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Separating was also not a great idea, though they weren't doing great at staying together anyway. If she were to volunteer to be the human sacrifice.. well... Hogsmeade had plenty of debutantes anyway...

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Ghoul Studies ~ Lesson One [NEWT]
See Inside 
September 12, 1888 — Ghoul Studies Classroom

The enchanted widows of the cavernous room were dim and covered with water as rain poured down outside. The great room was dark and dank. It was reminiscent of the attics of the great manor houses of the country with the exception of a circle of desks placed in the middle of the room. As the small group of students, the dedicated NEWT level classes were always small, settled in, two great flashes of lightning popped outside followed by a castle-shaking roll of thunder.

“Good evening class, and welcome to NEWT leave Ghoul Studies!”

The wind picked up outside blasting the rain harder against the ancient, beveled window panes. The professor continued,

“As this is an advanced class, I will treat you with respect and in that regard, I will not waste your time. Therefore after a brief recap, we will be moving directly towards the more advanced practices used when working with supernatural beings.”

Professor Collins paced around the circle of desks, “Who can tell me the three types of ghouls we will traditionally encounter?

[First poster to respond gets 30 house points! If you need to refresh your memory check out Lesson 1 of the OWL level class.]

Very nice, Collins affirmed the student giving the correct answer, “And following those three, what are the two more dangerous version of ghouls one might encounter?

[First poster to respond gets 30 house points! This can not be the same poster as above.]

“Excellent! With that out of the way, we can move on. Now, you are going to find that this class uses skills from many subjects you are in the process of mastering. Everything from divination to charms and potions to defense against the dark arts can be used successfully when working with ghouls.”

Professor Collins swiped his wand from his toes to his head and every desk in the room safely slide back about five feet so there was more room between each student. It was as if the desks were skating on ice they moved so smoothly.

“In later classes, we will get into the advanced theory and history of these creatures known as Ghouls, but I would like to start the term off with something far more practical,” the professor turned carefully making sure his robes did not flourish too much.

Jasper stared into the fire. He was raising his energy field and detecting the spiritual energy in the room. The castle was clearly quite haunted, but in these classrooms sessions, sometimes other entities became curious and would make themselves known. Jasper snapped out of his momentary trance and looked back at the now much more spaced out group of students.

“As you learned in your OWL level courses, most supernatural entities sustain themselves, or to be crass, feed off of, energy. That is what allows them to take shape and exist in our realm. This can be energy from a one-time trauma or a generational accumulation,” he looked out the window into the storm, “or, it can be manifested by a skilled practitioner.”

A great limb of a mighty tree slammed into the window hurled there by the raging wind of the storm outside. Had the glass not been enchanted it surely would have shattered, instead, it just gave a noise loud enough to give everyone reason to jump in their seats.

“There will be times in your investigations of Ghouls that they will not want to show themselves. Perhaps they know that someone is coming to get rid of them. In that case, one must learn to use their own energy to draw the entity out into the human realm in order to banish it forever.”

Collins walked around the room to each student handing them a small silk satchel filled with chalk and salt and bound with a string a silver.

“Each of you will cast a small circle in front of you, it should be no more than a foot all the way around.”

Jasper moved to the center of the room and demonstrated. Kneeling on the ground he opened the delicate pouch and drew a small circle before him.

“Now,” his voice was low, different, “listen to the incantation…”

As Professor Collins began to focus he began to surrender more a more to the spirit world, trying to attune his energy to theirs. The more he chanted the words the closer he became to connecting…

“Veni ad me. Nullas voluntatis. Et servus meus es tu.”

Over and over and over and over he chanted until he was speaking so fast he could not be understood, and then, quite suddenly, small flecks of gold dust appeared in the circle before him. Simultaneously, his eyes refocused and he seemed to come back to himself.

“Yes,” he said looking at the gold flecks as they grew and manifested into the form of a woman with hair down to her feet.

She was all in white. She was beautiful. Her dress and hair seemed to blow in the wind, but as soon as Professor Collins reached out to touch her, her face became that of a hissing scorpion that gnashed and clawed for revenge.

Expertly, he pulled his wand and commanded, “REDIRE!” and in a swirl of blue-green smoke the thing was gone.

"Now, you must be able to conquer entities out of hiding and this old castle is full of them. Use the inaction I used to draw them out and the REDIRE spell to bind them away. Everyone will get something different and depending on your skill level, well that will determine how vivid your ghoul is. I will be walking around to grade your progress.”

And with that Professor Collins stepped into the corner of the room to watch. He was ready to evaluate the intrepid student who would go first.

[House points will be awarded to each student who completes their assignment.]

James Baird Rupert Bingham Somersby Fudge Sweetie Whitledge Royal Pyrites
Ghoul studies was fascinating to Somersby, almost in the same way that Care of Magical Creatures had once been. This new professor was interesting though. Or rather so far the way he set up his room was. At his question Somersby raised his hand, easily listing off, “Domestic, Wild, and Chameleon, sir.

Review was shortly over and it was onto new material, Somersby was grateful for it. He’d always found review at the beginning of classes a bit monotonous. This instructor was turning out to be a bit more dramatic and the storm raging outside didn’t lessen Somerby’s impression of Professor Collins.

With the task assigned Somersby set to work setting the circle and trying to repeat the words that Professor Collins had repeated, not entirely sure he had it down.
"Well done sir! 30 points to Ravenclaw! You may have a bright future with dark ghouls ahead oh you, young sir."

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