Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Morris Wraith [Fin]
    In Character

    Full Name: Morris Cole Wraith
    Nicknames: Family and close friends will refer to him as “Morry” in most gatherings.
    Birthdate: January 19, 1849
    Current Age: 36
    Occupation: Cleaner at the Beautiful Beast Boutique
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Hogsmeade Slums
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: English Oak, 10 ¾”, Flexible, Unicorn Hair
    Blood Status: Half-Blood
    Social Class: Lower

    Mother: Judith Wraith nee Ramseyer (58)
    Father: Morgan Wraith (Deceased - 1877)
    Sister: Rhoda Wraith (38)
    Brother: Eldon Wraith (Deceased - 1853)
    Aunt (Mother’s Side): Lorena -- nee Ramseyer (60)
    Uncle: Julian -- (68)
    Aunt (Mother’s Side): Sarah Ann -- nee Ramseyer (54)
    Uncle: Lawrence (Larry) -- (62)
    Aunt (Father’s Side): Flora -- nee Wraith (69)
    Uncle: Buford -- (Deceased - 1873)
    Grandmother (Mother’s Side): Rowena Ramseyer (79)
    Grandfather (Mother’s Side): Thaddeus Ramseyer (82)
    Grandmother (Father’s Side): Alva Wraith (Deceased - 1853)
    Grandfather (Father’s Side): Lester Wraith (Deceased - 1865)

    Morris inherited many “normal” features from his parents which include his height, standing at 5’6”, his slim-to-muscular build, and of course his dominant hand being right. From his father’s side, he gained a strong jawline and cheekbones and from his mother’s side he obtained his straight, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He is typically seen in ordinary lower class menswear (long shirts, slacks, possibly a worn suit) and a black frock coat given to him as a gift. He tries to look as presentable as possible when out in public.

    1849 | Morris is born to mother Judith (Squib) and father Morgan (Muggle-born). He has an older sister named Rhoda who is two at this time. She doesn’t seem impressed with the newborn and takes any moment she can get to harass him. The family struggles financially, yet the grandparents, aunts and uncles all visit to enjoy the new birth.

    1851 | A new member to the Wraith family is born - a little boy named Eldon. Morris, only two, is excited to have another sibling who doesn’t degrade him on a daily basis. He wishes his little brother will be nice to him and only that.

    1853 | A very sad year. Little Eldon, who had just had his second birthday, became ill and passed away. The family mourned extensively - everyone but Rhoda. Rhoda secluded herself to her room and as punishment was demanded to write letters to the relatives notifying them of the child’s death. Only a few months later, Morris’ grandmother Alva passes away, leaving his father Morgan in a very depressed state. This depression is continuous and never seems to fade for years.

    1856 | The family has been suffering financially even more so now. Morgan has turned his depression into anger and lashes out at the children. This fuels Rhoda’s anger towards Morris which leads to him locking himself within his room or remaining outside during the day with his mother while she tends to the garden. This is where Morris shows his first sign of magic, causing one of the vegetables to grow exponentially after his mother had been complaining about the horrible harvest. Morgan’s anger is subdued knowing that he has at least one magical child, considering Rhoda has not shown any signs of magic.

    1860 | Within the summer, Morris receives his Hogwarts letter which is met with some frustration. As both parents knew this was inevitable, they tried saving as much as they could but could only afford his supplies accompanied with their hand-me-downs. Fortunately, he receives the first year scholarship which pays his tuition. Morris heads off at the beginning of the semester and is sorted into Hufflepuff.

    1861 to 1862 | Morris is able to make friends fairly quickly due to his upbeat attitude. Most of those in his classes or house are welcoming to him and invite him to study occasionally. Come break, he really does not want to go back home due to Rhoda and his father, so he decides to stay at the school. This decision isn’t met with kindness as letters are received from his father demanding that he work to help provide for the family. Rhoda had taken up a job as a maid in the meantime and Judith became a seamstress. Eventually, he did agree to head back instead.

    1863 | After his second year, Morry was forced to drop out of school as he did not receive a full scholarship and his family couldn’t afford it. He began working laboring jobs and was somewhat depressed with his situation. Even while working, he still faced the cruel nature of his sister and father almost daily.

    1865 | Near the beginning of the year, Morgan’s father passes away, though he is not as upset as he wasn’t that close to him compared to his mother. The family still mourns for some time.

