Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Prunella Vaisey
    In Character
    Full Name: Prunella Agnes Vaisey
    Nicknames: Her elder sister Prudence had already taken Prue, so as a girl she got Nellie, and still sometimes gets Nell or Nella.
    Birthdate: 11th November 1863
    Current Age: 22 Years
    Occupation: #faildebutante
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Kent
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: Willow, 8 3/4”, unicorn hair, swishy.
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper
    Flitterbloom ‘Gilbert’ Vaisey | Father | 1819
    Wilfrieda Vaisey née Flint | Mother | 1826
    Thelma Vaisey | Sister | 1845-1873
    Quentin Vaisey | Brother | 1846
    Gilbert Vaisey | Brother | 1847
    Wilfred Vaisey | Brother | 1847
    Prudence Vaisey | Sister | 1849
    Temperance Vaisey | Sister | 1850
    Honorine Vaisey | Sister | 1851
    Amos Vaisey | Brother | 1852
    Emerson Vaisey | Brother | 1853-1853
    Greta Vaisey | Sister | 1854
    Albertine Vaisey | Sister | 1857
    Alpheus Vaisey | Brother | 1859
    Mavis Vaisey | Sister | 1862
    At 4’11”, Prunella has never struck much of an imposing figure. Nor a particularly flattering one. She has little bust to speak of, and her features are unmistakably plain. Her face, round as it is, remains childish, and her cheeks are all too prone to becoming too easily ruddy, particularly when attention is upon her and she gets flustered. Her eyes are a boring brown, while her hair is equally so, and lank to boot: she has always wished for shiny curls, but no amount of styling can save her hair. Her small mouth and thin lips round off her face, leaving her no real assets, and a beating to her self-confidence has been assumed physically in how she carries herself: she blends easily into the background, and with a lowered gaze she feels practically invisible. She is right-handed.

    1863 | Prunella is born, the youngest child of the Vaiseys with a fuckton of siblings. Most of them are already too preoccupied by their own lives to pay her much mind, and she has no real memories of her first few years.

    1864 | Amos starts Hogwarts.

    1865 | Greta goes to Hogwarts, and Thelma marries.

    1866 | The twins graduate.

    1868 | Prudence graduates and marries.

    1869 | Temperance graduates.

    1870 | Temperance marries, and Alpheus goes to Hogwarts.
    1872 | Amos graduates.

    1873 | Greta graduates, and Mavis starts at Hogwarts. Quite late, Prunella begins to show signs of magic. She was been anxious about it for months, and it is only a hysterical crying fit at too much teasing from her siblings that sees her magically lock the bedroom door from across the room.

    1875 | Greta marries. Prunella is finally off to Hogwarts. She is sorted into Hufflepuff, and imagines this will be something of a disappointment to her Slytherin mother. (The first of many disappointments.) She is a little timid, though nice, so makes a fair few female friends. She is - and always will be - shyer around boys.

    1876 | Albertine finishes school.

    1877 | Alpheus graduates. In Prunella’s third year, she adds Divination and Ancient Studies to her classload. She also takes Music and Art.

    1878 | Albertine marries.

    1879 | OWL year is terribly stressful.

    1880 | She gets decent enough OWL scores, although only one Outstanding, in spite of all the hard work she put in. She doesn’t get prefect, which is no wonder, really: she isn’t much of a leader. (It seems all she is good for is meeting the low expectation her parents already seem to have for her.) Mavis also graduates. Albertine’s husband turns her into a werewolf and she mauls her children, only to be disowned from the family. Prunella is terribly shaken by this; not only has she lost a sister, but this is a realisation that maybe there are worse things out there than her failures. The family moves to Wellingtonshire.

    1881 | Mavis has an animagus attempt go wrong.

    1882 - 1885 | Mavis still ends up married. Prunella graduates in May: unlike the rest of her sisters, she doesn’t attend finishing school - not that she hadn’t been dreading going anyway, but she isn’t given even the choice in it - for the family’s finances are in a state, she’s gleaned. But never mind that, her mother just considers her a hopeless case already, and it is with that oft-stated truth that she is supposed to face the daunting task of debuting. Needless to say, nothing thereafter goes well. She just doesn’t have the advantages to attract anyone, and where a substantial dowry might have been enough to tempt a man enough to take her, Prunella clearly doesn’t have that either. (In 1883 their Wellingtonshire home is sold, and they return to Kent.) Her mother’s constant reminders of her uselessness don’t help matters, and if a man so much as looks her way Prunella finds her imagination running wild in hopes that are always quickly dashed. She oughtn’t be petty, really, spinsterdom is not necessarily the doom she makes it out to be. Or it wouldn’t be, if all her sisters had not managed marriage (even Mavis!). Or if Prunella would not have to live out the rest of her days with only her mother for company, which is the very definition of a doomed existence. It’s not proper for her to work - and she’s not particularly good enough at anything to try - so her options are running thin. Really, what is she to do?

    Prunella has always felt rather like the runt of the litter of her family, in character and in appearance. She doesn’t stand out, not amongst all her siblings, not amongst her friends, not amongst any selection of debutantes whatsoever, and she has had no choice but to accept the truth of that. Her faults and flaws are aired so vociferously and so publicly that she would seem delusioned not to be as familiar with them as the rest of the world is. Though growing up under so domineering a mother hasn’t granted her the growth of true armour or any sort of thick skin to insult, she does, at least, manage to keep up a meek stoicism, or a pretence of it: all crying fits are confined to her room, as much as she can help it. She has some skills, or at least tries painfully hard to be more than mediocre. Her ladylike talents - including embroidery, piano, sketching - are all up to par (her nerves get the best of her if ever she has to sing, however), no matter how little attention they are given in the grand scheme of things. They alone aren’t likely to win her a husband, certainly, and she has neither the wit nor the daring to often make a strong impression in conversation. Where originally she was consumed with the highest idealism, full of dreams of romance, experience and the constant beating of daily life have battered Prunella to the point that she must be practical, must be realistic, with her expectations much lowered, an unhappy concoction of desperation and defeat. ‘Happy’ is the dream, and she can’t possibly be asking for that much. Perhaps if there’s no light at the end of this tunnel she will have settle for ‘survival’.  

    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: tumblr_mvt41kORmU1qaho1po4_r1_250.gif]
    Out of Character
    Name: MJ
    Age: 20
    [Image: IHqer8.png]
    Perfect set by Nolan!

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