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September 11th, 1888 - Diagon Alley, London
Magdalene's Bakery
The letter Tuni had received had been, well, a bit strange. It was rude but flattering at the same time. Really, it was just plain confusing and it didn't help that she didn't have the slightest clue what it was about or who had even sent it. She didn't even know what to do with it. Did she respond? Did she just ignore it? What was a girl to do, especially one that had absolutely no interest in another man other than the one she was already in love with? She was quite certain Rufus hadn't sent the letter though. The handwriting was all off and she hadn't recognized the owl in the slightest.

So without any idea what she should do, she promptly changed after her morning tea with her father and step mother then departed with her maid with one destination in mind. February's home. It didn't take her long to get there or very long to see February brought around to the front door after she'd inquired after her. The look on her face had surely been enough to show Tuni needed a bit of time with her friend and it wasn't long before they were in the Lynch kitchen and flooing to The Leaky Cauldron.

Tuni had suggested showing February the little bakery she'd gotten the cookies from and decided they could easily chat there. The walk to the bakery was a short one from the Cauldron and they were soon enough seated at one of the little tables in the shop with some treats so that they could talk, their chaperones sat at a table behind them.

Sliding her plate of cookies away, she laid out the letter she'd received late the previous evening. "Read this," was all she said as she watched her friend with slightly widened eyes and obvious confusion on her features.
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In the week or so following the soiree, Febs was feeling an odd mix of contentment with just a hint of unease. There was no point in letting the matchmaker's little "prophecy" get to her. Who knew if she was even an actual seer. For all Febby knew, her own mother could have a better Sight than Miss Valentine, but still, it irked her, just a little.

Dwelling on it was pointless however, so when Tuni had invited her out to the little bakery in London that she always raved about, Febs was more than happy to oblige. Little did she know that her friend had an actual reason to want her company today! With Lydia in tow today, her maid was more than happy to have a reasonable excuse to get out and probably wouldn't give Febby too many side-eyes as she chatted with Tuni's chaperon. Seated with their treats (which really were excellent!) Febs was chewing thoughtfully on a scone when Tuni slid the letter her way. "What-" She swallowed so she could laugh. "Is this!?"

It was awful poetry that's what it was. "Please don't tell me it's from your beau?" She added in a much more hushed tone than the first incredulous exclamation.

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Tuni's own cookies went wholly ignored as she watched and waited. The laugh was expected but the following question was not. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped slightly as she quickly shook her head in response.

"Merlin's beard, no!" she all but exclaimed, "It's nowhere near Rufus's handwriting and I'm fairly certain he isn't the poetic type. At least, not of such awful proportions." She was laughing lightly then, shaking her head slightly as she pulled it back toward her some so she could look over it again.

"But seriously," she said, turning wide brown eyes up to her friend, "Who would write such a thing? I honestly have no clue who it could be!"

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"Phew! It's Merlin-awful, just abysmal. I'd be judging your Rufus if it were him." Well, not too harshly. The idea of poetry was romantic on some level, but in practice it was altogether different. This wasn't even flattering!

Febby scanned the terrible poetry again, visibly wincing. "You can't think of anyone, or even the meeting mentioned?" That should be some kind of clue! "Did you write back? Please tell me you wrote back!" Oh what a mystery this was! An amusing one, a potentially horrible one, but amusing nevertheless. Puzzling though it may be, Febs could use a spot of fun in her life right about now. "We should draft something to send back!" Her eyes lit up at the idea, wheels already turning as to what they could possibly respond with.

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"Isn't it though!?" Tuni all but exclaimed. She couldn't even believe someone would write such a thing. Surely whoever it was had been beyond drunk or something. She really couldn't imagine who would write something so awful. It would be even worse if they truly believed it to be romantic.

Tuni shook her head in response to the initial question. She couldn't think of anyone she would have met to that would have written something like that. She hadn't really been overly chatty with anyone beyond Rufus and Febs in months. Work had been busy and it had been her main focus.

"I hadn't..yet," she said with a bit of a grin, noticing the similar thoughts going through her friend's head, "That was why I wanted to see you. I thought you'd surely love a bit of fun in helping me to write a response." She truly was glad to have a friend like Febs. It made life all the more interesting.

