Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Belladonna Normanson
    In Character

    Full Name: Belladonna Lucille Normanson nee Sharpe
    Nicknames: Belle or Donnie
    Birthdate: March 22, 1853
    Current Age: 32 Years
    Occupation: Assistant Owner of the Irvingly Arms (Basically helps him run the Inn without her name on any of the paperwork)
    Reputation: 4
    Residence: Irvingly - In the rear of The Irvingly Arms on Salem Square.
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: English Oak, 11 ½”, Rigid, Phoenix Feather
    Blood Status: Muggleborn
    Social Class: Middle
    Father: Malachi Sharpe (1820)
    Mother: Elizabeth Sharpe nee Tandy (1825)
    Brother: Atticus Sharpe (1851)
    Brother: Xavier Sharpe (1860)
    Sister: Guinevere ---- nee Sharpe (1858) *and the rest of her family
    Husband: Jonathan Normanson (18--)
    Daughter: Annalise Normanson (1875)
    Daughter: Jessamine Normanson (1878)
    Son: Gulliver Normanson (1880)

    Height - Belladonna stands at 5 ft. 3 in.
    Hair - Short and black. If it grows out, it becomes unmanageable and unruly.
    Eyes - Dark brown, like her brother’s. They are a fairly even oval shape with thin eyebrows arching and tapering off towards the ends.
    Lips/Mouth - Full and often colored. Her smile is wide and inviting.
    Body - Of slender build - slightly above average yet still average looking.
    Appearance - Standard middle class clothing though she prefers larger dresses or robes. She tries to keep an up-to-date wardrobe that is respectful of muggle fashion.
    Wand Hand - She is right handed.

    1853 | Belladonna is born to father Malachi and mother Elizabeth nee Tandy. She already has a brother, Atticus, with whom she gets along with well. Malachi is an innkeeper.

    ”My father was surely hard working when I was a child. He tended to favor me, if I remember correctly, but my other siblings may say differently. We were quite a pair. Atticus too was influential in my younger years, acting as a perfect playmate in an adorable act of an upper class tea party. We would wear anything ridiculous we could find and sip our pretend tea. It was rather funny and one of my fondest memories - something I hold on to tightly to help me by.”

    1858 | A new baby girl joins the family - Guinevere. Belladonna likes her little sister and fantasizes about the possibilities of shopping together in the future, dressing up, and overall just enjoying each others company. She only wishes that her sister will feel the same. Atticus was a great brother, but the kind of a connection two sisters have is unequivocal to other sibling relationships. It is within this year as well that Belladonna displays her first signs of magic - she sets a whole bed of flowers to wilt after she noticed another girl, who had talked to a boy she was fond of, favored them. She never told her family about this because she just thought it was a freak act of nature.

    ”This was not my proudest moment, in either situation. That girl had brought out a side within me that I never thought could be surfaced, but I am glad that there was no confrontation. I should have been more upfront about my condition to my parents and siblings for it is still one my largest regrets, despite their thoughts of having a crazed daughter after the words had been spoken.”

    1859 | Belladonna begins spending more time with the boy and they both enjoy one another’s presence. It’s nothing serious, but nonetheless caused the young girl to swoon.

    ”It was like a fairytale. We were both so young and expected nothing from each other, but still, we shared a unique connection. The other girl often showed her face, typically adorned with a disgusted look, to which I always responded with a grin that stretched to both of my ears. I thought about him frequently and only wish I could have told him the full truth before my departure.”

    1860 | A new baby boy is brought into the family - Xavier. Belladonna wished for another girl, but was overall happy for the outcome.

    ”I have to admit, my time was divided between my family and a boy I was fond over, so Xavier was one of my siblings that I hadn’t spent so much time with in his youngest years. This is another thing I regret, but we have since grown close. I look forward to what he is to become in the future, hopefully playing a part, regardless of size, in his wedding. It had been a dream of mine to engage in such formal festivities as a child and when I eventually had mine, those dreams were met with all expectations met - for a short while at least.”

    1861 | The boy she had been spending time with told his parents about her, to which they were not quite happy about. They forbade him from seeing her, however as they lived in the same town it was quite difficult to make this happen. They meet in secret.

    ”This was difficult for me to comprehend. I never truly understood their decision, mostly because of their reasoning, but was not so saddened when he still wanted to meet. We were very cautious, trying not to do so in the sight of many, but made sure it still occurred for the next few years.”

    1864 | A Hogwarts representative arrives at the house to inform the family of Belladonna’s capabilities. They are rather shocked, as was she, but inside she felt a ball of excitement continuously building until that September when she would start the semester. She was sorted into Hufflepuff. She began writing the boy she was fond of while at school, but this soon faded from a letter a week to nothing at all.

    ”The summer brought me much joy when I found out I was to be a student at Hogwarts. The representative surely put an expression on my parent's faces that I had never seen before, Atticus’ being the most perplexed. I did not want to show my true emotions on the matter as I wasn’t sure how mother or father would react. Luckily they accepted and sent me to the school without too much debating. After the year had concluded, I was confronted with much guilt and sadness when ‘he’ stopped writing me. I knew our relationship would not work anyways, but if I could just hear his voice or see him again… I would be very grateful.”

