 2.0.

    I picture her as this snarky and cynical little girl. Think Jessica Jones without the drinking problem and other non-Victorian habits. :P

    Pictured is Malina Weissman.
    Reserved for Bree
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    photobucket tried to deprive me of this shante set, but failed <3

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