Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Maisie McArtain
    In Character
    Full Name: Mairead-Liùsaidh McArtain, nee McKinnon
    Nicknames: She has long since resigned herself to going by Maisie- even her own countrymen often can’t twist their tongue around her name. (She often reminds them of how much worse it would have been to have had to have learnt how to spell it as a child)
    Birthdate: 21st June, 1824
    Current Age: 61
    Occupation: Astronomy Professor, Owner of Whiskies of Drumchapel
    Reputation: 4
    Residence: Battenny Observatory, a Valley not far from Hogsmeade
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
    Wand:Oak, 11", pliable, mer hair.
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Middle
    ☞ Alasdair McKinnon | Father [1780-1845]
    Cousin to Colum McKinnon
    ☞ Liosa McKinnon nee ---- | Mother [1791-1856]
    ☞ Tomas McKinnon | Brother [1817-1880]
    Founder of Whiskies of Drumchapel, Tomas never married, opting instead for the company of one of his bachelor friends who lived with him, to help with the running of the house. His distillery produces some rather notable varieties of whiskies, but is most famous for their novelty whisky varieties which all produce mild and often amusing side-effects.

    ☞ Gordon McArtain | Husband [1794-1866]
    Gordon was a good husband, if rather distracted from his wife. Still, he allowed Maisie to follow her interests and seldom bothered her, for which she is grateful.

    ☞ Fraser McArtain | Son [1850]
    Fraser’s name means ‘curly’, and had Drumchapel’s Courageous Curls Whisky named after him by his uncle- a whisky that causes the drinker’s hair to form into curls, of course. Excessive drinking causes unmanageable ringlets that don’t fade so quickly. Fraser was raised largely by said uncle, and as such was a professional drunkard by age 12. Maisie educated him at home afterwards, and he’s now straightened up his act somewhat to acceptable drinking levels for any Scottish man (so still excessive for anyone else). Now a successful playwright (go figure, those drunken stories heard in pubs have to be of some use) he spends most of his time abroad seeking new inspiration in the form of various (cheap) ‘muses’.

    ☞ Clyde McArtain | Son [1854-1854]
    Something went wrong during Clyde’s birth, nearly killing Maisie where she lay. Both pulled through the initial labour, however- Clyde survived long enough to have a whisky based on his name (a concoction designed to be medicinal and warming) before he died a few days later.

    ☞ Adair ----, nee McArtain | Daughter [1860]
    Beautiful from the start, Adair’s Whisky is Drumchapel’s Beautifying Best, a whisky imbued with small hints of beautifying potion- enough to make wrinkles and blemishes a touch more forgiving. She got married whilst on holiday to a man Maisie has only met once (after the event) and now lives in Parisian garret in a very artistic area of the city with her sister-in-law, whilst her husband is largely absent on important business, if she’s to be believed.

    ☞ Greer McArtain | Daughter [1864]
    Having been born after her Mother grew to distrust her uncle around children, Greer very nearly missed having a variety named after her. As a Christening present, however, with a name meaning watchful, her Uncle presented her with Drumchapel’s Wakeful Whisky. The liquor certainly keeps you awake, though the effect on the attention span is more dubious (basically its an 1800s alcoholic energy drink). Greer is a rather anxious young lady and spends a great deal of each day fretting over the most trivial of things, and despite being quite the romantic, she has never managed to utter more than three syllables in the presence of a gentleman. Add to that the fact that she is allergic to alcohol, prefers astrology to astronomy, and Maisie is at quite a loss as to what is to be done for her youngest. At present, she takes care of the house whilst Maisie is away, something she prides herself on.

