Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Flitterbloom "Gilbert" Vaisey
    In Character

    Full Name: Flitterbloom “Gilbert” Gillyweed Vaisey
    Nicknames: Gilbert. He tries to hide the fact that he was named “Flitterbloom” and only records such a name on legal documents. He may also go by Gil.
    Birthdate: April 02, 1819
    Current Age: 66
    Occupation: Head of the Committee on Experimental Charms
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Kent
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Hawthorne, 10”, Dragon Heartstring, Unyielding
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper
    Father: Edmund Vaisey (B. 1793, D. 1851)
    Mother: Emmeline Vaisey (B. 1799, D. 1819)
    Half-Sister: Phyllida Vaisey (B. 1831)
    Wife: Wilfrieda Vaisey nee Flint (B. 1826)
    Daughter: Thelma -- nee Vaisey (B. 1845, D. 1873)
    Son: Quentin Vaisey (B. 1846)
    Twin Sons: Gilbert and Wilfred Vaisey (B. 1847)
    Daughter: Prudence -- nee Vaisey (B. 1849)
    Daughter: Temperance -- nee Vaisey (B. 1850)
    Daughter: Honorine Vaisey (B. 1851)
    Son: Amos Vaisey (B. 1852)
    Son: Emerson Vaisey (B. & D. 1853)
    Daughter: Greta -- nee Vaisey (B. 1854)
    Estranged Daughter: Albertine -- nee Vaisey (B. 1857)
    Son: Alpheus Vaisey (B. 1859)
    Daughter: Mavis -- nee Vaisey (B. 1862)
    Daughter:Prunella Vaisey (B. 1863)

    Standing at 5’10” and with a little extra meat on his bones, Gilbert Vaisey has seemingly shrunk in his old age and let himself go. Certain characteristics and physical attributes, such as his facial and head hair are kept intact however and usually managed daily. He has brown hair that is kept at a medium length and parted at the side which is accompanied by a rather bushy moustache perched on his upper lip. His stare is one that can often be perceived as intimidating, given his eyebrows arch in a maniacal way, with his blue eyes appearing as though they are drooping. It is for this reason that people are often shocked when he smiles or laughs. Gilbert is not often too experimental with his fashion, usually sticking to dark or neutral colors, but does enjoy a good hat or two. He is right handed.

    1819 | Gilbert is born the first son and only child to father Edmund and mother Emmeline. His mother passes during childbirth.

    1823 | His first sign of magic occurs when he conjures several stones to skip across the water.

    1828 | Gilbert’s father remarries to Clara -- 9 years after his wife’s passing. Gilbert is not that fond of Clara and keeps his distance.

    1830 | His hogwarts letter arrives in the summer and he attends at the start of the semester. His bitterness yet complexity causes the sorting hat some difficulty, culminating in its choice to place him within Ravenclaw.

    1831 | A few years after the marriage, Edmund and Cara have Gilbert’s half-sister Phyllida Vaisey. Gilbert was not fond of his new step-mother let alone his freshly birthed half-sister and makes sure his opinion is known via letter.

    1835 | Gilbert is betrothed to Wilfrieda Vaisey. He refrains from telling her his true name due to his embarrassment of it. He has also done this with all of his classmates yet his closest friends know the truth.

    1837 | Graduating with high marks in charms and DADA -- decent marks elsewhere -- he pursues the lifestyle of a gentleman of leisure. He had planned on a job at the ministry, but his lack of enthusiasm led him elsewhere to pursue hobbies.

    1844 | He is married to Wilfrieda in November where she finds out his true name. He is mortified and could only imagine how she must have felt. He, after a month or so, figures her ability to take him seriously has diminished since that day.

    1845 | Through some ups and downs, tough moments and the works, the pair have their first child named Thelma. Wilfrieda begins to come around and Gilbert enjoys his time with her.

    1846 | Quentin is born - named after his grandfather. He is born just over a year after Thelma.

    1847 | Twins in December! Named after their parents, Gilbert and Wilfred give their old folks a shock.

    1848 | Gilbert, foolishly, began an affair with his wife’s Lady’s Maid. He receives a letter requesting that he heads to the family library. He suspects that his new found lover wrote the letter and heads there immediately but remains confused as neither of them wrote such a letter. Suddenly, Wilfrieda appears with their eldest child and Gilbert is utterly distraught, thinking how horrible it would have been had his own daughter witnessed such a scandal first hand. The Lady’s Maid is fired shortly after.

    1849 | Prudence is born on February 14th. The year also brings many occurrences of Gilbert arriving at home late and drunk due to his constant stays at the clubs. His wife isn’t happy about this. He also takes up work out of the country. He returns a few months later with gifts galore for his kids and some beautiful jewelry for his wife. She seems to forgive him.

    1850 | Temperance is born.

    1851 | His father passes due to complications with alcohol. He begins a new sober life afterwards and inherits his father’s wealth. Also, Honorine is born.

    1852 | Wilfreida has a miscarriage in the beginning of the year, however is able to give birth to Amos before the year is out.