    1866 - 1873 | Morris continued working throughout the years and the family was in a neutral state. Rhoda had become so tired from her days that she almost completely missed her brother; a situation that seemed heaven sent. Morry enjoyed the time he got to spend by himself and away from the chaos, but also more so around the house as he was physically capable and grown. He enjoyed helping his mother with the garden and any odd jobs she could procure. Morgan had fallen ill and was forced to bed rest, causing a shift in the family’s financial stability. Between doting on his father and trying to support the family as the only other man of the house, Morry was struggling with stress, frustration, and overall sadness for the wellbeing of his father. Despite what had been said between the both of them, Morgan was still his dad and had always looked out for his best interests in life. While Morris may not have had all of the opportunities in the world, he was brought up within a family that could give him what they could in their reach for which he would always be grateful. Unfortunately, a sudden passing of Morgan’s brother in law left his sister Flora in shambles, however Morgan couldn’t comfort her due to his condition. Flora mourned privately.

    1877 | Within the year, Morgan passes away to which Morris is deeply saddened. Although they had their differences, the situation posed itself as one of great emotion and worry within the family. Rhoda had lost her job as the family she had been working for moved and Judith was not getting enough business. Due to Morris’ nature to want to be within the wizarding world as well, he wanted to interact with others who understood him and his situation and who could possibly give him a few pointers along the way. He knew that he wanted to stay where he was and did not want to move as his work would be interrupted and he would be further away from family that truly knew what he was going through. Judith knew only little of what Morris wanted to know, so she was of no assistance to his curiosity.

    1878 | With news of Hogsmeade being established the previous year, Morris’ grandparents relocate to the slums as it was a cheaper alternative and they could be somewhere “free” of magical limitations. They write the Wraith family to notify them of the happenings of Hogsmeade and Morris is extremely excited. At 29, he thought he would have a family or at least a wife and live somewhere nice, however his situation prevented any greater social relationships whether they be romantic or not. He decided to write his grandparents asking if he could move in with them while he searches for a job in town and gets on his feet in a new setting. They agree and welcome him in. He notifies his mother and sister - his mother being the only one surprised and somewhat saddened as Rhoda could care less - and makes the move.

    1882 to 1885 | Morris, learning of the construction of the Beautiful Beast Boutique, landed a job as the cleaner. He was eventually able to move from his grandparent’s home in the slums to his own place in generally the same location. He made some interesting conversation with those on the streets and around where he lived, gaining a few friends along the way. A few women caught his eye as well and he was able to make small talk with them, however his stutter often deterred them. It was unfortunate, yet a fact of his life that he always lived with. He was just glad that the majority of his work didn’t involve heavy lifting or horrendous hours of unappreciated work - at least those happy with his efforts haven’t a voice to let it be known. He has begun to try to better control his stutter, limiting it to only nerve filled interactions or with unfamiliar faces, so progress is definite yet an ongoing process for Morris.

    Morry is fairly kind and nice, not willing to bad mouth anyone or talk behind someone’s back, despite whatever thoughts he may have. He will avoid most confrontation, though he has never faced such due to the previously stated, and social interactions often trigger a slight stutter. He cares deeply for people and animals and will most likely assist anyone in need if he spots someone or something in trouble. His childhood has provided him with a thick skin, so most insults, demands, or demeaning affect him very little.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Morry had always hated venturing through Hogsmeade on busy days as he saw the hateful nature of some of the residents, pushing those less fortunate aside to get to their most desired sweets and fashion. It was horrible to witness such greed of many, however his mission in life was not to be a bystander to the folk who were deemed unfavorable, but to show them a friendly face and make sure they were not alone in their struggles.

    It was on this day that he saw a lone street peddler attempting to sell cups of ginger beer. No one seemed to pay him any attention considering the fact that it was assumed the means of brewing the beverage was in a dirty washtub, but this did not deter Morry. “Why hello, s-sir. One ginger beer, please.” He requested with a wide smile. He tipped his hat to the peddler and fiddled around in his pockets for some money to pay the man with. The peddler looked at the gentleman and smiled awkwardly, trying not to reveal a missing tooth. “Here ya’ are, mister.” The man croaked, moving his shaking, slender arm towards Morry. Morris took the cup and nodded towards the man as a sign of thanks while simultaneously taking a sip from the foggy glass. He turned as soon as he had done so, not before he adorned his face with a crooked smile directed towards the peddler, and spit the devilish liquid back into the glass. This was definitely not ginger beer, or at least any ginger beer that he had ever tasted. It was disgusting. Morris immediately picked up his pace and headed back to the slums where he could properly dispose of the beer and question his life choices.

    Out of Character

    Name: Nolan
    Age: 20
    Contact: PM is preferable
    Other Characters: Theseus Greengrass
    How did you hear about us?: Tiff
    Morris occasionally has a slight stutter in social situations.
    [Image: InzrC6.jpg]


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