Digging in her satchel she'd had with her, she brought out a bit of parchment and her quill. "Where should we start?" she asked, quill poised and ready as she glanced up to Febs with a raised brow.

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Febby nearly lit up when Tuni pretty much admitted to what she had been thinking herself. Leaning in conspiratorially, she read through the poem again, the nerve of it making her chuckle yet again. This was going to be delightful and maybe just a little cruel, but honestly, who could take that any kind of serious!? "Oh yes, do let's." Febby was poised for action. How wonderful that she and Tuni were on exactly the same page in regards to this. It was a pity though that Tuni couldn't really pinpoint who it might have been. That was the true mystery here.

Musing over where to begin, Febs wondered if she was feeling creative enough to try and come up with a terrible poem of their own, but she wasn't so sure. "How good are you at poetry? Does it matter? Do we just write back something in kind or go straight for some hard hitting questions?" They had some different options to roll with, but considering Febs wasn't going to be the one dealing with this in the longer run (she assumed anyway, if Mr. Love Sick Poet deigned to reply again) she'd leave it up to Tuni in just how personal they could get.

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Tuni was grinning from ear to ear at her friends excitement and enthusiasm. They were certainly going to come up with something good to respond with, she was sure of it. But, getting started would be the hardest part it seemed.

Tapping her cheek with the end of her quill, she peered down at the parchment and thought on her friend's questions. "I think, perhaps, we forgo any poetry or niceties. Just go straight in for the kill." It was perhaps a bit of a bold response, one that wasn't exactly a way a proper young lady should say or even think but Tuni knew that her friend wasn't going to judge her for it.

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Febs pursed her lips, eyebrows shooting straight up as Tuni suggested they just go for it. And here Febs thought she was the ruthless one. Clearly she was rubbing off on Tuni for all the wrong reasons; she couldn't be more proud.

"I like it," She rubbed her hands together in thought, wondering just where to start with that clusterfuck of a poem. Honestly, it was so bad she didn't even know here to start. "I would start with the fact that he couldn't even get your name right. That's a horrible way to start a love poem, no matter how bad or even if they had good intentions to start off with," Though Febby highly doubted that. It was really kind of creepy after all! She had to wonder if this could be a serious problem or a joke of some kind. Hopefully it was neither, but who knew these days!

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Tuni beamed at her friend as she said she liked it. She'd known Febs wouldn't judge her for it. It was what made the two such good friends. They didn't ask questions more often than not and were simply there for support no matter what. It was what a true friendship was and Tuni cherished every bit of it.

"Good point," she said with a shake of her head, "What sort of man tries to woo a girl and can't even get her name right?" It was absurd, really. But then again, she wasn't taking it all that serious to begin with. Clearly whoever had sent the poem wasn't the type of person she would ever find herself with. Not to mention there was Rufus. Her heart was very well and truly taken by him. There was no one that could come between that.

Putting the quill to paper she started to muse out loud, "Mr. Love Sick, for I shall not call you a poet. A poet would surely get a name correct for the person of their affection. Which you did not." She paused and glanced up to Febs to get her reaction for the basic start.

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Febs took a pensive sip of her peppermint tea while Tuni began in on the letter itself. She mused over just how ridiculous this was, but it was a good distraction and a fun way to pass a morning with her friend. It wasn't so much that Febs needed a distraction, more like it was kind of nice to feel normal for a little bit. She wouldn't change anything about what had happened so far (well maybe the whole pregnancy scare) but it was hard not keep it all a secret, especially when it was always on her mind.

"Oh you should definitely mention the part about not exactly liking your face. Clearly they're daft, you're gorgeous." She added after a bite of her scone, trying to think of what else to add without getting too distracted thinking about anything but the letter she was supposed to be helping to write. It wasn't hard, smart as she was, she was also known to daydream here and there, especially when her daydreams has such pleasant plots to them these days.