    Once in possession of hair that was of a shade of red best described as vivid (or more accurately, alarming), age has turned it a rather more palatable white though Maisie retains its unruly consistency that most days sees the mess bundled up with some pins as best she can manage. Maisie stands at 5’4”, and is showing no signs of shrinking (yet). Given her age, she is still surprisingly spritely- which is a blessing given the number of stairs she has to climb for her job- though her waistline is by no means trim. This doesn’t particularly phase her given she gave up following fashion’s every diktat in the late 1840s, preferring to dress neatly but without the ridiculous trends that pass through every couple of years. The witch is right handed (though capable of drinking with both) and is in possession of dark eyes.
    ☞ 1824 | I was born on the summer solstice to my parents, joining an elder brother. My parents had children quite late in life, and as such they sought to protect us at every turn. Inevitably, however, we found that all quite stifling to say the least. I was born in a village called Drumchapel, between New Kilpatrick and Edinburgh- not that we were ever allowed to visit such places. My Mother named me Mairead-Liùsaidh, or Bright Pearl, though that quickly became Maisie.
    ☞ 1829 | My first sign of magic vanishes my governess in the hope that I might escape my parent’s clutches, but alas, I am captured and scolded. It seems I spent the vast part of my youth in some sort of disgrace or another, though my brother was far worse.
    ☞ 1835-36 | Three Governesses later (they never did recover the one I vanished) and it was finally time for Hogwarts. It took several minutes for the hat to decide on my house. After a term I realised that I needn’t keep walking on glass, so to speak, as I did around my parents, and do rather well.
    ☞ 1839-40 | During my fourth year, my brother sets up his own distillery producing whiskies. Our parents are less than thrilled to say the very least, and he loses an ear in the process.
    ☞ 1841-42 | My parent’s continuing rage at my brother but refusal to allow him to leave home see me manage to continue whatever I so wish for my NEWTs- though I only particularly care for astronomy.
    ☞ 1842-43 | Just when I thought I may have been escaping my parent’s notice and finally getting some freedom, my last year sees the inevitable debut looming. Whilst the thought of being free of my parents and running my own household is certainly appealing, the man my parents introduce me to is quite the opposite of what I had been expecting. Rather than a dashing young officer of the Pegasus Regiment I had had the fortune to meet once when his carriage broke near to our house, they instead wished me to wed a reclusive man- an inventor- thirty years my senior. I spent a large part of the season of 1843 sulking.
    ☞ 1844 | Having only heard the man, Gordon McArtain, speak to my father, and scarce few words at that, it is a surprise when he starts a conversation with me at dinner. He acknowledges how overbearing my parents are and confesses that whilst his life doesn’t require a wife, the house cannot run itself, and should I choose to wed him I should be very much my own woman. The next morning, Tomas nearly loses his other ear in an argument with our Father, and I write immediately to accept Mr McArtain’s suit. We are wed that winter.
    ☞ 1845 | I am scarce away from home as a married woman for a year when I am recalled with the news my Father has died. The policeman informs my Mother that he was found dead from exposure on the moorland in nothing but a kilt and carrying several bottles of whisky- as natural a death as any Scotsman can get. Mother refuses to believe he could have hid his drinking from her and refuses to acknowledge the fact he’s dead, and continues as usual. Tomas and I debate having her sent to a hospital, but we decide she likes stewing in her own bitterness too much to go to the trouble.
    ☞ 1847 | Tomas leaves home at the ripe age of thirty, purchasing a house just up the road now his whisky business is going from strength to strength. The house is too large for him to manage, of course, so one of his fellow bachelor friends moves in with him and the two manage admirably.
    ☞ 1848 | With no sign of a pregnancy- one my husband had only been trying for after my own insistence- I decide to take up astronomy again and purchase some rather good books and a fine new telescope.
    ☞ 1850 | Just when I was beginning to get into the swing of stargazing again, I discover I am with child and deliver a healthy son, Fraser. My brother names a whisky in his honour.
    ☞ 1854 | My second child is far more trying. Clyde is born sickly and weak, lasting just long enough for Tomas to create a whisky for him before he dies. I never meet my second son, having been sent to hospital with various complications. I return home in time for his funeral before being sent abroad to recuperate. Fraser is taken in by Tomas to spare my husband the hassle whilst I am gone.
    ☞ 1856 | I return to Scotland, but not before having met some rather interesting Swiss astronomers. Fraser is very reluctant to return home, and so not wanting to be overbearing like my own Mother, I allow him to stay with his uncle. Not long after, my mother manages to self-pity herself to death and passes in her sleep.
    ☞ 1860 | A daughter, Adair, arrives once my husband is sure I am of sound enough health. She has a whisky named after her too.
    ☞ 1861 | Fraser departs for Hogwarts and I take up my telescope once more, this time turning my hand to recording star charts for a well-known astronomy magazine.
    ☞ 1862 | I am called up to Hogwarts to inform me my son has been found drunk under the quidditch pitches far too many times. At twelve, I decide he is to be educated at home- my home, and Tomas is banned from so much as babysitting the children.
    ☞ 1864 | Having just gotten into a routine, Greer arrives. I decide she is to be the last child, for managing Fraser and my brother is quite enough work alongside my hobby.
    ☞ 1866 | Any sense of normalcy I’d managed to bring to my children’s lives is disturbed when my husband pops his clogs. Having always been reclusive, his body isn’t actually found for several days till a maid thinks to check on him, but I never break this to the children.
    ☞ 1867| A spendthrift for a husband comes in handy when all the accounts and inheritances are settled, for there is quite enough to keep my family well-settled for life. I save most of the money, and what’s left- along with me selling some prototypes and various knick-knacks- goes towards the purchase of Battenny Observatory, a modest but fine house near a sleepy village of Hogsmeade where I can finally indulge my passion.
    ☞ 1871 | Adair leaves for school, and with dear little Greer being so quiet, I manage to start writing articles as well as creating charts to sell.
    ☞ 1875 | Greer also departs, leaving me to my work in earnest.
    ☞ 1878 | Adair comes out, and I give her permission to go abroad with a friend for a well-earned holiday after her NEWTs. She writes some months later to say she is wed, and whilst I am angry and upset I wasn’t invited, let alone allowed to meet the man, I don’t wish to be like my Mother so give her my blessing. I get to meet the man once, and Adair settles in a bohemian garret in Paris with her sister-in-law, who she is very close to.
    ☞ 1880 | Tomas’ distillery explodes, and he and his lodger are amongst the dead. I inherit it all, and whilst the extra work detracts from my private research, once I sort a few things, it all runs rather nicely.
    ☞ 1884 | Having grown tired of my writing, I seek- and receive- employment at Hogwarts as the Astronomy professor. Greer is left in charge of the observatory, and for all she fails at pretty much everything else, she excels at that. I always keep a few bottles of whisky in my rooms- for purely medicinal purposes, of course.
    Maisie is a doting Mother, though her desire to allow her children the freedom she didn’t have as a child often means she goes too far into the ‘free range children’ end of the spectrum. When teaching, however, she’s pretty much opposite- though it does take quite a force of spirit to get teenagers up endless flights of stairs in the middle of the night and then to teach them without them falling asleep. Years of independence makes her hate to have to rely on anyone else, or accept help, and she can have quite the sharp tongue when called for, though it loses its touch after she samples some of the distillery’s efforts.
    Out of Character
    Name: Jenny
    Age: 18
    I’ve sold my soul.

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