Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Amos Vaisey
    Mature Thread 
    In Character
    Full Name: Amos William Vaisey
    Nicknames: None
    Birthdate: December 31, 1852
    Current Age: 33
    Occupation: Business Investor/Landlord
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: London, Black’s
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Wand: Black Walnut, 10", rigid, dragon heartstring
    Blood Status: Pure
    Social Class: Upper
    Family Tree
    Flitterbloom “Gilbert” Vaisey. Father, b.1819
    Wilfrieda Vaisey nee Flint. Mother, b.1826
    Thelma --- nee Vaise. Sister, b.1845 d.1876
    Quentin Vaisey. Brother, b.1846
    Gilbert and Wilfred Vaisey. Twin Brothers, b.1847
    Prudence --- nee Vaisey. Sister, b.1849
    Temperance --- nee Vaisey. Sister, b.1850
    Honorine Vaisey. Sister, b.1851 in an asylum
    Greta --- nee Vaisey. Sister, b.1854
    Albertine --- nee Vaisey. Sister, b.1857 estranged
    Alpheus Vaisey. Brother, b.1859
    Mavis --- nee Vaisey. Sister, b.1862
    Prunella Vaisey. Sister, b.1863
    Appearance: Standing at a decent height of 5’8”, Amos has a decent build to him. Though he is far from a strongly muscled man, he remains on the slender side with some definition. His brown locks have a natural curl that is quite evident when not styled or kept cut short, both occurrences being rather rare. as a slight act of rebellion to his known killjoy persona, he keeps a short beard and can even sometimes be seen with just a slight scruff. He always wears clothing befitting a man of his class and makes a point for them to always look in pristine condition. His eyes are a pale blueish gray that always seem to look rather cold and severe, definitely having the “if looks could kill” ability down. The only definitive characteristic he has is a slightly crooked nose thanks to a blow years ago. He is right handed.
    1852- Amos is born. The eighth child, fourth son.
    1854- Greta is born but it is hardly noticed by a toddler Amos.
    1857- Albertine is born. Amos pays a little more attention now as an older child but finds his sister to be rather annoying with all her squalling. His first signs of magic come in the form of a silencing charm to quiet the baby after a rather long night of crying. Thelma and Quentin go off to Hogwarts.
    1859- The final male Vaisey is born, Alpheus. Amos pays him little attention. The twins leave for Hogwarts.
    1860- Honorine is sent away to an asylum. Prudence goes off to school.
    1861- Temperance goes off to school.
    1862- Mavis is born and once again Amos pays the baby little attention.
    1863- Prunella is born, Amos hardly notices.
    1864- Thelma and Quentin graduate and then Amos is finally able to go off to school. He is promptly sorted into Slytherin and he joins the cheering Slytherin tables with a face set in stone.
    1865- Greta leaves for Hogwarts and Thelma marries her betrothed.
    1866- The twins graduate.
    1868- Prudence graduates and is married by the end of the year.
    1869- Temperance graduates but since her betrothed had already passed, she is sent to finishing school again, surely just to keep appearances up. By now, Amos is well aware of the money troubles within the family. Amos receives his OWLs and shows high marks all across the board.
    1870- Temperance is married off in October and Albertine goes to school.
    1871- It is finally time for Amos to graduate. He does so with high scores on all of his classes. Instead of attending the CoB, Amos and a few mates go to a brothel to have some fun for the night. Amos ends up with a rather mature prostitute who laughs at him for clearly being a virgin and not knowing quite what he’s doing. In an unexpected reaction, he strikes her only for her to strike back resulting in a broken nose. It only infuriates him further and the next thing he knows, she’s writhing on the ground thanks to the Crucio curse. He finds he quite enjoys the sight of her in pain and hearing her beg for his forgiveness. He finally releases the curse and is able to take her like the man he now sees himself as. He moves back home but vows to only remain there for as small amount of time as possible. He soon finds that his stern and severe personality has earned him a reputation of being somewhat ruthless. He ends up being quite business savvy and starts working with an investor to learn the ins and outs of investing and owning business.
    1872- A little stricken and shocked by his excitement in harming the prostitute, Amos had put off any sexual relations until after the new year. He tries to enjoy the attentions of the prostitute without harming her but quickly finds it is useless. Frustrated, he lashes out at her and eventually uses Crucio again, reveling in the rush of excitement he feels over it.
    1873- Greta graduates and leaves to attend finishing school while Mavis starts at Hogwarts.
    1875- Prunella starts at Hogwarts and Greta marries a muggleborn.
    1876- Albertine finishes at Hogwarts and goes off to finishing school.
    1877- Alpheus graduates and the family moves to Hogsmeade, buying a house in Wellingtonshire. Feeling he’s better off not living with the family, Amos simply takes up a room at Black’s. By now, his mentor thinks he is intelligent enough to take on some business of his own. With a little seed money and what he has hoarded while assisting the other gentleman, Amos purchases small storefronts in London and rents them out to begin his investments. In his downtime, he continues to enjoy the company of prostitutes and using Crucio on them to fully enjoy himself.
    1878- Albertine marries.
    1880- Mavis graduates and goes to finishing school. Albertine’s husband turns out to be a werewolf who attacks her only for her to attack and kill all but one of her children a month later. The husband is kill and after a small scandal, Albertine and her child are disowned. Amos thinks little of it and continues going about his own business of buying up storefronts for cheap and renting them out to the highest bidder. He begins to see a profit but simply hoards his money and only spends it when is necessary.
    1881- Mavis fails at becoming an animagus and winds up with a tail while her betrothed ends up blind. The two wed during the following year. Amos sees his first kill. While spending a night with a prostitute, he ends up using Crucio on her for what seems ages only to find that it no longer seems to quite do it for him. In something of a daze, he winds up wrapping his hands around her neck as he attempts to finish. He apparently squeezes too tight and finds that he's suffocated the woman. While shocked by what happened, he doesn’t bat a lash at the fact someone died at his hands. He is quick to dispose of the body in a river near the brothel and thinks nothing of it in the days to come.
    1883- Amos watches as his family’s Wellingtonshire home is sold and all he can do is shake his head as he continues to build up his own wealth with his own smart business decisions. He ignores his family’s teasing when at family functions about him being such a killjoy, claiming he is far better a person than to fall for such proddings. Besides, he is quite convinced he’s better than the majority of his family despite the fact he’s killed a woman. Another prostitute ends up thrown in a river that same year.
    1884- Luckily, Amos is not in Hogsmeade during the plague or fire, having been taking care of business in London so does not have to deal with all of it.
    1886- Amos decides it may finally be time to start looking for a wife though he is wary to do so as a wife and children only seems to diminish one’s wealth. He plans to tentatively attend the season of ‘86 but has no intentions of giving up his taste in tormenting prostitutes, even if he has seen a few deaths at his own hands.
    Personality: Severe. Silent. Domineering. Lacking a Sense of Humor. Hard Working. Frugal.
    Sample Roleplay Post: See Emmeline
    Out of Character
    Name: Hawke
    Age: 27
    Contact: PM
    Other Characters: Emmeline Woodcroft & Autumn Avery
    How did you hear about us?:
    Radical Rune Set!
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    set by the unparalleled lady

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