Not to mention Febs was the kind of person who liked pointing out people's mistakes- only when the deserved it of course! This idiot definitely deserved it. "Who would even put that in there? "I like all of these things about you, but you're not exactly my type physically." What a crock." Febs scoffed again, using a terrible deep voice to mock the man, wrinkling her nose at the very thought of it.

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Tuni continued to write as things came to her, taking Febs silent acknowledgements as a good sign. She hesitated though at her friend's remark of her being gorgeous. She'd never really thought of herself as ugly or anything but she'd never have put herself in the category of gorgeous. That seemed a bit much in her opinion but the compliment did have her smiling and blushing. "You're too kind," she answered simply.

"And clearly you much be blind as a bat, or daft, to make such a remark about someone you're trying to woo," she said out loud as she wrote it down, "Think that's blunt enough?" She wasn't sure if she was being a bit too harsh or not though the man had all but insulted her appearance.

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Febs winked at her friend's thanks and refocused on the letter at hand. "I'd be worse, call him simple or dim-witted Men hate that." A slow smirk curled the corners of her lips upward into a somewhat vindictive look. It really irked them to hear a woman call them unintelligent or anything of the like. Heaven forbid a woman think she might actually be smarter or better at anything masculine. Edric had never gone so far as to say anything like that to her (he'd be dead if he had) but something told her that he may have thought along similar lines in the past. Probably not anymore though or at least hopefully he was smart enough not to say anything of the like in her presence.

"I like the blind as a bat part though, because that's clearly a given honestly this is too easy." She grinned over the rim of her tea, clearly amused by their endeavors. "You could really hammer it home and say something about how disingenuous the entire thing was and perhaps even call him a coward for not showing up in her person." More things men hated. "Oh, but do you think that would invite trouble?" She would hate for Tuni to have to deal with some idiot who got all high and mighty off this reply letter. That simply wouldn't do. Then again, at least if that happened she could probably get Edric to have somebody arrest the buffoon. That might be worthwhile- but only if it became a problem. Right now they were more than capable of handling this with some well-placed wit and ruthlessness.

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Tuni smirked and scratched out the word daft to write dim-witted above it. That should surely ruffle a some feathers. Or so, she hoped. She hadn't been all that pleased with the poem initially herself so it only seemed right to make whoever the man was to feel a bit stupid himself.

She paused with her writing as she pondered Febs's idea of not having the courage to show up himself. She wasn't so sure about that one either. She really didn't need some stranger showing up to her home. Especially after receiving a letter that called him out and made him feel like a fool. If he even read it. There was a chance he'd ignore it entirely. "Perhaps just mentioning how much of a coward he was for not even including a name?" she asked, back to tapping her cheek with a finger in thought, "Then that way it doesn't actually give him an opening to show up at my home."

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Nodding along, Febs knew Tuni was right. The pair of them could be considered brash, but neither were stupid. "Probably for the better." She agreed after a sip of her tea. "I think that might be good?" They'd been suitably critical with just a hint of incredulity that Febby thought would really make their point.

"I wonder if they'll bother to reply again or do you think they'll get the hint?" Febs was torn. On the one hand she would thoroughly enjoy doing this again, but on the other she thought Tuni might want to be done with it after this. Who knew though, people never failed to amaze her.

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Tuni nodded as she finished off the letter. She'd need to rewrite it though, having scribbled out near as much as they had written. But at least they had a good draft finished up that could easily be sent.

Shrugging as she folded it up and put the paper and quill away, she said, "Who knows really. I could care less either way so long as I got my point across." Which she was fairly certain they had. Whoever this lovesick poet was, he'd certainly toyed with the wrong woman.

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Pleased that they'd accomplished that rather easily, Febs nodded from behind her teacup. "Honestly, I don't blame you." Febs probably would have been far more ruthless, but for some reason always felt a little bolder behind a quill. Not that she was shy by any means, in person, but when she had the time to actually think about and write and rewrite what she wanted, she could be quite articulate and brutal.

"Now we can move onto much more... inviting topics. How's Rufus?" Febs teased with a hushed voice and a raised eyebrow. Their conversations varied and shifted easily from topic to topic, this would likely be no different. It would be nice to just sit and catch up, after all!


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