    1853 | The ninth child is born, but very early and unfortunately passes. To recover, Gilbert takes his wife overseas on a trip to which they both rekindle the flame. The trip lasts longer than expected and is rather enjoyed.

    1854 | Greta is born after the couple returns home. Coming to the conclusion that they honestly have too many children, the both of them agree to stop sharing a bed.

    1856 | The couple’s decision to not share a bed was obliterated after a rather “exciting” party.
    1857 | Thelma and Quentin head to hogwarts and Albertine is born. Gilbert is suddenly concerned about the financial responsibility of having to pay for so many kids’ schooling and, since he’s not the most reliable with money, finds this to be quite the problem.

    1859 | Alpheus is born and two months after the birth, the twins depart for the wizarding school.

    1860 | Honorine begins having seizures and it is eventually found that she has suffered brain damage. The couple decides it best to send her off to an asylum. Prudence attends Hogwarts at the start of the semester.

    1861 | Prudence attends Hogwarts.

    1862 | Mavis is born and Gilbert had began drinking several months prior. His wife visits their ill daughter in the asylum for the last time.

    1863 | Prunella is born and his wife finally stops having children from this point forward. Gilbert decides that it would be better for Frieda to catch him with a prostitute than to have another child, so fun nights are put on a halt.

    1864 | Thelma and Quentin graduate; Amos attends Hogwarts in the fall.

    1865 | Greta attends Hogwarts and Thelma is married to her betrothed.

    1866 | Both of the twins graduate, Prudence completes her OWLs, and since money is getting a little tight, Gilbert suggests that she ends her education. His wife is rather angered by this suggestion and insists that, to avoid rumors floating about them having money troubles, Prudence continue her education.

    1868 | Prudence finished Hogwarts and marries her betrothed before the start of the new year.

    1869 | Temperance graduates and her betrothed somehow passes a few years after. She is sent to finishing school as a result.

    1870 | Temperance, after arrangements being made earlier in the year, marries by October. Alpheus attends Hogwarts.

    1871 | Gilbert foolishly tries gambling and loses quite a large sum of money. As a result, his wife constantly badgers him for some time.

    1872 | Amos graduates.

    1873 | Greta graduates and attends finishing school even though she had been betrothed per her mother’s request. Mavis also begins her schooling.

    1874 | Greta returns and debuts; shortly after, she sets her sights on a muggleborn gentleman.

    1875 | Prunella begins her education at Hogwarts and Greta marries her secret muggleborn lover. Gilbert and his wife are unaware of his blood status.

    1876 | Albertine finishes her schooling and attends finishing school god damnit, does it look like your father is made of money? despite her betrothal and is somewhat confused at his wife’s logic to continue sending their daughters to the finishing school.

    1877 | Alpheus graduates. With the opening of Hogsmeade, Frieda practically begs Gilbert to purchase a house in Wellingtonshire, one that they can barely afford. He caves. Albertine returns and falls in love with someone who is not her betrothed to which Frieda protests. However, her betrothed ends the arrangement to marry another girl which results in Albertine being engaged to the man she originally fell in love with.

    1878 | Albertine is married.

    1880 | Mavis graduates and attends finishing school. Albertine is attacked by her werewolf husband and mauls her children, leaving one alive. There is also an embarrassing scandal which results in the disownment of her and her child. The family moves to Wellintonshire due to financial reasons and because the house is smaller.

    1881 | Mavis returns because the payment for her tuition was never received oops. As a result, she quickly debuts and is thankfully courted by a gentleman soon after. He proposes and she accepts. Mavis, prematurely, attempts to cast an animagus transformation but fails miserably. Her fiance is rendered blind near the time of this mishap.

    1882 | Mavis is now married. Prunella graduates and can’t attend finishing school because of money troubles. Frieda begins telling people that Mavis is just too unsightly to attend the school and not even the school could make her a quality candidate for a man.

    1883 | Gilbert gambles again at an attempt to gain some more money but, yet again, fails miserably and suffers a great loss. The couple ends up, for sentimental reasons, selling the Wellingtonshire house and moves back to the estate in Kent.

    1885 to Present | Money is still fairly tight and the couple ends up leasing their owned london house and selling some rather useless possessions. To help the cause, Gilbert decides to take his old passion for charms and apply it into a career. He ends up becoming the head of the Committee for Experimental Charms which will hopefully alleviate the family’s financial troubles.

    Personality: Gilbert is often an enjoyable presence so long that he enjoys what he is doing. His responsibilities must remain enticing enough to lure his focus, otherwise he will become disinterested. This may cause him to develop some type of stoic behavior or seem distant in conversation if the social gathering is deemed boring. Typically however, he enjoys parties with his Wife and will become quite boisterous with both his voice and laughter. His forty+ years of marriage have caused interactions with his wife to be somewhat pinching despite there being no malice involved or intended. He also likes to harp on his ‘rheumatism’ and the fact that he has gout whenever he feels fit. The rest is to be discovered while I play him.

    Sample Roleplay Post: I fell to Olive’s pimp
    Out of Character

    Name: Nolan
    Age: 20
    Contact: At this point, Skype! nolandinview
    Other Characters: Yes

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    set by the unparalleled lady

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