    1867 | Within the month of November, the fourth year meets a very handsome young wizard by the name of Jonathan Normanson. They initially have a connection, but nothing is made of it until the second semester where he expresses his feelings towards her. She agrees, and they begin spending more time together.

    ”It was weird. I had not felt such feelings since ‘him’ and was afraid that I would forget my first love had I pursued this wizard. My instincts forced me to do so and from that moment on, I had someone to accompany me through my years at the wizarding school; someone who I was quite fond of.”

    1868 - 1869 | Her fifth year. She does quite well on her OWLs, obtaining O’s and E’s, and takes an interest in Transfiguration.

    ”Transfiguration was a very intriguing subject. I absolutely loved it. This was not to say it was easy, however, and took me many hours to practice and learn. I particularly liked turning useless objects into things to be desired, though such feelings were turned sour in my sixth year when a girl in my dormitory took a rat I had transfigured into vase. She was headed to fill it with water when, out of necessity, I decided to untransfigure it. She never found out I did it, not that I wanted to, to which I was overly joyed about. I have since refrained from transfiguring animals.”

    1870 - 1871 | Her seventh and final year, she does fairly well on her NEWTs though not as great as on her OWLs. She excels in transfiguration, receiving E’s and A’s elsewhere.

    ”I wasn’t so surprised by my results. I had been practicing transfiguration more than any other one of my classes. It was a passion of mine in school and one that I wish I could eventually do something with. Until that day, I am content with where I am and what I currently spend my time doing.”

    1873 | Belladonna ends up marrying Jonathan within the year.

    "It was one of the happiest days of my life and the wedding lived up to my childhood expectations fully. Even now I look back upon this day and remember how beautiful I looked; how Jonathan saw me both when I was his betrothed and after as his wife. I can’t say all of my feelings have subsided as with so many years of love, such things are hard to fade.”

    1875 | The witch gives birth to her first child - a beautiful baby girl to which Belladonna names Annalise.

    ”My first baby. My beautiful baby girl. She is my little ray of sunshine and gives me such happiness. I was overjoyed to find out my baby was a girl, despite Jon’s feelings, and treasured her.”

    1878 | She gives birth to another girl named Jessamine.

    ”Another beautiful girl. Again, I was so happy and, along with Annalise’s birth, cried rather frequently. They were just so precious and gorgeous, I couldn’t take my eyes off them.”

    1880 | Belladonna gives birth to her final child, a boy named Gulliver. Guinevere is also married.

    ”My sweet Gulliver, my first and only boy. He will be very special to me and was so to Jonathan as well. I was also happy for Guinevere, though questioned whether or not Gulliver’s birth cast a shadow over her wedding. I refrained from asking such a question to avoid any unneeded sibling rivalry.”

    1883 | Receiving news that her husband was convicted for defiling a house elf, she immediately contacted Atticus to inform him of the happenings as she wasn’t sure what to do. The act itself was absolutely horrible and she was stunned, almost in a state of disbelief. Her brother ended up moving to London to be closer to her. They both later moved to Irvingly, along with the children, to hopefully cause a little delay in Jonathan finding them. Belladonna had no idea how he would react had he returned and, regardless of her feelings, knew the best situation would be to distance herself. The siblings also opened The Irvingly Arms in 1884.

    "The year was almost a blur and I wish I could just wipe my mind of any recollection of it. I fear most for my children and the fact that I have to lie to them about why their father isn’t there. Anything from “He’s taking a business trip” to “He’s on a tour of the country now” has slipped from my mouth. I regret saying these things as I know eventually I will have to tell them. They are growing so fast and have so many thoughts. I am glad Atticus can help me with them. I wish not to disturb him while he works or to force his aid, but as a mother without a present husband and three children, it is hard to do much of anything by myself.”

    1885 - Present | Belladonna rarely uses her magic around her brother despite the fact that he has said he doesn’t mind it. She does this out of respect and because she has no need to. The living arrangements and job has made her quite content and the children seem fairly happy. She is truly grateful to have a brother like Atticus and wishes them a strong relationship from here on.

    ”I know not what I did to deserve a brother like Atticus, but whatever it may be, I can say I truly won a great prize and one that will forever stay within my heart. If anything does happen between us, these memories we are currently making and sharing will always linger in my mind and set a smile upon my face on even the cloudiest of days.”

    Kind | Helpful | Pleasant | Worrisome | Hardworking | Dreamer | Passionate (as a result, can be sassy at times)

    Belladonna, overall, has had a very positive attitude and outlook on life, however when she did find out she was a witch, the reactions she got were odd, to her, and she felt somewhat out of place. This has caused her to develop some type of worried thinking that often prevents her from seeking too much help from a variety of sources. If need be, especially in emergency cases, she will overlook these restrictions she sets upon herself to seek the necessary aid, mostly if the situation involves her children in any which way. Her main priority is keeping them safe and healthy. This was evident in her panicked letter to her brother and their move to Irvingly after her husband was convicted of his house elf scandal. Belladonna tries to remain strong, though in the past few years, this facade is rather transparent.

    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: lupita-gif-1.gif?w=500&h=264]
    Out of Character

    Name: Nolan
    Age: 20
    Contact: PM Theseus Greengrass or skype me at nolandinview
    Other Characters: Just a few

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    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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